Listed below are the stories entered in the 2012 Summer Lovin Contest. The contest rules are here. Thanks to all who participate - authors and readers!

* 2012 Summer Lovin Contest Winners *

First Place ($150 Cash Prize Winner)::
Best Summer of Our Lives

by GoodyGoodyTwoShoes

Second Place ($100 Cash Prize Winner)::
Poolboy Benefits

by Tx Tall Tales

Third Place ($75 Cash Prize Winner)::
Taking Jasmine Walker

by silkstockingslover

Contest Winners must contact Literotica
within 60 days of contest end to claim their prizes

2012 Summer Lovin Submissions
I Want to Playannanova
Blackmailing Bitch Sistersilkstockingslover
Lazy Summer Afternoonallychris4
An Austrian in AlabamaAlwaysHungry
A Beachy EducationChaotica64
A Soundless SexNorcoaster
Vacation Voyeurrandibyrnes
Summer Fun with SummerBoxlicker101
My Summer Camp Journal 2012RedHairedandFriendly
A Postcard from Paradisebeachbum5151
Ride to Ecstasyrandyslocum
Summer NightsTxRad
Three Feet of CockMatthewVett
A Shed, Summer, and Scarboroughgeronimo_appleby
Sleeping with the CompetitionPrivates1stClass
Country AdvantageEmeraldKitten
French 75Ellafun
Stuck in Traffictk5555
Seaworld Interludem_storyman_x
Acapulco SummerTE999
The Summer I Became Mom's Loverlovecraft68
A Lesson in Lifesilverslacker62
Voyeur & TanningHeyAll
Vampire Summerrot_teufel
Just This Once?erotogal87
Poolboy BenefitsTx Tall Tales
Skydive Sky CladLitEroCat
Taking Jasmine Walkersilkstockingslover
Shadows on the Sun Porchcannyjack
A Working Holidayseverinrossetti
Dog DaysSaxon Stonedyke
Summer BeachTriptk5555
Coming HomeCinner
Emma's Caribbean VacationTheOnlyTigerGirl
The Great Outdoorscurlyspurs
Shark and Minnowscurlyspurs
The Swimming Pool 1964TxRad
Stars, Sulfur, and the Taste of AshCruel2BKind
Finding Euphoriasilkstockingslover
Katie's NightTheOnlyTigerGirl
Kiss of the SunILmonamour
Decisions, DecisionsPixelHound
Summer of DiscontentSeries 6
A World Without Men, Until Nowdave110256
Cool Summer ShowerMy_Turn
The Summer of Discontentejls
Hot in Goretexsilverslacker62
Golden Momentspetitmort
Nude Holly DayRejectReality
Brad Gets Out of Controlsun_sea_sky
Kennywood PicnicBobCollier
Beat the Heatdieselskitten
Fear of Flyingseverinrossetti
Sinful SummerSilkyCherry
Proud to be a Mommy's-Boydave110256
Melting the IceJayDavid
License to StripBrandie69
Safe Sex on the Beach, or MILF FTWNatural_Blond
King's BayPennLady
Beach Fantasyplaym0mum
A Splendid DayWarmInk
Mom's Second ChanceLesLumens
A Summer Fling to Remembertk5555
Blessed by the Sunikhneumon
School's OutOdysseyker
Seduction in the Sandkimbelina
Blackmailing Ms. Bitch Titserotogal87
Best Summer of Our LivesGoodyGoodyTwoShoes
Perverts' Anonymous Summer SessionSusanJillParker
Two Moms, Two Laps, Two HoursTx Tall Tales
You're My Cousin?!MatthewVett
Remind MeEmeraldKitten
Frozen PleasuresPrincessErin
My Summer BreakDG Hear
Three's a CharmGuiltlessMiss
Summer Heat_Lynn_
An Island for Two_Lynn_
Baseball AnnieSweetPrettyAss
Son-in-law's Summer of Love and SexSusanJillParker
And I'll Get a PoleRejectReality
Summer Love?rot_teufel
Summer of FireKarenas
Gray IronMSTarot
It Was the End of SummerLaurie
Sommer LovenTara_Neale
Boys of SummeroOScarletWingsOo
Sweaty BoobiesSaxon Stonedyke
An Alpha's KlutzLoriLeen
Picking the First Fruitsr71plt
The StudentBenLong
Our SpotDarkness716
By the Time I Got to Woodstockfurryfan
My Wife's Best FriendThe_Unicorn
South of the BorderBenLong
Unexpected Hall PassInkent
Julie and DannyTexas_Throbber
Between What's Wrong and Rightdamppanties
Beach Camping Tripregderd
It's Only Naturalbellefleure

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