tagIncest/TabooBreaking My Girl Ch. 04

Breaking My Girl Ch. 04


I knelt on the edge of the bed and laid my daughter down gently on the sheet.

My daughter was a virgin. Her name is Lisa and she'd never felt the meat of a man inside her young body, skin against skin, big and alive, choking her stubborn cunt. Never had the deepest, molten depths of her vagina been bathed in hot, loving semen. Never had she experienced Daddy's dirty violation.

I'm going to fuck my daughter bareback and ejaculate inside her tight vagina - like all Daddies dream of doing - cumming inside their own daughter. I know when I'm alone, stroking my cock, the thought of filling Lisa's young snatch with my hot load always makes my dick shoot hard and long, especially when I'm jerking off onto the gusset of her panties I've stolen from the laundry. I wondered whether all Daddies dreamt like me.

Her glowing, petite body lay in the moonlight, her holiday tan turning bronze in the pewter glow. Beads of sweat ran down her flat stomach and her nipples seemed ever-hard. I pulled her panties off her slight hips, slowly, unfolding the cotton from her un-touched mound. I almost lost my breath when I saw it - not a single whisp of hair - just a silky smooth, perfect puppy-fat mound split by a tight, pursed slit. Lower, the wet gusset peeled almost painfully from her sticky snatch, glued to her flower by her own syrupy cum.

All I could hear was the waves turning over the sand and her oh, so nervous breaths moving in time with her stomach. Her tummy went up and down, up and down, glistening and golden in the heat and the moonlight. She was torrid - her whole body glowing with lust.

I cherished the moment - as all Daddy's do - when a man takes off his daughter's panties. Slowly, dreamily, stripping her down. Such soft skin, barely a woman. She smelled like a girl, all flowers and unsophisticated teenage musk, amid the disco sweat and the sweet, sweet aphrodisiac of her cum-slick cunt.

As I rolled her sodden panties down her long hard teenage thighs, I gazed at her perfect hairless pussy trapped in her tan line. Her soft flat tummy all wet from the heat. Her a-cups trying to be b-cups. My eyes lavished every part of her tender body, swooning from her shiny throat up to her dry lips and falling once again into the oceans of her adoring eyes - which were framed by dirty streaks of mascara and her long dark hair clinging to her hot sticky face. My innocent girl and her spoiled make-up that made her look like a cheap whore. She looked so fucking gorgeous. I wanted to lick her all over, taste every little bit of her.

My daughter looked scared, terrorised and excited in equal parts about the prospect of feeling a length of cock for the first time. The anticipation of being penetrated was consuming her, her cunt clenching in expectation, her nerves rising in confusion.

"Are you scared, babygirl?" I said as I drew her panties down to her ankles.

"A little bit," she said, watching me drop her panties on the sheet.

Lisa licked her dry, nervous lips and I assured her, "It's ok to be scared."

"Not like that," she said, her eyes saddening, "I'm just scared I'll not be any good...I wanna be good, I wanna do it just the way you like..."

I kissed her knees in turn and said, "You're doing perfect..."

"Promise?" she said. "I want it to be..."

Lisa gasped when I split her knees. She leant back on her elbows and watched me spread her legs. I held her thighs apart and she started to blush and her skin started to prickle - she was showing her Daddy her treasure, her un-fucked bounty that had been coveted by every boy at school, but never surrendered.

"I've been having it waxed," explained Lisa, "You like it that way, don't you?"

"How did you know?"

As both my palms ran down the inside of her thighs, she confessed, "Sally and me checked out your porn and all the girls had a shaved pussy, so I dared Sally to come get waxed with me. Did I do right?"

"You did right, sweetheart. It's just so perfect, babygirl," I said. "So pretty..."

And it was. Skin like silk, basted with her own thick honey - like a mirror it shone in the moonlight. Her bald labia was a little puffy, from the excitement and the heat, split in-two by a dark, closed slit which opened out very slightly at the top to accommodate the hood of her engorged clit. My daughter's budding little trigger was aching, I could see in her eyes the desperation for me to touch it.

As I ran a single finger over her mound, her body tensed and she licked her dry lips - and as I ran that finger over the hood of her clit, she bit her bottom lip and watched my finger sink through her wetness and split her slit. She watched intently, my fingertip running down her slit, parting it as I slid down to her empty wet fuckhole. "Oh, Daddy," she said. My finger entered her and her thighs tensed and the walls of her vagina clenched. "Oh, babygirl," I said.

"Is that nice and tight, Daddy?"

"Very..." I said, pushing my knuckle through.

I was fingering my daughter. One middle finger, slowly, back and forth inside her dripping twat. Her thighs quivered as I pressed my other thumb down onto her clit.

"You're gonna have to teach me all the things that turn you on," said Lisa, watching me take my thumb and forefinger to her labia. As I split her cunt wide open, she said, "I wanna make your dick so hard, Daddy." Wide open, my finger still in her. Her flower bloomed, salmon pink, delicious and glistening. "I wanna be so bad," she said, her mouth opening as I kissed her pink. "You'll tell me if I do it right, won't you?" Her whole body shuddered as I licked her little clit. The tip of my tongue circled her bean-smooth cherry, then poked under its hood, flicking it from side to side. "Oh-ummm," she sang, "fuck that feels good..." I sucked her clit between my lips and the spongy, slippery walls of her vagina squeezed my finger. "Oh, yes," she mused, "right there, oh-ummm...oh, God, that feels so fuckin' good, Daddy!"

I pulled my wet face from her snatch and said, "When you were sucking my cock..." I gave her a single lap of my flat tongue all across her spread cunt, "...it turned me on when you said, 'thank you, Daddy'."

"You like that? I bet you did..."

"I like a good girl," I said, "...will you be a good girl?"

"I'll be any kind of girl you want."

"A good girl that does as Daddy says..."

"Haven't I always done as I'm told?"

"Yes, babygirl," I said, "you've always been the perfect daughter..."

I licked her clit and she said, "But this feels so bad what we're doing..."

"But so right," I countered.

"I know," she said, gasping at the tingling in her clit. "I wanna go all the way, I wanna be a very bad girl for you..."

"Just let it out," I said, blowing cold breath on her throbbing trigger, "express yourself, don't hold back." I licked her pink flower, each petal, and said, "Show me..."

I couldn't feel my daughter's hymen, which only meant she'd been fucking herself. There's been many a night I've heard the faint porn soundtrack coming from her room, and I'd found her dildo when sniffing her panty drawer. Part of me wished she hadn't, so I could have broken it with my cock. Better that she had - it saved her deflowering from being bloody or hurting her too much. She was so tight there was no way it wasn't going to hurt some, and the nervousness in her expression was surely a reflection of her own concern about how much it was going to hurt.

I slid my finger out of her, and keeping her cunt spread wide open, I teased her wet hole with my finger tip. "Is this where you want me," I said. She nodded and I shoved my finger in her, as deep as I could. I rolled her clit under my thumb and I could almost feel her sizzle. "You're so tight..." I said, twisting my finger round in her cunt, feeding it the tip of my forefinger too. "....I'll need to be extra hard to be deep."

"I want you deep," said Lisa, feeling a wave brewing in her swollen trigger.

My two fingers screwed her and her tummy sank and the swollen walls of her tight vagina chewed at the intrusion, gagging and swallowing my fingers deeper. My daughter has such a strong young cunt. I slowly double-finger fucked her pussy, and as she got wetter, as I teased her clit even harder, she moaned so wholeheartedly I knew she was ready to take cock. Her hips started grinding to the rhythm of my thumb, bucking forward a little each time I shoved my fingers inside her. She was brewing to cum, I could see her tears starting to well-up in her eyes.

"You ready, babygirl?" I said.

Lisa nodded, watching my glistening fingers emerge from her cunt. "I'm so fucking wet," she hissed. "I'm so ready, Daddy..." She watched me suck my fingers, one after the other, and as I looked into her eyes, she took a deep breath and said in almost a whisper, "Fuck me, Daddy."

My palm slid across her flat, wet stomach and I said, "Spread your legs wider."

My good girl obeyed and I pushed my hard flexed thighs against her hamstrings. My cock was almost stiff. It would have been stiff enough for her Mother's cock-hungry twat, but to penetrate Lisa's snug young fuckhole, it needed to be as stiff as an iron bar. So I picked up her wet panties off the sheet and wrapped the elastic over the base of my shaft and round the back of my balls, and tied them tight. My blood pumped harder, filling my shaft.

"You like that, babygirl?" I asked, stroking myself.

"Oh my God, Dad," she said, watching the veins bulging along my shaft.

"I've got a cock ring at home, but your panties will do fine...."

My head swelled, bloating, the skin on my cock becoming so tight I couldn't pull my foreskin forward one little bit. A look of fear struck Lisa's expression as she watched my cock swell, thicker and thicker. Her fear mixed with awe as my dick stood tall, pointing skyward, the shaft rising into a stiff arc - and on top - the prize for all good daughters, Daddy's engorged head.

"Oh, wow," said Lisa, "it makes it so thick and big when you do that!"

"Gimme your hand," I said.

I took it before she gave and she leant forward, her mascara eyes gazing up at me as I wrapped her slight fist around my monster. I felt her fingers rippling across my pumped veins, and she gushed at the super-ribbed tension of my shaft.

"It's so fucking hard!" she declared. Her fingertips ran over my iron shaft and the little slut inside her said, "Ummmmm," and "Ah, yeeeah," as her fingers rolled over my head and drew down a string of precum. "It's so beautiful, Daddy," she moaned, oiling my shaft with the precum. "It's gonna hurt..."

"I'll be gentle," I promised. "Slow as you like, sweetie. I want to take my time breaking you in..."

As I spoke, that ravenous expression bloomed once again. She lay back against the cushions. Her hands slid behind her knees and she pulled her legs wide open. I fondled my balls and watched my daughter's hands slide down the back of her thighs, and then, without any instruction from her Daddy, her fingertips peeled open her pussy lips to show me her innocent pink and the hungry little hole she wanted filling.

"Put it in," she gasped. "Oh, yeeeah," she sang as I slid my balls over her slick pink flower. The moment I pushed my head against her flower, she started to pant. "Put it in, put it in me..."

I ran the length of my shaft over her clit, and back. She stared down her slim body, over her mound, her eyes unable to tear themselves away from the sight of my cock in my fist. I worked it round and round her slick pink, and up and over her clit until the tight, shiny sack around my balls licked her exposed flower and slid over her bald mound. A bead of precum popped from my head, and as it trickled down my shaft toward my fingers, she let go off her pussy lips. The slippery tip of my dick vanished into her closing slit. Now she was lost for words, mesmerised by the sight of our touching genitals. As I drew my head down through her virgin slit, her fingertips rolled open her puffy labia and once again her pink flower bloomed.

A single tear ran from the corner of her eye as my bloated head kissed the sodden opening to her vagina. "You ok?" I asked. She gazed at me and strained a smile and a second tear ran from the corner of her other eye. "Yes, Daddy," she said, her eyes pleading and frightened.

Lisa looked down at her pussy and my big head at her hole. Her girl cum kissed my precum and a I felt the torrid heat from inside her cunt breath against the rim of my head. "Oh, God, do it..." she cried. I pressed my head against her virgin hole and she licked her mouth, bit her lip and readied herself for the pain. "Put it in me."

"You're not a virgin anymore," I said, pushing my purple head into her pink fuckhole.

Lisa's mouth opened wide and her head swung back, lashing the pillows with hair. Her stubborn cunt clenched, repelling my hungry cockhead. "Push it," she said, almost fainting at the sight of my head disappearing into her body. She could barely hold her cunt open. "Oh, you're inside me, Daddy, your inside me..."

As the rim of my head entered her, her pussy resisted. "Just relax, sweetie." Her tummy sank and rose, sank and rose, and her eyes bled sweet tears. "Stop clenching," I said. Just the head of me, in and out, in and out, just like I'd fucked her mouth on the porch.

"Ow!" she cried. Her faced looked tormented, then desperate as I pulled out. "Don't," she said, "just push it harder..." I did. "Ow, ah, oh," she moaned. She hissed and I felt the walls of her vagina tearing apart as I pressed down hard on her.

"Does that hurt, babygirl?"

"Uh-huh," she said, concentrating so hard.

"You want me to stop?" I said, forcing my cock deeper into the vice of her cunt.

She shook her head and a tear ran from the corner of each eye. "It hurts so good. Push, Daddy, push." I did. My iron cock split her tender cunt open. I could feel the fat veins on my shaft rubbing against the walls of her fuckhole. Her fingers slipped from her pussy and she pulled her legs as far apart as she could. Her spine arched off the sheet and her chin rose and the sweat rolled down her shiny neck. I looked down to see that two-thirds of my swollen cock was inside my daughter's pussy, and as I drew out, a delicious wet tide mark.

"Oh, Lisa," I crooned.

As I pushed my cock back inside her, she said, through a jolt of pain, "Thank you, Daddy." Her eyes caught mine and she almost snarled, "Thank you, Daddy." Her cunt gushed, a sudden flood of wetness, and I fucked her deeper still. "Thank you, Daddy." That slut inside her was screaming to be free, and the more Lisa surrendered her innocent disguise, the more her body relaxed, the less it hurt. "Oooh, Daddy, thank you, thank you."

Her snug cunt was straining to take my monster, but as she got wetter and wetter, I felt the walls of her pussy finally concede and the last inch of my cock almost fall into her gulping hole. I pushed down hard, giving her one last jolt of pain, then held my cock down inside her. Her hands swung above her head and grabbed the bars of the headboard, and as her thighs closed around me, I put my hands up into the nape of her knees and opened her golden thighs high and wide.

Her slut face hissed and her nostrils flared and she growled, "Fuck me, Daddy!" Her broken cunt swallowed me up, and her hips starting bucking against my thrusting lengths. Lisa gazed down to my cock, vanishing quickly, in and out of her, in and out, in and out of her. Her big brown eyes looked up at me and as she started to cry, she said adoringly, "Thank you Daddy."

All I could hear was the sea and the crickets and our animal grunts - and our wet skin slapping together each time I drew my cock down on Lisa. Two lovers, silhouetted against the low moon. Legs in the air, spread wide, and the curve of my ass pumping. The crash of the waves and my daughter's strained moans each time she filled with cock. And faster, my balls coming to the boil, my cum charging up my cock. Each time my cockhead punched the depths of her tender cunt, she winced and her body jolted and she swallowed the pain.

"Look at me," I said. Lisa did, her mascara bleeding with tears, her eyes flooded, her expression, delirious. "Here's your birthday present, babygirl..."

I unloaded inside her, provoking a look of shock-horror on her face. I held myself inside her as I jerked, jerked, jerked. My daughter's wasted gaze held mine, and as we lovingly stared into one another's eyes, I filled her up with cum.

The most satisfaction in a Daddy's life is having the opportunity fill his daughter with cum. The glory of emptying his balls deep, so deep inside his precious babygirl.

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