tagLoving WivesDangerously Flirting

Dangerously Flirting


Debbie stood on the balcony starring out toward the settling sun. Pete turned to see his wife's naked body as she leaned against the balcony railing.

"Baby. Are you going to be wearing the yellow dress this evening?"

Debbie spread her legs and gave Pete a sexy pose as she leaned forward, allowing her huge full breasts to hang down. She fluffed her long red hair as she smiled at her husband.

"Do you really want me to wear a dress tonight?"

Pete motioned for Debbie to join him on the bed as he scooted back against the headboard and watched her strut back into the room.

Debbie dove onto the bed and crawled up next to her husband and planted a huge wet kiss on his lips. She glanced at the night stand and noticed the open bottle of whisky.

"Honey. Your going to get yourself too plastered to even keep an eye on your little wife tonight!"

Pete reached for the bottle and handed it to Debbie as she took a short swig and gave it back to Pete. He took another long gulp and reached out and pulled his wife to his lips and pushed his tongue deep into her mouth.

She broke the kiss and backed away. "Honey. Finish dressing so we can get downstairs to the club. I want to find you a good seat so you can keep a good eye on me tonight."

Pete playfully reached out and cupped her huge breast in his hand and tried to lean forward to give her another kiss but she back away and got off the bed.

"Pete. You had enough to drink now. Let me get dressed."

Debbie fetched her yellow dress off the hanger and whizzed into the bathroom. The dress was cotton and practically transparent. Debbie pulled the thin material up her long smooth legs and wiggled her buxom hips, making the dress slip up her thighs easier.

She stretched each arm out to slip the material over her shoulders and adjusted the material until her tits filled the upper portion of the tiny dress. Debbie was very well endowed and approximately a forty-four double E.

Debbie tugged at the thin material around her hips and starred down at her flat tummy. She was very proud of her figure. She just turned thirty-five and never had any kids. She worked a very demanding career until recently.

She recently inherited a large sum of money when her grand mother passed away. That's why she and Pete were on vacation in Vegas. They were celebrating the inheritance. Debbie slipped on the matching high heel shoes and finished applying her makeup.

Pete walked behind her and started kissing the back of her neck. Debbie playfully shrugged off her husband's advances as she circled her lips with the lipstick tub.

"Honey. You know we planned on having a little fun at the bar tonight. You'll appreciate me much more when we get back to our room tonight."

She gave his crotch a gentle squeeze as she passed him on her way out of the bathroom.Debbie was ready to go out and have a good time. Pete was leaning against the wall as he peed into the toilet. He already had too much to drink as half his piss missed the toilet and landed on the floor.

Pete walked out of the bathroom and smiled and winked at his wife as she opened the door and waited for Pete to follow her. She strutted down the hallway to the elevator as her ass wiggled in front of Pete. He gave her a whistle as she pushed the elevator button.

They stepped onto the elevator with an elderly couple and pushed the button for the casino floor. Pete was standing near the back wall next to the other couple and decided to have a little fun.

He tapped Debbie on the shoulder and said. "Excuse me. Miss. I couldn't help but notice such a fine-looking ass you have there!"

Debbie tried not to laugh as she starred down at the floor as the bell rang and the door opened and the other couple walked out past them. They laughed as they stepped out onto the floor as Pete followed Debbie toward the bar.

Debbie found an empty stool at the bar between a bunch of men and turned around to wink at Pete before she sat down. Pete walked up to the bat and ordered a drink and walked over to a table and sat down and waited.

It didn't take any longer then a minute before one of the men offered to buy Debbie a drink. Pete sat back and watched his wife in action as she talked and laughed with the man. She swung around on the stool and crossed her legs as she smiled at several other men hanging nearby.

Pete walked up to the bar again and ordered another drink as he glanced at Debbie who was surrounded by several good-looking men. Pete ordered a back-up drink and walked back to the little table with each drink in his hands.

Debbie kept uncrossing and crossing her legs giving the men a clear shot between her legs. She wasn't wearing anything under the thin dress so he knew they were getting quick glimpses of her naked pussy slit.

Debbie had her pussy trimmed into a small V shape. The red hair was clearly visible to anyone sitting a few feet away whenever Debbie turned around on the stool.

"Excuse me. Sir. Could you help me with this machine?"

Pete looked over his shoulder and saw an elderly woman standing behind his chair. She was blonde and problebly was a hot looking babe in her day.

"How can I help you?"

She pointed at one of the nearby slot machines and said her coin got stuck and wanted Pete to check it out for her. Pete figured she was just flirting with him but walked over to give her a hand. She bought him a drink after he fixed the machine and began chatting with him. Pete made several attempts to politely leave but she kept him at her side for half an hour and bought him a couple drinks while she talked.

Debbie was completely out of his site and wondered how she was doing at the bar. Pete finally told the woman that he had to meet his wife somewhere. She seemed disappointed but smiled and thanked him and bought him a third drink before he walked away.

Pete sat back down at the same table and saw a tall muscular blonde guy talking to Debbie. He was obstructing Pete's view of his wife. He could see that they were talking and the man was tall enough to look down at Debbie's boobs. Pete knew the man must be getting an eye full.

Pete saw the man as he took a step back from Debbie and seemed to be waiting for Debbie to follow him somewhere. Pete was right! Debbie soon stood and followed the man to a nearby booth and sat down next to the man.

He was surprised that Debbie didn't even glance his way while she followed the guy to the booth. Pete got up and walked to another table so he could get a full view of them. The guy was sitting very close to Debbie as they talked. His leg was bumping against her knee as he spoke.

Debbie finally glanced Pete's way and winked at him as they guy kept talking. They had planned an arrangement for Pete to show up at whatever table she was sitting once the guy thought he was about to score.

A waitress walked to Pete's table and offered him another drink which he eagerly accepted. He was getting drunk and could hardly stay straight in his chair any longer. He problebly made a mistake when he ordered an additional shot of straight whiskey from the waitress.

Pete tried to stay focused on his wife as he watched the man putting his hand on Debbie's knee. Debbie was trying to get Pete's attention, wanting to know how far she should go with the man. Pete tried to make a gesture that he would be there soon but she mistook it as allowing the man to continue to fondle her.

Debbie liked the guy and he was very handsome. He told her he played football but hurt his knee and never got a chance to play professionally.

She kept her eye on her husband as the man whose name was Charlie kept slipping his fingers higher under her dress until he was massaging her inner thigh.

"My husband should be back soon."

"Debbie. Your one of the most beautiful redheads I think I've ever seen."

She smiled at the compliment and glanced at Pete who was getting up from the tiny table he was sitting. Pete almost fell as he got up and staggered toward the booth. Pete began walking closer as Charlie's fingers finally reached her pussy mound.

Debbie pushed Charlie's hand away quickly as Pete leaned on the table and smiled at Charlie.

"Honey. I want you to meet Charlie. Charlie. This is my husband. Pete!"

Charlie extended his hand out to shake Pete's but Pete almost fell down until Charlie quickly stood up and grabbed him to keep him from falling on the floor.

"Honey! Are you all right?"

Pete raised his hand. "Yeah. I'm all right!"

Charlie eased Pete into the booth next to his wife and sat back down and ordered them a round of drinks.

Pete was totally wasted by this time and Debbie tried to talk her husband out of that last drink but he ordered another shot of whiskey and drank it down quickly before she had another chance to complain.

The first thing on Debbie's mind was to get Pete back to the room since their little game wasn't working out as planned. She and Pete were supposed to get a guy extremely horny and up to the point that he thought he was going to take Debbie back to his room and fuck her.

She and Pete would head back to their room and fuck and fantasize about getting someone all worked up than pulling the plug. They would have to give it a try another night. Pete was too drunk to continue.

"I think I better take my husband back to our room. It was very nice meeting you and maybe we can talk tomorrow evening if your still here."

She tried to slip out of the booth as she pushed Pete along the seat but he almost fell onto the floor and Charlie rushed over and helped hold him from falling again.

"I better give you a hand taking him up to your room."

Debbie accepted his offer and Charlie put Pete's arm around his shoulder and walked him to the elevator. Debbie walked in front of them as they reached the room. She swiped the card into the door lock and turned toward Charlie.

"I think I can handle it from here."

"Oh. Let me take him inside for you."

Debbie walked into the room and pointed toward the bed as Charlie practically carried Pete and sat him on the edge of the bed. Debbie helped swinging Pete's feet onto the bed and slipped his shoes off.

Pete was out cold as Charlie let go of him and turned just in time to see Debbie as she leaned over to slip of her husband's shoes. Her large tits were spilled out of the dress but she quickly saw Charlie starring at them and stood up and adjusted her dress so they were canceled again.

"Charlie. Thank you very much for bringing him here."

Before she had a chance to say anything further, Charlie pulled her toward him and planted a wet open mouth kiss on her lips.

"Oh. Charlie. Thanks but I think you better go now."

Charlie kissed her hard on the lips again, only this time his tongue entered her mouth as he cupped her ass in his big hands. The kiss lasted for a minute as Debbie's tongue mingled with his until she finally tried to break free again.

"Charlie. I don't think we should do this."

He kissed her again only she gave in slightly more this time and wrapped her arms around his neck as she hungrily sucked his invading tongue. She finally broke the kiss again and looked into his eyes.

"Charlie. We better stop."

"Relax. I think you wanted this since we met in the bar tonight. You had this planned all along with your husband. Didn't you?"

"No. We didn't plan it like this. We didn't plan it like this at all!"

Charlie's hands were moving all over her ass while he continued to kiss her face and lips.

"How did you have it planned? Was your husband supposed to stay awake and watch?"

"No. We didn't have anything planned like that at all. Pete and I were only having a little fun tonight."

Before Debbie could finish her sentence, Charlie had already unbuttoned his shirt and began to unbuckle his belt using one hand as he held her tight with the other. She wanted to stop but when she saw his muscular chest, her mind became curious to see what the remainder of his good physic might be like.

Debbie wasn't exactly sober, herself. She had drank several glasses herself and her judgment was impaired as she helped Charlie take the shirt off his large shoulders and watched his pants fall to the floor.

Charlie pulled her close to him as he gave her another passionate kiss while her fingers fumbled with the elastic of his briefs and pulled them down his massive thighs until they fell on the floor on top of his pants.

Debbie broke off the kiss but it was only to stare down at Charlie's huge erection that was poking her in the stomach. She quickly reached out with both hands and stroked his massive cock with one hand while cupping his large balls in the other.

Charlie kissed her again as she starred at Pete who was out cold on the bed. She quickly took Charlie's hand and was going to take him into the bathroom until he pulled on her arm and stopped her from going any further.

"Let's do it right on the bed next to your husband."

Debbie wanted to fuck. She had been horny most of the day just thinking about the little games that she and Pete were going to play. They often fantasized about having a threesome with another man or a woman but never really seriously thought it would actually happen.

Charlie was lifting her dress over her ass and gave it another tug until Debbie lifted her arms so he could pull it completely off. Debbie's large breast swayed freely as Charlie tossed it aside. His hands were busy exploring her body as they kissed.

Debbie took his hand and lead Charlie to the bed where he gently climbed on and laid down as he pulled her on top of his body. Her tits were mashed against his chest as they locked in a heated kiss.

Debbie began kissing her way down his chest and belly until her face was only inches away from his stiff cock. He was thick and much longer then Pete's.

She glanced at Pete who was out cold and flicked her tongue out at the huge cock head and began licking Charlie's cock. She lowered her face down and swallowed as much of the shaft as possible as her tongue swirled around the big head in little circles.

Charlie pulled her up and around until she straddled his face and started to suck and lick her already wet pussy. She bucked her his around above his face as she gave him head. Charlie licked her several more minutes and taped her on the thigh so she would turn around and kiss his lips.

"Quick. Climb on top of me and ride me."

Debbie quickly straddled his big legs and positioned herself above his thick cock and took hold of his big cock and guided it to the entrance of her pussy. She was extremely wetShe moved the head along her slit and slowly lowered herself down onto his lap until she was fully impaled on his big shaft.

She leaned forward and began rocking herself above him. Charlie couldn't resist licking and sucking the big tits that swung in his face and grabbed hold of her ass and bounced her on his lap. She glanced at Pete again who was still sleeping.

Debbie was so horny and turned on thinking about her husband sleeping only inches away that she had an orgasm and couldn't help but to scream out loud. She looked at her husband again and noticed he was smiling as he slept and figured he must be dreaming as Charlie bounced her around above his lap until he too shot his load of seed deep inside her unprotected belly.

Pete grunted a couple times and finished as she leaned over and kissed his lips. They both looked over at Pete who was still sleeping and carefully got off the bed.

Charlie quickly got dressed and gave her a hug and another kiss.

"I'll be here a few more days if you decide you want to fuck again."

He kissed Debbie again and walked out of the room. She was too exhausted to wash up and got back into bed and fell asleep with Charlie's cum slowly leaking out of her stretched pussy. Pete turned over onto his side and reached out and pulled her close.

She kissed him on the face before falling asleep.

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