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Pool Boy Ch. 57 - Honeymoon in Monte Carlo.
      Submitted by BigZeke13  (Group Sex) 04/24/18
The Clan Wars Pt. 19 - The beginning of the end. A city burns.
      Submitted by jimmy_james  (Sci-Fi & Fantasy) 04/24/18  Hot
Forced to Change Ch. 41 - A hitman falls in love with his target.
      Submitted by SimoneLisbon  (Novels and Novellas) 04/24/18
Lilith's Emporium: Awakened Ch. 02 - Selena's happy reunion may not be good for Jason.
      Submitted by maestro84  (NonHuman) 04/24/18  Hot
Futanari Notebook Ch. 09 - Mary's Salvation.
      Submitted by sexgundam666  (Sci-Fi & Fantasy) 04/24/18
House of Feathers Ch. 17: A Passing Encounter - Show and - maybe - tell.
      Submitted by TarnishedPenny  (Exhibitionist & Voyeur) 04/24/18
Undercover Ch. 05 - Shaya and I take our relationship to a new level.
      Submitted by FutaMonster  (Novels and Novellas) 04/24/18
Sea Cruise Pt. 05 - Sea cruise evolves into a love boat.
      Submitted by LaceyDresser  (Mature) 04/24/18
Truth or Dare with a Twist Ch. 02 - Intrigue, mystery.
      Submitted by IvoryItalian  (Sci-Fi & Fantasy) 04/24/18
Broken Zippers Pt. 02 - Getting used in the van.
      Submitted by barkirk  (Group Sex) 04/24/18
Progression Ch. 09: Punishment - A gay guy is slowly introduced to wearing a chastity belt.
      Submitted by klapperz  (Gay Male) 04/24/18
I Think I Might Regret This Ch. 04 - Jay realizes he has no regrets.
      Submitted by O2  (Mature) 04/24/18
Going Home Ch. 01 - An old punk comes home and sees the one he left behind.
      Submitted by philaenis  (Romance) 04/24/18
A Day at the Beach - Enemies decrease sexual tension in a weekend at the Hamptons.
      Submitted by Buckingbronco33  (Erotic Couplings) 04/24/18  Hot
Midnight - Vicky and Nate sit in a tree.
      Submitted by AllTheBetterNamesWereTaken  (Erotic Couplings) 04/24/18  Hot
Where to Find Love Ch. 09 - A woman questioning who can give her love.
      Submitted by Elegast7  (Romance) 04/24/18
GTO - Niece - Gail's niece learns her secret.
      Submitted by GTO_Racer  (Lesbian Sex) 04/24/18
Warmth Pt. 03 - Endings and new beginnings.
      Submitted by NRMathis  (Non-Erotic) 04/24/18
A Bun in the Oven Pt. 02 - On the continued quest to get a Thai lady pregnant.
      Submitted by new_hentai_boy  (Interracial Love) 04/24/18
Wife Wants a Hall Pass Ch. 23 - The end of the last day in Scotland.
      Submitted by LewdLuke  (Loving Wives) 04/24/18
Survival - A mother and daughter are given a new lease on life.
      Submitted by rnebular  (Loving Wives) 04/24/18
Gym Milf Affair - Fit Mom finds appreciation at gym she's not getting at home.
      Submitted by jeffincognito  (Mature) 04/24/18  Hot
Boobers Waitress Pt. 03 - Elle is away. Willy graciously helps Janey with Lucy.
      Submitted by Henry_C_Roberts  (Humor & Satire) 04/24/18  Hot
Microchips Ch. 01 - Dale learns about the Adult side of technology.
      Submitted by Ghostwalker  (Mature) 04/24/18  Hot
The Contest Ch. 09 - The autumn wedding.
      Submitted by DreamerByTheDiamonds  (Sci-Fi & Fantasy) 04/24/18  Hot
Love in a Sunset - More magical sex for Carly! She's in love.
      Submitted by Heartsongs  (Romance) 04/24/18  Hot
Her Old Self - Her hopeful old self never went away completely.
      Submitted by PulpWyatt  (Non-Erotic) 04/24/18
Monster Girl Encounter Ch. 03: Dullahan - A clingy Dullahan and a knight go from enemies to lovers.
      Submitted by Alleskeins1  (NonHuman) 04/24/18  Hot
Erotic Sex Club Encounter - Lust and jealousy make for hot, orgasmic sex.
      Submitted by Simone8  (Erotic Couplings) 04/24/18
The Island Pt. 01 - Richard and Ashley discover love on a strange island.
      Submitted by Sir_Maveric  (Romance) 04/24/18
Princess - Going to war, a recruit becomes much more than she expected.
      Submitted by DrWoo  (Sci-Fi & Fantasy) 04/24/18
The Old Toothbrush Ch. 01 - Husband plans to spring a mild surprise on his wife.
      Submitted by Trambak  (Loving Wives) 04/24/18
A Simple Pizza Dare - Dare gone very right.
      Submitted by tantrik721  (Loving Wives) 04/24/18
A Good Ride Home - A young man meets a mature woman on a bus.
      Submitted by uksnowy  (Mature) 04/24/18
Creating an Addiction Pt. 02 - Continuing the story of how I created a cock craving hotwife.
      Submitted by dirty_geezer  (Loving Wives) 04/24/18
Pink Lips Pt. 02: Birthday Suit - Part two to Lily and Blue's lusty adventures.
      Submitted by KarinnaLilla02  (Lesbian Sex) 04/24/18
BH Ch. 01: Graveyard Shift - Mariesse the Necromancer faces an old adversary.
      Submitted by thousandwarriors  (Sci-Fi & Fantasy) 04/24/18
Remembrances Pt. 02 - Husband and Wife visit with the son of a departed loved one.
      Submitted by Zeb_Carter  (Loving Wives) 04/24/18
Unconscious Man - A part-time call-girl reveals herself to her rescuer.
      Submitted by Nils Huim  (Erotic Couplings) 04/24/18
Next Door Neighbours - Tom and Julia get to know their neighbours.
      Submitted by Croony  (Mature) 04/24/18
Falling for His Father Pt. 01 - My FB's dad gets me hot. But, does he feel the same way?
      Submitted by keptbyfather  (Gay Male) 04/24/18
Wasted Years - Twelve years destroyed by 5 minutes of lust.
      Submitted by KingBandor  (Loving Wives) 04/24/18
A Hotel Liaison - She meets him in the hotel bar, for more than just drinks.
      Submitted by submisstomydarkside  (BDSM) 04/24/18
Taking the Big Step Ch. 02 - Married man continues his gay adventure.
      Submitted by Shady_Lady  (Gay Male) 04/24/18
The Work Shower - How far will a chastised sissy go for an orgasm?
      Submitted by AnotherRandomWriter  (Transsexuals & Crossdressers) 04/24/18
Captured by the Elves Ch. 04 - The desperate prisoner tries to escape his captors.
      Submitted by notbreckenridge  (Transsexuals & Crossdressers) 04/24/18  Hot
My Queer Cousins Ch. 04: Bum Fucked - Mike finally surrenders his ass to his cousins.
      Submitted by RoryOmore  (Transsexuals & Crossdressers) 04/24/18  Hot
Crossing on Route 66 - Two guys cross-dress on Route 66.
      Submitted by CamScorp  (Transsexuals & Crossdressers) 04/24/18
Memories of Ben - Natalie reminisces upon her life with Ben.
      Submitted by spinningwheels2  (Mature) 04/24/18  Hot
One-on-One Ch. 03 - Katie gets one step closer.
      Submitted by Pacific_Beary  (Erotic Couplings) 04/24/18
Beach House Continued Ch. 06 - Jill finally has time with Allan.
      Submitted by softhands3  (Loving Wives) 04/24/18
Best. Wife. Ever. Ch. 02.5 - Stacy needs some relief from her frustration.
      Submitted by Bishopmalcolm08  (Loving Wives) 04/24/18
Violent Star Ch. 002 - His newly-acquired treasure gets robbed away.
      Submitted by Hittfler  (Sci-Fi & Fantasy) 04/24/18
Chrystal Chalice Ep. 02 - Who did the Malice?
      Submitted by RandyGonzalez  (Erotic Couplings) 04/24/18
Leanne's Gangbang - Her Story - Leanne's Gangbang story from the wife's point of view.
      Submitted by Wolphey  (Loving Wives) 04/24/18
Fairweather Ranch Ch. 07 - Melody adjusts to her new life...
      Submitted by LadyDaisy  (Lesbian Sex) 04/24/18
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!! Ch. 03 - Two bohemian, artsy girl friends collide in the ring!
      Submitted by RickDeville2  (Erotic Couplings) 04/24/18
Heating Up the Hot Tub - A cold wet day heats up in the hot tub.
      Submitted by Skypirate68  (Exhibitionist & Voyeur) 04/24/18
Black Renter Takes My Bed and Wife - A 13 inch black dick takes my bed and my wife.
      Submitted by howtrue  (Interracial Love) 04/24/18
My First BBC Gangbang - Fun with some friends and some BBC.
      Submitted by MikeandKym  (Interracial Love) 04/24/18
I Heard It from a Friend - Letters exchanged between husband and wife.
      Submitted by B_Bailey  (Humor & Satire) 04/24/18
Rush Hour Rush - Two cars, one man, one woman, and one autobahn traffic jam.
      Submitted by Cydia  (Exhibitionist & Voyeur) 04/24/18
Truth is Stranger than Fiction - Expanding horizons in a nudist resort.
      Submitted by eroticwriter00  (Erotic Couplings) 04/24/18
Casual in the Park - A youth is seduced by two older women.
      Submitted by uksnowy  (Mature) 04/24/18
My name is Lulu - How i came to dress up
      Submitted by lulu_dools  (Transsexuals & Crossdressers) 04/24/18
The Warlord's Physician Ch. 04 - A warlord's son finds taboo love in the wasteland.
      Submitted by NuclearBoy  (Novels and Novellas) 04/24/18
Having a Ball - Plans that go wrong can lead to something better...
      Submitted by Secret_Passion2018  (Erotic Couplings) 04/24/18
Winning the Blonde Goddess Ch. 02 - Darya takes Scott's anal virginity.
      Submitted by spankednaked  (BDSM) 04/24/18
Further Education - An evening class broadens its participants' perspective.
      Submitted by LaurelAspen  (BDSM) 04/24/18
Les Autres Ch. 04 - Mary visits her priest; Greta takes on a new job.
      Submitted by MishaPearl2  (Incest/Taboo) 04/24/18
Keeping the Tradition Alive Vol. 01: Luke's House Pt. 07 - The final days at Luke's house.
      Submitted by paladin1954  (Incest/Taboo) 04/24/18
The Twins Ch. 09 - The last chapter for Jack and Rachel.
      Submitted by Fliccy_sub  (Incest/Taboo) 04/24/18
Black Satin Slip Pt. 02 - I visit my sister again after we fucked.
      Submitted by Charmeuse  (Incest/Taboo) 04/24/18
Stan the Man - Stan has a giant cock, we do his aunt who's my mother in law.
      Submitted by bigdaddykingdavid  (Incest/Taboo) 04/24/18
Nocturnal Love Ch. 05 - Paradise family.
      Submitted by sswillow  (Incest/Taboo) 04/24/18
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