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Home Alone with Younger Cousin


It was the first week of Summer. The weather was really hot and I had decided to go round to my cousins house, just for a drink and a chat.

When I arrived, my auntie was just popping out to do some shopping but my cousin Lucy was staying home watching a movie. I decided to stay with her and keep her company and we ended up talking.

My cousin was still young, only just turned 18 and her point of view on a lot of things were quite immature and bitchy. Typical teenager. I was only twenty four at the time. The problem was...I had always fancied the pants off my cousin. She was very slim, petite and extremely pretty. She had light brown hair and cute eyes.

She had no idea that I was talking to her and trying to hide my hard on at the same time. This wasn't the first time this had happened with her. Our two families had gone on holiday together in the past and I spent most of my time in the pool, because I couldn't take my eyes off her arse and she was having a huge effect on my dick. So sunbathing was out of the question.

This time though...was different, because she decided to put her legs up on my lap. This was the type of thing she did. But never with me. She put her legs up and then pushed her arse forward so that it was resting next to me right leg. I couldn't help thinking how close her bottom half was to me and I got harder.

My dick began to twitch and I knew she had felt it on her legs. She looked at me, but didn't say anything. I desperately needed to jerk off at least. So I planned on trying to get soft and going to the bathroom but my hard on just wouldn't budge.

My dick was now beginning to rub against my jeans and I couldn't stand it any longer. Then suddenly...

"Have you had sex yet?" She asked.

"Erm....what?" I asked, shocked to hear such a question.

"Have you had sex?" She repeated.

"Well once or twice yeah....you?" I asked. This wasn't helping my hard on and I couldn't believe what we were talking about.

"Not yet, but I think I want to" She said.

"Well why don't you find a boyfriend then?" I asked.

"All the guys I know are too nice for me and I don't want to be rubbish in bed." She said.

At that moment, I had the best yet most risky idea I'd ever had in my entire life. She would either agree, or run out and tell the world.

"I could teach you" I said.

She looked at me puzzled.

"You mean give me advice?" She asked.

"Well, whatever you want" I said.

By the expression on her face, I didn't know what she was thinking. I was half expecting her to freak out completely. But...she didn't.

"Wont it be weird though?" She asked.

"It wont be weird, but if we tell anyone about it then we'll both regret it forever. Obviously were cousins so if the family or our friends found out...imagine what they would think? So it needs to be kept a secret." I explained.

"Yeah...I know what you mean" She said.

"Well, should we go to my room then?" She asked.

I couldn't believe this was happening. My dick nearly burst through the front of my jeans. It was made even more exciting because there was no way of knowing when her mum was due to return. She could walk in at anytime and find us in her bedroom. But I was never going to say no to this, so I nodded in agreement.

She headed up the stairs and I followed. I'd never been in her bedroom before, she was always very private about it. The only time I went upstairs in this house was to use the bathroom. It was very pink and very young looking. There was teddy bears everywhere and posters of boy bands on the wall. I closed the door behind me and walked inside. She was sat on her bed looking embarrassed and cute. I stepped on a pair of her panties and spotted a huge red streak inside where she had stained them with teen period juice. My dick twitched again. She quickly got up and moved them with a red face.

"Sorry" She smiled.

"Don't be" I replied.

I sat beside her on the bed and looked forward. I eventually turned to look at her. She had her legs together and her arms together. She looked nervous yet excited.

It was weird that this had happened so suddenly. A few minutes ago we were sat on the sofa talking about movies, and now we were sat on her bed waiting to shagg.

She was wearing, black tights and a very girly frilly sort of skirt. She had a white vest type top on. I sat a bit closer to her.

"Do you just want to start with a kiss?" I said.

She nodded and I leaned in, and pecked her on the lips. I pulled away, looked at her, and she nervously leaned in to kiss me back. We ended up snogging for a couple of minutes which was amazing in itself. We stopped suddenly because we thought someone had come in, but after a quick investigation, the coast was still clear, so we carried on.

After another minute or so, I lightly pushed her onto her back and slipped my hand under her top. Expecting to feel a bra, I was shocked to slip my hand straight onto her right tit. I had the whole thing in my hand. She seemed pretty relaxed with it, so I lifted her top up above her tits and stopped kissing her to concentrate on my treat. She put her head back and looked at the ceiling, putting one of her hands on her head.

Her tits were tiny but her nipples were pretty firm. She looked fit. I began to massage both her nipples with my thumbs before sucking them and nibbling them a little for a few minutes.

I put my hand under her skirt and tried to get inside her tights but it was awkward so had to get off the bed and kneel down to do it. I decided it was best to take her tights off altogether. I yanked them off her waist and pulled them down her legs. Her skirt came down a little too, but I decided to pull that back up. I slid her tights down her lower legs, and pulled them off her ankles before tossing them in a tangled up mess on the floor. I stood up just to have a quick look. She was on her back, with her legs hanging off the bed, a white vest up over her tits, a skirt around her bare legs and a pair of sexy brown coloured panties covering my ultimate prize.

She still had her hand on her head and her eyes closed. I began to think she may have been having second thoughts, but there was no way I was going to stop now, so I got back on my knees.

I was kind of hoping for a blow job but looking at her face, I didn't want to ask her for one, so I just concentrated on her. I pulled the bottom of her skirt up a little to get access to her crotch. I ended up putting her legs on my shoulders. My face was now face to face with her panties. I could smell her. It didn't smell that nice, but it doesn't does it? Sort of stale and sweaty. But it was still fit. I began to kiss the inside of her legs before running my hands up the side of her legs and getting the top of her panties. I slid them down and straight away the smell hit me. It was amazing. She was wet as fuck and squirmed and moaned as I dumped her panties on the floor and rammed my face between her legs.

"Your gonna be my little slut aren't you?" I said, looking up between her legs.

"...mmm...mhm" She moaned.


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