Loving Wife?


Julie's heart beat faster as the time drew near. She hadn't looked forward to sex like this since their wedding night.

That had been a crushing disappointment, but this would be different. She had finally found his secret, and that piece of the puzzle would make her life perfect.

"I have to go to my sisters." Her husband called from downstairs. "I'll be back in about two hours."

"Take your time, dear." She called back.

How perfect, his sisters. Beth lived a little over an hour away and sometimes the traffic could stretch the trip to three hours up and back. It was a perfect ploy. If their kinky little game went over the predicted hour, say to two or three hours, he could say that traffic had delayed him and the fantasy would be in tact.

How could she ever repay Beth for saving her marriage? Her body still tingled from the first time, and here it was, only a week later, and he was going to do it again. They had gotten down to sex once every four of five months before she had confided in Beth, and now she was going to have another wonderful night after only a week.

She hugged herself as she pulled open the chest full of bondage gear. She had been apprehensive the first time, but now she caressed each piece of leather, every buckle, and every chain. Everything was tangled, but she pulled them apart with loving care.

Could it possibly be as good as the first time?

"It's a bondage thing." Beth had told her. "You know how strait laced David is. Well, he's got this secret need that he can't admit, even to himself. It's like one of those movies where two different people are living in the same body. If you do exactly what I say, he'll never go to one of those places again, and you'll have the most wonderful sex of your life."

Julie had followed her instructions, feeling stupid and wondering if it was all a nasty trick. She hadn't been warm to her new sister-in-law when they first met. She was such an awkward woman. She was just as tall as Dave, and in a woman, that was too tall. She was also shy. She'd seldom look Julie in the eye, and would drop her eyes whenever Julie turned to her.

That had been five years ago, and Beth had done so many nice things over the years that Julie had grown found of her. When Julie had confessed her marital problems, and suspicions, Beth had seemed to come alive.

"I can help you Julie." She had said, "But you have to put yourself in my hands."

The first night had proved that Julie had made the right decision. She had tied herself to the bed just like Beth had instructed. If the two of them hadn't practiced a hundred times beforehand, Julie never would have got it right.

The hood was in place, cutting off all sight and sound, leaving only her mouth and nose exposed. Each ankle was chained to the bedposts, and one wrist was secured. Dave would snap the last link when he came in, and she would be helplessly spread-eagled and naked on the bed.

She could smell his Old Spice aftershave when he came in. It was the Old Spice Beth had given him for Christmas and he'd been wearing it ever since.

He snapped the last link and the most wonderful ravishment of her life began. He mauled her breasts, squeezing and pinching, never too hard, never too gently. His lips closed around them and she could feel the pull between her legs as he sucked.

What a difference from his normal "paint by numbers" sex. Five tugs on her left nipple, five tugs on the right. A kiss on her navel followed by ten licks in her pussy. Warm-up over, hump-hump-hump, done.

This was madness. She never knew where he'd be next. Her neck, her ribs. His hands were everywhere, his mouth insatiable. He was rubbing his face between her legs. He must have shaved before their tryst. The way he was rubbing, so hard, so wantonly, his normal stubble would have left her raw.

His mouth finally found her pussy, and he lingered over it as if he'd found something new. His tongue slid into her, and she couldn't believe how long he could make it now that he was trying. He pulled it out and licked it from bottom to top, like a cat; hard.

The leather straps creaked and the chains clanked as Julie pulled and twisted in the agonizing pleasure. If she weren't so helpless, she would have pushed him away so she could breath again.

He settled on her clit and she thought she'd go mad. He was sucking, flicking with his tongue, nibbling ever so gently, and not stopping.

He had brought her to orgasm that night, and when she had come, and it was getting sensitive, he had stopped and stuck his finger in her ass. His other fingers pressed into her pussy, first one, then several, then his whole hand. She couldn't believe his huge hand was inside her, but it was there and he was moving it. She felt herself getting excited again, and when his lips closed over her clit once more, she arched her back and thrashed in ecstasy until she couldn't move.

He had undone her one wrist before leaving. She had to undo the rest and get everything packed before he came back. That was the deal. No hint of what they had done, never a word in their other life. Beth had been very clear on that point. If she ever confronted him on his secret self, their new life would go up in a puff of smoke.

Beth had rescued her again on that first night. She was so drained that she lay there instead of getting free. Beth's call had wakened her, and by the time she called back, Julie was throwing the gear into the box.

"You didn't doze off, did you?" Beth had asked. Beth sounded so concerned it was touching.

They had had coffee the next day, and Julie had told her all the gory details. It was weird telling a woman about her brother's sex life, but Beth already knew about his strange desires, so it wasn't so bad.

"There was one thing, though." Julie said. "He never screwed me."

This seemed to bother her more than Julie had expected.

"He was probably playing with himself while he was doing you." Beth said.

"Oh yes, I could tell he was by the way his head was moving. He was doing it very hard, and for an amazingly long time. It felt like he came twice, can you imagine? But I never found any cum and he never stuck it in me. How strange?"

"It was just the first time. He was probably nervous. He'll do it next time." Beth said.

This was the next time, and she was so excited she was screwing everything up. The fact that she'd just thrown everything into the box the last time got her off to a slow start. Now she could hear the front door squeak and she didn't have the hood on.

She almost whimpered when that creaky top step announced that he was about to enter. There was no time left. She just pushed the hood on without securing it and flipped the wrist chain near where it was supposed to be clipped. She was in position when the door opened, and prayed he wouldn't notice.

He clipped her one wrist, but didn't check the other. He seemed very anxious to get started, and she could feel his erection brush her leg as he started kissing her breasts.

The hood loosened when she moved her head and she could see a bit of light. She pressed her head against the bed, making it look tight again, but wondered how she'd keep still once he started making her go crazy. She wanted to tell him, make him fix what she'd left undone, but the rule of silence could not be broken.

Beth touched the strap on dildo. It was still too hot. She'd have to let it cool before she stuck it in Julie.

For five long years she'd longed for her brother beautiful wife, and now the sexless bastard had made it possible for her to have her every week.

She tasted the sweet nectar between Julie's legs. She could go without food; living only on the sweet juices her love gave her when she did this.

The ace bandage around her chest was uncomfortable, but she had to wear it. Julie might wonder why her husband had left his shirt on when he fucked her, but the jig would be up if Beth's large breasts squished against her own while they were fucking.

She fingered Julie's ass and smelled it when she pulled it out. There was nothing about Julie that she didn't love. She'd suck the shit out of her ass and wash it down with her piss if it made her happy. But for now she concentrated on bringing her to the first orgasm.

It was glorious the way she came. How could her brother neglect a passion like this? The woman was a boiling cauldron of raw sex, and Beth was going to drink every last drop.

The first round was over, and Julie was breathing like a racehorse after a mile and a quarter. Beth wanted to taste her ass hole, and she lifted her up so she could get at it. The interlude would give her time to recoup while the more gentle pleasure would keep her excited.

She was getting ready again, and Beth checked her dildo. It was perfect. A little warmer than her leg, but well within the temperature limits of a real cock.

Beth used her fingers to bring Julie closer as she positioned herself. It was the smallest strap-on she could find, and she hoped it was close enough to Dave's penis that Julie wouldn't notice the difference. She knew David wasn't big, but she had no idea how big he got when he was hard.

She guided the head, watching carefully that it went in right, and eased down on Julie. This was wonderful. She was taking the woman she loved in the way a man should.

Beth looked down at Julie's soft lips and her heart ached. Everything was so perfect as she mimicked a man's fucking motion, but those tender lips were calling for her kiss. She couldn't do it, of course. A kiss would give her away as surely as telling her how much she loved her.

It was agony to have those lips so close to her own. They were parted, expectant, begging to be kissed.

Beth kept her groan silent and pushed the temptation away by twisting Julie's head to the side by the loop on the hood. The hood came off in her hand.

"Beth!" Julie yelped.

Beth looked in horror at the hood in her hand.

"Oh God." Julie said, and stars exploded in Beth's eyes as Julie slapped her.

"I'm sorry." Beth said weakly, holding her stinging cheek.

"Get off me, God damn it." Julie said, and slapped her again.

Beth scrambled clear as blow after blow rained on her face and neck.

"I love you. I'm sorry." Beth was almost in tears, standing by the foot of the bed, the ridiculous dildo sticking out.

"Get out." Julie screamed as she undid the last of her bonds.

Beth was sobbing uncontrollably as she ran down the stairs. Her purse was by the door, but all her clothes were in Julie's room. She stood by the door, blubbering like it was the end of the world.

"GET OUT!!" Julie screeched from upstairs.

Beth grabbed one of Julie's coats and ran to her car.

Beth didn't leave her house the next day. It took her that long to drink every drop of alcohol in the house. The next day she went out for a new supply, and there was a message on her machine.

"Hi Elizabeth, this is Dave. Julie says you might be sick and that's why you haven't been to the office. If I don't hear from you by two, I'll come out and check on you. Let me know if there's anything you need."

Beth stared at the phone and took a pull on the Old Crow bottle.

"Hi Jen, it's Beth. Tell Dave I'm okay and I'll be in tomorrow." Beth hung up.

She didn't make it in the next day, and the day after that she sent a note that she was going on an extended vacation.

Dave was understanding, but puzzled. Beth had always been a workaholic; this wasn't like her.

"You'll have to sign some papers before you go." Dave said over the phone. "Would you like me to stop by after work?"

"I'll meet you someplace." Beth said, looking at the shambles of her house.

"You could stop by the house." Dave said. Beth could hear Julie's voice in the background.

"Oh, Julie wants me to tell you she's visiting friends out of state. She'll be gone for two weeks."

Beth could hear them saying goodbye.

"Did she leave now?" Beth asked.

"Yes." Dave said. "Sorry you didn't have a chance to say goodbye, it came up kind of sudden."

"I'll be over." Beth said.

For the first time since that horrible night, Beth thought about what she would do now. She couldn't stay here. The thought of seeing hatred in Julie's eyes was more than she could take. She'd have to move away, far away, where didn't matter.

She kept control all the way to Dave's house and most of the way back home. The tears only started when she got close to her empty house, went thru her empty door, and sagged back into her empty life.

She got her last bottle of Old Crow and climbed the stairs to her room.

She opened the door slowly, puzzling over the light under the crack. The bottle thunked on the carpet as it slipped from her hand, and she blinked several times to make sure her eyes weren't playing tricks on her.

Julie was on her bed; all tied up except for one wrist. Candles were lit on the end tables, and there were flowers everywhere.

Beth's trickle of tears became a gusher as she rushed to the bed. Her mouth closed over Julie's and she kept saying "I love you" over and over as she kissed every part of her face and neck.

"Shhh." Julie said, and rattled the one loose chain.

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