tagIncest/TabooGrandfather and His Whip

Grandfather and His Whip


The sun shines bright in my eyes as I lay out on the pool deck tanning. The water sings it's sweet song as I apply more tanning oil to my lovely legs. The large house casts a slight shadow over the yard to my right.

I have lived in this house with my grandfather for 3 months. My mother and father kicked me out last year after they discovered that I had been working as a stripper at Godiva's, the sleazy strip club down the street.

After I left I had stayed with my boyfriend, Rick, for a while till it ended 3 months ago.

"That cheating bastard." I mumbled to myself, laying back and enjoying the sun.

I am sure grandfather was enjoying it too. He has been eyeing me from the porch for the last half hour. He probably has a hard-on by now.

Pretending I had no idea he was looking I quickly got up a bent over turning to give him a good view of my bikini clad behind.

I loved my grandfather. After Rick and me split I came here to see if grandfather would let me stay with him till I could get a job and find a cheap apartment. He was more than happy to have me come stay with him. He told me he had been alone to long and that having a woman around would do him good.

I wiggled my ass pretending to dance to non-existent music.

I "found what I had wanted" and returned to my fold out chair with some classic literature book from high school that I never read. In my opinion classic literature was created by dumb-asses that one day got drunk off their asses and began spouting out long words that were then written down by someone and eventually put together to sound somewhat intelligent.

I don't even know why I carried such things, perhaps to make myself feel smarter.

I placed it on the ground next to my chair and continued to tan.

In these 3 months grandfather has made no move toward me. I know that he sneaks into my room at night a watches me sleep naked then returns to his room and masturbates. I also know grandfathers fetishes.

When I was little I open the chest at the foot of grandfathers bed to find whips and gags and all sorts of things stored inside. After than I was curious so I looked online and fell in love with the concept of BDSM. After watching tons of videos on the subject I began to experiment with online chats and webcams and things like that as well as reading stories online about other peoples experiences.

Now after 3 months of waiting for his move, I am ready to make mine. I am going to seduce my grandfather.

Pretending I had no idea that grandfather was on the porch, I took off my bikini top. Untying both knots with ease and releasing my D cup breasts from their confinement. I was one of those lucky girls who got big tits and a thin frame.

I then turned my back on the porch and slipped my bottoms off in one smooth motion, leaning down as I did this to give grandfather a good view of my neatly trimmed pussy. I then laid out on the chair once again, but with my legs open. I left them open and relaxed for a few, hoping that he would get my drift.

Since grandfather still didn't make a move I decided to go farther.

I slid my hand down my flat stomach to rest on my pussy and teased myself a bit before setting my fingers to work. I was dripping!

My little cunt was so wet I could hear sounds as my fingers slid back and forth across my slit. I then slipped a finger inside me, amazed as how easily the finger went into my tight cunt, and used my other hand to tease my clit.

I rubbed the little nub as I forced a second finger into my tight hole.

I gasped as the sensations running through me. "Ahhh, yes grandfather, faster. Hurt me please! Ram my little cunt." I yelled loud enough to be heard by the neighbors that were, thankfully, not outside.

It was then that I realized that grandfather wasn't on the porch anymore, but on the deck stroking that huge hard-on through his jeans. Damn, he looked good for his age. He had the hair of a 30 year old, black and healthy. His face had a nice 4 0'clock shadow that was attractive on any man and his green eyes just completed the whole package.

I looked over at him and once he saw me looking he came closer and got down on his knees near the middle of the chair where my fingers were still pounding my pussy.

I moaned as grandfather pulled my hands away from my sopping pussy and replaced them with his own. His rough hands assaulted my pussy. His large finger invaded my fuck hole. He then tried to get two in. I moaned loudly from being stretched so much by his fingers.

"Your going to have to get used to this bitch, because when my cock gets in there it's going to hurt like hell. They didn't nickname me 'Horse' for nothing." Grandfather said, leering.

I gasped at the mental image of that giant bulge in my grandfather pants invading my tiny pussy. It would never fit!

When I was about to go over the edge of bliss he pulled back. I moaned and begged with my eyes for him to continue.

In one smooth motion, so fast that it was all but a blur, he slapped my pussy hard. The pain exploded within me as my legs clinched and I cried out.

"Open them." He demanded in an angry tone. I refuse for fear of being abused again though deep in my mind I knew it was what I wanted, what I needed.

"Thats 10 more for you bitch, now how about you do yourself a favor and open those lovely legs for me. Each time you close them I will just add 10 more." He said, with an angry look on his face. I obediently opened my legs for him and gasped a second later from the hard smack that landed there.

I screamed. The pain was nearly excruciating but also pleasurable in a weird way. I refused my body the instinct that told me to close my legs. The next one landed right on my hard little clit ,that has come out of its hood, and had me writhing in pain. I quickly clenched my legs closed, not able to handle it any longer.

"10 more you dumb bitch." He yelled angrier than I had ever seen him.

As I was recovering grandfather apparently came up with a better idea for the next 18 licks that I would receive.

"Follow me bitch." He demanded sternly.

"Yes Grandfather" I said quietly following him up the stairs and into the house. He walked quickly, and due to the horrible pain that emanated from my cunt with every step I took, it was hard to keep up.

He lead me to the other end of the house and by that time my cunt was on fire.

"Lay down on your back with your legs spread and your hands above your head. Don't move or else." He spoke loudly and sternly.

I complied, crawling onto the patterned quilt that adorned the four poster bed. I fully expected him to tie me to it, but realized that he expected me to remain still during the entire 18 licks that he would bestow on my poor abused cunt. I couldn't wait.

He went to the chest at the foot of the bed that still remained there, year later, and pulled out a long, thin, leather, whip.

"Don't move at all, or more will be added, but will be given with an even more painful instrument."

He paused as if waiting for something.

"Y-yes sir", I replied, not wanting more strokes. "Good little bitch." He cooed.

The first kiss of the whip was directly on my recently abused clit. The pain from the blow traveled through my body like lightening. No waiting for me to recover he lashed again. Smack! If I didn't know any better I would think that the whip was drawing blood, it hurt so bad. Though the pain was worse than any I had ever experienced, I remained still. Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! One right on top of the other.

At least half hit my poor clit, that finally went numb after about 3 and the rest on my pussy lips that now shine brighter than any flame.

Once the assault was over grandfather put away the whip pleased with my control. I was in agony. I didn't even register in my mind that the torment had ceased.

"You did well granddaughter." He spoke proudly "I leave it up to you if you want to let the relationship go on. What you have felt has only been a taste of what I have to offer you. I'll give you a minute to decide. Should you say yes, I want complete control immediately. You will call me master and do ANYTHING I say no matter what. Should you say no, you must immediately leave my house and forget this ever happened."

"I-I want to be your slave sir, I will do anything that you want." I said obediently, gasping in pain.

"Good choice bitch." He said with a smirk.

He then crawled onto the bed with me and rubbed my horribly throbbing pussy. The rubbing only made it worse. I moaned and cried out. He then took his index finger and pressed it onto my clit harder than I even thought possible.

It took ever ounce on control that I had not to jerk away. He stopped quickly and stood.

He then undressed, coming to the conclusion that if I undressed him he would explode in his pants.

As his finale article of clothing slipped away, I starred in awe as his huge cock. He really was hung like a horse. That thing would never fit in my tight little hole!

He moved closer, the big mushroom head bobbing as he walked.

I wanted nothing more at that moment than to explore every vein on his cock, but his eyes he ordered me not to move.

He then climbed on the bed and crawled over me and posed his cock at my tiny entrance.

He leaned down quickly and played with my nipples before pulling back and thrusting his huge cock into his tiny pussy. Oh it hurt!

The pain greatly over powered the pleasure, but i don't really mind. His think head pushed inside invading me. My cunt had never felt so stretched. After the whipping a few minutes earlier, my pussy was already in pain but this was like adding gasoline to a fire.

I screamed and screamed as he rammed into me heartlessly. It was wonderful.

After 3 minutes i could take no more, my body shuddered and I came. He wasn't far behind me.

His thick white cum spurted into my body like it was meant there.

He collapsed on his side next to me, wrapped me in his arms, and we both fell into a peaceful bliss.

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The sex scene should have been longer

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