tagErotic HorrorYou Looked So Familiar

You Looked So Familiar

byDark One©

I had never met you. I was to meet you for dinner. But still you seemed familiar. You started as a whisper in my ear from a close friend a week earlier. I was given your first name, a name that silently aroused me; as that particular name always had. In my mind I saw you naked perched on a long mirror bathing, your dark hair resting around your shoulders. I saw your cheeks, your smile, and your dark eyes that sparkled like a glass reflecting candlelight. My inner vision so strong, I could have reached in and joined your recreation.

I had furiously paced the floor, and at last, the time had come.

I entered the dark restaurant. Small empty tables shone only by their vigil votives that seemed to float around the crowded room like buoys at sea. There, at a table adrift from the others, you sat, staring at me. I knew that I had seen you before but could not remember where. Damn me as I scoured every corner, of every room in my mind and still returned with nothing.

Your bare arms out stretched and strewn across the square clothed altar as if trying to keep it from straying.

I took the seat opposite from you and said nothing. I stared into the same dark eyes I had seen before. It was you. It was you with long dark hair, the cheekbones, the smile. I sat across from you staring...drinking you in from an invisible chalice, wanting to suck down your every last essence in an attempt to settle my mind as to who you are. Your wavy hair, your perfume, the cut of your body... your beautiful soul, all filled my mind in visions that swirled around like a rich ambrosia that I failed to swallow.

The waiter came and I ordered wine, something expensive and old. There is nothing more important than a beautiful companion and beautiful red wine. You wore a black dress, the neckline trailed down and joined just above your breasts like clasping hands. You caught my eyes and drew them back up to yours.

I watched you as you laughed. Your innocence and charm weaved around the warm heart I had opened for you. Soon came the wine, and with it came the grace of watching you put it to your lips.

I am something other than a gentleman, but I hide in gentleman's clothing. Because of you, inside I had to restrain a waking beast. I pushed the glass to my lips, letting it water down my throat and pretended it was your most secret sexual desires that I was consuming.

You touched my hand and asked that I move my chair next to yours against the wall. I did not realize where your level of naivety dwelled, and as I was about to find out, more specifically, your lack there of.

Apparently you weren't tamed by a society of proper. Nor were you the sweet innocent who could be found nestled in tea parties, or encircled by quaint social groups. You looked straight in my eyes as your hand reached below the tablecloth and purposefully grabbed my struggling cock. I was surprised but accommodated immediately by opening the top of my pants. Your warm hand ingested my shaft, stroking the velvety underside and closing around the head.

"I believe you should lift your dress now." I spoke, directly.

You told me you weren't wearing panties. If you had I would have cut them down the middle.

I felt the time had come to give you my true intentions. Invisible words floated around the room and I plucked them and gave them life.

"I want to take you home and fuck you."

I waited for your shock...your shock did not come.

Suddenly more words rushed through my lips like flitting water.

"I want you to feel the pain of my very hard cock as it forces into you. I want you to take me whole and deep and swallow. In return I will rapture you, fucking you intensely, turning your secret areas into throbbing hunger. I will continue taunting and badgering your lust till you can no longer stand the anguish. Then, maybe, I will give you and your orgasm freedom."

The truth was, be you unwilling...I would have tied you down across the small table in the restaurant and feasted till you lay helpless, cumming. But there was no need for this. I waived the waiter to expel all employees and close up, leaving nothing but fifty candles at vigil and quiet string music swimming around the walls.

Your breasts would taste like the red wine that I was about to pour on them.

I let the gentle stream of intoxicant flow down your neck, between your bosoms; descend your stomach to pool between your legs. I intended on following the trail of this sweet dessert. To your neck and behind your ears gushed my lips, my tongue stroking lightly into the fold that meets your head. I kissed high on the back of your neck, where your dark hair begins, my hot breath cumming down your nape.

Unzipping the back of your dress, the poor excuse of shielding from the world, dropped quickly to the floor.

Up and down your spine my tongue salivated, poking lower every so often between the cheeks of your posterior to wet it. I unbuttoned my shirt and removed the rest of my clothes. Pushing my hard cock inside the channel of your moist stern, I brought my arms around you, massaging you, rubbing the warm alcohol deep into your breasts. After a moment my hands continued carnivorously traveled your body, finding your legs, to part and feel your pussy.

My hands felt for pubic hair to find it had been razored away for sensitivity. It was more like a light blush with stubble against your skin. You were already so very wet that my fingers slid through your triangle easily. You had already cum and that made my cock grind harder against you. My fingers played in and out of your vagina as I sucked along the nape of your neck.

Voyeuristic fingers bore deep between your lips bringing your juice up to mingle with the wine I poured earlier. I imagined it was making a tasty ambrosia that I wished to swirl my tongue in. From the back I slipped my cock between your legs, holding itself up against your vagina, you grabbed it and pushed it just inside your lips, rasping back and forth along the top of my shaft. I slid my wet length against your passage, pulling it back to rub high between the cheeks of your ass. Your cum oiled my shaft so well, that we slid aggressively without friction. I clutched your breasts running my hands up to your hard nipples, gripping them while sliding my hard penis in and out between slippery legs.

I felt you cum again, and I lavished in the attention of it. Feeling your warm liquid running over my cock, I could no longer wait and pierced my hardness inside your warmth. You moaned loud as I firmly pressed both hands into your thighs pushing my shaft up inside your wet pussy as far as it would go, holding it there, allowing it to feel the tenderness clamping around it. Slowly you began moving like a little girl on a merry go round, up and down, up and down slowly riding my pole in our own pleasure ground.

I took your left hand in mine, my right hand still holding your thigh. My mouth clamped to the back of your neck again, delivering hot passion under your ear. You continued undulating up and down, the back of your legs leaving, then returning to touch the front of mine in the most gentle and tantalizing rhythm. My direction momentarily lost in this strange dance, my ears caught the music that hummed and swelled around the room. I realized that it was beginning to sound like a slow carnival, like strings revolving around a circular chamber. You reached back grabbing my thighs and pulling them hard against your flesh. I audibly gasped in elation, and you heard me. I believe that was my fatal mistake.

Amazing how such a quiet little noise can give one's self away. I do have to say, I was quite surprised. I am the one who seduces, as I have many times...I did not realize my familiar little kitten was about to turn.

Did I mind? I was quite pleased when you turned around and pushed me back unto the table. Call me a whore, but I would have been your whore forever. Anyone who can thrust so much passion is a person worth chaining oneself to. I blinked and you were cowering over me, my cock searching, wanting to feel between your sweet clit again. Like a cat you hung over me, naked, your breasts freely swaying over my chest and then for a moment on my lips and quickly into my mouth...I sucked them to appease you. You seemed to enjoy the appeasement and smiled. Your pelvis gyrated low over my cock, teasing it against your prickly skin.

Suddenly your face turned red and you scowled at me. "I need you now!"

I was a little surprised at this turn in emotion, but not wanting to displease you I accommodated. I lay there with cock fully erect as your lovely cunt swallowed me whole. You smiled the most devilish smile, and before I could catch my breath you started bouncing, forcibly. Your vagina secured around my penis like a constrictor tightening around prey, and in that grip, you forced me in and out, rubbing hard inside your walls of pleasure. You fucked me so brutally and my aching shaft screamed for every moment of it. You pulled wet pussy up, then stopping at the tip of my red cock, then suddenly, "Wham!" the sound of flesh hitting flesh hard as you came down hard on me. It seemed to be creating a strange compression as you took my cock inside, sucking the walls of your entry around it. This was one of the most incredibly pleasurable experiences I have ever had.

As I stated earlier, I had planned on being the seducer. Such a fool was I.

The next five minutes were filled with your body slamming into mine...your breasts banging in my face and your hot sweet exhaustive breath pounding from your chest.

I came with a force so hard that I gripped your thighs for fear of losing the tactile rhythm that kept pleasing me so much. It was in that moment of beautiful sweet death while I shot hot streams of pearl deep inside you, that I had a realization.

Eyes closed, blood rushing through my body, the mind soaring through cloudy skies on wings, searching...then I saw your true self, it was your eyes, it was the shape of your face. I knew you were familiar. The vision quickly opened itself unto me, and just as suddenly I opened my eyes.

There you were, perched on my bare pelvis, licking my cum from your black fur and purring.

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