tagLoving WivesConsequences Ch. 04

Consequences Ch. 04


Julie stood in her slacks, her legs backed against the bed, her misshapen bra displaying her breasts. On her face her husband's drying load of cum was mixing with the handful of tears she had shed due to the pain of his hands in her hair. She smelled his semen on her, mixing with their sweat in the air. Just a couple feet in front of her Frank stood ogling her, his eyes crawling across her flesh and her swollen nipples. She felt him devouring her with his eyes and saw the lustful pleasure in his face. She felt her knees shake a little, felt them threaten to give out on her as her passions grew even more. Her bottom lip quivered and her aching sex throbbed as he stepped closer.

"Oh yes, you liked that. You liked having your mouth fucked," he sighed heavily. "I can see it in your face. Yes I can. It shows. Your face shows that you're horny. That you got horny from sucking my cock. Yes it does."

She knew he was right. Not only that his treatment of her had effected her as he said, but that her face told him so. They had been together too long for him not to recognize it. For him not to know the flushness of her skin, the hunger in her eyes, the heaviness of her lids, the slight droop of her lip. With this knowledge came a sense of shame in her that she recognized but did not understand.

"Take off your pants," Frank suddenly ordered, keeping her from dwelling on the emotion.

His instructions sent a wave of fear through her. She knew her pussy was extremely wet with her desire and she did not want Frank to see that. It was one thing for him to know she was aroused by looking at her face, but it was a whole other thing for him to see the extent of her arousal. She was not sure how it would look. How she would look.

Her fear caused her to hesitate and Frank was not in the mood to let her.

"I said strip, Bitch!" he growled impatiently.

With shaky hands she slowly undid her khakis and slipped them down her hips. A few new tears slipped from her eyes.

"I didn't say your panties!" Frank barked at her.

Startled and confused, she froze for a moment. When her mind put sense to his words she pulled her panty's waistband back up to her hips. Then she finished pushing the slacks down. Kicking them away she straightened again, standing before him. She watched him ogle her, felt his eyes crawl across her flesh, down from her swollen nipples to her wet crotch.

"Oh shit. I knew it... but..." he grinned broadly.

She knew what he meant, knew what he saw. Her panties matched her bra, it was actually a lacy, red set that he had bought for her. The bottom's side straps rode high on her hips dropping down between her legs where they barely covered her. She knew that the small patch was stained dark by her juices and that her labia had swollen to stick out from beneath the material. And she knew this was just as clear a display of her towering lust as her fully exposed pussy would have been.

"Fr- Frank. Please," she sighed not even sure why herself.

As if on cue he stepped up, standing inches away from her with a mischievous grin curling his lips. She felt the heat of his body radiating against hers, felt the air between them being warmed. Then both of his hands raised up to each cup a tit. His fingers squeezed, molding the fleshy mounds. Hot flaming bolts shot through her, charging into her loins and dousing her passions with more fuel. The days activities had effected her more than even she realized. Her normally sensitive breasts seemed to be masses of raging nerves, every single one of them a delicately burning arousal point.

"Ohhh. Ohhh-Ughhh," she moaned, her eyes closing and her chest pressing into his hands.

Both of her swollen nipples were clasped between fingers and pinched. Again the mixture of pain and pleasure sent shockwaves of passion rolling through her.

"Ohhh-Ughhh," she cried.

"Maybe it is the same sucking my cock as those other men's," he whispered at her. "After all, you sure are wet now."

One of his hands released her tit and quickly slid down to dive between her legs. It cupped her aching pussy and the palm bumped against her clit. The bolts of electricity which raced through her nearly made her collapse. The flames within her loins blazed toward the sky and she felt an orgasm peak from the edge of its release.

"Ohhh Frank. Ohhh God Frank," she whimpered.

Her head fell back. Her hips jutted forward, pushing her sex into his hand. He chuckled at her as he stood cupping and rubbing her panty covered mound and handling one tit.

"Ohhh God Frank. Ohhh God," she panted and moaned. "Oh, Honey. Oh God, Honey."

The hand on her tit flew up to fill itself with her hair once more. Giving her head a twisting jerk he brought their faces inches apart.

" 'Honey'? You're calling me 'Honey'?" He scoffed. "Don't even, Bitch. Just don't... Not now... Not... now."

His hand continued rubbing her pussy. She felt the material of her panties being drawn up further between her lips. Pulling back on her hair again he forced her neck to bend. Then she felt him nip her flesh with his teeth just above her collarbone. From that one point thousands of electrical pulses shot along her nerves, down to her loins to fan the flames already raging there. She felt her hips jerk, pushing her pussy into his hand harder.

"Ohhh. Ohhh Yesss," she moaned.

For a few minutes they remained like this. Frank nipped again and again at her throat while his hand dug at her ever wetting sex which she pushed into his fondling touch.

"Ughhh," she whimpered when his hand dropped away.

The grip in her hair loosened and she straightened herself to peer at him through heavy lids. In his face she saw him struggling with something for a brief second before the previous fire returned.

"Get on the bed, Slut," he growled. "And get your fucking panties off."

His instructions were accompanied by his hand pulling her head back sideways before releasing her hair. Staggering, she fell more than climbed onto the bed. Once there she scurried up to the pillows and rolled over onto her back even as she hurried to pull her panties down off her legs. While she was doing this Frank walked around the bed to her nightstand, giving her an idea of what he had in mind. She felt her already raging flames grow hotter with this thought as she laid back on the bed, her legs automatically spreading themselves open. Her crotch shined with the wetness that had seeped from her, her swollen labia were red with her need as they parted to expose some of the pinkness beneath. The temptation to reach down and play with herself was powerful, but her desire to continue hiding something from Frank was still stronger so she did not.

Only a couple feet away she watched her husband pull her nightstand drawer open and reach inside to start pawing through the items it held. This was where she kept her collection of toys which they had accumulated over the years. She liked most of the various sized dildos, but some she adored. The mere thought of what some felt like made her pussy quiver with anticipation.

"Let's see, let's see," he mumbled as he sifted through the selection. "What do I want to use on the whore? Which one?"

Lifting a small, pink one he tossed it aside a second later. Next he held up one that was eight inches long. When he turned it on the air was filled by the sound of its strong vibrations. Shutting it off he tossed the toy onto the bed next to Julie and returned to his searching. Next he pulled out one of her favorites. This one was nearly ten inches long with a girth of two and it had a lump near the base that settled against her clit when it was stuffing her.

"Mmmmmm," as her eyes reminded her body of the toy's feel she failed to suppress a moan.

"Oh, you like this one, do you?" Frank chuckled, looking over at her with a smile. "Does it feel good in your slut pussy? Does it make you cum like a dirty little whore?"

His words stirred a twinge of humiliation within her and she turned to look away. She lay there with her tits displayed, her hard nipples continually being licked by the cool air, her legs spread, her wet pussy openly exposed.

"Fr- Frank," she tried to protest but there was still lust in her voice.

"Shut up, Bitch!" He ordered, tossing the second dildo onto the bed next to the first. "Just shut up."

Slamming the nightstand shut he climbed onto the bed and straddled her belly, his flaccid cock flopping across her skin. Then, staring down into her lustful expression he started mauling her tits, his fingers squeezing the fleshy mounds and twisting her nipples.

"Ohhh. Ohhh Yesss," she mewed.

With his newest manipulations of her tits the building orgasm she had felt moments earlier was pushed closer to the edge. Her body's hunger would no longer allow her to try hiding it from him. Forgetting all about what Frank might think of her, she snuck her hands down around his waist, reaching for the heat emanating from her crotch. With a whimper she realized she could not quite reach it, their positions making it so she could only get within a couple inches of her wet pussy and aching clit. Hungrily her nails scratched at the flesh covering her pelvic bones. Needfully her hips rose slightly off the bed only to drop back down seconds later.

"Does the little bitch want her pussy touched?" He grinned down at her when he realized what she was trying. "Is she all hot and horny? Needing a hard cock filling her slut pussy?"

With her fingers so close to her pussy she thought about the dildos laying next to her, asking, waiting to be used, and she whimpered in response. Even as the quiet sound was slipping past her lips Frank's fingers pinched one of her nipples. The combination of sensations shooting along her nerves from that single contact made her head roll back, her body arching as best it could under his weight. Moaning out another whimper she failed to notice his other hand's sudden absence from her breast.

Because of her arousal her red and swollen labia lay open, her pussy gaping with hungry need. The tip of the smaller dildo easily found the opening and began to invade her. Due to how wet she was her complete penetration was even easier. Frank rapidly stuffed the toy's entire length deep into her dripping sex even as his fingers continued to twirl her swollen nipple.

"Ohhh-ughhh," her hips bucked. "Ohhh God. Ohh God, ohh God, ohh God."

Her orgasm, simultaneously urged forward and hindered by his rough handling, was now teetering near its explosive release. She felt it hanging from a thin ledge, felt it dangling so close to crashing through her. To consume her body. While the sudden penetration of her pussy by the dildo nearly did it she needed just a little more, a few good, solid pumps of the toy, or a meaty bump against her clit. Desperately she tried to hump herself at the dildo, tried bucking her hips up to drive herself onto it. But she was unable to make any difference. Frank's position on top of her restricted her movements and his hand was firmly holding the dildo in place.

Julie moaned in frustration.

Above her Frank chuckled and she knew he was reading her actions, knew he understood the hunger filling her and what she wanted. Moments earlier this thought would have raised the shame within her, made her self-conscience and humiliated. Now it just frustrated her further.

"Does that feel good? That rigid thing filling your slut pussy?" He asked her. "You're close to cumming, ain't you? Huh, bitch. Getting real close."

She felt him push the dildo a couple millimeters further into her, felt his fingers touch her swollen pussy lips. Then he turned and twisted it inside of her just a little, making very small circular motions with it.

"Ughhh. Ohhh," she continued to moan. "Ohhh God."

She whimpered needfully as her orgasm teetered closer, nearly being loosened through her. But then Frank pulled the dildo from her. In one fluid motion he withdrew it from the folds of her quivering pussy, leaving her suddenly empty and stopping her orgasm from crawling any closer to its release. Wanting the filling sensation her hips tried bouncing off the bed, searching.

"Ohhh Frank," she whimpering in frustration.

"Not yet, Bitch," he told her, his fingers still tweaking her nipple.

He released her nipple to climb off her and the bed. With him out of the way her hands instantly slid toward her aching pussy but he grabbed them, stopping them from making contact.

"You want to cum, Whore? You want something in your slut pussy?" He asked, watching her hips pump the thin air. "You want your pussy fucked?"

Through her slitted eyes she looked up at him. She saw him lift up the larger dildo, watched him turn it on. The room was filled by the sound of its vibrations. Her mind cascaded with memories of how the toy felt inside her, how it filled her, and how it fed her lust. She moaned again with these memories, her hips reflexively rolling higher into the air.

"Yesss Frank. Oh God yesss," she sighed heavily.

As her chest rapidly rose and fell with her shallow breaths she watched him reach between her legs. As she felt the toy's vibrations in the air near her pussy. She tried to stop her rolling hips, tried to remain frozen as he moved it closer. Then, when she felt its tip at her opening her feet pushed down on the bed to shove her pelvis into the air, forcing the dildo to penetrate her. She was soon stretched wide as the entire length slid effortlessly into her, the lump drilling into her clit.

The orgasm that had been dangling from the ledge was immediately released, smashing through her, sending thousands of electrical bolts shocking along every nerve of her body. So powerful was its explosion that only her feet and head remained on the bed as her back arched high.

"Ohhh God. Ohhh God Yesss. Oh God, oh God, oh God," she cried.

Her pussy clamped onto the dildo as she humped herself at the toy in an attempt to cram herself even further onto it. Wave after explosive wave crashed through her while Frank held it buried deep inside her, the lump vibrating against her clit.

"Ohhh," she cried out over and over. "Ohhh God. Ohhh God Yesss. Oh God, oh God, oh Godd."

"You like that? You fucking whore. You like having your pussy filled."

"Ohhh. Ohhh God, Ohhh God."

"You fucking whore. Cheap little cunt."

"Ohhh. Ohhh God, ohhh God."

Slowly the orgasm began to subside. Her body started to drop back toward the bed. Before it could rest completely Frank withdrew most of the dildo then slammed it back into her. It quickly refilled her, the lump connecting with her clit again. Her orgasm screamed back into existence and her body arched high once more.

"Ohhh-ughhh. Ohhh God."

"Damn cocksucking whore," he hissed as he rapidly pumped it into her.

"Ohhh. Ohhh God, Ohhh God."

"Nasty little bitch."

"Ohhh. Ohhh God, Ohhh God."

His hand was pumping the toy into her at a frenzied pace, slamming it in and out of her pussy. The pain caused by his furry soon started to dampen the second orgasm. As it slowly faded her body dropped back onto the bed.

Frank continued pumping her body with the dildo. Her hips tried to match his rhythm and his force reflexively settled down some in response. Soon steady, wet, sloppy fucking sounds were coming from between her spread legs.

As they worked together she moaned out with low, pleasure filled expressions. Frank added to the things he had already been saying, telling her over and over how much of a slut and a whore she was. Again his words fueled her passions. As she felt yet another orgasm being nursed into the earliest existence she freely agreed to everything he said.

"Ohhh. Ohhh God, ohhh God."

She drew one hand up to her breast where she started to mold and manipulate the fleshy mound, her fingers rubbing the nipple. Her other hand slipped to between her legs and her fingers pulled back the hood to her clit, exposing the swollen nub so that the toy's lump could make better contact with each insertion. She felt her blazing fires roar even higher, felt the orgasm growing closer to its release.

"Ohhh God Frank," she whimpered, "Ohhh God yes Frank."

With the tremors of her orgasm nearing she looked up from under her heavy lids. Towering above her Frank stood pumping her pussy with the toy, his eyes filled by lust and riveted on the scene between her legs. On his lips he wore a happy little smirk.

Somehow the sight of his enjoyment made her momentarily forget all that had happened, the path that had led to that place in time and their respective actions.

"Ohhh Honey," she mewed happily.

As the smirk raced from his lips his eyes shot up to her face. The lust in them was suddenly overshadowed by something else.

"What'd I tell you, Bitch?" He cursed. "Don't you fucking call me that."

As he quickly pulled the dildo from her twat she realized her mistake. The toy's sudden removal left her empty, wanting. It caused the orgasm to slip back into near nonexistence.

"Roll over," he growled. "Roll over and stick your ass in the air, you whore."

With a hungry whimper she obeyed. As she rolled onto her stomach she climbed up onto her knees, instinctively spreading her legs apart.

"That's a good slut," he chuckled.

A second later she felt the dildo at her pussy's entrance. Then it slid into her. The sensation of having the void refilled once again stirred the slipping orgasm. Frank pumped the toy in and out of her a few times.

"Ughhh," she moaned with a quivering voice.

Then she felt a hand sliding along her ass cheek, felt his fingers work in between her cheeks to search out her sphincter. Her pussy juices had already ran down her ass crack to coat the brown hole and as he applied pressure his finger tip slipped easily past the puckered opening. Her ass jerked slightly in response to the penetration. He quickly added a second digit. While this brought a brief wave of pain with it, her anus easily adjusted and the pain was soon replaced by pleasure.

"Ughhh-ohhh," she moaned.

"Yea, you whore," he growled, his fingers finding and matching the fucking rhythm of the dildo. "I saw that guy fuck your ass. I saw you liking it, begging for his cock to fill your little ass."


His tone joined with the duel treatment to urge her orgasm forward. Her body quivered with a mixture of aftershocks from the earlier orgasms and the new one's pending explosion. As her hips rocked to meet the fucking of her two holes she felt her arms giving out, felt their muscles being taxed by the exertions on her entire body. Dropping forward she laid her head down onto the bed while her fingers dug into the bedspread, tugging at it while her hips continued to pump themselves back at Frank's fingers and the dildo.

"Ughhh-ohhh," she moaned, her orgasm growing closer.

"Yes, I saw that, Bitch," his own tone was heavy with lust. "I saw him fucking your ass and you loving it. His cock pounding your ass. You fucking your ass back at him like the whore that you are. Bet you'll like this too."

She did not have to wonder what he meant. With his last words he jerked both the dildo from her pussy and his fingers from her ass. Before she could whimper with disappointment she felt the dildo being pressed hard against her sphincter.

"Ughhh God Frank," she cried with fear. "No Frank, no."

The toy started its penetration, forcing her already loosened rectum to open further and accept it. The toy's coating of her juices was a healthy lube which aided in its insertion. She felt it spread her open, felt the head pressing forward until it completely penetrated her.

"It's too big, Frank," she cried. "Ughhh God Frank. No. Please no."

"Shut up, Whore," he cursed, applying more pressure.

A couple inches of it slipped past her entrance, stretching her wide, filling her. It felt huge and intrusive. Her fingers clawed at the covers as she buried her face in the bedspread. Her body grew tense, her muscles clenching beneath her flesh.

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