tagIncest/TabooZelena's Story Ch. 05

Zelena's Story Ch. 05


John and Charles also know as Jacko and Charlie, lay in bed in their bedroom, below the attic where their father was having sex with Zelena.

"Do you hear that?" John asked his little brother.


"The noise from the attic." John said. "Dad's doing Zelly."

They were quiet for a few minutes, listing to the rhythmic muted banging from above them.

"Are you going to wank now?" John asked him.

"I don't wank. You're the wanker in the family Jacko." Charles said with a chuckle.

They talked about Zelena for a few minutes and agreed that they were glad she'd come to stay with them, and that she was really pretty.

"I saw up her skirt when she went up to bed, and she didn't have any knickers on." John lied.

"Liar!" shouted Charles.

"I did, I saw up her dress."

"Maybe you saw up her dress, but she had knickers on."

"I saw her thing, and it was all hairy, and had a slit down the middle."

"You are a filthy liar, I don't believe you saw anything. You're just saying that to get me excited." Charles told him, and had to admit to himself that the prospect of seeing up Zelena's skirt was getting him excited.

There were two or three loud bumps from above them, then quiet. They listened, and soon heard the hatch open and Vladmir, their father, come down the ladder. John, whose penis was hard at just seeing up Zelena's skirt, and now hearing their father "doing" her, proceeded to masturbate.

As he slowly rubbed his cock he wondered if he'd inspired his brother to do the same. He spit on his hand and the wonderful tingle spread through his body has he rubbed the head of his penis. He imagined Zelena lying in front of him with her legs spread.

He imagined what the hole between her legs looked like. He'd seen pictures and as he rubbed himself he visualized her red hole, her pretty face, her body with two soft, mounded breasts. With these visions flashing through his mind he stifled a gasp as he shot his sperm into his handkerchief. Content, he fell asleep.

Next day Zelena helped clean up the dining area while Emma told her how the small restaurant was run. She also made an appointment for Zelena to see a doctor and get put on the pill. She didn't mind that Vlad was going to fuck her, she had her own affairs, and was really rather glad that he was keeping it in the family.

During the afternoon break they had a cup of tea and Emma asked Zelena if she knew what an escort did. Zelena admitted she'd have to have sex with strange men, and be paid for it.

"It's really sort of a high class whore, y'know. It pays pretty good, but you have to be careful. I've done a bit of that myself, I was a prosty for a while, and still have a couple of customer I see from time to time.

"You? Whore?" Zelena was astounded. She never imagined Emma, who looked just like an ordinary, but attractive, English house wife, would be a prostitute.

"Oo, don't say whore, dear. That's doesn't sound nice. Prostitute is okay, escort is nice, but I just say prosty, that covers it."

"I not know you do that. Uncle Vlad say okay? He no worry you fuck other men?"

"Your uncle, as you know from last night, does who he wants." Emma said testily. "So do I. I fuck who I want. But when we started the restaurant we needed the money, so I went on the game to help pay the bills."

"You no mind Uncle Vlad fuck me?"

"Not a bit deary, I hope you enjoyed it."

They went on to discuss what Zelena should wear as a waitress, and how she should react to customers. She should wear a short skirt, heels if she had them, at least at dinner time. Not to react if a man touched her, that could get her a big tip. When she was cleaning tables or whatever, to give men a look up her skirt, that was often good for a tip.

But if a man made her an offer she'd have to go to his place, no mucking about on the premises. She should be careful though; there were some bad characters in Soho. Pimps were always on the look out for girls, especially young foreign girls.

So next day she started work, and because there might be a language problem she should have the customers order by number, or point to the item. The first day went well. She made no mistakes, and only felt one man touch her on the bottom, and he left her a nice tip.

She was tired when she went up to bed, and had just dropped off to sleep when the hatch was raised. Uncle Vlad, she thought, and just didn't feel like anal sex and hoped he'd settle for a blowjob.

But she was wrong! It was her cousin John who came over to her bed.

"Hi Zelly," he said.

"John, what you do here?" She smiled at him.

"I thought I'd like to talk to you Zelly."

Of course she knew what he wanted, and said: "What you want talk Jacko? You want talk fucking? I no can do unless you have condom, anyway you my cousin and you too young fuck me."

"I'm nearly as old as you Zelly. And I know you let my dad fuck you a couple of nights ago."

"You a bad boy, like you daddy, Jacko. How you know you daddy fuck me?"

"I saw him come up and heard you two bumping."

"You bad boy, listening. You daddy fuck me special way, no can make baby that way. I give you blowjob, okay?"

"I want to fuck you in that special way too."

"You too young fuck that way. Maybe some day. Tonight I give you blowjob."

For John this had all gone too easily, but a blowjob from a pretty girl, how could he refuse? He took off his pajama bottoms and lay down beside Zelena as she threw back the covers for him. She took his already hard cock in her hand, rubbed it a little then said:

"You got nice cock Jacko," And took it in her mouth and started to work on it with her tongue while she sucked it.

"Oh Zelly, oh shit. That feels so good." He was on the point of ejaculating right away.

In less than five minutes Zelena felt his sperm hit the back of her throat, and,

"Um..um..um.....ummmm." She grunted as she swallowed it.

After a few moments more she felt his penis start to soften, and with one good long suck she took it out of her mouth,

"Jacko, you got lots good stuff there. You make lots babies with that." She said with a smile.

This was the most wonderful thing John had ever experienced, but reluctantly he put his trousers back on, kissed Zelena goodnight, and went back down the ladder.

Next day as Zelena was working the lunch shift a big man came and sat at one of her tables. He muttered something to her in what seemed to be Russian but which she didn't understand. He was tall and heavy with a very rough, gruff exterior.

Zelena presented the menu to him, and while he looked at it his hand slid up under her skirt and between her legs. When he reached her panties he stopped, pulled his hand away and shouted:


Uncle Vlad appeared, and after a very brief consultation, again in Russian, Uncle Vlad turned to her and said quietly:

"Go and take your knickers off and come back for mister Vili's order."

Surprised, Zelena went back to the kitchen and pulled up her skirt and pulled her panties off. The cook watched bemused.

"Mister Vili, eh?"

"I think, yes." Zelena replied.

"You'll learn." The cook said. "Mister Vili is special."

When she got back to the table she started to take the man's order, and felt his hand creep up between her legs and start to fondle her vagina. This was difficult for her to handle, but she managed to get the order and his hand withdrew. The man ate slowly and left an extra large tip.

It appeared that"Vili" was short for an unpronounceable Georgian name, and that he was in a lot of business in Soho, most illegal, but a good man to know.

She was now on the pill, and the next night was visited by Uncle Vlad, who appeared just after she'd showered and gone up to bed.

The hatch opened as she got into bed and he climbed up and took off his bathrobe, which was all he had on.

"Take off your night gown Zelly, my love."

She got up and did as he told her, but before she could lie down again he had her in his arms. Here was a muscular man, naked, holding her in his arms and she loved it. She felt his hard penis sticking into her lower belly as it stuck straight out. The hair on his chest tickled and stimulated her nipples, and she felt a warm tingle in her vagina.

He kissed her and kissed her, then lowered his head to her breasts and they fell over on the bed together. He kissed and sucked her breasts; her nipples and his hand caressed her body; her belly; her mound. Then found the groove between her legs, all the time sucking, kissing.

He lowered his head, kissing her stomach, then her vulva, then he opened her labia using only his tongue and started to lick, and lick, and lick. His tongue penetrated her vagina, her anus, finally arriving at her clitoris. She sighed deeply and groaned in ecstasy. This felt so good he could do anything with her.

Then he raised his head and kissed her again. She tasted her own juice and wasn't sure if she liked it, but anything he did was good at this point. She opened her legs, opened them wide, and felt his hard, hard penis slide into her sopping wet orifice.

"Aaaaah, da..da..yes....Uncle Vlad." Mixing her languages in her joy.

Vlad gave Zelena a hard, good fucking. She thought she reached an orgasm, but the whole thing was so stimulating, almost violent, that she was limp and sweating when it was over.

"Thank you my love, my little niece, that was perfect. As long as you stay with us we'll fuck once a week. Sometimes I'll fuck your cunt, when I feel like it I'll fuck your arse. Okay?"

"Yes Uncle Vlad. In you house, you have what you want. I like tonight. Good! Good!"

They kissed and he left.

Zelena was getting used to being a waitress, and was picking up English quickly. She loved talking to the customers and the customers liked her. Some of them tried to pick her up, but until she knew her way around better she put them off.

One of them looked interesting, however. He handed her a note which Emma read for her. He was an artist and photographer, and the note asked if she'd pose for him. She'd think about that one.

One evening after the restaurant closed John told her he was coming up to see her. She tried to put him off because she was tired, put as soon as she was in her little attic room but hadn't yet undressed the hatch raised and he appeared.

"No, not yet, I shower first." She protested.

"Don't worry about a shower, take a shower after I leave." He told her.

Poor John was so horny a little odor wasn't going to get in his way. He took Zelena in his arms and started to kiss her while he unbuttoned her blouse. She was dressed in heels and stockings as Emma and Uncle Vlad had asked her to, and she looked very sexy to him.

He soon had her bra off and he was kissing her naked breast. As tired as she was Zelena was loving it, and when his hand went under her skirt she spread her legs for him. He pushed her back on to her bed, but she protested:

"No, Jacko, no. My skirt, you make mess."

He backed off as she took of her black skirt, and was going to take off her stockings, but he told her to leave them off, and moved on her again. The sight of her naked except for stockings and high heels was extremely inspiring to him. He gazed at her lovely legs with the small triangle of pubic hair at the top where they met, and nestled in the tangle of hair the pink line of her pubic lips.

He kissed her breasts, her belly, and as he got close to her vagina the smell of sex and sweat emanating from between her legs made his heart pound. But he wasn't ready to go there yet. His fingers slipped down the slit and found her clitoris, and she gasped when he touched it.

He rubbed her with his fingers, and penetrated her vagina with his fingers until she moaned with pleasure, then he moved on top of her and his hard cock started to penetrate her wet vagina.

"Oh Jacko, Jacko. Ooooooh. So nice fuck." She groaned.

Soon John was fucking her, at first slowly, steadily, then it was fast, hard and deep. He couldn't keep it up for long and soon shot his load of sperm into her. It was good but over too quickly, although she was really too tired for a long session of fucking.

She held him in her arms and between her legs and started to doze off.

She woke with a start. "I tired Jacko. That good quick fuck, now I sleep."

After Zelena released him John pulled his pajama trousers back on then kissed her.

"I love you Zelly. That was good, good good."

"Everyone love Zelly." She whispered. "Everyone want fuck Zelly, fill her with baby-stuff. Goodnight Jacko."

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