Brazil Beach Girls


So one by one, they each took turns standing in front of me. I reached up to untie their bikini tops and let them fall away from their perky breasts. All of them were wearing thong bikini bottoms that were tied on each side of their hips. I untied the left side and pulled the tiny bikini down. Each pussy was different yet each was the same. All of the girls had a classic Brazilian bikini wax with just a small patch of hair and silky smooth lips. I held each girl's ass cheeks and pulled their pussy into my face to fondle it with the tip of my tongue between their lips. When I was done there were four naked and horny girls surrounding me.

"There's only one more piece of clothing left amongst us now," the forth girl said again, "and it's yours. Time for fun."

The fourth girl with short black hair (man, I need to remember her name!) stepped forward to perform the task. I stood surrounded by the four naked girls as she pulled down my swimsuit. My dick hung nicely after I stepped out of the suit as the girls all stared at it. I just stood there as each set of hands took turns touching and holding it. Isabel stepped over to her purse and took out a cell phone with a camera.

Each naked girl took turns posing for the camera while holding my dick. "Go ahead and have some fun," I said. The girls started posing in fake sex positions in front of me and playing toward the camera. One by one they each of them bent over in front of me and rubbed their exposed pussy on my crotch. I grabbed their hips and banged my soft dick into their warm pussy several times. The sight of the smooth pussy before me and my moist dick from their juices started to get me aroused.

Camille was the first one to kneel down before me. She opened her mouth around the tip of my dick and I could feel her warm breath. Holding it gently, she wrapped her lips around my head and began to suck while stroking the shaft with her left hand.

"Wow, that feels nice Cammy," I said. "Your boyfriends are so lucky."

The third girl spoke out and said "Our boyfriends are so immature so we don't let them fuck us, we just tease them. But Mike, you are so much more than them."

My dick was starting to grow and getting nicely hard in Camille's mouth when the third girl spoke up again and said "Move over Camm and let me have a chance."

Camille frowned and reluctantly moved aside as the next girl took her place. By now I was about half way erect and starting to get reallt turned on. The fourth girl couldn't wait much longer and eventually pushed the other beauty aside. It had been about 15 minutes of great cock sucking by the three girls when I noticed that Isabel stepped forward while fingering her own pussy and said "Now he's all mine."

Isabel sat me down on the pool chair and knelt between my knees to continue the blowjob marathon. I was now fully erect at ten inches and standing at attention as she stroked and slurped. She climbed onto the chair and straddled over my cock on her knees. Lowering her pussy into my dick which was laying upwards in my belly, she began to slide her pussy lips up the down the length of my shaft. Her warm pussy juice covered my dick and it became slick and slippery. Concentrating on the tanned girl riding me, I eventually noticed that the three remaining girls had gathered closely around the chair to watch.

"Will you fuck me now?" Isabel whispered in my ear.

With my heart pounding in anticipation of her warm wet pussy, I answered "Get ready."

Isabel rose up, took my cock in her hand and pointed it into her bald pussy. With her eyes closed she placed my dick head between her moist lips and slowly slid down. Her tight pussy engulfed my hard dick I could feel the her hot fire inside. Starting slowly and gradually growing faster, she joyfully was bouncing up and down with a huge smile of her face.

"Oh my god girls. (gasp) You wouldn't believe how awesome this feels.(gasp) Mike's dick is so big. (gasp) I doesn't feel like any dick I've felt before. (gasp) I'm tingling all over. (gasp)"

The three girls were watching Isabel jealously as she bounced up and down on my cock. With a grin on my face, I reached out to fondle all of the ripe breasts around me and said "Don't worry; you'll all get your turn eventually."

"Now that you've had some fun Issy, I need to fuck you hard." I told her. She dismounted my dick and wobbly stepped off of the chair. I stood up and lifted her up into my arms. She probably didn't weigh more than one hundred pounds. I carried her a few feet to the table and set her ass upon the table top.

Spreading her legs to expose her pink pussy right at my waist level, I lifted her left leg and placed it on my right shoulder as her right leg dropped to the ground. I grabbed my hard cock with my right hand and said "Are you ready?" She nodded "Yes" with a smile on her face as I slid deep into her.

Pounding her hard, her body shook with each rapid thrust into her cunt. I reached down and fondled her hard clitoris as my dick slid underneath. She moaned with gratification as small circles were traced around her clit while I fucked her hard. I watched her perky tits rock back and forth as I rapidly pounded her spread open pussy.

Trying to prolong the session, whenever I felt coming close to cuming, I would withdraw completely for a few seconds and expose my dick to the cooler air. Without using my hands, I could thrust directly back into her open pussy again and again which rocked our bodies with desire.

The sensation deep in my dick grew hotter and hotter and I was getting close enough to explode. Isabel's breath became short and her pussy started to spasm when I was deep inside her as she came to an orgasm. I felt her whole body shudder on my cock as she screamed out loudly "YES, oh YES, oh SHIT, oh FUCK, Oh FUCK, OH FUCK!" The tightening sensation on my throbbing cock caused me to cum hard. I pulled myself out and blew my load all over her juicy pink pussy, belly and tits.

"Oh yes, that was one awesome fuck," I gasped. Camille quickly knelt back down to suck the cum from the tip of my hard dick as I staggered back one step from an exhausted Isabel.

The short haired girl stepped in close and gently stroked mu shaft as Cammy continued to suck my dick. "How do you like Rio so far?" she asked.

"I can't believe how much of an incredible experience I've already had." I commented.

The four of us collapsed in a pile of naked bodies on the sunny pool deck and I continued, "This is my first full day in Rio on a two week vacation and I've already met great friends to spend my time with. I think I'm the luckiest guy in the world right now."

"No, we're the lucky ones." Isabel said. "We are just having a normal day here when all of a sudden a cute, hot guy arrives from Texas and blows our mind."

"I think a need another drink and a dip in the pool to cool off," I replied. "I'm exhausted."

The five of us gravitated into the cool water of the pool and enjoyed the bright sun, cool drinks, and new friends.

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