I knelt down in front of her, nude, my hard cock head bouncing up and down with my breathing. I was so excited, I could barely control myself. Her panties were black rubber and kept her well in place but, I knew the secret treasure they held and wanted it so badly. I clasped my hands behind me and waited for her to speak.

She smiled down at me as she undid her top and let her huge tits spill out. So perfect and without a sag to them at all. She used both hands to caress them and let the leather bra fall on me as she pulled and played with her nipples. She licked her lips and then laughed as my face showed my desire to be the one holding them, sucking on them. She loved to tease me.

As she slid one hand down her belly she pushed her hips towards me. "Bet you want to get into my panties don't you?" She chided me.

I nodded and she lashed out with a kick to me hip. I grunted and responded properly. "Yes, mistress."

"And you think you earned it?" She slid her hands into her rubber panties and touched herself.

"No....yes...I don't know mistress." I replied.

She laughed. "Well. . . I don't know if you earned she cock yet bitch." She pulled her nipple hard.

"I....I am only as worthy as you think I am mistress." I replied, hoping that would please her.

"Oh you kiss ass good bitch." She laughed at my blush. "Maybe I'll see if you can tongue it as well."

My cock was jumping up and down, throbbing, aching. The site of her playing with herself, the things she said, all of it combined to make me so horny I could barely contain myself. My mouth was watering watching her, imagining that sweet she cock in my mouth. Imagining eating her ass for days on end. I just wanted to please her in any way. .. in every way.

"But first...lets clean you up a bit." She smiled an evil grin at me.

I wasn't sure what was coming but, I knew from that smile it wasn't going to be wash cloth and soap. She was in an evil mood tonight and I was in for something different. I watched as she slid the rubbed panties down and off and tossed them away and then kicked her bra away from me. I was kneeling alone, nude on the tile floor.

Her cock untucked instantly and sprang to life. Full and hard, a little over six inches long and perfect in every way. She stroked it several times and then took a tiny drop of precum on her finger and tasted herself.

"Mmmmm I taste good bitch."

I bet she did . . . oh I wanted that.


Ready for what? I didn't know. .. I didn't care. Whatever she wanted to do was good with me. "Yes, mistress . . . ready." I answered.

"Open your mouth and close your eyes. . .Mommy's got a big surprise." She laughed and shook her cock at me.

I did as she said and closed my eyes and opened my mouth. I was looking forward to the feel of her she cock sliding into my face hole to be fucked. I loved the first sensation of it in my mouth, the way it made my mouth feel full and awkward and was so hot and hard and throbbing. God I wanted to feel that cock in my. . .

That was when the piss hit my face. I recoiled at first but she grabbed my hair and held me in place, using her other hand to aim the piss up and down my body. My mouth filled with the hot liquid and the tinny taste overwhelmed me at first. I almost gagged but I held back and kept it open. It got into my eyes, no matter how tight I clenched them and they stung with the saltiness and acidity of her shower.

She was laughing and holding my face up to her as she pissed on my chest and then splashed over my cock. The first reaction past, suddenly I felt myself so incredibly turned on it was amazing. The more she pissed on me, the more I wanted. I wanted to be anything for her, now I was her toilet. It was amazing. The feel of the liquid squirting all over me, the hotness of it, the smell of her urine coating me. . .I was in heaven. I opened my mouth wide and hoped for more.

She shoved her cock into my mouth, hard and gushing pee. I sucked and swallowed but couldn't drink it all, it flowed down my body and all over the floor. She fucked my face as she pissed in me, laughing as she jammed her hard cock down my throat and nearly choked me with pee. Pulling it out she squirted more all over my upturned face.

I licked at the urine dripping down my face as her stream slowly lessened. She was finishing up on me, rubbing her cock in my hair as the last of her pissed leaked out. I was soaked, head to foot with her. I found myself trembling as she tapped out the last of her urine on my forehead and laughed.

"Bitch. . .you did good. I thought you would have cried like a baby but you showed me what a horny lil piss sucker you can be. Very good." I beamed with pride. "Now, lets see what else you can do."

My eyes still clenched closed and burning from the piss, I was unable to see what she planned next. Then I felt her ass pushed onto my face. It was a glorious feeling, those perfect ass cheeks grabbing my cheeks as she pushed back onto me. "Tongue out bitch . . . lick and suck."

I didn't need to be told twice, I started eating her ass with all my heart and soul. My tongue pushed deep into her and licked all around her asshole. She was tight and she clenched her cheeks to pinch my tongue and laughed. "Ohhhh ya...you eat ass good bitch." She urged me on and ground her asshole on my face harder. "get that fuckin tongue in deep, tongue fuck me you little bitch!"

I shoved my tongue as deep as I could into her, so deep and long it hurt to push that hard. It didn't matter. The feeling of her asshole gripping my tongue was pure heaven. I sucked as I licked and tasted her ass. She was delicious. She moaned and reached back and grabbed my hair, pushing me hard into her ass. As she bent forward slightly so I could get a better angle, she pushed her cock back between her legs and squeezed out a short dribble of piss onto me neck and chest.

Then she started to ride my face...grinding up and down on my tongue as she stroked her cock. I could hear her hand sliding up and down the wet shaft as she jerked herself in time with my tongue fuck. God I wished I could watch, but my eyes still burned so badly. Instead I threw myself into the ass eating and did everything I could think of to rim her so good she would reward me with cum. I wanted her cum so bad. She ground herself hard on my face and then pulled me away and spun around.

There was not even a pause, she just shoved her cock into my mouth and face fucked me deep. I almost gagged again but after the first thrust, relaxed my throat to take her all in. The taste of precum was oozing from her, filling my mouth now with a salty sweetness that mixed with the tinny urine. She was using me in any way she wanted, it was a dream.

Grabbing my hair with both hands, she rammed into my mouth again and again and then she moaned and shoved it deep down my throat. I was so worried she would shoot down my throat...I wanted to suck it out, to hold that hot load on my tongue and savor it. She pulled almost all the way out and slammed in again and then pulled out until just her head was in my mouth.

"Suck it bitch!" she screamed and I needed no other command. I licked and sucked and teased her sweet she cock until she groaned and began to pump my mouth full of cum. I drank and sucked and licked her cock head, silently begging for all she had. She shot out the last of it and I kept my mouth full of her cum, letting just a tiny bit drip down my lips as she pulled out of me. My eyes were clearing up now. . .I could see her, cock slowly going soft, she was smiling at me and I was so proud to be worthy.

"Drink bitch."

I did. I let the hot salty goo slide down my throat and I savored every drop of it. I gulped down twice before I was able to empty my mouth and even then, the taste was still there. I savored it and made yummy sounds and she laughed.

As I was drifting in my heaven, the taste of her sex filling me. She stepped closer to me, lifting her semi hard she cock. "Open bitch."

I opened my mouth and she put her cock in me again and grunted, the after cum piss squirting out and filling me up again. It mixed with her cum and filled all my senses. I sucked and drank it all down, licking her clean after. I looked up at her and she smiled at me.

"OK.. . .maybe you're worthy." She smiled again and turned and walked out of the room, leaving me there nude, covered in cum and piss. My cock was nearly exploding but, it didn't matter. I had pleased her and that felt so much better then any orgasm I could ever have. I had been worthy. That was all that mattered.

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