tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Day at the Office

A Day at the Office


E-mail to Jane: -

I should never have taken the dare! Okay it was a laugh at the time, the vodka shots saw to that, but this has gone way to weird now... and fuck knows where it is going!!!

I did as you told me and have come to work wearing no bra or panties today. It feels good at first but after a while it's as as if everyone knows and is looking at me!

My blouse is tight and open necked, usually enough to show a little cleavage and a hint of lacy bra. The guys here notice quite quickly, and there is a lot of looking ... a few comments, smirks etc. One of the pricks from Sales even went past twice rubbing his crotch!! The problem soon starts though when I got an email memo from the Boss, summoning me to his office for my One to One Personal Development session ...which I thought I'd had a couple of weeks ago.

I went into his office, he is about 45, and he told me that he had received complaints from customers about my appearance.... he was staring at my breasts, looking directly at my nipples poking out of my tight blouse .. His office air conditioning made the room chilly, and my proud babies pushed out even more!!

He told me that he was very disappointed with me, as he had always thought highly of me. He said that he should discipline me for being Inappropriately Dressed at work, and demanded to know why I wasn't wearing a bra. I stood there in front of his desk, like a naughty schoolgirl! My nipples were trying to burst through my blouse, I had no knickers on, and my boss was sat in his leather chair with a huge bulge in his trousers. I started to stammer out some excuse or other, and went to fold my arms across my chest. He yelled at me "No. Stand still with your arms at your sides. If you want to keep this job, start behaving." I said that it had been a silly mistake, and that I would never come to work like this again. He told me to shut up, and then made me undo my blouse! I stood there in shock, so he stood up, slapped my face, and had my blouse off before the tears had run down my face ... he groped my breasts and sucked my nipples calling me a cock teaser. I tried to push him off, but he slapped me again, squeezing my tits hard and pinching my nipples, sucking them and biting them.

He told me I could behave or lose my job, and he would let everyone know I was sexually harassing him, and working as a whore from the office! I would never work in this city again.

He was hurting my tits, and enjoying it from the sounds he was making, sucking slapping biting them. He pushed me to my knees, and asked me to choose my next career move, rubbing his crotch in my face at the same time. What could I do? I undid his trousers and played with his cock... it was hard and had precum oozing already, 8" and throbbing in my hand. He put his cock in my mouth and I had to suck him off, slowly at first but then he took over and fucked my face hard and fast. I gagged several times as he rammed his salty cock back into my stuffed mouth, my eyes watering and saliva dribbling from my chin. He was grunting, holding my ponytail and humping my mouth. Faster harder deeper, ignoring my gagging, urging and vomiting, as he lost control and pumped away in frenzy! I could feel his cock twitch in my throat, his balls in my hands were swollen, and he suddenly pulled out of my mouth so he could cum over my tits. Jesus, I don't know when he last had a decent climax but there were gallons of the stuff! Hot wet sticky cum, hitting my tits and throat, chin and shoulders. I licked my lips and chin clean ... He liked that; his wife won't do it for him he said. I had to wipe his cum off me with some tissues from my handbag.

He kept me topless in his office for quite a while, making me kneel on the floor under his desk, with his cock in my mouth. Christ, at one point another manager came in to discuss something with him! He couldn't see me under the desk, but he must have seen my blouse lying by the filing cabinet surely?

I think my boss expects me to report to him again tomorrow morning, for a 'briefing'...oh god this is your fault Jane!!!

Mr B, my boss, said later that I have to show some potential clients around tomorrow. He has told me to "keep them happy or else". I think he has told them something as they keep looking me up and down now every time they pass by my desk. The two clients have been looking at me all afternoon and talking with my boss - he keeps nodding in my direction and smiling at them. He called me in to meet them this afternoon; I think they are from the Middle East somewhere. I was made to stand still in the middle of the room while they walked around me talking in their own language - I felt like I was on show!

They kept looking down my blouse and brushing my skirt down - touching my ass. One of them took pictures on his phone. I have to admit though my pussy juices were starting to run just a little!

Roll on tomorrow?!?!?

Day 2 email to Jane:-

As instructed by my boss, I went to work today again with no bra on. I had my hair in pigtails with pink ribbon, and wore the 6" boots.

My boss was expecting me to be in his office when he arrived, so I wore a tight pale blue blouse open 3 buttons down and a very short navy skirt. I waited in his office for him. I felt a mixture of humiliation and excitement... God what was I doing?

He arrived and immediately made me take off my blouse, he seems to like to suck my breasts, while I wank his cock.

He pinched and slapped my breasts very hard over & over again, then I had to suck him off and let him cum over my sore tits. This time he made me wipe his cum with my fingers and lick them clean.

I had to thank him for his attention, while on my knees licking his cock clean Jane - this is your entire fault..... Bloody dare has gone way off into the realms of fantasy!!

He told me that we were going to meet the two clients at one of our conference sites, told me to dress and follow him to his car - I had to carry his brief case. He told me that the two men were from Iran and could be worth a big contract to him. I was to attend to them all day and do everything to please them.

We arrived at the other site which is set out in its own grounds, an old house or something. My boss led me down to one of the basement rooms, and told me to sit in the large office chair and wait. He locked the door behind him as he went out!

When he came back he had the two guys with him, they were all laughing and stood around the chair looking at me.

My boss told me to stand, he told me that these two wanted an English whore for the day and it was me! FUCK!!!

I was to do what ever they wanted, and not talk.

I had to stand with my hands up while they stripped off my blouse, skirt and knickers - they ran their hands over every inch of my body as I stood still, hands in the air. They squeezed my tits and sucked my nipples, felt up inside my pussy and fingered my ass while I had to stand there... Jesus it was so ... well...cheap but like it wasn't me you know?

My boss went and sat in the office chair - I had to kneel between his feet hold onto the arms of the chair - he put his cock in my mouth and told me to suck him off - but not to let go off the chair. the other two guys had got naked and now took turns fucking me from behind, and fingering my ass, slapping my tits as they swapped over - ramming their cocks into my cunt over and over again ... fingers & hands in my ass. I took it all without being able to move or speak.

I had to keep sucking my boss & holding the chair, the two Iranians swapped to fucking my ass one at a time, then one laid down making me ride his cock, his friend up my ass. What the fuck was I doing - whoring for my boss ... the fucking pig!!

My boss shot his load into my throat and kept his cock rammed in my mouth until I gagged and puked. He slapped my face and tits.

I got a load of cum up my ass and another in my cunt before they dragged me to the table and tied my arms so I was face down. My boss had leather straps in his case and they took turns whipping my ass and cunt as their cum dripped out.

I had to suck them all clean & lick their asses before we left. I had to travel naked on the floor sucking the two off again. Jane, this is so way out of line.... am I a slut cos I am kind of enjoying the sleazy sex side of it? I am in too deep now to be able to stop! He has photos of me... with 3 cocks in me, and being whipped bent over the desk!! How the fuck do I get out of this?

Luckily he is away for a couple of days now, but I have been told to report to his PA in the morning!!!!

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