tagIncest/TabooDaddy's Fetish

Daddy's Fetish


"Steph!" my dad called. "I'm going to the shops. Your mom says you need to get new underwear, are you ready to go?"

I froze. Underwear shopping with dad? How embarrassing! It was bad enough to go with mom. She always made me buy such chaste and sensible things when all I wanted was lace and slutty underwear.

"Can't I just have your credit card and go with Tori?" I asked him.

"You've got to be kidding? After the prom dress incident?" he looked at me as though I was insane. I'd been given dad's credit card to go shopping for a prom dress and I'd spent three times as much as I was allowed and my mom had almost had a heart attack when she saw how revealing it was. She'd taken out her needle and thread to make it more decent before she let me out of the house that night.

I sulked, but went with dad. I was going off to college in a couple of weeks' time and I needed to get more of everything. This week it was underwear. We drove in silence, but didn't stop at the discount store where mom always got our underwear. Instead he drove on, into the slightly seedy part of town and pulled up outside a shop with blackened windows. He motioned for me to come with him. When we entered the shop I couldn't believe my eyes. It was sexy lingerie heaven. There was not a cotton panty in sight. I looked at dad.

"Mom said to get you 5 bras and 10 panties," he said. "Start picking."

I started wandering around, feeling the lacy and silky material between my fingers and getting that familiar wet tingly sensation between my legs. Only display models were out so I picked up a few that I liked and took them to the counter where a man was reading a magazine.

"Do you, uhm, have these in, uhm, other sizes?" I asked him tentatively, feeling embarrassed and wanting to talk to a female assistant.

"I have any size you want," he said.

"I'd, uhm, like, uhm..." I couldn't say it out loud with my dad next to me, looking intently at the bras I'd picked up.

"She wants 36D," my dad said and I blushed. I didn't realise my dad knew my bra size.

The guy disappeared with the display models and came back with my size. Dad matter-of-factly pulled them out of the boxes and held them up against me. I just wanted to die. When he was satisfied they'd fit me he ordered two matching panties for each bra. I couldn't speak. I just stood there and watched as the man brought a g-string and a full panty version for each bra and my dad nodded in agreement.

Just as I thought the ordeal was over my dad picked up a black silk push-up teddy and held it against me. Normally I would've loved the idea of owning this garment, but today I just wanted to get out. Dad ordered it in my size and it was placed in the bag with the rest of the underwear. He paid and we left. I didn't speak during the drive home.

"I know you're not a virgin," dad said. "Your mom has seen the semen stains in your panties. I just thought you should go off to college with clothes fit for an 18-year old, not a 12-year old."

"Thanks daddy," I said. It had been an embarrassing outing, but I was so happy that my dad understood what it is like to be 18 in the 21st century.


A week later my mom had gone away on a weekend conference. Dad and I had had pizza for dinner and we were stretching out in front of the TV.

"Have you tried any of your new underwear, Steph?" he asked me out of the blue.

"No daddy," I replied. "I thought I'd better save them for when I go away. I don't want mom confiscating them."

"Good thinking, baby," he replied and smiled at me. He glanced at his watch, it was almost 8. "But mom isn't here right now. Why don't you let me see what I paid for? Put on that black teddy I bought you and model it for your old dad."

I was about to protest, but I'd been dying to try it on. What harm could it do? I went to my room, grateful that I'd shaved in the shower that morning. I took the teddy out of the bag and put my legs in it. I pulled it up like a swimsuit. It was so firm around my body that it didn't need the shoulder straps to hold my breasts up. They were squeezed up from below and served on a tray of black lace that only just covered my nipples. The whole garment was semi-transparent and it was obvious that I shaved my pussy. I wondered if I should show myself like this to my daddy, but he'd picked it so he obviously knew what to expect.

"Ready or not, here I come!" I called out and re-entered the living room. I was shocked to see a man on the couch next to my dad.

"You look beautiful, Steph," my dad said and walked up to me. "Turn around and let us see all of you."

My dad took hold of my shoulders and spun me around, the smile on the stranger's face grew wider.

"Excellent tits and ass, Eric," the stranger said.

"So we've got a deal?" dad asked, still holding me by the shoulders, stopping me from moving.

"Oh yes," the stranger said and nodded.

"Steph, honey," my dad turned to me. "This is Dave. I want you to go over and greet him."

He gave me a mild push and I walked over to the couch where Dave was sitting. I extended my hand. "Hi Dave."

"Greet him properly, baby," dad told me. "With a kiss."

I leaned forward and felt as though my tits were going to fall out of the teddy. I kissed Dave's cheek.

Dad came up behind me and grabbed hold of my waist; I could feel his growing bulge against my ass. "A proper kiss, baby, with tongue."

My dad held me tight so I couldn't turn around and run out of the room. I shook as I leaned forward again, placing my lips against Dave's. He didn't do anything so I parted my lips slightly and pressed my tongue against his lips. He parted his lips and sucked me in, letting his tongue play with mine. My dad's grip on my waist disappeared and Dave reached up and pulled me onto his lap. He kept kissing me and one of his hands started caressing my tit through the lace. I couldn't help feeling aroused.

In the corner of my eye I could see my dad getting comfortable in a recliner that faced the couch. He was stroking his bulge as he watched Dave and me kissing. Then Dave pulled one of my tits out of the lace and both popped out. My nipples were big and hard and he immediately closed his lips around one, sucking and biting it.

"What are you doing?" I shrieked in surprise, not wanting to let on that his actions sent more and more tingles to my pussy.

Dave didn't stop other than to take my other breast in his mouth.

"Just go with it Steph," my dad urged me. "You know you like it."

He was right; I loved the feelings that went through the pit of my stomach to my pussy and back. I loved how Dave was now massaging my ass while sucking on my tits. I loved the feeling of his hardening erection against my thigh.

All of a sudden I felt the buttons snap open between my legs. I hadn't even noticed Dave's hands going there. While he was sucking on my tits he let his hand caress my hairless mound. One finger slowly slipped between my pussy lips. He caressed my clit and ran his finger up and down my wet slit. Then he slid his finger into my tight hole.

"Oh, so tight and wet!" Dave exclaimed.

Soon he had a second finger sliding in and out of my hole and before long there was a third. I moaned in his arms and held his face close to my tits. I looked up and saw my dad stroking himself with big strokes. It really turned him on to watch me squirm in his friend's arms.

Then my body gave in. I started shaking in Dave's arms and my pussy convulsed around his fingers. I squirted my juice into his cupped hand and screamed out my orgasm. When I was finished cumming Dave stopped sucking my tits and brought his hand up to his lips. He drank my juice and then he let me taste one of his fingers.

Dave lifted me off his lap and stood up. He undid his pants and let them fall to the floor and stepped out of them. He did the same with his boxers. He stood in front of me with his hard 8 inches protruding from his hips.

"Get on your knees and suck him," dad said from his recliner.

I didn't have to be told twice. That cock looked so juicy. I licked the precum that was oozing out of the hole on the swollen head. I could hear on Dave's gasp that he liked the feeling of my tongue on his cock. I decided to tease him a bit. I licked the length of his shaft and then I sucked one of his balls into my hungry mouth. Dave moaned out loud with pleasure. I sucked his other ball and wrapped my hand around his shaft and started jerking him. After a quick tease with my tongue between his balls I moved out and opened my mouth, slowly closing it around his shaft. I could hear on Dave's breathing that my blowjob was doing the trick. It should do. I'd been getting plenty of practise before I decided to go all the way at prom night.

Dave's cock was bigger than any I'd had in my mouth. He quickly hit the back of my throat so I moved out. My head was bobbing back and forth over half the length of his shaft. My hand was working on the other half of that juicy shaft. I could feel Dave's hips starting to move. He wanted me to pick up the pace and I did. Soon his hands were on my head. He'd taken control of the blowjob and he was now fucking my face. I continued sucking hard and running my tongue over his meat. Then he started shoving himself deep into my throat. His balls kept hitting my chin as he fucked my mouth fast and furiously. I could hardly breathe. His actions made me want to swallow and that only turned him on more. Then he slammed deep into my throat and stopped and I felt his body tense up. Before I knew it he started shooting his load deep into my throat. His cock was starting to go limp as he finally pulled out. A little bit of cum was trickling out the side of my mouth and he kissed it up.

He placed me on the couch again. He kneeled in front of me and parted my legs, showing off my naked, glistening pussy. My dad watched intently, smiling as he saw Dave's head dive in and start licking my wet snatch. The bulge in his pants was now a tent and he pulled his cock out and kept stroking. I couldn't believe what was happening. The whole situation made me start kneading my tits that were now permanently hanging outside the teddy.

Dave's tongue lapped up my free flowing juices. He nibbled my nub and then let his tongue down my entire slit until he licked my asshole. I gasped with pleasure. I'd never had my asshole licked before. He soon moved back and sucked on my clit. Then he penetrated my hungry hole with his big tongue. He slowly slid it inside and out again. Then he picked up the pace. In and out of my cunt, his tongue was pumping me. I moaned with pleasure. It felt so good to be eaten.

He left my hole and sucked my clit again. Then he tongue fucked me. He moved his attention back and forth between my clit and my fuck hole. I moaned louder and louder. My eyes met my dad's and he nodded his approval. I grabbed Dave's head and shoved him into my cunt. When his tongue was deep I surrendered to my orgasm. The lightning bold went from my cunt to my stomach to my tits and back to my cunt again. I shook and my cunt squeezed tight around his tongue. Yet he didn't stop. He continued sucking my clit. As my final wave of orgasm subsided I was as horny as before. I was as wet and ready as before.

Dave suddenly stood up and his cock had grown hard again. He pushed me on my back and got on top of me. His cock was pressed against my wet snatch as he leaned forward to suck on my tits. Then he moved his mouth up and kissed me. I could taste my pussy juices on his lips. His cock slowly found its way between my pussy lips and into my hole. I gasped for breath as I felt the size of his head inside me. He was thicker than anything I'd ever felt.

"You're so big," I moaned.

"And you're so fucking tight, baby," he moaned back and kissed me, slowly sliding his cock deeper into my wet hole.

When he was all the way in he paused and smiled at me. I smiled back. It felt wonderful to have him in my cunt. Then he started pulling out, almost all the way. I felt an empty void in my cunt when he suddenly slid back in. With long, deliberate strokes he started fucking me. With each thrust he managed to get a bit deeper and his balls slammed against my wet ass. This was the best fuck I'd ever had. He deliberately moved slowly so that I could feel every inch of the giant cock that was in my cunt.

Again I turned to look at my dad. He was stroking his cock faster and faster as he enjoyed our fuck show. I could see the precum on the tip of his big cock and it turned me on even more. I started moving my hips to meet Dave and he picked up the pace. He went faster and faster. He slammed deeper and deeper inside me. The room was filled with the wet fuck noises and our moans. Each of Dave's thrusts put pressure on my clit and I panted louder and louder.

"I'm gonna cum," I moaned.

"Yeah, baby," Dave panted back. "Cum all around my cock."

"Cum for us, Steph honey," my dad encouraged me.

I couldn't stop. I had to let go again. My whole body was on fire and it started shivering in Dave's arms and then convulsing. My cunt gripped his meat real hard and he fucked me faster and harder than before as I squirmed with pleasure in his arms.

"Get her on her hands and knees," dad said to Dave.

Dave pulled out and moved to the floor. He pulled me with him and made me lean forward as he shoved his cock back inside me. I cried out with pleasure as his engorged meat entered me from behind. He got even deeper now. I was so concentrated on being fucked by Dave that I didn't notice my dad move. He'd pulled his pants off and kneeled in front of me. He shoved his 10 inch cock in my face.

"Suck your daddy, Steph," he told me and I opened my mouth. I licked his precum and then he shoved his thick meat all the way down my throat. My muffled cries of pleasure as Dave shafted me deeper and faster than ever could hardly be heard for the huge cock in my mouth.

Each of Dave's thrusts shoved my dad's cock deeper into my throat and each of my dad's thrusts shoved Dave's cock deeper in my cunt. Dave and my dad were both tugging at my tits that were bouncing between them. Then Dave moved his hands down and started fingering my clit. I couldn't believe what was happening. I didn't want this ever to end. This was the best fuck ever. I tried to hold back. I wanted it to last just a little bit longer, but my body betrayed me. I was getting sore all over and couldn't keep myself from cumming. My body buckled and I cried out loud around my dad's cock. My cunt squeezed Dave hard and started milking him. Dave had been waiting for this because he grabbed my hips tight and shoved deep inside me and squirted his load.

Dad tensed up and pulled out of my mouth. I could finally gasp for air and moaned with my orgasm. Then dad started shooting his load. The first squirt landed in my mouth and then Dave pulled me up and the last two squirts landed on my tits. Dave slowly pulled his cock out of my satiated cunt and I felt his cum sliding down my thighs.

"Let daddy taste you," dad said and I got on my feet and walked to him. He ran his finger up my thigh and scooped up my cum mixed juices. "Mmmm, baby, you did real good. Now go to bed. I have another friend who wants to get to know you tomorrow."

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