tagInterracial LoveBlacksnake! Ch. 02

Blacksnake! Ch. 02

byNo Panty Girl©

Dianne thought her mother's intervention might have only been a "one of" Having tried black cock she may have satisfied her curiosity.

That was not the case.

"Your dad wants you to have the guys over so he can watch us getting fucked." Her mother told her the following day.

"You're kidding?' Dianne exclaimed.

"No, he wants to watch you and me getting fucked by black cocks." Joan assured her.

Dianne could not believe what she was hearing. She had always been open with her father and often pranced around in front of him semi-naked, but watching her fucking?

Of course the guys were all in favor of splashing Dianne and her mom while the old man watched. Dianne invited them over Friday night when she knew her father would be home.

Al Marvin was excited when he got home from work Friday night. He couldn't wait for the herd of black bulls to descend on his women. He planned of it being a breeding session. Neither Dianne nor Joan was on the pill and he would make sure they both received a good load of black baby batter where it counted.

The Marvin's had been toying with the idea of having another child before Joan entered menopause and had been half-heartedly trying to get her pregnant. With four young studs pumping their virile cum into her it was a sure thing!

Al had expected his daughter to announce he pregnancy any day. The dumb bitch had been fucking the four black kids non-stop for over a month according to his reckoning.

With a bit of luck Al would get to witness the blessed events happen.

When Al's wife had excitedly told him about being fucked by the two colored lads it had been his dream come true. Al had a secret fantasy about Joan getting a black cock in her but he thought she was too conservative to allow it to happen. When she told him she had done it under her own desire he was so proud of her and couldn't wait to witness it himself. He had promised his wife that new fur coat she wanted if he could watch all four of the blacks ride her. Joan had quickly accepted his offer.

The guys arrived promptly at 9 pm in Tyrone's old K-car. Al invited them into the house and sat them in the living room.

"The girls will be down in a minute." He promised them giving them each a cold beer and offering them potato chips and cheese balls.

Al was impressed with his daughter's choice of breeders. He guessed the youngest was about eighteen and the oldest maybe twenty or twenty-one. One was kinda slight build but then other three were like linebackers on a college ball team. He couldn't wait to see the size of their cocks.

The girls floated down the stairs, each ready for the performance of their life. Dianne was wearing a set of transparent white baby-dolls and his wife a sheer floor length pink negligee that did nothing to hide her nude body beneath.

The four boys were impressed, especially Tyrone and Alvester who had not seen Joan naked before.

"O.K. guys, take your pick." Al invited them.

Immediately the four horny young studs besieged Joan and Dianne dragging them over to the sofa. In minute what little the women were wearing had been removed along with most of the boys clothes.

Al got his first look at the black cocks. He knew right away why Dianne had nicknamed Tyrone "hoss". The guy's cock looked to be about fourteen inches long and the diameter of a Louisville Slugger! I couldn't wait to see his monster being shoved into Joan's cunt.

The girls' bodies looked so pale with the ebony skinned bulls jockeying for position to enter them. While Al watched Joan opened her mouth and took a big black cock into it. He thought how he had to beg his wife to suck his cock and how willingly she had taken this young lad's meat into her mouth. Dianne also had her mouth full of cock.

Joan didn't see Tyrone approach her from behind. Carefully he positioned himself to enter her. Joan kept the cock in her mouth as Tyrone slid his cock into her hungry pussy. All of a sudden Al's wife had 25" of black cock inside of her.

Dianne was being well used also, as well as sucking Lloyd's dick Alvester was into he up to his balls.

Al pulled out his cock and begin stroking listening and watching his women being ravished by black cock.

"Oh yes!" Joan screamed as the cock pulled out of her mouth and splattered her face with strings of thick cream cum. By the look on her face she was receiving a load of Tyrone's sperm in her womb.

Dianne was trembling also sandwiched between the two bulls who were pounding her senseless with their monstrous battering rams.

The women had forgotten Al was there as the squirmed on black cocks and wallowed in the cum. Al's cock had never been so hard as it was watching his wife accepting the seed of these black bulls.

For two hours they pumped load after load into the girls. At times the girls had as many as three cocks in them at the same time. Al had the thrill of seeing his wife being the mayonnaise white filling in a brown bread sandwich with a big black cock sliding between her lips.

Al couldn't wait any longer. He approached my wife who was laying exhausted between two of her lovers and gazed at her cum drenched cunt. Cum was oozing from between her pussy lips as she overflowed with love.

It was too tempting for Al to resist; he lowered his mouth to cover Joan's cream pie. Greedily he sucked the potent juices from his wife's well-fucked hole as if he were consuming a delicious milkshake.

Al's cock was throbbing now and he had to dip it in some black baby sperm. He saw his daughter lying powerless beside her mother. Dianne's pubic hair was matted with globs of carelessly spilled cum promising a sloppy hole beneath. Al mounted his daughter.

Dianne moaned softly as her father's cock effortlessly slid into her swamp of cum. Al began fucking his daughter listening to his cock squishing in and out of her fuck hole.

All was in heaven, he pictured the black baby sperm attacking his wife's and daughter's eggs knowing he would have them fucked over and over again until they both had swollen stomachs carrying the fruit of a black men's cum!

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