Then she began running both hands up and down the form of his body, touching the waist, abs, chest, and shoulders of her soon to be sperm donor. She loved the look and feel of her bull's body as he gently settled it on top of her. Thinking about how masculine and virile he was only made her pussy quiver and want him deep within her even more.

She felt the head of his hulking cock against the outside of her labia, it was unyielding and ready for the most sinful fulfillment she and her husband had yet known. He briefly ran the tip of his mighty member across the outer lips of her sex, wet with his own saliva and her own generous amount of nectar. The entrance to her married cunt felt deliciously warm and inviting against the tip of his cock. Then he drove his black python of pleasure into the white beauty beneath him in one slow, deliberate stroke.

She struggled to accept his offering, it was a glorious mixture of pleasure and pain. The sensations went beyond the physical act of intercourse for her however. It was as if this mystery man was penetrating her very core to prove her a woman and consummate her existence to reproduce. As such, she fought through the pain as her vaginal walls expanded to accept him.

Her eyes went right to her husband, transfixed, almost saying 'do you see how good this hurts'. She cried out as if she was giving birth. More of the length disappeared inside her tender slit, sending out a shrill of excruciating pleasure. She exerted herself to welcome his tremendous girth, but in no way wanted the overwhelming sensations to stop. At this point her lover couldn't have stopped if he wanted to anyway, it was too overwhelming to abandon, and he could tell she wanted no part in turning back either. He sunk even deeper toward her fertile garden that awaited a batch of spawning seed. As his strokes picked up in rhythm, she became more accustomed to his circumference and length and became more of a participant in their lewd act.

Each time he rammed into her she began to wail and shriek with the pain, he enjoyed her shrill sounds and rammed even deeper and harder with the following thrust. After what seemed like an eternity and thousands of strokes, pain started to give way to pleasure as the full feeling she was experiencing was like noting she had ever encountered sexually before. The bulky ebony phallus was stuffed in her love hole stretching it out into a cavern. It touched every nerve ending inside her sensitive trench. It felt as if she could feel every vein, knot and protuberance on her new mates perfect cock. The surge of new sensations were too much to contain.

"Fuuuuuck meeeee...."

Her legs flew open wider, welcoming every bit of her suitor inside her. This invasion of her womanhood felt so different, so raw and exotic. Moan after moan began to escape from her mouth as she sought to control her own breathing. The married woman was starting to experience their first orgasm as a couple. She felt tension building, and then a plunging shudder ran through her entire body. She lost vision and all sense of time. A fire began from within her genital tissues and spread out vibrating through every nerve and cell in her body. Her spine turned to jelly as every neuron on her skin fired simultaneously. She became extremely vocal screaming obscenities and cursing at the top of her lungs.

All her spouse could do was observe and note how ravenous and primal she was. It was like witnessing a perverse mating ceremony. This woman, his wife, the love of his life and an angel and vixen of sexuality was finally where he wanted her for so long. A shock wave rippled through his spine, and goose bumps popped up on his forearms. This was playing out more intense than he ever imagined it to be but exactly as it should have been all along, a phenomenal achievement in the most sinful of ways. The moment had finally arrived, his wife had another mans inside her most intimate of places. Seeing her with this man struck a familiar chord as all of his lifelong desires, a lifetime of exotic fantasies and sleepless nights, all of the pent up eroticism and immoral aspirations came to a head at this moment. It was a great pleasure seeing his wife in this perverted state and the sight of her with a colossal black cock buried deep within her almost made him cum without even touching himself. He tried to keep his knees locked fearing they might give out.

As her orgasm subsided and she caught her breath, reality began to sink back in for her. She was in fact in her own marital bed with a man she had only just met, and he was still thrusting away inside her; and all of it much to her contentment. As their nude bodies continued to slap together, her massive breasts were bouncing up and down with every thrust, and had gained the attention of her impregnator. He grabbed a breast and leaned downward intent on devouring it. He opened his mouth as wide as possible before inhaling her full areola. His powerful lips went immediately to her hardened nipple and with no hesitation he sucked it as deep into his mouth as possible. He pulled his head back from her chest, drawing the nipple far away from the rest of her breast and stretching her areola out. His lips released the grip on her rubbery nipple, and her breast jiggled as the nipple came violently crashing back into its original place. Then his mouth came back gently nibbling her now sensitive nipple at its tip. While still attacking the vulnerable bud, he brought both hands to the big sphere, massaging it roughly as he teased her mammary. Both nipples had grown thicker and harder from his taunting.

He looked up to see a wicked smile on her face as she observed him feasting on her flesh. She clutched his head pushing it back between the globes of her breasts, and closed her eyes as she concentrated on the heavy wet thrusts between her legs.

"Like that don't you Mama?" He growled the question knowing its answer already. "Tell me you love it."

"I love your mouth on me." She had a delighted smirk in her reply. The swollen and hard nipples were a bit sore from his rough manipulation. It all added to the sensations tearing through her body, and being talked to and fucked like a slut was making her eager and starving for more.

"I got something else you're gonna love." In a single, sudden motion, he stood up from the bed and spun her over onto her stomach. Then he grabbed her by each ankle and pulled her to the edge of the bed so her ass hung over and her feet could brace herself against the bedroom floor. What he saw in front of him was marvelous, a large and perfectly round ass accompanied by a pussy so wet it glistened.

She waited, panting in anticipation as he stood behind her kicking her own feet wide apart spreading her thighs wide. She peered back to him to watch him put his hand against the small of her back and line his dark spear up with her vulnerable fuck hole. As he slid his dick back into her, the tip instantly forced her slick pussy apart again. She closed her eyes in satisfaction; she truly needed to feel it back inside her. They both moaned at the feeling of the new angle as he reentered her. When he fully slithered his snake back inside, his hips met her ass and pressed her hard against the edge of the mattress. He leaned to her ear and spoke.

"I think you like it a bit rough... I'm going to really fuck you now Mama."

He quickly began to roughly pump her body, pistoning in and out of her pussy, forcing it open again and again. Every hard stroke caused his thighs to slap against her ass with a loud clap. The bed rocked and squeaked from the impact of his assault.

The rough fucking from behind was rapidly pumping her into submission, all she could do was take it and pant out "mmmm.... Yes... YES". Her pussy muscles were contracting on his rigid shaft as she screamed her pleasure out. "Fuck YES."

Her husband looked on with his jaw unknowingly dropped. Amazed at the hedonistic scene occurring in front of him, he began to wonder if his wife was still struggling for impregnation or now testing her sexual limits. . She was being humped roughly like an animal. Perhaps it was the realization of her being mated in this way that made it appeal to his own animal instinct.

"Are you ready, Mama? Tell me. Are you ready to give yourself to me and make my baby." His dirty talk was so humiliating but at the same time it made her even hotter.

She tried to look back at him while pinned to the bed. "All of me wants to drain you. Just let yourself go and fuck me." Her voice was soft, sensuous and yearning hot.

To him, she was now a foul-mouthed whore who had earned the right to be impregnated. He increased his tempo, loving the friction of her love canal against his unsheathed cock. The flesh of her ass and hips jiggled and rippled with every brutish thrust, and the sight of the force delighted him.

She couldn't get enough either. The harder he hammered against her, the more she screamed and wailed. Her cries were primal and profane. "Ahhhh, you feel so fucking good." The more she shrieked, the more inspired he was to give her more of the rough treatment.

Finally, his rhythm slowed and he leaned into her laying his sweaty chest on her back. His hands reached around her and under the edges of her breasts to knead at her tits. Kissing and nibbling her shoulder and neck he spoke. "I want you on your back when I unload into you. Then gravity will help the cum hit the back of your womb."

As he withdrew, she pulled herself on to all fours and crawled back onto the bed. Moving onto the mattress behind her, he flipped her over on her back once again. Throwing her legs in the air, he once again took aim at her now widened love canal. It had become an easier target now that it was stretched and widened by the girth of his baby maker. He quickly sank back into the depths of her dripping wet cunt.

"Do you want a baby? I wanna hear u say it."

"I want YOUR baby. Give it to me." Her words came freely and without question.

Responding with enthusiasm, he quickened his pace sinking as far into her as possible with every thrust.

"I'm gonna cum Mama, here it comes." He hissed the words out between clenched teeth.

As soon as he announced the fact that he was coming, her arms flew around his back to embrace and pull him in. She was grinding her pelvis back against him. "It's yours, take it." She wasn't just surrendering her body to another person, but giving all of herself to him in the moment. Her body, her emotions, her cravings, needs, and core all existed just for him. "It's your pussy, take it." All she could do was speak the truth.

Her watching husband knew it was difficult to drive his wife to be this uninhibited and raunchy, but something in the atmosphere of the evening and the strong presence of her breeding bull allowed her inner sex goddess to take over. He knew between her crude and whorish language, mixed with the feeling of that hot yearning uterus of hers milking cum from his cock that this man had to be in heaven as his orgasm approached.

"Ugggggggg..." His climax arrived with a trumpeting scream of release.

His strokes continued deeper still and he felt himself bottoming out as her cervix bumped against the tip of his cock. That told him he was there. Right against the pocket of her reproductive tract that was waiting for his semen to inseminate a waiting egg. His reproductive organ began pulsing with release and spewing sperm at the mouth of her womb as he ejaculated right against her hungry cervix. She too could feel the pulsing as he let loose pumping a torrent of fluid and seed into her depths permeating her tissues. Her insides stretched even further and deeper than before to take him in to maximum depth. Each jet of his come splashed against her cervix and the certain knowledge that she could be getting pregnant gave a feeling of eroticism that was almost as intense as her previous orgasm.

"Oh that's it, I can feel it. Empty yourself into me, I need it all."

She felt another powerful contraction as his phallus twitched once more, and another load of his potent semen firing into her helpless womb. The contractions continued one after another accompanied by the sounds of his rutting groans, his stalk twanged and spewed out thick creamy cum into her welcoming cunt. It felt like gallon upon gallon of potent cum pouring into her womanhood. With each pulse of erupting cum from him, her pussy contracted in perfectly timed unison, effectively milking and sucking more of his life giving juice deep into her womb where her fertile egg laid in wait. She pictured her body literally drinking from him as his deeply placed black cock was discharging its contents to her inner reproductive core. The image further fuelled the intensity of the moment for her and she whimpered loudly. Her desire to bear a child and her husband's fantasy was all about to become reality.

After the convulsions quieted down, they were both thoroughly drained emotionally and physically. They just laid there for several minutes, bodies suctioned together, as still as the air. Her husband could see the perspiration glazed across all of her porcelain flesh. His wife's arms were embracing her lover tightly in the most pleasurable moment she had ever known, and it was clear she didn't intend on letting go just yet. A smile was clearly visible on her face as she struggled to catch her breath again. She looked supremely exhausted, satisfied and well used in the throes of passionate sex. The black man that had collapsed on top of her also remained rigid, and there were no signs that she wanted him to pull out of her. On her end, she was flexing her vagina around its black invader as tightly as she could with her kegel muscles. She longed to offer her new lover as much pleasure as she possibly could in the subsiding aftermath.

Several minutes passed with only the sounds of each of them struggling to catch their breath. Finally, her lover began to rise up off of her torso to rest on his own knees. Without withdrawing his cock, he grabbed each of the woman's calves and pushed them back toward her head.

"Why don't you hold your wife's ankles back for a while? She needs to let that cream in her marinate a bit."

Quickly hubby moved in and sat next to her on the bed. He grabbed each of her ankles and held them in place near her head causing her hips to rise up and keeping her vagina supported at a level above her head. That position used the law of gravity to do its part to retain the fresh load inside.

"That's it. Let's make sure that load in there drips way down deep inside." The black man smiled in seeing his instructions carried out precisely. He then eased himself backward so his cock with drew very slowly from the swollen pussy it was sheathed in. As the shaft came into view, he reached down to grasp the base of his penis with his thumb and forefinger on either side. As the head remained inside the married woman's vagina, he began an outward squeezing motion toward the head of his cock, like draining a nearly empty tube of toothpaste. He had delivered quite a generous load of impregnating sperm, but he wanted to milk every last drop of himself into her before pulling out completely.

When their bodies finally parted, a single tiny strand of cum stretched between the bottom of her love hole, and the tip of his cock. As he pulled away the string of fluid broke free and left a minute trail of cum down her taint. However, not a single drop of his load had exited her pussy otherwise.

He moved toward her head while holding the throbbing, glistening cock. "Open up that mouth Mama" he said. "You should taste the juices we made together."

His black pole was covered in the milky mixture of fluids. Parts of the collection of cum on his dark pole were foamy from having being literally whipped into a creamy froth while pounding her. She had quit struggling to understand her feeling of subservience to him and had now totally given herself to the carnal pleasure. Her sweet lips parted eagerly to engulf it, and allowed his cock to slip into her mouth. She savored the salty sweet taste of their combined juices and yearned for more as her tongue covered every square inch of his messy pole.

When satisfied, he pulled the newly cleaned cock from her mouth. "Good job, you can swallow that seed Mama."

While her breeder left the room to take a piss; her devoted husband was still holding her ankles up as instructed. She looked incredibly attractive with her shapely ass exposed and upright in this position. He also liked that he was helping to give the sperm inside her time to traverse the mucous membranes of her vagina and start doing their work in her uterus and fallopian tubes. All the forces of nature were set in motion now.

"I like having you as close to me as possible if I conceive honey." She sounded exhausted and tired, but the words were genuine.

While stroking her sweat covered brow, he imagined the gestation that could be taking place in his spouse's sacred body. Her pictured her vulnerable egg being swarmed and assaulted by an army of foreign impregnating sperm. The evening was an overwhelming triumph, even if she wouldn't conceive.

Finally, when her ankles were released, they tiredly fell to the mattress with a thud. She slowly sat up in exhaustion. When she finally rose, the mixture of his cum and her own fuck fluids came bubbling out of her sweet and tender pussy. Thick white clumps of cum spewed lava like, slowly seeping out of her satisfied cunt. As she planted her feet beneath her, the generous load gained momentum and rolled out past her outer labia and started descending down her thigh. More copious amounts of jism quickly followed, oozing from her open loins at a rate faster than she could believe. She briskly shuffled toward the restroom to clean herself up before globs of the mess hit the bedroom carpet. As she reached the bathroom counter, she sought out the box of tissues to quickly contain the overflow coming out of her. In leaning slightly forward to reach the box, a thick gob of cum leaked out of her pussy and dropped to the tile floor with a loud audible splat.

While still in the bathroom himself, her new lover took notice of his own body fluid pouring from her. "You know, it's a fact that sperm can survive in there for up to three days, but maybe I ought to stick around and put another load in you to be sure."

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