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Friends with Benefits


"Ouch!" I howled and rubbed my bottom. "Bill!"

"Baby, your ass looks great in those jeans."

"That's no reason to slap my ass so hard." I explained still rubbing my butt.

"Sorry, baby, but those jeans get my motor running." He grinned at me.

We were on the back deck of our house cleaning up after a weekend cookout with a few friends. I was bent over the picnic table reaching for a used paper plate to throw in the trash when my husband Bill had assaulted my ass. Deep down I was pleased that my husband still found me attractive after so many years of marriage. I was knocking on the door of forty but worked hard to keep myself in shape.

I walked inside the house my high heels clicked on the wooden deck as I left my husband to finish up outside. Megan, my daughter who was visiting from college, was in the kitchen scrubbing up some pots and pans at the sink. "I don't know what's gotten into your father." I said handing her a pitcher.

"Gosh Mom, you look hot." She replied trying to push a lock of hair out of her face with her wrist to avoid using her soapy hands.

"I'm just wearing jeans and a T-shirt; I don't even have any make-up on." I retorted.

Megan smiled, "Are you serious? Those jeans fit you like a glove. Not only are they hugging your ass but you have a real nice camel-toe going in front. And your T-shirt actually accentuates your big boobs."

"What's a camel-toe?"

"Oh, mom," she fussed and then, "You really don't know? It's when the seam of your jeans rides up into your crotch and outlines your labia. Check mine out." She stepped back from the sink and turned towards me. Her short-shorts were as tight as my jeans and her labia were clearly outlined thru the material.

"Oh, so you think that's what got your father going?" I asked as I dried a just rinsed pot.

"Not just Dad. Mr. Thorne couldn't keep his eyes off of you."

"Victor's just a good friend. I doubt he was ogling me all that much."

"I can't believe you're that naïve Mom. I was slinging my ass at him all afternoon and barely got any kind of response but as soon as you sauntered by it was all," she deepen her voice trying to imitate Vic, "Get the door for you Stella? Can I help you carry that tray Stella? Can I slip my cock into you Stella?" She laughed uproariously.

"Stop laughing Megan, why is everything sex with you? Victor's a gentleman besides he's been a family friend for years, he sees you as a kid so I'm not surprised he didn't respond to your wanton wiles. He's old enough to be your father, why would you throw yourself at him?"

Megan smiled, "Victor Thorne is gorgeous and there is nothing sexier than success and confidence and he has both. Believe me, Mom, I've had men of all ages flirt with me Victor only had eyes for you."

"Maybe, he's just missing his wife. Jane and I were good friends before she was killed in that car wreck. He's thrown himself into his business ever since her death and he hasn't socialized. I'm sure that being around me just brought back some of those memories."

"Whatever, Mom," Megan said drying her hands on a hand towel the dishes completed. "I'm going over to Jason's and rock his world."

"I didn't know you were dating Jason." I said recalling that Jason had been a classmate of hers in high school. They had been friends but had never dated.

"We're not dating. I go to one college and he goes to another. It would be too complicated. We're just friends with benefits."

"Friends with benefits, what kind of benefits?" I asked.

"Sex, Mom, just sex. I know you don't approve but Jason and I have sex. We're both twenty and are adults. It's not like a one night stand with a stranger. We've known each other for a long time and care about each but we both know that a romantic relationship isn't going to happen, so we're just friends that fuck."

I finished up in the kitchen as I heard Megan drive away in her car. Bill had finished up outside and was sitting in the den watching the news on television. I went into the den and joined him. He was sitting in his overstuffed chair I smiled at him and sat on his lap.

"Megan take off?" he asked.

"Yeah, she went to see Jason." I replied snuggled up to Bill. He playfully squeezed one of my breasts. I giggled and let him. "You're rather randy this evening."

"You really don't know how sexy you are, do you?" he said before he kissed me deeply. His tongue probed my mouth for mine.

I broke the kiss and panted, "Let's go upstairs."

Bill shook his head negatively, "I can't wait that long."

He pulled the hair clip from the back of head allowing my long black hair to cascade down from its bun. I shook my head seductively further loosening my hair from its bonds. Bill pulled my shirt over my head and threw it on the floor. My bra soon joined it after my husband unhooked it.

My nipples harden with excitement. Bill massaged one breast while sucking the nipple of the other one. I threw my head back and moaned with pleasure. My pussy began to dampen and I felt an enjoyable warmth deep in my belly. I could feel his hard dick pressing against my bottom as he continued to excite my big tits.

Bill pushed me off his lap. I stood unsnapped my jeans and kicked my heels off. I pushed my jeans down. It required a couple of tugs because they were so tight. Bill groaned as I pulled my panties down to my ankles bending at the waist so he could have an unobstructed view of my pussy and ass.

"Sit on the edge of the coffee table, baby," he panted.

I complied with his request. He grinned at me as I daintily sat on the edge of the coffee table and luridly spread my legs. Bill gazed lustily at my gapping gash. He dropped to his knees in front of me with his pants undone. He took my tangled hair in his hand and pulled my face to his and then he kissed my savagely. I grabbed his pulsating cock and guided it into my pussy with one hand while leaning back on my other arm.

My breath did a slight intake as Bill penetrated me. My velvety wetness engulfed his hardness. I leaned back on my arms and raised my knees giving Bill plenty of access to my cunt. "Your pussy feels so good, baby," he groaned.

I glanced down between my legs and momentarily watched Bill's thick cock piston in and out me. He pinched my nipples as his dick pummeled my pussy. "Oooh, Bill," I huffed.

He paused to kiss me before he continued to batter my cunt. I felt his dick thicken and twitch as he buried himself into me to the hilt. I could feel his balls against my butthole contract. He spewed cum deep within me. I could feel it as it coated the walls of my cunt. He growled like a gratified bear. I watched his face contort with pleasure as he emptied himself into me.

"Feel better, big guy?" I asked as he withdrew his softening cock from me.

He kissed me before responding, "I love you, Stella."

Bill stood up and redid his trousers. He held out his hand and I put mine into it. He helped me to my feet. He slapped my bare ass when I bent down to retrieve my pile of clothes. I rubbed the stinging skin of my buttock, "Damn it Bill that hurt."

"I'm sorry Babe. I can't help myself you're just so friggin' sexy," he grinned mischievously.

I wiggled my bare ass at him as he followed me upstairs. He grabbed my waist at the top of the stairs and pulled me to him. He gently bit my butt check. I howled in pain and pleasure. I broke his grip and raced to our bedroom.

He was right behind me and pitched me on to the bed. I lie in the middle on my back and spread my legs and played with my cummy cunt. I worked my middle finger into my quim mixing my juices with Bill's cum. I moaned as I pushed my palm against my clit. "Hurry Bill," I hissed.

Bill's pants hung up on his erection as he pulled them off. "You're so hot. I love to fuck you."

"Do it, Lover, fuck me," I pleaded working my cunt over with my hand.

The bed squeaked when Bill pounced on it to join me. He crawled between my legs and plunged into my cunt with a single movement. I was sopping and had no trouble accommodating his girth. He held my shoulders as he lay on top of me throttling my cunt. He kissed and sucked on my neck intensifying my pleasure.

"Fuck me, stud," I groaned. Bill's dick was angled just right and was poking at my G-spot. I gripped his buttocks pulling more of him into me. I wrapped my legs around his waist as I cummed, howling like dog, "Gawwwww!"

My orgasm sent Bill over the top as my cunt contracted around his hard dick. I squeezed my pussy muscles and he added another load of spunk to his previous batch. I loved feeling his jets of jizz splattering against my cunt.

He kissed me again and rolled off of me. I cuddled up to him and asked, "What got into you, Tiger? I can't remember the last time we had such passionate romps?"

Bill hugged me closer and playfully fingered my nipple. He wasn't quite ready to let my excitement abate. "You've been teasing me all evening in those tight jeans and high heels. I wasn't the only one who noticed you either."

"What's that mean?" I asked as I gently began tugging on his still wet dick.

"Vic couldn't keep his eyes off of you. Don't tell me you didn't notice."

"Bill, Vic's been our friend for how many years? He's lost his wife and poured himself into his business. He hasn't given himself a break I'm sure he didn't mean to give me undo attention. He's just missing Jane." I replied with a smile. Bill was fully erect in my hand.

"I don't mind Vic ogling you. It kind of turns me on to know that he wants you."

"I don't think he wants me. He's just missing Jane. What about it Bill, do you want me? Do you want to fuck my pussy again?"

My explicit questions caught Bill off guard he wasn't use to me being so crude. Maybe, Vic's attention was having an effect on me too. I straddled Bill and guided his hard-on into me. We both groaned as I impaled my silky wetness onto his stiffness.

Soon I was slowly gliding up on his dick until just the tip was in me then I slide back down onto him until he was buried inside me. Bill's balls tickled my butthole as I sat on him with his dick fully engulfed in my pussy. He giggled as I puckered my anus against his balls.

Bill fully squeezed both my breasts and gently pinched my nipples. "It's too bad... ahh, Babe."

I giggled at Bill as he tried to concentrate on what he was saying as I manipulated his cock with my cunt muscles. "Too bad, what Bill?" I teased.

"Too bad Vic won't go to the awards banquet." He groaned as I contracted my muscles around him again.

I was diddling my clit as I rode Bill. I began to quicken my pace as my orgasm began to build. Bill's hands slid from my breasts to my hips and he began pulling and pushing me up and down on his throbbing dick. I hung my head and whimpered as the wave of orgasm began to crash. I screamed when it did crash. My skin flushed red and my mind flashed white. Bill held me still and upright as he once again busted a nut into my well greased cunt.

When he was done he lovingly patted my ass and I slid off of him and nestled up to him again cooing. "I love you Bill."

He wrapped his arms around me and said, "I love you so much. You make me so happy. I wish Vic could have a little more happiness. He's my best friend and I hate to see him so sad and lonely."

"What's this about an awards banquet and why won't Victor go?" I asked.

"The business association that Vic belongs to is having an awards banquet he won an award but he won't go because he doesn't have a date." Bill replied.

"That is too bad. I know he hasn't dated since Jane passed away. I know she would want him to get on with his life."

"Maybe you should be his date for the banquet." Bill said lifting an eyebrow.

Bill rolled towards me and propped himself up on his elbow, "Yeah, you could be his date. He'd go to the banquet with you. I doubt if he would go with anyone else."

"You won't be jealous?" I asked. Bill shook his head negatively.

"You really think I should?" Bill nodded affirmatively. "Okay," I responded.

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