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Yard Boys


Caleb chugged a room-temperature glass of water while he waited for the shower to heat up. He didn't want it too hot though -- this summer afternoon, like most summer afternoons in Charleston, felt like an oven. And with no air conditioning in his parents' modest suburban home, there was no escape.

He looked at himself in the mirror. His skin was still glistening with sweat from a day of mowing lawns around the neighborhood. In that moment he knew he'd rub one out in the shower. The thought made him horny.

He was still a bit shy staring at himself like this, especially in his parents' house. But they were both at work. And he loved the way his muscles had developed over the past year as a freshman at WVU. His chest was hard and tanned from cutting grass thru June and most of July. His chiseled abs were smooth and hairless. His lower abs had an upside-down triangle shape that framed his cock, which, as he stared at it, was swelling.

He brushed one finger along the top of his shaft. Butterflies rushed into his stomach as it pulsed with every heartbeat. He was almost fully erect.

As he stepped into the shower, he wrapped his right hand around his shaft. It was firm and rising. He slid his hand up towards the head of his cock and then back down. By the end of the second stroke, he was rock hard.

He knew he could blow his load right then, so instead he made himself wash up a bit. He lathered his hair, then touched himself some more while he rinsed. The same thing with the conditioner. At this point, he was boiling with sex. He thought about Ms. McKenzie unloading her groceries from her car, and again he felt ready to burst. He thought about her hand, manicured and adorned with jewelry, wrapped around his thick cock. He was scheduled to mow her lawn the next day.

He knew his orgasm would be more intense if he continued to tease himself. So he let go of his dick, grabbed the body wash, and started massaging his whole body with it -- everywhere except his bulging erection and taught balls.

As he rinsed he put a hand on his ass and squeezed, then with his other hand, took two fingers and a thumb and lightly stroked the end of his shaft. He was uncut, and could pull the foreskin over the bottom edge of his penis head as he stroked. Every pass over it sent a rush of erotic lava firing down the bottom of his shaft and throughout his pelvis.

Then he heard loud footsteps down the hall. His father called to him through the bathroom door. "Caleb, we have dinner with your sister tonight. We're already late buddy, hurry up."

"Fuck," he sighed and quickly finished his shower.


The next day as he worked out in the sun, all Caleb could think about was getting back to the shower to play with himself.

"Hey Caleb!" Ms. McKenzie waved, stepping out of her black Land Rover, dressed in a well tailored powerful dark grey pantsuit. Caleb was not expecting to see her this afternoon -- usually she came home long after he had finished his work.

"I took the afternoon off to take care of some things around the house. Didn't mean to interrupt. Wow, it's really hot today. How are you?"

"Good, fine, yeah it's hot but I'm ok."

"Oh hey Troy!"

Troy was Caleb's good friend and business partner, so to speak. They cut lawns together around the neighborhood. Sometimes they'd do some extra yard work too. Ms. McKenzie usually had them help with her gardens, weeding, mulching, digging.

"Hey Ms. McKenzie!"

"Well I'll let you two get back at it."

She walked inside and put her bag and keys down on the kitchen island and went to the master bedroom. As she changed out of her suit, she peeked through the blinds. Troy and Caleb weren't the most skilled landscapers available, but they were extremely pleasing to watch. She actually didn't have any good reason to come home early today, except that she was horny and bored of work. So she cleared her schedule and raced home, hoping to catch a few glimpses of the boys before taking some time to herself in her jacuzzi tub with her toys.

She put on leggings and a designer racerback and went back to the kitchen. The large bay windows gave her a delicious view of both of them, grinding away in her large back yard. They were dirty, sweating. She loved the way Troy's triceps flexed as he pushed his lawn mower. She thought about the time earlier that summer, when Troy had come over to pick up payment, and in a moment of weakness, she had seduced him on the living room sofa. It had felt so good have a younger man like that on top of her, and underneath her, and inside of her. But she wouldn't do it again. Too young.

He stopped to empty the grass bag. She noticed the outline of his penis through his mesh shorts. She smiled. Maybe she couldn't fuck him again, but at least she had all afternoon and night to masturbate wildly.

The door opened. "Oh, hey, just needed to use the bathroom if you don't mind." It was Caleb.

"Of course honey, you know where it is." She grabbed a large pitcher from the cabinet and filled it with ice water, then grabbed a few glasses. She leaned outside and offered one to Troy. He walked inside to join her, and Caleb, who had returned.

"We're almost done," said Troy.

"You boys work so hard for me, I really appreciate it. And I certainly don't mind having a couple young studs around to look at." She could feel the heat of their bodies in the room. She watched their muscles flex and pulse as they chugged their ice waters. She was overwhelmed and couldn't remember why she had promised herself not to fuck a yard boy again. And of course, this time there were two of them.

Caleb's breath seized as she ran her hand up along his abs. "So sweaty, Caleb."

He laughed nervously. She took a sip of water and turned to Troy, her heart racing. What on earth was she doing? Fuck it, this is what she wanted, wasn't it?

"Troy, your arms are so tight." She placed a hand on his bare neck as she ran the other down his left arm, feeling the strength of his bicep and the veins popping out of his forearm. She grabbed his hand and then pulled him closer and kissed him on the neck.

Caleb swallowed. She turned around and grabbed the waist of his shorts and pulled him towards the two of them. She kissed him too, but this time on the lips.

Caleb was terrified to look at Troy. But then he watched as Ms. McKenzie squated down, pulling Troy's shorts and boxer briefs to his ankles, and began playing with his floppy semi-hard cock. Caleb and Troy locked eyes. Troy smiled. "It's ok man, come join us."

He stepped forward as Ms. McKenzie reached out and pulled his raging erection out of his shorts. "Two beautiful cocks, all for me."

She shoved Troy's into her mouth and devoured it has she started slowly stroking Caleb's. She felt the head of his penis swell on her tongue as she sucked it like a strawberry popsicle.

Caleb stared down at her voluptuous cleavage. The tops of her tits were freckled from the sun. He felt the rush of orgasm approaching. "Oh my god," he yelped.

"Oh don't cum just yet Caleb." Ms. McKenzie stood up. "I have so much planned for these cocks."

She grabbed the back of Caleb's head and pulled him towards her as she hopped up on the granite countertop of the kitchen island. Then she took his hands and put them on her tits, over her clothes. He squeezed, feeling a rush of warmth through his taint and shaft.

He pulled her tank top off over her head, revealing a black lace bra with pink straps. She slipped out of one strap, letting her glorious right breast spill out for the boys to admire. She cupped it with one hand and and shoved Caleb's face into it with the other.

As Caleb sucked and fondled her right tit, Troy continued undressing her, starting with her running shoes, then her spandex pants, then her panties. Her vulva was dripping. Troy dove in.

She felt his warm soft tongue land on the side of her pussy and make circles around her vulva, passing over her clit victoriously with each lap. She felt like a queen with her two young muscular servants worshiping her tits and pussy while she sat in ecstasy on the high throne.

Caleb's erect cock brushed against her leg as he moved over to her left tit, removing the bra completely and grabbing two handfuls. She moaned and slid her hand down his bicep. It was firm and inflamed. She wanted both cocks in her hands.

"Take me to the bedroom."

Troy lifted her into his arms and carried her down the hall. She looked back over his shoulder at Caleb walking after them. He had dropped his shorts and his pale, bare, muscular legs looked like something from a Greek statue.

She got on her knees at the end of the bed, facing the standing boys, eye level with their cocks. She took Caleb's in her mouth, moving slowly to thoroughly wet it with her tongue. Then she did the same to Troy's shaft.

She admired the two shiny wet hard cocks at her disposal. She wanted to keep them forever. She would care for them, pet them, stroke them, suck them, milk them into her pussy. They were hers.

Caleb and Troy watched as she grabbed their two cocks and slid her hands slowly along their shafts. She pulled them closer, bringing their penis tips together in front of her face. Troy felt the light touch of the head of Caleb's cock on his. Precum was dripping and smearing between them. He put his hand on Caleb's chest. God he had wanted this for so long, but never would have imagined it playing out like this.

Caleb was trembling as Troy's hand moved up towards his neck. In the next moment, their tongues were deep in each other's mouths. Ms. McKenzie watched, holding their cocks together, feeling her own juices drip down her inner thighs.

She stuffed both of them into her mouth at the same time. She swept her tongue over the two heads. Caleb reached down and cupped Troy's balls. He kept them cupped in his fingers and stretched his thumb out to feel the base of Troy's hard shaft. It was moving as Ms. McKenzie flicked her tongue around. Not only could he feel the shaft move on his thumb, he was also feeling the head of Troy's cock slide against his on the inside of her mouth.

Ms. McKenzie reached under Caleb's legs. He felt a finger run down his butt crack. It paused on his hole and danced around the rim. He had never felt this kind of stimulation before. It was weird but arousing. Thinking about the weirdness of it sent a rush through him. Ms. McKenzie felt him relax at the knees a little. She put the tip of her finger just barely into his ass hole and twirled it around. He exhaled loudly and sensually.

She reached out her other hand to give Troy the same treatment. All with both penis heads dancing in her mouth. "Mmmm" she groaned as she thought about how many ways she was pressuring the boys.

They were getting close to shooting. She released her hands from their butt holes and her mouth from their cocks and lay back on the bed. "Join me."

They fell on either side of her. Six arms and hands entangled, stroking, probing, massaging, twisting.

Caleb put a finger inside of Ms. McKenzie. "Curl it up, like this" she told him as she made a "come here" gesture with her finger. Troy slid his finger into her pussy, squeezing it under Caleb's. As their fingers stuffed her, she felt a tongue on her clit. She watched Troy suck and lick as his shoulder and back muscles flexed and rolled. She was burning.

She stopped them for a moment to prop herself up on a pillow and positioned her hips so that Caleb could lick her from the bottom of her vulva down to her butt hole while Troy continued licking her clit.

"Lick the rim of my ass, yard boy."

Caleb and Troy were smothering her pussy and but hole with their fingers and mouths and tongues.

"Yes, yes, like that. Oh my fucking god yes."

It was as if every square inch of her sexual self was being fucked. She could even feel their hard cocks humping her thighs.

She screamed. "Fuck me like this boys, yes, don't stop!"

She was gushing. They were licking and fingering faster. "Oh my god oh my god I'm going to cum so fucking hard. Please don't stop!"

Her whole body seized. Caleb felt her firm thigh flex on his cock. He almost shot his load as she squeaked out a high pitched grunt.

Troy and Caleb kept working as waves of orgasm rolled through Ms. McKenzie. After she stopped convulsing, they lay back with her and caressed her. Aftershocks jolted through her. She noticed that Troy had reached over to Caleb's cock and was stroking it. She sat up.

"Let me finish you boys off."

She had them lie back next to each other and crawled over their legs so she could comfortably go to work on their cocks. She kept each engorged erection in a hand at all times, hopping back and forth to give each one time inside her mouth.

"I'm about to blow my load!"

"Me too!"

She let go of both of them, and had them sit up onto their knees and face each other. She let go of both of them, and had them sit up onto their knees and face each other. They locked eyes, erections standing towards each other as if to salute one another. She pulled their cocks together so that their undersides were flush, parallel against each other, heads pointing upwards. Her palms were on the top sides of the shafts, and she interlaced her fingers to form a single hold around both cocks. She pumped the double shaft. The boys embraced each other tightly and moaned as she pumped faster and faster.

A double load of hot cum shot up between them. Ms. McKenzie kept stroking until they pulled themselves so closely together that her hands were stuck in a sandwich between their bodies. She slid them out and let the boys hold each other, with the sticky semen cocktail all over their abs and chests.

All three of them fell onto the bed together, panting, shaking, drenched in sweat and cum. Ms. McKenzie exhaled and smiled. She looked forward to the rest of the summer.

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