tagInterracial LoveBreeding my White Wife Ch. 03

Breeding my White Wife Ch. 03


Chapter Three -- The rest of the Photo Shoot.

"Okay, let's get to the poses of her dressed and undress." Just like that the boys were back to the business at hand. No wow, no thank you, they were just treating me like a fuck toy and a piece of meat. This treatment made me hot all over again.

I was in a daze so I do not remember much of this part of the photo shoot. My brain was still processing the feeling of being choked with his monster cock as it shot its load deep into my insides and how great that felt and how intense the orgasm was and he was not even in my pussy. I also was now dealing with being horny all over again as they just treated me as nothing more than a fuck toy thing to use.

I know they posed me on the stairs for the first shoots. I remember Dave telling me to stop about half way up the stair and bend at the waist so my ass showed really nice as the short skirt slid up. I vaguely remember being told to reach between my legs while posed like this and stick a finger in my pussy. Then I was on the couch at some point. I was so horny at the point I was on the couch. Greg told me to grab my legs and pull them back to my tits and still keep them together. While I was in this position, he came over and pulled my lips apart so my pussy lips showed more around my panties.

The one thing that I have very vivid memory of was being handed this huge black cock dildo and told to take my panties and pull them to the side. Then I was told to spread my legs wide and fuck myself while on the couch. Greg took a bunch of pictures. I closed my eyes and imaged that this big cock in me was Greg and that more like it were just waiting in line to fill my pussy. All the time my mind was running non-stop images of these faceless men with big black cocks calling me a black cock whore, a slut, a fuck hole that I was now black cock only pussy.

When I finally had another massive orgasm, this one caused by a big black dildo, I just laid there on the couch panting and my eyes were closed glowing in enjoyment. Dave reaches over and takes the dildo out and pulls the panties back in place and clicks away with the camera. Just like that back to the photo shoot.

I was in a really slutty horny mood now and I wanted Greg to want me. But in the back of the mind I was beginning to worry about if Dave was really okay with this and not just going along because his dick was throbbing hard and he hadn't got relief yet. What will he be like when this is over and we wait to see if I am selected for the party. Will he still agree once this moment is over?

Damn I knew I had to force these thoughts outa my head as I was beginning to come down and out of the daze with these thoughts. So I decided to be really naughty to both of them.

"Okay boys before we go any further I need to do something first" I stood up and turned my back to them and then slowly slid my panties down my long slim legs keeping them close together and straight as I pulled them to my ankles. Then I, as sexy as I could do it, stepped out of them. Then I reached down and picked them up and turned around and locked my eyes straight on Greg's eyes. I stuffed the panties in my mouth and sucked my own cream off of them before putting them back on. I could see both boys physically get harder than they already were. There boxers had huge tents. I realize again how big a difference between the two's cocks there was.

After the huge orgasm from the dildo our next stop was in the kitchen for some shots. About every three poses a piece of clothing came off starting in the kitchen from this point on. As the panties slipped off and I felt the cold air on my pussy and realized all that was left on me was Heels. I was now in our bedroom on bed. Dave and Greg were both completely naked now. Dave was full on hard at 7 inches. Greg was not quit full on hard but it was still huge to me. Greg was kissing my neck and Dave was clicking the camera.

"So bitch where do you want the cream pie?" Greg whispered really softly in my ear as he kissed my neck.

I was excited again and back to reality. This is the moment of truth and I have already had two mind numbing organisms'.

"Oh gawd it has to be in my ass, please make my ass the first black whore whole I have." My brain could not believe my mouth was saying this. One part of me was screaming no not in my ass, the monster cock will tear you open like being impaled on a spit. The other more primal part was screaming fuck this bitch in her ass, show her you own her, make her beg. The primal part won of course.

I watch as Greg reached in the camera bag and pulled out a bottle of jelly lube and started working a finger into my ass. I couId watch this because Greg had figured out an angle that would make it so I could turn my head to the side and see everything going on between my legs in the large mirrored sliding door of our closet. His finger in my ass felt great. I had let Dave try this once are twice but he was not as smooth at it as Greg. It was obvious by the feel and method Greg had done a lot of asses in his time.

Dave was videoing this all from many angles and clicking away with the still camera when not videoing. That also made me hot thinking that me getting my ass impaled was going to be looked at, judged and rated by a bunch of black men. I watch as his monster grew bigger and bigger and was beginning to wonder if I had picked wrong. Then I felt the tip of his monster black cock press against me and my ass resisted and he shoved little harder and a little more. Once he finally got the helmet in he poured more lube on is shaft.

"Help me whore and pull your cheeks wide apart. " Greg growled in this low animalistic voice that made me want him deep in my ass even more. He was slowly moved his lube head in and out as he waited for me to spread the cheeks.

I reached behind me grabbed my cheeks and spread them as wide as I could take it trying to make sure he had a clear view and easier access. I looked over at the mirrors again and realized I was nothing but a nasty slut and seeing myself in a doggy position with my ass in the air holding my cheeks apart made me drip.

He squirted more lube on his shaft and shoved more and harder and it started going in. After what I knew were minutes his entire length was buried in my ass. I was quivering. I had my eyes closed and I knew my eyes had rolled back in their sockets with the mini-climaxes I was having. They came one after the other in waves as he began to pick up the speed of his strokes. As I relaxed and he was able to move in and out more freely he was slamming into me at the bottom of each stroke so hard I was felling his big balls and sack slam against my skin.

After what seem one long non-stop climax he started groaning and telling me to talk nasty to him. I am almost yelling I am a black cock whore, give me you black baby seed and anything else I could. He pulled out except for the head and start shooting. I could feel it filling me up.

As he pulled out Dave moved in with the camera as the cream poured out my ass and down my cheeks. Greg tells me to stick my fingers in the cream and lick it off the fingers for the pictures. I do it without hesitating.

"Well that's all I need. I will get back with you in a few days and let you know. You don't mind if I shower before I go home?" Dave tells him to go ahead. By this point I am stuffing two fingers in my ass and a vibrator in my cunt and moaning. Greg leans down and gives me a long deep soul shattering French kiss and tells me thanks and I am the best white whore he has ever fucked in the ass. This kiss was not like Dave's that are slow and passionate and romantic. This kiss was just like the throat fuck and the ass creampie - primitive and animalistic but still erotic.

Dave stops him and said," hey before you clean up and leave, I want to make sure you know that first she cannot get preggers. She has been fixed for lack of a better way to put it. At this point this is a one- time fantasy thing for us, so please if you think she and I are going to be doing this on a regular basis, you will have to wait until we see how we both feel after all this is done, if she even gets selected. Okay?"

Greg smiled and said, "Dave let's just go one step at a time and see if she gets selected then we will talk from there."

After Greg had left, Dave came over to the bed where I was still laying there in a puddle of cum that had ran out of my ass. I was still having aftershock, little mini orgasm tremors every few minutes. He starting kissing on me and cuddling and telling me how wonderful I am to be doing this and how hot I looked getting hammered. He talked how exciting the color contrast between the skins and how seeing my lips wrapped around Greg's huge black cock was unbelievable hot. We were kissing deeply and he was rubbing my back. I rolled over and asked him to make love to me to fill my pussy with his cream. Dave then made slow passionate love to me. It is the type us ladies all like. You know the one that is long slow and allows you to build a slow simmer orgasm that rocks your world. Dave has always been great at this. But now I have this burning desire to also get more of the primal pure sex Greg just did to me. So after Dave filled my pussy I laid there draining from both holes realizing I was on my way to being a fuck toy and I loved it. I drifted off to sleep thinking of all things -- I need to wash these sheets in the morning after I get Dave to fuck me in the morning before work. I slept great that night.

(Chapter four is going to be a few days as I need time to get all my thoughts in order and written. It covers being selected and the meeting where I learned that I was selected.)

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