Wrong Sender


Lost my writing mojo a while back, couldn't get anything going that felt right at all. Been working slowly on this story idea to get it back and now I have a finished story.

Set in the Castle universe post the clusterfuck that was season 8, chock full of lesbian sex and talk of incest. Hope people enjoy this story (Not what I meant!). All involved are over 21.


Kate Castle's face paled in horror at the small I-phone screen. With Rick across the country on the latest leg of the tour for the graphic novel Nikki Heat publication, Kate had spent the last week enjoying sexting with her husband, sending him photos of wet panties in the middle of the day or a sneaky flash of a breast while sat behind her desk at the 12th. Kate had even sent Rick a quick video of her fingers squelching in her dripping pussy as she masturbated on the couch in the living room. In return, Kate got to watch Rick's hard cock firing rope after rope of thick cum over his toned chest or the panties she'd snuck into his baggage. Kate knew the moment her husband returned, the two would be locking themselves away in their bedroom and fucking for a full 24 hours.

In anticipation for his return, Kate had spent an hour in Victoria Secrets picking out a racy lingerie set for him to peel off her body. The black lace didn't do much to cover her nipples or her newly waxed pussy and the tiny silk robe barely covered her ass. Kate knew that seeing her in the paltry excuse for clothing would probably have Rick exploding in his pants on first sight of her but that was a risk Kate was prepared to take.

Laying on her bed, Kate could fell her already wet pussy heat further with the pent up arousal she knew only Rick's hard cock could erase, rolling onto her side and posing her body seductively, snapping a series of photos before picking the best one and sending it to her husband with the tag of 'Mmm can't wait until you peel this off my wet, horny body babe.'

Pressing send, Kate hummed to herself, imagining Ricks expression when he opened the message. Glancing at the screen, her blood turned to ice when she realized how badly she'd messed up.

Instead of the screen showing 'Rick' at the top, to Kate's horror, the name listed was of her 23 year old stepdaughter Alexis. Sitting up, Kate's hands started to shake, the tentative relationship since the insanity of LockSat was something that Kate treasured, Alexis' ability to forgive Kate for her actions a chance Kate had taken with both hands tightly gripped. Kate didn't have long before her phone chimed and she opened the screen to a text from Alexis.

'Something you wanna tell me Kate? Should I be worried you're gonna come up stairs and ravish me stupid while Dad's away? :P'

'I'm so sorry Alexis, that text wasn't meant for you at all.'

Kate winced, the reply sent quickly. The fact her bedroom door hadn't been kicked in by an angry Alexis gave Kate a sense of relief and the emoji at the end of the text wasn't out of character for the younger woman.

'Firstly... Eww... secondly, if I knew I was going to be having some hot lesbian loving then I would have made sure I was wearing something a bit more sexy than this...'

Kate giggled at the photo accompanying the text, Alexis's reflection in her full length mirror showing the woman clad in Flash logo emblazoned cotton boy shorts and a vest, the lack of bra underneath painfully obvious to Kate, Alexis dramatically huffing in the mirror.

'Damn girl... I might just have to switch sides again after seeing that sexy image... #IMarriedTheWrongCastle?'

Laying back down, Kate relaxed against her bedding, the fear that had racked her moments before dissolving almost as quickly as it had started. Opening her robe, Kate let the cool night air rest over her stomach as her phone chimed again.

'Oh please... you know you'd never be able to get close to this...#SexyAndIKnowIt'

Kate laughed loudly at the exaggerated pose Alexis send her, the woman turning away from the mirror to throw her ass out, clearly sucking in a large breath to make her generous chest even bigger while performing an exemplary duck face pout.

Lifting her phone, Kate sent Alexis her own duck face selfie, giggling at the muffled laugh that came from upstairs.

'Nice nipples. Let me guess, the panties are just as see through?'

Kate's cheeks flushed when she looked down and remembered the sheer lace bra and her stiff nipples underneath. Groaning, she typed out her reply.

'Doh! Got it in one, spent far too much on these sorry excuses for lingerie today. Might as well greet your father stark naked when he gets home in a few days.'

'How much?'

Kate grimaced, sending the quick reply, 'Almost $300 for the full set.'

A muffled bark of 'What?' sounded through the walls, a text quickly following.


'Stupid I know,' Kate's fingers flew over the keypad, 'Really stupid money wasted.'

'Doubt you'll be thinking that the morning after.... I cannot believe I just typed that. Now you gotta give me a better look at the whole thing with how much you spent on it.'

'It's sheer and I waxed earlier, you really wanna see it all?'

'Need to see just what I'd be getting my hands on if you were to switch Castles. #ShowMeTheGoodies!'

Sighing, Kate rolled her eyes as she shifted on the bed. Lifting her phone up, Kate took a series of photos, cheekily taking one final shot of herself biting her lip and teasing the waistband of her panties with the tips of her fingers. Checking the images, Kate decided to tease Alexis by sending the final shot.

Kate's phone was silent, Alexis' face not appearing to signal a reply and Kate could feel the tendrils of fear wrapping around her chest again. The chime made the brunette jump, Kate quickly opening the response and almost dropping the phone when she saw what Alexis had sent her.

'Okay... that is... DEFINITELY worth $300. Dad won't know what hit him when he sees that.'

'I take it you like it?'

'Nah... you should just take it off. It's useless and getting in the way of the good stuff.'

Rolling onto her side, Kate scoffed at the message on her screen.

'Are you trying to get me naked Alexis? Normally a girl has to buy me dinner before I let her in my panties.'

'Shall I remind you who paid for the pizza earlier?'

Alexis knew Kate was bisexual, her closely guarded status spilled when Kate let Alexis help unpack some of the boxes she still hadn't sorted through. A pile of Polaroid images had tumbled out of a box Kate was moving and the brunette had whimpered in horror when she realized they contained visual memories of the weekend she'd spent with Maddie and the blonde's cousins, the five 18 year old women celebrating their Graduations by camping out in a remote corner of Maddie's uncle's ranch in Texas and spending a weekend having copious amounts of lesbian sex. Alexis' face had paled, her blue eyes widening in shock as she took in the grainy image of a younger Kate in between Maddie and another woman, fingers filling each other's pussies. A couple of bottles of wine and a long, brutally honest talk later, both Kate and Alexis knew their relationship was stronger than ever.

'Maybe I should call your father and tell him his daughter is trying to get his wife naked?'

'All dad will hear is you are naked, I doubt he'd even register that I was the one getting you to strip for me.'

'You are such a sweet talker,' Kate sent, adding a photo of her robe pooled on the floor where she'd thrown it, 'Good enough for you?'

'Good start maybe...'

Kate narrowed her eyes at her phone, glaring despite the smirk on her lips as she muttered 'Is that how you wanna play it Missy?'

'I'm waiting...' Kate could hear the teasing tint of Alexis' voice in the text. Grumbling under her breath, Kate couldn't ignore the jolt of arousal that lanced through her when she unhooked her bra and threw it beside the robe, snapping a shot of the two items of clothing.

'Now you're just being evil Kate.... two can play at that game.'

Kate's mouth went dry, her body's moisture pooling between her thighs at the photo from Alexis. The younger woman was laid out on her bed, her red hair contrasting against the black sheets along with her pale skin. Kate gulped loudly, her eyes following the curve of the grinning woman's neck and crossing over her collarbone before rising up the soft flesh of her breast. Kate let a grunt fly when the image stopped with a tiny hint of pink.

Leaving the thigh high stockings on her legs, Kate kicked off her panties and rolled onto her front. Lifting her ass in the air, she held the camera out as she took a single photo. The air in the room turned molten while she waited for Alexis' response, Kate knowing that the game was already way beyond any control despite only starting moments before. Her pussy was on fire and her juices starting to run down her thighs.

The replying image showed more of the clearly nude woman, the hint of pink nipple at the bottom of the image replaced by a flash of red hair, the camera held up to bare Alexis' entire torso to Kate apart from where her other arm was curled over her breasts. Kate zoomed in on Alexis' face, releasing a soft moan at how dark the piercing blue eyes had become.

Kate could feel her heart hammering against her ribs when she turned onto her back. The pose she quickly decided on wouldn't leave much to the imagination. Spreading her legs, Kate let her hand rest between her thighs, the wet heat of her pussy on her palm. Shakily holding the phone between her breasts, keeping her rigid nipples just out of frame, Kate had to take a handful of shots before one wasn't blurry and she quickly sent it before her nerves got the better of her.

'Fuck' the single word came back almost immediately as Kate pushed a finger into her pussy. Closing her eyes, Kate let herself fall into the heat surrounding her, the sound of her phone on her chest chiming almost distant to her ears.

'Fucking... God!' Kate whimpered when she saw the image appear to her. Alexis had forgotten all pretence to tease Kate, the redhead slightly fuzzy as she held the phone aloft, her body twisted to allow an arm to curl under her thigh and let Kate see the two fingers buried to the hilt in her pussy. A thin red line showed Kate what was hinted at in the last image and Kate's hand between her own legs started moving a little quicker, her soaked lips squelching with each push of her fingers. Alexis' expression of pure bliss spurred Kate onto her next move.

Switching the camera to video mode, Kate looked at her flushed face staring back at her. Breathlessly moaning Alexis' name, Kate ran the camera down her body to her pussy. Flipping her hand over, Kate let the erotic sound fill the speakers for a few moments before she ended the recording with a moan, 'Look what you're doing to me Lex...'

Kate sent the video and immediately let the phone drop to her stomach, the hand between her legs pumping her fingers into her pussy faster than before. Her now free hand reached for her breast, Kate pulling on her nipple hard and moaning. The speed in which the teasing had turned outright sexual surprised Kate and seeing how easily Alexis had followed her lead heightened her arousal.

Her phone didn't chime, instead Kate's sex fogged mind registered faint thumping and she lifted her head when a heavy thud came from her closed door. Had she not been so horny, Kate would have realized that the only person who could be on the other side was Alexis. Her fingers popped obscenely when she pulled her goo covered hand away from her body. Standing on shaky legs, Kate crossed the room and flinched when she opened the door to reveal a naked Alexis rocking on her feet.

The stench of sex hit Kate, ripping the words from her throat. Neither woman spoke, both of them staring at each other with equal measures of arousal and nervousness. It was Alexis that moved first, dropping her eyes to Kate's covered fingers. It took the older woman a moment to twig what Alexis was staring at with intensity and she lifted her hand like a doofus to stare at it before trying to pull it behind her.

Alexis moved like a shot, her smaller hand gripping Kate's wrist, electricity exploding across Kate's skin, and pulled the arm up. Wordlessly, Kate watched as her the daughter of the man she loved sucked her juices from her fingers. Almost black eyes locked onto Kate's, a soft mewl escaping Alexis' throat as she tasted Kate's pussy for the first time.

Legs became jelly at the feel of Alexis swirling her tongue around Kate's fingers and the grip the older woman had on the door was the only thing stopping her from hitting the deck at the way Alexis' eyes flashed. Time was ignored, neither woman caring how long they stood in the doorway, Alexis lavishing Kate's fingers with her tongue, occasionally bobbing her head as though she was sucking cock .

Eventually the shorter woman released Kate's arm, her tongue darting out to lick her lips.

'Lex... honey.' Kate shivered under the look Alexis gave her, her eyes slowly roaming down her stepmother's body.

'I know it's wrong,' Alexis whispered, her voice raw with need 'that it would be cheating, but... God Kate, I wanna fuck you so badly right now. Fuck being straight, fuck being the good girl. I am so fucking horny I think i'm going to combust.'

'It's not cheating,' Kate watched the confusion fill Alexis' stare, 'Your father loves the fact I like to fuck women, told me a long time ago that I can fuck as many as I want with or without him just a long as I promise two things.'

'What...?' Alexis was crumbling before Kate, the urge to launch herself at the beautiful woman almost overriding everything else.

'He's the only one I'm allowed to fall in love with,' Kate brushed Alexis' loose hair from her face, 'And that I have to send him either a video or photos of me fucking the woman.'

'As long as I get to fuck you Kate,' Alexis whimpered, her control failing, 'I don't care if you send him videos of you fisting my fucking ass.'

The image Alexis put in Kate's head caused her to flinch, the jolt of desire momentarily resetting her mind and causing her to almost miss the redhead literally jumping through the doorway. The two bodies crashed together, Kate immediately reaching round to get her hand on Alexis' ass while Alexis went straight for Kate's breasts, the two women kissing hard and rough.

Alexis hissed when her back slammed into a now closed bedroom door, the sting forgotten as she hooked her leg around Kate's back and started grinding herself against her stomach. Alexis gave Kate exactly what the older woman put out, the kiss almost a battle of dominance, Alexis palming Kate's breasts, pulling on her nipples when Kate jerked her hips forward and pressed her stomach against her hyper sensitive pussy.

'Aaah!' Alexis cried out, wrenching her mouth off Kate's when she couldn't keep quiet any longer, 'Fuck... fuck, fuck. Please...'

'Please what?' Kate flicked Alexis' nipple with her thumb, rewarded by a squeal and a look from her stepdaughter that left her a little light-headed, 'What do you want?'

'Fuck me!' Alexis blurted immediately, 'Fuck me Kate, eat me, lick me, finger me, fist me... I don't fucking care what you do... just fuck me and make me cum!'

'I do like the way you say Fuck,' Kate rumbled, the hand that had been toying Alexis' breast slowly tracing it's way lower, her mouth hovering close enough for the redhead to jerk forward and kiss her briefly, 'Such a dirty word for a sexy lady...'

'Fuck,' Alexis filled the expletive with all her arousal, her voice wobbling slightly as Kate's fingers neared the spot she desperately needed them, 'Fuck... Fuck... fucking fucking fuck... FUCK!'

Kate's moan was smothered completely by the bellow, the feel of her stepdaughter's scalding hot, wet lips parting as she pushed two fingers into her pussy. She was tighter than Kate expected, muscles twitching dangerously with each slow thrust into her, and Kate moaned into Alexis' neck.

Words became guttural sounds, both women knowing how close Alexis was to cumming on Kate's hand, the gasping breath that signaled Alexis reaching her peak followed quickly by her biting Kate's shoulder in an attempt to control how loud her screams were. Hissing from both the pain and the feel of Alexis' body clamping onto her, Kate braced herself against the door and let her stepdaughter ride out the intense orgasm.

'Fuck... I needed that,' Alexis eventually whispered, kissing the marked skin where she'd bitten Kate mid cum, 'Sorry...'

'Worth it,' Kate rumbled out a laugh, Alexis' hard nipples pressing into her skin, 'How long?'

'Three months,' despite what had just happened between them, the admission brought a soft blush to Alexis' cheeks, 'Three fucking months of just my hands or Terry....'

'Terry?' Kate slipped her fingers out of Alexis' sopping core, the redhead moaning against the door, 'Who...?'

'The huge black dildo Mom gave me,' Alexis sighed, brushing her hair from her sweat glistening skin, 'Mom thought I needed a good dildo when she was last on this coast. Didn't tell me she was sending it to my dorm room and I opened it in full view of Sally.'

A laugh bubbled out of Kate before she stopped it, Alexis chuckling in embarrassment along with her. Unable to stop herself, Kate leant in and kissed Alexis slowly, humming when the kiss was returned. What little of her mind wasn't singing at how soft Alexis' breasts felt pressed against hers gave Kate a dirty, kinky idea.

'How about we move somewhere more comfortable?'

'Mmm, I like the sound of that,' Alexis smirked, 'Your bed or mine?'

'I have a perfectly comfortable bed behind me and for what I want to do with you, it's best it's done here,' Kate peeled herself off the naked redhead, Alexis gasping at just how wet she'd made Kate's stomach, 'Get on the bed Lex.'

Blue eyes that had lightened post eruption instantly turned black, Alexis' breasts bouncing from her running past Kate and jumping on the bed. Standing before the end of the bed, Kate pointed at her discarded phone, 'grab my phone for me, we're going to send your father a kinky little video.'

'huh?' Alexis, phone in hand, blinked slowly, 'A video?'

'A video,' Kate nodded, her hands crossing under her breasts, 'I told you about the rules I have with your dad, if I fuck a woman without him then he gets a video or some photos of us fucking. I wanna fuck you, he's not here so...'

'Does he have to know it's me?' Alexis bit her lip nervously, the look Kate received nearly sending the brunette onto the bed.

'Do you want him to know?'

'Yes... No... I dunno.' Alexis sat up, rubbing a hand over her face,. Taking pity on the younger woman, Kate rested her knee on the bed and kissed Alexis.

'That photo I sent you of my hand between my legs,' Kate hummed, 'Lay back and hold the phone like that, you can show these lovely little nipples if you want and I won't make you say anything or reveal who you are in the video we send. If you want to tell him later when he gets back we can.'

'Like this?' Kate's jaw dropped when Alexis laid back down and opened her knees. Resting the phone on her chest, she smirked at Kate, 'I take it this is what you wanted?'

'Yeah...' Kate whispered. Shaking her head to clear the fog, she took a deep breath, 'nod when it's filming. Alexis pressed the screen & nodded.

'Hey Babe,' Kate drawled, resting a hand on Alexis' knee as she knelt one of her own on the bed, 'Lookie what I'm doing right now... Mmm, Sorry Rick, Girls night came a knocking. Convinced a sexy straight girl to send me nude pictures, now I have her naked on our bed, the cum from her first orgasm of tonight all over my stomach,' Kate swiped her finger across the glistening skin, sucking it into her mouth with a groan, 'God that's a tasty little cunt... She's a little shy right now, but i'm hoping to loosen her up a fair bit,' Alexis gulped when Kate waggled the fingers on her right hand saucily, 'Or maybe this is all you'll see, maybe i'll keep this minx to myself and you'll never know who I'm making scream when you eventually get this'

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