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Bisexual Swapping Fun


My wife and I have been married for 8+ years now. Last summer, we had been planning on spicing up our sex lives by trying a little swinging. We even went as far as joining a web site and had corresponded with an interested couple. Unfortunately, though, my wife got cold feet and backed out of the deal before we ever met up with them. Without my wife, I did, however, manage to, by accident, get together with them and had a great time sucking and fucking them both this past summer. When I shared the tale of the encounter with you guys online, I showed it to my wife to read. She told me it was, and I quote "fucking hot!", then she sucked my cock right there in the home office and let me blast a load of hot cum on her beautiful tits. Unfortunately though, she never brought the subject up again, and I didn't want to press the issue, so I let it drop.

That situation changed last Friday. As I was heading out the door for work in the morning, she stopped me and said that the kids were staying at her mother's for the night, and that she and I would head into town for dinner and a movie, and maybe some drinks afterwards. This sounded great to me, because it has been a mother-fucker at the office for a month straight. Getting away for the evening was just what the Doctor ordered. Besides, when the kids stay at grandma's house, we always have good, loud, raunchy, freaky sex. You know the kind of sex that leads to playing with the dildoes and vibrators, watching porn, and fucking and sucking in every way shape and form, in every room in the house. I love it when that happens!

So I spent all day at work day-dreaming about the night time adventures I was in store for, and accomplishing pretty much nothing at the office. 5:00 rolled around (finally) and when I got home from work Toni (my wife) yelled to me from the bedroom to "hop right in the shower and then get ready, I'm just finishing up my makeup".

I quickly showered and shaved, dried off and fixed my hair (which is medium length, blond, and parted down the middle in a trendy-but-not-too-trendy style), then stepped into the bedroom to get ready. What I saw nearly cancelled our plans right then and there. My wife was standing in front of the full length mirror admiring her reflection, and with good reason. She was wearing an elegant looking, tight black dress. It was strapless and came down to the middle of her thighs, which were encased in those sexy nylons with the seam that runs up the back. Nestled in the cleavage of her 36 c breasts was the diamond pendant that I just bought her for our anniversary. Her shoulder length brown hair was pulled up and to the back off of her head, exposing her beautiful face and deep brown eyes, then flowed down the back of her neck. She must have had a hair appointment today, because it had hints of red highlighting. She looked damn sexy standing there, all 5 feet 2 inches of her standing on a pair of those high heels that have the straps running up to the ankle like a pair of roman sandals. My cock began to stiffen and I walked over to her and began rubbing my prick on the crack of her ass while I leaned over and kissed her neck.

"Stop it" she giggled as she playfully reached back and slapped my thigh. "You need to hurry if we're going to make our dinner reservations".

"I just want to eat you" I replied, but I got myself dressed and we headed into town.

Toni told me which restaurant to go to, and soon enough we were parked in the lot and headed in. I was idly rubbing the small of her back when the hostess came up and asked us "Just two tonight?"

I started to answer yes when my wife said "actually, we are meeting another party, they should already be here".

I looked down at my wife and gave her the "huh?" look.

She just smiled sweetly up at me and we walked into the dining room. I quickly scanned the room looking for someone I should know when my eyes settled on a very familiar looking, and attractive couple who were waving at us.

"Who the hell is that" I was thinking, when it hit me like a bolt of lightning...Devon and Karen!!! It was the couple we had been corresponding with about swapping, and whom I had already gotten together with for sex.

They were just as I remembered them from the last time I had seen them. She is a petite woman, probably 5 feet tall with deep brown eyes and wavy, shoulder length brown hair. Her c-cup titties looked really perky and firm, poking out at us through a light green silk blouse. Her shapely legs were covered in nylons sticking out from a short tight skirt. Devon is also a good looking guy, definitely fuck-able. His blond hair was cut short, not in a flat top, but very short and he still kept it styled with some kind of gel that gave it that wet look. He had steel-blue eyes and a clean shaven face with features that were masculine, but still delicate. He was probably about 5'11 and 190 lbs, and he had an athletic build to him. As I knew from before, his body was firm but not "cut" like a body builder, more like a runner.

They both stood up as we walked over. Karen gave my wife a hug like they were the best of friends and Devon and I shook hands. Then we each hugged the other's wife. All the while my mind is racing, wondering what the hell is going on. We all ordered our food and then sat there exchanging the standard small talk like we did this all the time or something, when Karen leaned over to Toni and said in an exaggerated whisper "well, shall we let him in on our little secret?"

My wife smiled seductively then turned to me and explained. "After hearing and reading about your little adventure with Karen and Devon, I got a little jealous" she said "but not because you were seeing other people. I got jealous of you because it sounded like such a good time. So, I contacted Karen myself and set up a little meet between me and them. It was not going to be for sex, mind you, just to get together and meet. Well, we did it, and then we ended up having sex anyway. It was so good; I decided we would try again this swapping thing...so here we are".

Well, worldly man about town that I am, I think all I said was "oh, ok". Everyone at the table giggled and that seemed to be the icebreaker. Soon enough we were all chatting like old friends all the way through dinner. We then paid the check and headed for the parking lot.

Karen stopped us all outside the door and said "well, we can go for drinks now, but I'd rather just go back to our place and fix some up there. How about you guys?"

Toni and I agreed and soon enough we were all sitting in their living room with some mixed drinks. Quickly the sexual tension built up in the air around us.

My wife leaned into me lightly squeezed my inner thigh and whispered in my ear "I love you". Then she kissed me, stood up and walked over to Devon.

She turned to Karen and asked "can I suck his cock?"

Karen nodded "yes" and then sat her drink down and helped Toni undress Devon. They pulled his shirt off and he stood up. My wife unbuckled his pants and pulled them down. He wasn't wearing any underwear and his cock was already hard. It was probably around 7 inches long, like me, but he was a lot thicker than my cock, probably 3 inches wide at the biggest point. He was uncircumcised and the foreskin was still half-shrouding what looked like a nice fat head on the end of his cock. Without hesitation my wife kneeled down, then opened up and took him into her mouth. As I sat and watched she began to slowly suck Devon's big cock while Karen stood and undressed herself then removed all of my wife's clothes, leaving only her black lacy garter belt and stockings on. I didn't even know she had a garter, so it must have been new.

I realized that I was still holding my drink, and I quickly put it down before I spilled it. Then I sat on the sofa and enjoyed the show my wife and this other couple was putting on for me. Devon was sitting on the other sofa, my wife was on all 4s in front of him suckling his magnificent cock, while Karen had laid down on the floor and scooted herself up under Toni and began licking at her pussy, which was also a shock to me because although Toni and I had discussed my bisexuality, she had never expressed any interest in other women. Boy that had changed now! As Karen licked at her pussy, Toni was moaning and groaning and squirming all around, while bobbing her head up and down on Devon's dick.

After a little while, Toni finally looked over at me. Man was that hot, seeing my wife looking up at me with her big brown eyes while her face was stuffed with another man's fat prick.

She came up off his cock and said in a very husky voice "get naked then come over her and eat Karen's pussy".

Well, I didn't need to be told twice! As I listened to my wife have her first orgasm courtesy of Karen's tongue, I quickly removed my clothes and then lay down on the floor between Karen's legs and began like lick and suck at her dripping pussy. She was so wet that her pussy juices were actually running down the crack of her ass, well, at least they were before I licked it clean. Then I began to focus on licking and sucking right on Karen's clit. Before long, she too was writhing around in the throes of orgasmic delight.

Toni then asked me to come up by her. When I crawled over she said "I have listened to you tell me how much you like sucking cock for years, now I wanna see it".

I looked her right in her eyes as I leaned forward and sucked Devon's cock into my mouth, then deeper and deeper, all the way into a deep throat on the first thrust. Toni moaned and again had an orgasm, all the while looking into my eyes.

"That is so hot" she said.

This didn't last long though, because Devon said he was too close to cumming and didn't want to yet. So he and I swapped places and soon enough, he and both of the girls were taking turns sucking on my cock, playing with my balls, and playing with each other.

As I sat there enjoying the blowjob being given to me by three people, Karen said "I'll be right back" and left the room heading upstairs.

When she returned a few minutes later she was wearing a big flesh-toned strap-on dildo. While Devon sucked my 7" circumcised cock, Karen slipped behind Toni and began fucking her doggy-style with the strap-on. It was too much for me to take and I moaned out loud, grabbed the Back of Devon's head and shot a huge fucking load of hot creamy cum into his mouth. I could feel the swallowing motions as he gobbled down every last drop. When I let go of his head he leaned back and smiled at me.

"I hope there's some ammo left in that gun" he said.

"Oh yeah," I replied "plenty more where that came from".

We both chuckled, then as I sat back to recover he went over to the girls and standing next to Karen, fed her his raging hard-on to suck while she continued to Fuck Toni.

Toni was moaning and she started chanting to Karen "faster, faster, faster".

Karen began to pound her rubber cock into my wife's pussy at a quicker pace and Toni's moaning got louder and louder. Karen was a real dynamo; she never quit sucking Devon as she railed in and out of Toni's cunt.

Soon Toni screamed out "Oh god, I'm cumming!!!! Oh, don't stop! I'm Cumming, I'm CUUUUMMMMIIIINNNNGGGG!!!!!!!"

After Toni's orgasm subsided, Karen eased to dildo out of her pussy and said to Devon "you want a turn, Honey?"

Devon said yes and I fully expected him to mount my wife and fuck her pussy. Boy was I wrong. He lay down on his back and pulled his legs back to his head. Karen knelt down in front of him and squirted some liquid into her hand from a small bottle. She then generously lubed up her dildo and then Devon's asshole with this liquid. She rubbed his fuckhole with just her fingertips at first, then slowly worked her index finger into his ass and began slowly finger fucking her husband. As this was going on, Toni came and sat next to me on the couch and began to fondle my cock while we watched them Play.

Karen soon had two, then three, then four of her fingers in Devon's asshole, and was sliding them in and out when he told her "I'm ready, babe. Fuck me with your cock."

Karen leaned forward and began rubbing the head of her cock around his asshole in slow circles, and then she eased it into him. Just the head at first stopping to let him get used to it, then after a few moments, she began to slowly fuck him back and forth. Devon was moaning and telling her "it feels so good, don't stop".

Toni and I watched as Karen fucked her husband with her dildo for a while. His dick was rock solid and slapped his belly every time Karen slammed her dildo into him. My own cock was again rock hard as my wife stroked it. I hadn't been this turned on in a long time.

Karen looked over at us and motioned me over. "Do you want to fuck him?" she asked.

"God yes" I answered.

She eased her cock out and stepped aside so that I could kneel down in between her husband's legs, then she gently took my prick in her hand, lubing me with a few quick strokes, and guided me into her man's asshole. It was a snug fit even after she had fucked him. I gently pushed my cock in, all the way to the base, then pulled back out and started fucking him slowly. It felt so good. It was tight and hot and wonderful. My wife came over and knelt next to Karen. She reached over and began to rub Karen's nipples with one hand while she rubbed Karen's pussy with the other. I watched as Karen unbuckled her dildo harness and handed it to Toni.

"Put it on and fuck me with it" she said.

While I fucked Devon's ass and stroked his big hard cock, Toni did just that. She strapped on the dildo, and after Karen had lain down on her back, Toni crawled between Karen's legs and began rubbing the dildo on Karen's pussy.

"No," Karen said "I want you to fuck my ass."

Toni grabbed the lube and greased the dildo with it again, then lubed Karen's asshole. She fingered Karen briefly, then leaned forward and thrust the big rubber cock into our new swinging friend.

Karen squealed out, and I thought that Toni had hurt her by going in too fast, but Karen said "YES! Just like that. Fuck my slutty ass! I love it!!"

So there we were, my wife and I butt-fucking our two new best friends. We looked at each other and when our eyes met, a feeling of such love passed back and forth that it was just...magical. We quickly began to pick up the pace, and both Karen and Devon were begging us to fuck them harder. Soon Karen cried out and had a big really long orgasm as Toni's dildo pounded her well stretched asshole and 3 of Toni's fingers hammered in and out of her pussy. Toni's other hand was rubbing her own pussy and she quickly came too. Then the girls crawled over to us. My wife gobbled Devon's hard on up and she began stroking his shaft with her hand while sucking greedily on the head of his prick.

In no time at all Devon moaned "I'm coming!" and he shot a load into Toni's mouth.

She held his cum in her mouth and then kissed me, pushing some his load into my mouth as well. At the same time, Karen took a well lubed finger and stuck it into my asshole. It was too much and I blasted a second load of cum right in Devon's ass.

We all 4 collapsed there on the floor to catch our breath. Then Toni called her mom to give her Karen and Devon's phone number in case something came up, telling her we were staying with friends because of too much to drink. Then the four of us fucked and sucked in every possible combination most of the night, and even one more time in the morning before we left. Something tells me this is going to be a fairly regular thing for all of us now.

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