tagLoving WivesBeach House Vacation

Beach House Vacation


My wife, Carrie, went to the beach last summer with her friend Christina. They rented a four bedroom house for the week. I had to work, but I was able to take a couple of days off toward the end of the week. Carrie was so happy to see me my first night down there. The three of us went to their new favorite bar where we drank, danced, and drank a little more. Christina was quick to hook up with some of the guys in the bar, which gave Carrie and me an excuse to head back to the beach house.

It didn't take long before we hopped into bed with a few toys I'd brought down with me. She was so horny for cock. Not just my cock either. I was fucking her vigorously with one life-sized dildo while pouring lube on another I had waiting for her tight ass. I pressed the second plastic cock against her asshole and within seconds I was double penetrating my wife with a couple of realistic dicks. I had the rhythm down pat; in with one, while I slid out with the other.

I was getting so turned on watching her thrust against these toys as hard as I could slam them into her wet pussy. After she came the first time, I couldn't wait any longer for my turn. I moved my own cock into position and started talking dirty to her.

"You fucking slut! You love having your pussy and ass filled with cock, don't you?" I asked. "Well I'm going to give you something only your hungry wet pussy could take, just to show you what a slut you really are."

I left the dildo in her ass but kept fucking her pussy with the other one. With my now free hand I guided my rock hard dick against her already full pussy. With a little pressure I now had my cock inside her pussy right along side a plastic one, which I continued to thrust in and out of her. These two cocks in her pussy moving out of sync with one another threw Carrie into orgasm. The dildo in her ass was still buried all the way to the balls.

Her pussy felt so tight. The feeling was incredible. It wasn't long before my real cock did what the other two couldn't and I began to cum inside my sexy wife's pussy. It had been too long since our last fuck; I filled her pussy with what felt like gallons of cum from waves after wave of orgasm. Before long we were exhausted and both feeling post coital bliss. What an awesome feeling it was to fuck my wife's pussy, made tighter by two other cocks at the same time.

∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙

I collected the toys I'd brought with me and headed to the kitchen to clean them in some warm soapy water. I dropped the butt plug into my shirt pocket to keep the clean toys separate from the ones I was going to clean. I placed them in the sink and grabbed both of us a couple bottles of beer from the fridge. Carrie opened them both for us and we stood there in the after glow of a great time in bed. I felt so lucky to have this girl as my wife.

At that moment we heard the distinctive sounds of muffled sex. We peered out of the kitchen and spotted Christina on all fours in the rec. room. That girl was a slut. Not because she had brought home some stranger who was fucking her from behind right now. Not even because she was also trying to suck some naked guy off at the same time. No, she's a real slut because she had brought back a third guy who was left standing there naked stroking himself and waiting for his turn.

I grabbed Carrie by the wrist and walked over to the pool table at the opposite end of the room. I sat on the edge of the pool table while Carrie stood in front of me to watch the action. Both of us were somewhat stunned and amazed at the fuck-fest laid out before us. I caressed Carrie's tits after unbuttoning the top of my men's dress shirt, which she was now wearing. Before long, I whispered to Carrie to suck me off. She looked surprised and might have thought I was kidding until I pulled off my boxers.

Bent over, Carrie swallowed my cock into her warm mouth. I placed one hand on the back of her head and dictated the speed of my blow job. It wasn't long before I noticed the third guy watching us, or maybe just watching my wife's ass. I waved him over and gestured to my wife's rear end. The poor guy had been ready for pussy since he got into the beach house. Now he would finally get his chance.

The moment Carrie felt another set of hands on her hips she tried to stand up straight. But, I kept my hand tight on the back of her head and my cock deep into her throat. If she had something to say, I wasn't going to hear it this time. This guy was patient, especially given how long he had been waiting to burry his cock into wet pussy. He slid his fingers across my wife's pussy lips and felt how moist they were.

Carrie must have resigned herself to her fate because she resumed sucking my cock. She had one hand on my balls and the other on the edge of the pool table. She was bent over and seemed to be pushing her ass into the air, spreading her legs a little farther apart. Moments later, this stranger was gliding his prick in and out of my wife's pussy. Carrie made a muffled sound of pleasure. I pulled her head off my cock to see the look of lust on her face.

"Oh, yes! Fuck me." she said to the stranger whose face she had yet to see. Louder she commanded, "Fuck my pussy." By now, we had caught the attention of the other three people in the room. Christina didn't seem the least bit surprised. In fact, she seemed to become more motivated and began fucking the other two guys even faster than before.

Tired of standing, Carrie turned around and pushed her new man whore to the ground. As he lay on his back, she sat on top of him and quickly guided his cock inside her once again. Leaning forward she began to fuck him more eagerly than before.

"Oh yes," she moaned. "Fuck, yes," she said as he grabbed her beautiful tits, which were swaying in front of his eyes.

The guy Christina had been trying to suck off walked over to our end of the room. I got down from the pool table and moved in behind my wife's quick moving ass. I motioned to our new friend to point out that Carrie's mouth was still available. I don't think she even noticed him until his cock was shoved in her face. She wasted no time sucking it into her mouth. She had a cock in her pussy and mouth with two guy's hands on her tits and one on her head. It was a beautiful sight. Only one thing was missing: me.

I slid my cock right up against Carrie's asshole while she was riding another cock. I tried to match her rhythmic motion while I pushed the head of my cock against her ass. Just like that, I was feeling her tight sphincter and another man's cock moving inside her body. The sight was incredible and the feeling was even better. I could actually feel the guy underneath as he began to shoot his load inside my wife. He came and convulsed in waves of orgasm. It was too much and I came almost immediately after he did.

I was drunk and so relaxed. After having cum twice inside my beautiful wife, I was ready to collapse. Unfortunately, Carrie wasn't finished with any of us and continued to fuck us both while the second stranger was fucking her face. Her pussy and ass were now well lubed with fresh cum on top of the K-Y from earlier in the evening. Carrie momentarily stopped fucking our cocks, but she wasn't finished getting her mouth fucked. I remembered the unused butt plug in my shirt pocket and, like a scene from the first Raider's of the Lost Ark, I slipped that butt plug into her ass just as I pulled my cock out.

Moments later, Carrie's mouth was being filled with cum. She let it drool out of her mouth and spill onto her tits. She really looked like a porn star, now. As she stood up in front of the pool table, the last of our new friends was walking up to us. Apparently, he was ready for another pussy.

He lifted Carrie up onto the edge of the pool table before she could even finish standing up straight. The butt plug in her ass certainly didn't help. He pulled her partially spread legs toward him and immediately began thrusting his cock into Carrie's pussy. She had a butt plug buried in her ass while his cock was slamming into her pussy. Drunk and exhausted, she could do no more than moan as he fucked her pussy as hard as he could.

It wasn't long before he pulled out and stroked his cum out onto Carrie's tits and belly. My exhausted slut wife just laid there with a smile on her face and cum across her body. If this were a competition between the two girls, there was no doubt who was the better slut.

I helped Carrie walk to the bedroom. I told her how much I loved her as I laid her down to bed. She was exhausted from the alcohol and sex, so I let her sleep it off with no more than a gentle kiss on the forehead and an "I love you, sweetheart."

∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙

Once back downstairs, I tried to maintain conversation with the rest of the group. Christina was nearly cleaned up and the guys were peppering me with questions.

"Who is that chic?" they asked.

They were amazed to hear that Carrie was my wife. They had never done anything like this before and couldn't stop retelling the story of what had just happened.

"God damn, she sucks a good cock."

"How about that pussy!" another said. "She rode my dick until my balls were dry."

These guys were getting horny again just talking about it. I was so tired that I could barely keep my eyes open. I think Christina was tired, too. Either that or she was annoyed that these guys weren't talking about her "hot pussy." It wasn't long before Christina announced that she was going to bed.

With just us four guys in the room, their talk of Carrie's "great tits" and "sexy mouth" didn't slow down. It wasn't long before they were asking me if they could do it again. Good God, I thought. How could they be up for another round? Hadn't they had all they could take? Then I realized that two of these guys had only come once this evening.

This seemed too wild to pass up, so I agreed to another round with my wife. Knowing that neither Carrie nor I would remember the rest of the night as well as we would like, I set up the video camera in our bedroom.

Carrie didn't wake up when the four of us went into the bedroom. She was still covered with cum; her hair matted and legs spread slightly. They actually debated who would get to go first before I reminded them that there was no more "first" to be had tonight. I pulled Carrie to the edge of the bed and saw cum still oozing out of her pussy.

One by one, these guys each took their turn fucking Carrie's pussy. The first guy sprayed his come across Carrie's tits while the last two each filled her pussy with even more jiz. Carrie barely woke up for it, although her occasional moans of pleasure could even be heard on the videotape. I didn't even remember how it ended until we watched the tape the next day. I passed out in the chair beside our bed and by the time any of us awoke, the three guys were gone. The first evidence that the prior evening was not just a dream were the come covered sheets and my wife's cream pie of a pussy.

Carrie and I showered together that morning and felt closer than ever before having taken this sexual journey together. I think we might try it again someday; if we can ever find the right guys. Until then, the videotape of our last beach vacation will do nicely.

Happy anniversary, Carrie.

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