tagGroup SexZeke and Tammy at a Biker's Bar

Zeke and Tammy at a Biker's Bar


WARNING! This story is degrading to women, bikers, and pool tables and may lead to a loss of body fluids.

For part of my life I lived with a biker named Zack, or Zeke, or something with a Zee. His real name was Ezekiel Zachary Zanders. I would sometimes call him "Omega Man," but usually called him something that began with the letter zee.

I met Zack in Atlanta. He was a drug dealer and I wasn't sure if he had a home. I rode with him and he seemed to have a place to stay wherever we went, although not a home of his own. Sometimes I would blow the guy we stayed with as payment for food and lodging, but that was generally rare as Zack normally had money of his own, or the guy had an old lady with him. Swapping was not the norm with this group of bikers.

Zeke kissed somewhat funny. Most of his teeth had rotted out of his skull due to meth use and those that remained felt odd when I would run my tongue over them. I would not consider Zee and attractive man. He did have a big cock and could eat pussy. Perhaps that is what I loved about the man the most; and the independent style in which we lived.

Just for the record, Zeke would not let me do meth, although we would sometimes do smoke pot and snort coke together.

One summer's evening we found ourselves in Oswego, New York. Zeke had to make a delivery and we ended up at a biker bar called The North End Tavern. There were a few bikers there and a lot of wanna-bees as Zee would call them. The bar maid was wearing a tank top and for a dollar she would show the guys her tits. Her nipples were pierced and her tits looked a little "used." I had perfect 38 DDDs, with no markings.

The North End tavern was "L" shaped. It had a juke box as you walked in the door along with the bar which gave you the long part of the "L." The restrooms were side by side across from the bar. As you went to the back of the bar, that is where it went at a ninety degree angle to give you the second half of the establishment. It had two pool tables and a few tables and chairs.

Zeke announced that for 5 dollars, I would flash my tits. One guy did put up the money, so I lifted my tank top up to expose my breasts. It was a quick flash and I think half the bar missed the show. It seems Zack wanted to show me off tonight.

Zack was talking with the guys in the corner. Meanwhile I was shooting some pool, being a little careless how my top hung on me. I realized I was showing off a lot of cleavage and side tit, but that appeared to be Zack's plan.

Zack then called me over to the side to talk alone. "Okay, what's up Omega Man." I said.

"Tammy, I have a deal worked out to score some coke. There will be lines set up for you too. They we be in the ladies' room on the back of the commode. All you have to do, is snort them and give the guys a little show, " Zee whispered.

"A little show?" I asked. "Are they going to be in there with me?"

"No, no, Zeke answered. There is a whole in the wall between the men's and ladies' room."

"Now you tell me," I laughed. Anyway I could use some nose candy about now. I went into the ladies' room and sure enough there was a big fat line on the back of the toilet. I tasted it first to make sure it wasn't cleanser. I got a good numb job on the gums.

I snorted the line and looked around for the hole in the wall. There was an eye there as expected. I lifted my top and showed off my tits. Then it hit me. I had to piss. I dropped my jeans and sat down. I gave the guy a little more of show than I wanted, but what the heck, what is a little serendipity between friends.

I went back to the pool table, shot a few more balls, when a tall blonde guy tapped me on the shoulders and told me there was a "another present for me in the ladies' room when I was ready."

"I'M READY!" I shouted as I went back to the room with my teeth grinding. I did another line and gave my benefactor another show. This time I just dropped my pants and lifted my shirt. The unseen guy on the other side had placed two fingers through the wall. I let him feel my nipples, then teasingly sucked his fingers and walked out.

This persisted for awhile. I believed every guy in the place had now seen me naked and felt my nipples. If they didn't they just weren't trying.

We played pool some more and the talk went to an incident that happened in Massachusetts were a woman was gang raped on a pool table for teasing guys.

"Lucky girl," I remarked. The guys were surprised at my comment. I didn't know what Zeke's plans were, but if the bar wanted to gang fuck me, I was gamed at this point with all that coke in me. I was sure Zeke could figure out how to make a few bucks on the deal.

Zeke winked at me to let me know things were alright as the conversation went to how it was every woman's fantasy to be gang fucked by a group of strangers on a pool table in a biker's bar. I don't think like this normally, but the coke and alcohol had made me horny as hell as I imagined how all the guys would look with their cocks hanging out of their pants.

An offer was made by my blonde coke friend for me to play pool topless for $50.00. I looked at Zeke who smiled. I said, "Make it a hundred, take up a collection for the other fifty."

Zeke grinned and showed off his tooth. It didn't take long for the bar to collect the money. The only one who objected was the bar maid whose dollar tit flashes had just lost appeal. Zeke calmed her down by slipping her a twenty.

I slipped my top off as the bar cheered. My breasts hung low as I played pool. The guys didn't seem to mind the fact that my tits would touch the table as I made a shot, sometimes rearranging the balls in my favor. Oops! Damn those 38 DDDs!

The bikers were telling Zach what a lucky guy he was. I wagged my finger at him and said, "And don't you forget it either Buster!"

The Bikers laughed as I continued to run the table. My tits wiggled like hell when I broke. One of the skuzzy bikers approached Zeke and said he would give him $5 if he allow him to show me a shot. Now I had beaten this guy twice already, even without titty cheating; now he was going to show me a shot?

Zeke took the five and skuzz-ball put his arms around me to show me how to line up for a shot. His hands brushed across my breasts several times as I realized this had nothing to do with pool. Finally I told him, :If you just gave me the $5 I would let you feel them."

The skuzz-ball smiled, handed me $5 and felt up my tits. I played some more pool. Soon another guy came up from behind me, slipped me $5 and felt me up. The word was out at the bar, "Tammy big titty feels, $5." There wasn't a line as I expected, just an occasional feel here and there between pool shots. I would simply stand there between shots, holding a cue stick while some guy would stand behind me and feel me up. The more daring ones would rub their hard dick against my ass.

One of the guys asked if I would go bottomless for another $50.00. I explained that I felt comfortable with my knockers hanging out, because I could easily slip on my shirt, but I couldn't get my pants on fast enough should a cop walk in. And I understand they have done that at this bar. I told them "If you want to see my pussy, put out some more lines in the ladies' room like before."

Well it seems the bar was "coked out." They suggested they would post a look out. I looked at Zeke. He had a frown on his face and shook his head. I took his cue and said, "I would think about it."

I hate to say, "No" as that closes the door for counter offers.

After another game of pool with my knockers pushing balls around, the guys upped the offer to a $100 and 2 guards outside. Zeke raised his eyebrows, which meant it was okay by him, it was now up to me. I hemmed and hawed for a bit. I asked who would be outside, how they would rotate the watch, and how I would be sure someone would be out there. They knew now I was serious about taking my pants off. They had the money in hand offering it to me. I unsnapped my jeans and lowered my zipper enough to show a little fur and then backed out. I zipped up my pants and snapped them back up.

That move earned me another $50 in the offer. For $150 I would take my pants off and play pool in my boots. I undid the snap again. I zipped down my pants far enough so the guys could see a little pussy hair, then I paused there for a moment as if I was going to balk again. I then gave the zipper its final zip all the way down then asked a couple of guys to help me off with the jeans.

Two volunteers helped me get the jeans down over my boots as I took them off. They also got a close-up view of my pussy, which was payment for their chivalry.

There was no one left sitting at the bar. The guys all watched my naked body bending over and taking pool shoots. I took some difficult shots where I had to lift my leg. I was showing pink all over the place. I informed them the $5 feels were just for the tits. If they wanted to feel some trim, that would be an extra $5.

In between my shots I would be getting felt up. Zeke controlled the line and collected the money. I was getting hot from all the attention I was getting. The bar must have smelled like pussy. Guys were feeling up my pussy for $10 and Zeke was making sure they had enough time to get their money's worth.

Someone played Don Henley's "All She Wants to do is Dance" on the juke box. I started to move my hips back and forth to the music and the next thing I know I was hoisted on to the pool table with the guys clapping. I did some careful dancing for them, mostly simple hip moves with some leg lifts. The guys crowded the table and held out dollars. I was now giving quick discounted feels in exchange for a dollar. I felt a little uneasy when the barmaid tipped me and felt my pussy, but such is life. After everyone in the place gave me a dollar and touched my snatch, the song ended and the guys helped me off the pool table.

The blonde guy who I had mentioned earlier had left and came back after a trip to the ATM and he brought a friend. The air was sexually charged with me being naked and pool table gang bangs being the topic of conversation.

The blonde guy introduced himself as Fabio. That was his biker name as he was muscular and had long blonde hair. . His real name was Adrienne. He offered to play me pool. The bet would be if I won I would get $100. If he won we would have sex right there on the pool table.

It wasn't a bad bet. I would have given a $100 to fuck this guy. Now I will have a chance to do it with Zeke watching and approving.

The pool tables at the North End Tavern were of poor quality, even by biker standards. The felt, which was blue, was severely worn. The cushions were soft. There was a slight warping of the table as it bowed in the center. The pockets had become black holes. Anything with 6 inches of a pocket rolled in. This made it easy to scratch as well as sinking the stupid eight ball too soon. The cue sticks were molded from a dog's hind leg.

As fate would have it Fabio was not that much of a pool player. I kicked his ass god. I handed the $200 to Zach as I had no pockets to put it in.

Now Fabio wants to up the bet. This was a classic set up. He was going to bet $500 against me doing the entire bar on the pool table. "Are you serious?" I asked.

"Yes, Tammy, I'm serious," Fabio said as he showed me five Franklins.

"Okay," I said. "Clear it with Zee and let him hold the money."

Fabio walked over to Zeke. I knew Zeke couldn't say no. After all he didn't have to do any of the fucking. Soon Zeke was holding the money and waving it at me from across the room.

Fabio returned, "All set up doll face. And no touching the balls with your tits."

"Okay," but if you win, I want you to go down on me first," I said setting the conditions.

"No problem, as long as you return the favor," Fabio said.

We shook on the deal. I expected to Fabio's "A" game this time. Well I didn't get it. The guy missed some easy shots and I started to play sloppy. I ended up knocking the eight ball in too soon. The damn thing was didn't cushion like it should and died to close to one of those black holes and got sucked in. I knew I could have beat the guy.

The bar cheered. Fabio hoisted my ass up on the pool table and rather quickly. The pool table snapped. The slate had broken. You couldn't really see it under the felt, but I could feel it on my ass.

Fabio did as promised and ate my pussy. My legs hung over the end of the pool table. Some of the guys had joined in playing with my tits. One biker had his cock out by my mouth which I inhaled. The table was too wide to do the cock on each side stuff, so I was able to concentrate getting one guy off at a time with my mouth.

Fabio was a great pussy eater. It didn't take me long to cum in his face. The atmosphere was sexually charged. I got the biker off in record time and painted my face with his cum. The guys let out a gasp.

"Next!" I exclaimed. "Who wants their cock sucked?" Anyone want a tit job? I need some good old fashion fucking. Anyone have a cock that can satisfy me?"

Fabio moved from eating me, to sticking his cock in my face so I could suck him. Some old bald guy named Bill grabbed my ass and started fucking my pussy. I could feel the crack of the broken slate against my ass as he pounded my pussy. With each thrust the pool table would pinch me. The small nip of pain added to my excitement and made my pussy wet.

After a few minutes of hard fucking and ball licking, the old man got off. The problem with the pool table is the size. It is not a great venue for group sex. Before the next guy could take Bill's place I got up and instructed Fabio to lay down on the floor. I wanted his cock.

I mounted Fabio on the floor of the bar, and said, "Next!" To let the guys know my mouth was now open for business. The boys gathered 'round for their blowjob. I did not disappoint anyone. I was taking more balls to the face than Mike Piazza.

Fabio felt good in my pussy. His long hair was a sexually turn-on. This just made me want to suck every cock in sight and guzzle cum.

Some of the guys in the bar just watched and did not participate. I remembered I sucked off a guy named Lefty, whose cock hung to the right. Some of the guys who didn't want to participate did want to get in a titty feel. It made me hot to have a guy come up from behind me while I was fucking one guy and sucking another, to reach around me and cup my breasts and play with them.

Lefty came on my face and left my mouth open for the next guy, who was Bill. Bill liked to feel my tits and pussy and had spent quite a bit of money this night on getting feels. I was very happy to blow him. He had that innocent Ron Howard look about him, and a very nice cock.

Fabio shoot his load in me, and with a dripping pussy another biker took his place under me.

Bill was very happy getting his dick sucked and feeling my tits. "This is great," He kept repeating. "She's a wonderful cock sucker." Nothing like a little praise to make a cock sucker feel good.

Zeke had his pecker out for a suck job. Except he wasn't going to be easy on me. "Who wants to play merry-go-round with me!" He shouted.

Three horny souls stepped forward. I was on my knees in the middle of four guys. I would suck one dick while another guy would grab me by the hair so as to ram the other guy's cock down my throat. After a few sucks on one cock I would move around to the next and next cock. I would keep the guys hard, but not get them off until they were ready. They called me super fluffer. They brutally faced fucked me and slapped my big titties around. I loved it as the called me slutty names.

"Suck that cock whore! Eat that meat! Take daddy's load! Suck you cock monster!"

I was what you would call a "hose monster" right about now. I was getting off from sucking dicks and being abused. The boys came all over me, squirting their jism all over my hair, face, and tits. I used my finger to gather up goo and eat what I could.

I ended up fucking only four bikers, but I felt like I swallowed a bucket of cum. When the last biker was served and no one else wanted any more pussy or to fuck my face I stood up and went to the ladies home to get cleaned up and dressed. The boys were gathering around Zeke, patting him on the back and shaking his hand.

Zeke thanked me for making us a bunch of money. I wanted to go to New England and see the sights. We left Oswego under cover of nightfall and rode off to Vermont.

Zach splurged and we got a motel room. I don't think he knew anyone in this state we could shack up with. It was a nice change from sleeping under the stars in a sleeping bag off the road somewhere. I can't wait to see what the road has to offer.

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