A Curious Roommate


"What problem?" Patrick asked.

"Getting it down silly," Camille shyly smiled, now stroking the shaft with both her hands. She stared at her first cock ever as she played with it in her tiny hands.

"Well, she usually will slide it deep inside her throat getting it nice and slick before she climbs on top of it and uses her pussy to ride it until it goes soft inside her," he smiled now looking at his girlfriend's roommate stroking his cock. He wanted to see what her reaction to his suggestion would be.

"She puts it in her mouth? Eeeewww, that's gross" a stunned Camille remarked.

"Yes, it's called a blowjob. You've never given a guy a blowjob before?" he asked. Camille blushed as she pondered if she should tell Patrick that his was the first cock she had ever seen.

"And she's able to get this whole thing in her mouth?" Camille asked amazed, staring at Patrick's cock imagining how Shelly could possibly get all of it in her mouth.

"Yeah," Patrick responded, "Shelly is great at it. She knows exactly how I like it."

"To be honest with you Patrick," Camille took a deep breath before she continued as if to ensure herself that it was alright, "yours is the first cock I've ever seen."

Patrick could not believe his luck. He knew that Camille was not the promiscuous type, but he had never thought that she was a nineteen year old virgin who had never seen a cock before. Camille felt his cock jump as she finished her sentence. To her surprise it seemed like his cock grew even bigger. She could feel it throbbing in her hands, as she looked down at the head. The slit at the top of his knob seemed to open a little bit, as some more of the white liquid started oozing out onto the slick knob.

"So what do you think?" he asked.

"Think about what?" Camille asked timidly.

"What do you think about my cock?"

"Oh it's so big and hard!!" she responded looking at him like a little girl that had just gotten a new toy. She would've never guessed that a cock would feel this way. It felt like she was holding a very large and thick carrot.

"Is it what you imagined a cock would look and feel like?"

"Not really" she responded returning her eyes to his cock. "So do I have to put it in my mouth?" she asked shyly.

"Only if you want to," he responded, "like I said, there are plenty of ways of getting this sucker down."

Camille continued to stroke the erect cock as she now ventured one finger up to the head, spreading the slimy liquid around the big knob. It felt very slick.

"What you are doing right now is called a hand or tug-job," Patrick continued. Camille could sense his breathing getting heavier as he spoke.

"Am I doing it right?" she asked.

"Oh yes," Patrick groaned closing his eyes for a moment, "just play with it in your hands like that. Stroke it up and down."

Camille stared amazed at the reactions she was receiving from Patrick. He seemed to enjoy what she was doing, and the sudden control she felt while stroking his cock turned her on. Camille started stroking his cock faster. The white liquid was now oozing constantly onto his now ballooning cockhead. She moved her right hand to the top of his cock, and rubbed his slick discharge into his cockhead with the palm of her hand getting her hand slick. While she did this, she was tightly milking his fat cock with her left hand. She would alternate between stroking his cock and milking the long shaft with her tiny hands. Milking his warm hard cock felt just like sculpting clay in her sculpturing class. She applied different sculpturing techniques she learned in class as she clenched his rigid shaft, eliciting deep moans from Patrick. Her hands were working wonders massaging his hard cock.

Camille noticed that the whole stalk of Patrick's fully erect cock was poking out of his boxer shorts. She did however notice that his balls were still trapped inside his snug shorts. Her curiosity once again taking control, she reached down with her left hand and stretched the slip of his shorts open trying to get his balls out. Patrick noticed what she was doing and reached down to help her pull his balls out.

Camille stared at his balls hanging out the slip of his shorts underneath the root of his cock. Just like his cockhead and shaft, they seemed swollen and looked like two water balloons full of water ready to explode. She played with his balls with her left hand, feeling the weight of them. As she curiously played with his balls she heard Patrick let out a loud moan. Looking back up at him she noticed that he had closed his eyes and was biting his lips, undoubtedly enjoying her playing with his exposed balls. She continued to play with his balls, now tugging at them as she increased the pace of her right hand stroking his shaft.

Camille could feel her pussy literally leaking into her wet panties as she continued tugging at Patrick's balls and cock. Her panties were soaking wet. Her nipples were also fully erected and poking out through the material of her blouse. She couldn't believe it. She was getting aroused as she stroked his cock. Her right hand getting tired of stroking, she switched hands and started stroking him with her left hand as she moved her right hand to her nipples. While she stroked and tugged at his thick shaft, she slowly started caressing and pinching her nipples through her blouse.

She was still stroking Patrick's large cock as she heard him let out a series of moans, and felt his balls tense. He quickly reached down and grabbed a hold of his cock pulling it away from her hold.

"What's the matter?" she asked scared that she had hurt him.

"I'm getting ready to cum," he said as he gently stroked his cock.

"Did I do something wrong?" she asked.

"No not at all," he replied. "You are doing a great job."

"What am I supposed to do?" she asked nervously.

"Lick the head a little bit Camille," he said placing his stiff cock in front of her face. Camille wasn't really sure if she wanted to put his cock in her mouth. Patrick noticed the hesitation in her eyes.

"You don't have to put it in your mouth. All you have to do is lick it. Lick the head," he said trying to comfort her. She stared at his cockhead as he slowly stroked his cock in front of her face.

"I just have to lick it, that's not that bad I guess," she thought. Eager to continue this new experience, she closed her eyes and timidly stuck her tongue out, leaning forward to lick his cock. As soon as her tongue made contact with his cockhead she heard Patrick let out a deep groan.

"OH!" he yelled. Before she realized what was happening she felt a thick stream of warm liquid splash across her forehead.

"Oh fuck!" he groaned stroking his cock harder, his balls tensing as he shot stream after stream of cum all over her face. A stunned Camille tried to lean back, but the jets of cum were so strong they landed on her face and neck, trickling down her blouse to her bosom. She frantically reached out trying to grab a hold of his cock to divert his ejaculation, but her hand got hit with a stream also.

As Patrick's ejaculation finally subsided, he opened his eyes and looked down to find Camille staring up at him with a bewildered look. Her face, neck, and hands were covered in cum. There was cum across the top of her blouse, and he could see a stream of the thick white liquid trickling down her bosom. She had cum hanging down from her chin and her eyes were struggling to hold back her tears.

"I'm so sorry," he said. He was sure he had gone too far this time by losing control and ejaculating all over her. He turned around to find something to help her wipe her face with.

Camille was in a state of shock. She felt so humiliated. She could feel the warm liquid covering her face and slipping down her bra to her breasts. She caught the scent of the fresh semen splattered across her face and trickling down her nose. Her lips were locked in an attempt to keep the liquid from seeping into her mouth. She tried wiping her face with her hand, but her hand was also covered in cum. It felt warm and sticky, and it smelled weird.

As the tears rolled out of her eyes, she stood up and grabbed her book bag. Pushing past Patrick still standing there with his now deflating cock in his hand, she headed towards the bathroom.

"Camille, are you ok?" she heard him ask. "I'm sorry," he pleaded.

Closing the door behind her, she took a look at herself in the mirror. There was semen all over here face and neck. It had caused her make-up to run. She grabbed a towel and wiped her hands. She started crying, but wasn't sure why. Was it because she was so humiliated, or was it more of a sense of shock?

Camille took off her blouse. The semen had trickled all the way down the crevice of her tiny breasts. As she wiped her bosom clean, the rough material of the towel rubbed against her sensitive nipples, causing them to become erect. She looked at herself in the mirror as she reflected upon what had just happened. She had just seen and felt her first cock. And it felt great. The feel of the hard flesh in her hands, the way it throbbed in her grip, the masculine smell that emanated from it. And then how it ejaculated the warm thick liquid all over her. She had helped pleasure a guy. She looked at her cum covered face through her tears. The thought of having her face covered in semen was disgusting, but the thought of pleasuring a guy to the point he would lose control of his body was a real turn on.

As she wiped her face clean with the towel, she noticed the first strand of cum that was splattered across her forehead. She scooped some of it up with her finger and curiously brought it up to closer to her eyes for a better inspection. It looked pearly white and slimy. She rubbed it into her finger with her thumb. She moved it down to her nose and took a deep sniff. It smelled weird. She pursed her lips staring at her finger as if to contemplate her next move.

"I wonder what it tastes like?" she thought. And then, closing her eyes and grimacing she stuck her tongue out and scooped the drop of semen off her finger. The taste didn't register at first. She swirled the liquid around her mouth as her taste buds caught the salty taste of the semen. She grimaced.

Rinsing her mouth she considered what to do next. Should she tell Shelly what happened? How was she supposed to face Patrick? What would happen if she was left alone with him again? She had certainly enjoyed the experience up until he ejaculated all over her, and even though she felt disgusted by him ejaculating all over her, she was curious and extremely excited at the thought of playing with his cock once more. A knock on the door derailed her trail of thought.

"Camille, are you in there?" she heard Patrick ask. "Are you OK?"

Drying her face off and taking a deep breath, Camille turned and faced the bathroom door.

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