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This page shows a list of stories and/or poems, that this author has published on Literotica.

A Call In The Dark (3.90)Woman alone on stormy night calls for sex. Text With Audio 06/28/04
A Christmas For Carol (4.54)She lost everything because of one man.  Hot Non-Erotic 11/18/04
A Christmas Wish... (3.55)A sister's desperate plea and a wish comes true. Erotic Couplings 12/14/05
A Fairy Tale (3.05)A fairy tale, or was it her nightmare? Text With Audio 06/14/04
A Holiday Wish. . . (3.67)New guy turns out to be the Grinch. Erotic Couplings 11/14/04
A Naughty EW (3.92)EW tempts her neighbor swimming nude. Text With Audio 05/10/04
As Sex In The City Turns: 4 Part Series
As Sex In The City Turns Ch. 01 (3.88)Gina is a sex therapist who is becoming a sex maniac. Erotic Couplings 05/11/05
As Sex In The City Turns Ch. 02 (4.29)Gina escapes with Peter. Erotic Couplings 05/18/05
As Sex In The City Turns Ch. 03 (3.83)Leo pays Peggy and Mary a visit. Erotic Couplings 06/02/05
As Sex In The City Turns Ch. 04 (4.50)Can Deanna keep her secret from coming out? Erotic Couplings 06/13/05
Boom, Boom (3.90)A woman's lustful fantasy. Text With Audio 07/20/04
Changes: 2 Part Series
Changes (3.46)Doctor & family are killed by his patient. Mind Control 06/13/04
Changes Ch. 02 (3.87)Carol becomes horny in her cell. Mind Control 07/06/04
Christmas Vacation (3.70)Three hot young ladies spend Christmas in Florida. Interracial Love 11/26/04
Erotica Writings Collection of BDSM (3.30)Collections of stories by Erotica Writings. BDSM 06/06/04
EW Wants You (3.83)EW tells you what she wants. Text With Audio 05/10/04
Fever (4.24)The dance of seduction between lovers. Text With Audio 06/14/04
Fred (4.00)Meet her special friend Fred. Toys & Masturbation 06/10/04
Halloween Hunt (3.17)He makes Hannibal not such a bad guy. Erotic Horror 10/16/06
Home for Thanksgiving (4.43)Her first time back home since that horrible day. Non-Erotic 11/18/05
Just Once More (3.88)She is an addict; her addiction is sex. Erotic Couplings 04/17/04
Kane (4.39)Can their love survive a deadly accident? Non-Erotic 06/09/04
Kidnapped (3.95)A mother's worse nightmare becomes her reality. Non-Erotic 11/18/05
Kiss Me Deadly (3.57)How deadly is her lust for him? Text With Audio 07/20/04
Magical Tea (3.84)Her first time having wild sex with Magical Tea. Text With Audio 05/16/05
Mandy's Letter To Santa Claus (4.81)One night of kindness.  Hot Non-Erotic 11/26/04
My Erotic Mind & Howard Stern (4.11)Her fantasy of sexual pleasures with Howard Stern, Celebrities & Fan Fiction 06/28/04
My Internet Lover (3.76)She makes him cum so hard with her. Text With Audio 07/20/04
Officer Friendly: 2 Part Series
Officer Friendly Ch. 01 (4.32)Internet lover changes her world forever. Erotic Couplings 04/17/04
Officer Friendly Ch. 02 (3.58)Officer takes her to the limits with lust. Erotic Couplings 04/18/04
Oh What A Night (3.67)He questions: is he gay? Gay Male 06/09/04
One Hot Snowy Night (3.39)One man's obsession leads to one hot night. Loving Wives 12/20/03
Papa Joe (3.66)They meet in their dreams. Text With Audio 05/16/05
Please Be My Valentine (4.14)She got fed up spending romantic day alone. Interracial Love 01/23/06
Santa Was A Lady! (4.24)One minute a sexy dancer; the next she's Santa. Romance 11/23/04
Satinka (4.33)Satinka must battle the evil night hunters. Erotic Horror 02/27/04
Seduced By An Entity: 26 Part Series
Seduced By An Entity Ch. 01 (3.78)Witches battle evil the lust they feel. Erotic Horror 04/07/04
Seduced By An Entity Ch. 02 (4.54)Seven sexy witches turn heads.  Hot Erotic Horror 04/09/04
Seduced By An Entity Ch. 03 (4.47)Cheyenne yearns for Roger, but is trapped by loyalty. Erotic Horror 04/10/04
Seduced By An Entity Ch. 04 (4.50)Eight witches battle against evil.  Hot Erotic Horror 04/14/04
Seduced By An Entity Ch. 05 (4.75)Witches battle evil & temptation.  Hot Erotic Horror 04/13/04
Seduced By An Entity Ch. 06 (4.59)Now Cheyenne is pregnant by evil.  Hot Erotic Horror 04/14/04
Seduced By An Entity Ch. 07 (4.29)Cheyenne must face her pregnancy. Erotic Horror 04/14/04
Seduced By An Entity Ch. 08 (4.08)Cheyenne faces life without Hank. Erotic Horror 04/19/04
Seduced By An Entity Ch. 09 (4.55)Cheyenne has her son only to lose him.  Hot Erotic Horror 04/20/04
Seduced By An Entity Ch. 10 (4.29)Cheyenne avenges the loss of her son. Erotic Horror 04/25/04
Seduced By An Entity Ch. 11 (4.78)Cheyenne faces truth about her true love. Erotic Horror 04/26/04
Seduced By An Entity Ch. 12 (4.25)Cheyenne comes face to face with her own demons. Erotic Horror 04/27/04
Seduced By An Entity Ch. 13 (4.00)Cheyenne & Hank try to save their marriage. Erotic Horror 04/28/04
Seduced By An Entity Ch. 14 (4.67)Cheyenne mourns loss of her family. Erotic Horror 04/29/04
Seduced By An Entity Ch. 15 (4.67)Cheyenne battles alcohol, along with Gore warrior. Erotic Horror 04/30/04
Seduced By An Entity Ch. 16 (4.83)Mystic Shadow deals with loss of her sister. Erotic Horror 05/02/04
Seduced By An Entity Ch. 17 (4.67)Mystic Shadow meets her evil twin. Erotic Horror 05/02/04
Seduced By An Entity Ch. 18 (5.00)Will the White Light Power be able to save Mystic Shadow? Erotic Horror 05/04/04
Seduced By An Entity Ch. 19 (4.60)The White Lighters say good bye to an old friend.  Hot Erotic Horror 05/05/04
Seduced By An Entity Ch. 20 (4.62)Did Mystic caster dream up the warriors? Erotic Horror 05/06/04
Seduced By An Entity Ch. 21 (5.00)The new council has taken over the White Power. Erotic Horror 05/06/04
Seduced By An Entity Ch. 22 (4.89)The warriors monitor the Windigo. Erotic Horror 05/07/04
Seduced By An Entity Ch. 23 (5.00)Jada caster has plans for Knight Shadow. Erotic Horror 05/07/04
Seduced By An Entity Ch. 24 (5.00)Mystic shadow loses her first battle. Erotic Horror 05/09/04
Seduced By An Entity Ch. 25 (4.57)Witch of seduction is killing wives. Erotic Horror 05/10/04
Seduced By An Entity Ch. 26 (4.71)The conclusion of the story.  Hot Erotic Horror 05/11/04
Seduction at the Beach (3.73)Older woman finds lust with 22-year-old surfer. Exhibitionist & Voyeur 04/10/04
Seduction By... The Serial: 11 Part Series
Seduction By... The Serial Ch. 01 (3.88)Mystic shadow & white light power. Erotic Horror 05/17/04
Seduction By... The Serial Ch. 02 (4.09)Mystic Shadow & her warriors battle Amazon Witches. Erotic Horror 05/19/04
Seduction By... The Serial Ch. 03 (4.33)She's tricked into life of a dancer. Erotic Horror 06/19/04
Seduction By... The Serial Ch. 04 (4.77)Mystic Shadow gives into her passions.  Hot Erotic Horror 06/21/04
Seduction By... The Serial Ch. 05 (4.21)Caroline's Stalker has sadistic plans. Erotic Horror 06/22/04
Seduction By... The Serial Ch. 06 (4.15)Caroline is held captive. Erotic Horror 07/16/04
Seduction By... The Serial Ch. 07 (4.83)Mystic Shadow conceives while battling Skinwalkers. Erotic Horror 09/10/04
Seduction By... The Serial Ch. 08 (4.88)Mystic Shadow falls victim to the skinwalker. Erotic Horror 09/15/04
Seduction By... The Serial Ch. 09 (3.67)Mystic Shadow and Knight Shadow are expecting. Erotic Horror 07/12/05
Seduction By... The Serial Ch. 10 (4.75)Will Natanne fall for Gore Warriors evil plans of seduction?  Hot Erotic Horror 08/10/05
Seduction By... The Serial Ch. 11 (4.27)A child is born. Erotic Horror 01/23/06
Sinfully Beautiful: 3 Part Series
Sinfully Beautiful (4.04)This time the Bodacious lady wins the man. Romance 04/11/04
Sinfully Beautiful: Crystal (3.38)Sinfully Beautiful is for BBWs & their admirers. Text With Audio 05/18/04
Sinfully Beautiful: Monica (3.60)Short stories from Sinfully Beautiful Collection. Text With Audio 06/14/04
Something Horrid (2.81)This story has a very scary Halloween trick. Erotic Horror 10/11/06
Something Wicked (3.36)Her crush on Derek leads her into death's hands. Erotic Horror 10/11/06
Strap On (3.87)His fantasy of anal sex and oral pleasures. Anal 06/08/04
The Furries Revenge (3.55)Beautiful creatures avenge mass murder. Erotic Horror 04/01/04
The Letter (4.50)He writes to his wife before his departure.  Hot Letters & Transcripts 06/16/04
The Private Dance (3.93)Two dancers do more than blow his mind. Text With Audio 07/20/04
Tragedy Strikes Here (3.18)She's attacked & stalked by her evil boss. Erotic Horror 06/08/04
Transcript Of 'Pleasing Pleasure' (2.75)Comedy hour with hot blonde babe. Letters & Transcripts 06/19/04
Transcripts from the Jack Walker Show (4.22)A talk show host transcript. Letters & Transcripts 06/14/04
Whispers Of Erotica (4.02)She's hot, she's horny, & she wants him. Toys & Masturbation 09/07/04
Who I Am (4.19)Temptation caught this loyal wife. BDSM 01/16/04
Wiggle It (3.89)She cums with her neighbor watching. Text With Audio 09/06/04
You Have The Right To Remain Silent (4.41)Dead officers consumed with revenge & lust. Erotic Horror 04/23/04
A Voodoo Queen (4.45) Erotic Poetry 07/06/04
Dream Lover (4.29) Non-Erotic Poetry 12/30/03
I Can't Understand (3.67) Non-Erotic Poetry 06/14/04
Memories Of Yesteryear (3.88) Non-Erotic Poetry 12/30/03
Nasty Boy's (3.67) Erotic Poetry 12/28/03
Passion or Sin (2.67) Poetry With Audio 06/28/04
Porthole of yesterday (4.50) Non-Erotic Poetry 12/28/03
Sex On The Net (3.30) Erotic Poetry 12/10/03
SLAVE (4.62)  Hot Erotic Poetry 06/08/04
The Last Tear Drop To Fall (4.60) Non-Erotic Poetry 12/30/03
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