tagIncest/TabooHe Shouldn't Have, But He Did!

He Shouldn't Have, But He Did!


He shouldn't have but he did!

My name is Eleanor, I am almost nineteen, just married 2 months ago, I know I'm young to be married at this age, but I am a romantic, we live in our small house in a street seemingly full of misfits and criminal type people and druggies, so my door is permanently locked, I made my new husband who is 22 fix new locks, dead bolts, chains, locks on all the windows and a good quality burglar alarm.

So when I lock up on a night or whenever, I am truly locked up!

I do like the house apart from the entrance, it is large with a glass topped door and 2 glass side panels that are made of clear glass and are sort of semi circled that is almost impossible to fit curtains so people can see in to our hallway.

We are saving for a new house and hope to move in two or 3 months to a better area.

My husband is an electrician on building sites and has been working away from home on 5 and 6 day weeks to earn extra money, I keep myself to myself as I am a little wary of some of my neighbors.

I have met a few other wives in the street; it can't be avoided can it really, but some of them seem nice so maybe I can make friends.

Though I hasten to add I am not a snob at all, I am a bit timid when it comes to people I don't know, shy springs to mind, but when Im with my own I am the life and soul of the party.

I am nearly nineteen as I said; my hair is long, parted straight down the middle, it's naturally golden blond, tapering down my back to a point just above the small of my back.

I am 5ft and a bit tall, but I know I am pretty, I have been told that by lots of boys as I grew up and by a not inconsiderable amount of men as I grew into a young woman.

I have what you might term as perky tits, they are high up my chest, they don't start halfway down but slope gently from my shoulders, very sensitive upturned nipples, my waist is slim, my hips nicely rounded, and my bum, if it was someone else's it would be to die for! And my legs are fine.

My face is pretty, very pretty and I know from growing up how much boys wanted to kiss me, so I know I was good there, my lips seemed to attract them.

As I have grown and am growing older, I am becoming more and more aware of the power a beautiful woman can have on a man and some of the vulnerability I have too.

I can be in town and if I happen to walk behind a man I look at his bum to see if it is tight and muscular, it just comes to me naturally, and I do love a tight male bum!

I love sex of course I do, I can't get enough of it, I attack my husband as soon as he walks through the door on a Friday afternoon, and I keep him going until he goes out of the door on a Monday morning to return to work.

I haven't had a lot of sex or sexual partners due to my age, in fact I've only had 3, but believe me I am learning and catching up fast and the faster the better!

I love the sensuality of it, the seduction, the giving in, pretending to fight it, playing the helpless woman, the victim, knowing he will have his way with me no matter what I say or do.

Which all led to an incident that happened to me and is still ongoing and Im loving it, my life at the moment is heaven, I know what's happening is wrong, or morally wrong anyway, but as long as no one finds out it will continue, and really I can't see any ever knowing of my um, indiscretions?

As I said before my home is secure, we live rent free because it belongs to his dad and is one of many he owns, so nearly all my husbands wages go into the bank, and then one Wednesday in the early evening I was walking home when I was accosted by two boys who live up the street, they scared me with their comments about what they would like to do to me and were going to do.

When I got home after being followed all the way I called my husband and told him, and said I wanted him home right now to protect me and sort out these thugs.

He said he couldn't get away right then so he called his dad who owns the best delicatessen in town, is well got, well known and well connected to some odd people, and also to many high up political types and business men too, so 30 minutes later he pulled up to the front of the house, I saw him and let him in, behind him were four mountains, sorry I do mean huge men.

Dave's dad is Darrell, he is a divorcee of some years I don't know why, he lives on his own in a big house, but I know he has plenty of ladies to keep him company.

I gave him the story, he told the men to split into two's and visit each house, where they scared the living daylights out of the boys including a few slaps not only to them but their fathers, they were told in no uncertain terms what would happen if they disobeyed them

They were also told that my home was under their personal protection from now on, and any report from me would be regarded as a flout by them and they would receive a battering even if it was by someone else!

Dave's dad sent them away and he stayed with me to make sure I was okay and assured me that from now on I was better protected than a US President.

I was so glad and happy for his timely intervention.

Darrell had a cup of tea and said to me, 'right Ellie it's time I went, you are sure you will be okay?' He asked. 'Oh yes Dad and thank you so much, I really was scared, I told him.' I gave him a hug and walked with him to the door, as it was now dark I turned on the light.

'Have you got everything?' I asked him as he readied to leave. 'Yep, everything except a nice thank you kiss from my beautiful daughter in law,' he said and laughed. 'Well I would,' I told him, 'but the light is on and people in the street can see right through the windows.'

He reached behind me and flipped off the switch. 'Now no one can see a thing,' he tittered. 'No I don't suppose they can can they?' I replied. 'Okay come on then give your daddy a sweet kiss before I leave okay?' he murmured.

I could just make him out in the darkness so I reached up put my hands on his shoulders, our lips met, or rather mine met his, his crushed mine into a full kiss.

I sort of pulled away from him not realizing yet just what was happening, but he went with me and kissed me some more, which under different circumstances I would have happily accepted because it was a real good kiss.

I managed to break it and gasped. 'Dad what are you doing, this is naughty of you, very naughty.' I whispered to him.

That's when he leaned in and gently but firmly bit one of the tenderest of places I have, the part on top of my shoulder before it meets my neck, it always makes me quiver like jelly when it's done to me and this was no exception, I quivered like a tree in a gale.

I had backed up a little and found myself nestled against the wall now, but he still bit and moved his mouth around on me, so his teeth grated along my shoulder and neck.

I couldn't stand it, quivering wasn't the word for it, my knees were wobbling I had to hang on to him instead of trying to push him away or I think I would have buckled to my knees.

All I could do was move my head around to try to stop it, but all that did was give him the room he wanted, I know my head fell back at one time and it just added to the sensation of helplessness even more.

I remember moaning and groaning, then I felt his cock growing hard just below my tummy and pushing itself into me, this added to my confusion and growing arousal, today was Wednesday and I was already horny for sex and two days away from getting it from my husband Dave.

'Darrell please oh don't daddy please?' guttural words stumbled out of my mouth, I knew I was close to surrender, after all I do know my own body and Im sure the fact that the person working me up to a crescendo was my husbands dad only added to my growing passion.

It felt so erotic, dangerous, naughty, bad, wanton, and so terribly sexy, my heart missed a beat, then he squeezed a nipple, I wasn't wearing a bra, so nipple playtime was easy peasy, and that's what did me in, right there right then, my right nipple switched me on, my body was open for business!

My hands went from now just laying on his chest to slipping around his waist so I could hold onto him and prevent myself from falling down, so thereby letting his cock have its way around my life threatening pussy.

'Daddy please,' I softly whispered, 'I um er ugh, oh Jesus, oh my goodness!' I heard my voice say, but it was begging, not demanding.

I felt as if I was floating, my now hopeless body had given itself over to the moment in the semi darkness, my seduction, my wanton betrayal, it's acceptance of knowing that soon another cock was going to invade it and it happily over ruled my mind, it wasn't even arguing about it now, it wasn't up for discussion, it was telling me it's what it wanted, what it was going to get, and nothing was going to deny it.

Darrell was still suckling my neck; his fingers were busily treating my nipple to a personal birthday party, and it was getting me ready to pop!

I popped! I really did.

He lowered me onto my sofa then, where I had floated in his arms, I seemed to be outside my body looking on, I could see myself on my back, him half over me, as he murdered my neck with his hot powerful lips, my head turned fully to one side to allow him total access.

His fingers, I couldn't see them but I felt them, I could see my arms tight around him as he guided me to the betrayal of my husband, it was his dad and I didn't care, my body was going to get cock, and I so wanted it now more than anything.

I silently thanked god then for sending those two boys to harass me.

His lips left my neck for the first time in seemingly ages and went to mine for a kiss; I met his with my own kiss, letting him know there was going to be no resistance at all now.

My clothes gradually left me, as did his; I groped for his cock and found it, rock hard, a real good size and obviously ready for some action, and now I was ready too.

I briefly thought about what I was about to do, about what was to happen in a few moments, I was about to make love to my husbands dad, or if you want to be pedantic about it, he was going to rape me, but my body didn't care now, in a court of law I would have had to defend him.

I hefted him over me got my legs in the air and over his back and pointed his beautiful prick at my sopping slit and he pushed his way in, 'Oh my God.' I said to myself, 'this is wonderful, I have a prick in me doing the business my body so desires, so needed, and so wanted, I'm in heaven.'

He started to fuck me with agonizing slowness, fully in then slowly almost fully out it drove me mad in moments, but it didn't stop me from totaling myself on an orgasm, his prick slowly surged in and out of my demanding pussy, and then I heard a voice from outside of me.

'Please daddy please do me harder, oh please now daddy fuck me please daddy please oh harder now harder daddy, hit me with your fabulous rhythm stick daddy, bang me please daddy bang your little girl, your baby make me cum again daddy!'

And he did, oh my did he ever, he powered his prick into me so hard I almost wept with it, he went on and on at me, increasing his pace and increasing his power, I was a train wreck now just waiting to happen, and happen it did, as I came to an obliterating orgasm he came too which added to my wonderful destruction.

I passed out I think, and when I opened my eyes, he was still on top of me breathing very hard, he looked down at me and smiled, I smiled back and said. 'Oh daddy that was fantastic, I have never cum like that before I know I haven't.' 'Nor me baby,' he said,' nor me.'

He turned around and checked the clock; it was 9:00pm. 'Come on,' he said, 'lets get upstairs to bed now.' 'Okay daddy yes,' I responded. He helped me up of the sofa, which was a bit of a struggle after the pounding I had just taken.

We went upstairs arm in arm, and we both shook a little such was the exertions we had just been through together.

But by the time we got there I was wanting more, I couldn't help myself, I had just been given the greatest of sex from a completely knowledgeable very knowing sexy man, who obviously I realized, knew how to fuck a woman, me and Dave were still learning about it and each other, but his dad knew all there was to know and was going to teach me a lot more than I knew.

My quivering returned with the anticipation that we were not coming to bed to sleep, well not just yet.

He turned me to him, pulled me into his arms and kissed me, his left arm went over my shoulder and down my back, his right arm went around my waist and held me tight, very tight, it was the kiss of a man who knows how to kiss, who loves to kiss and wanted to kiss, so my kiss was returned in bucket loads, I kissed him back in a way I had never kissed Dave yet, I was going to learn from a master, and Dave would reap the benefit eventually.

We parted a little and I looked down and he still had his socks on, I had to laugh, he looked down and laughed too, I pushed him backwards onto the bed and pulled them off.

Then I started kissing his feet, working my way up his hairy legs kissing and nibbling as I went, my lips tingling on his hairy thighs.

I hadn't done this with Dave but it seemed just so natural I happily made my way up his thighs to his hairy balls and cock; I got the sticky head of it in my mouth and sucked him to erection which made me beam with pride.

He had his hands in my hair and I could feel him gently guiding me on his cock so he got the maximum arousal from it along with me, I was working him up, but I was also working myself up into a real frenzy too.

I sucked his cock like it was going to be the last time I would ever do it, and eventually he started bucking his hips, and I knew he was going to cum in a moment, I went at him with such fervour, such zeal that when he came I thought he was going to blow a hole in the back of my head, but I swallowed everything he shot out even though it was scalding me.

I stayed where I was as he relaxed his body slowly; his cock held lovingly in my mouth, I didn't want to let it out.

He pulled himself up on the bed followed gently by me, I snuggled into his arms now and rested myself with him, what we had done was something I had never experienced in that way, I felt so wonderfully overwhelmed.

We stayed that way for sometime, I knew he was 46 years old so me being not yet 19 I let him be, I wanted his cock back in me right there right then, but I wanted it fully loaded and ready to go so I forced myself to be patient.

I slid my hand down his hairy body, oh how I love a hairy man, I let fingers run through the hair as I made my way to his soft beautiful prick.

I cupped his balls, stroked his prick, ran my finger tips over the head, held it tight, wanked him a little, I rose up so I was leaning over him so I could kiss him, I felt his cock twitch, oh it was heaven, I spent a lot of time just kissing and tonguing him, while working his cock slowly up and down.

It eventually came back to life but still I didn't hurry, I waited until I knew he was ready and also waited until he told me what to do.

'Ellie get up on your knees baby,' he told me.

I readily did, I knew what was coming now, he was going to fuck me and make love to me from behind, it's my favorite position, I got up, laid my head down, grabbed the sheets and spread my knees a little and pointed my arse up into the air so I was completely open and ready for him.

He got behind me and said, 'I hope you're ready for this Ellie, because I am going to take my time with you okay baby?'

I more than happily replied, 'Oh yes daddy, Im ready, willing and hopefully able, do me daddy, do me real good, I've never wanted it more than I do now daddy I really want you so badly.'

He shoved his wonderful prick all the way into me, and just held it there, he never moved, I tried to wiggle my bum at him to encourage him to fuck and make love yo me, what I received instead was a good hard solid slap on my arse. 'Keep still,' he ordered me.

'Oooooh daddy,' I yelped, but I stayed still, I didn't want another one of those.

I didn't know until that night how hard it is to stay still when you are on your knees with a fully erect hard prick in your burning pussy.

I got several slaps that night, he told me if I came without his permission I would get a real good tanning, I hung on for grim death waiting for the word that would allow me the release I was begging him for, it really was the most horrendous fucking of my young life, he tortured me, made me squeal and beg him to let me finish.

He pushed his thumb or finger up my arse too, that added to my wonderful misery, he reached round under me, tickled my clit, squeezed and rolled my nipples, taunting me to cum, go baby, cum if you dare he demanded.

I was almost insane with the lust he had built in me.

Then he told me to cum, I was so tight with my own denial that I couldn't at first, he pulled his cock back and thudded it into me with such power and force it flattened me, and I came, it was like smashing myself on to rocks in open water, I shot juice right out of my body, I came in torrents, I exploded, I imploded, my own cum washed out of me in thin, and thick streams the bed was absolutely drenched in it.

I was laid face down on the bed, I felt as If I couldn't breathe, my body was a wreck, I was totaled like I had been in a car crash, such was my destruction, it was fabulous to feel and know such power of a man, and to understand the absolute hold it can have on a woman, I was learning fast, being taught by such a powerful man, I don't mean physical power, I'm talking about the aura, the presence, personality, it's that that can teach and hold a woman, and I was held in that place by him at this moment in time.

I've told you a little about his dad, he is a successful business man, but insisted Dave his son, my husband; make his own way in the world first before he handed over all he has to him.

He is good looking, not very tall about 5ft 10", keeps fit, but he is a man of the world, well traveled, and some of the women I have seen him with were beautiful, but he never carried on a relationship for too long.

And I know some of them were married too, but when I think back I remember wishing I could have been one of them for a while, so I suppose my seduction by him was a natural train of events.

I managed to right myself and crept into his arms where I fell asleep, I woke up in the middle of the night to find ourselves wrapped together.

In the morning we made love again, but it was a languid loving affair, I came easily, he came forcefully.

I really felt like I was bloated with his wonderful powerful sperm, it fitted with the time and place we were, he telephoned his manageress and told he would be in later and to carry on the business.

I was on the pill so I was okay; Dave and I had decided we would not start a family until we were safely ensconced in our new home.

We got up and went and had a bath together, what a time we had in their we teased each other continually with our toes, his in my pussy, mine wrapped around his cock and balls, his fingers ruining my nipples, then we dried each other off and having more fun, until we rushed off back to bed, but fitting new bedding first.

As we settled down into a love contest, kissing, cuddling, stroking, caressing, nipping, scratching and just plain enjoying each others body, we began to talk and discuss what had happened between us, he told me he had never intended anything to happen like this.

His mind had been turned by a friend of his who had met me, and said to him, 'Darrell, I know she is your new daughter in law and it's your own son, but that girl is so vital so vulnerable, I can smell it on her and she is oozing sexual messages out of her, she wants and needs sex so bad, not love, she'll get all she needs from Dave, but my friend if you don't get her I know for damn sure someone else will!'

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