Listed below are the stories entered in the 2013 Halloween Contest. The contest rules are here. Thanks to all who participate - authors and readers!

* 2013 Halloween Contest Winners *

First Place ($150 Cash Prize Winner):
That Old House

by Tx Tall Tales

Second Place ($100 Cash Prize Winner):
Halloween Wedding

by JJ_Kennedy_Smith

Third Place ($75 Cash Prize Winner):
Streetwalking with a Succubus

by manyeyedhydra

Contest Winners must contact Literotica
within 60 days of contest end to claim their prizes

2013 Halloween Submissions
My Delicious Little WitchRegularGuyinOly
That Old HouseTx Tall Tales
A Lust For Liferobertreams
Dance with the DevilTotzman
An Itch to be ScratchedBethyboo
The Trap of FleshJames Cody
House of Sexvoluptuary_manque
A Kept PetAgentNeptune
Join The Clubjavawarrior
The Harvest Moonkanniblekitten
All Hallow's Eve: The Gameslyc_willie
Shub-Niggurath's DiscipleTE999
Closer, My God to TheeCDallas921
Suffocating DarknessSean Renaud
Ride of the Headless HorsemanAcktion
The BearingSecondCircle
Draining the Countm_storyman_x
October 31, 10:06 AMYDB95
Night of ChoicesJagFarlane
The Halloween Partysensualsharon
Best Ever Erotic Halloween PartyRomantic1
Peep ShowAllThingsGood
A Costume for Every TrickBethyboo
The Devil's BullThe_Technician
Three Good WitchesYDB95
Mercurial and the BeastA_Little_Show
Fresh Meatauthorguybailey
Embrace the DarknessSoulwolf78
A Manly CostumeBethyboo
OMG! (Oh My Goddess!)justboycrazy
My Amuletmalabar13
The Not-So-Glittery VampireDinaDevereux
Every Midnight to DawnHeyAll
Deal with the DevilThe_Technician
Redheaded BeautyRjThoughts
The BansheeTamLin01
Don't Answer the Door!Seanathon
Succubus UnleashedYshomatsu
Death's New BrideTinyBeth
A Beavis and Butthead Kind of NightAwful Arthur
Labyrinth of LustNymphWriter
The Pumpkin PatchTamLin01
Halloween TrystBrettJ
The Masquerade of 1900daniwilliams
Edgar has a Wet DreamSubtext
Excise Dutiesoggbashan
The Black CatPlayfulLittle1
I Put a Spell on Youcarlieplum
Streetwalking with a Succubusmanyeyedhydra
Tricking Twin Sistersilkstockingslover
Choose Your Costume WiselyBethyboo
The Hotel PenlandAlexisMontage
Legend of The Headless Horse CockStrangeLife
Halloween WeddingJJ_Kennedy_Smith
Mrs. Lambert's PrisonCavyConsultant
The Chosen SonBostonsub52
The Spider's BrothelMiles63
Poe has a Wet DreamSubtext
Swingers Club: Halloween Partysilkstockingslover
Butterfly Spiritsxelliebabex
The Pirate Girlsandymonroe
Kellingpoint MansionSaltPillarSagas
Bloody MaryStrangePanda
Vampire Encounterava23
Happy Anniversary, BabyPlayfulLittle1
Sex in the Cemetery on HalloweenSusanJillParker
Gull Cottage HorrorA_Little_Show
Haunting ExhibitionA_Little_Show
Do Witches Really Exist?DG Hear
Called by the CovenAcktion
No Reservationlauralevot
All Hallow's EveDocCIS
A Love for Every CreatureBethyboo
Halloween und schlechte DrogenAleksana
Halloween Party: We Open Upsexyparty
Aoife, the Queen MakerThe_Technician
The Accidental Modeltrappedinside
The Hunting CabinThe_Technician
A Little Halloween MagicMagicaPractica
The PresenceCndrlla69
Ghostly Ghouls and Ghoulish GoblinsSusanJillParker
Magnum InnominandumBramblethorn
"Witch" Hitterwalterio
The Monster in my ClosetEJLit
A Side TripTxRad
Halloween DreamsGasMaskSlaveGirl
Dealing with the DeaDtotallyatease
Halloween Sucks!JayDavid
Spirit of Halloween NightmareLitEroCat

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