Mason High Motivation Ch. 01


"Fuck me baby!" Lexi screamed up to her son, "Fuck me with that huge cock!"

Tyler placed his palms flat on the mattress behind his mother's hips and pulled back slowly. He could already see their combined juices making his cock glisten in the light of the room. He waited for a brief second as just the head remained inside of her and then pushed in quickly and powerfully with his strong young hips. He watched as his mother's voluptuous frame was jarred by this thrust.

"Oh F-Fuck!" Lexi exclaimed when her son pumped into her and quickly pull back out for another round trip. Her legs remained high in the air and spread wide as she took the biggest dick she'd ever had in her whole life.

Tyler quickened his pace as he was too excited to hold back. Here he was between his mother's sexy legs, pounding away at her wet tight pussy, and watching her huge tits bounce and slap against each other. He was in heaven.

"OH Y-YES!" Lexi screamed loudly. She looked up into her son's face as he grunted and pounded into her. She raised her left hand and gripped Tyler's strong shoulder, feeling his muscles bunch as he fucked her hard. Her gold wedding ring glittered in the light. Her right hand gripped the sheets tightly beside her head, balling them in her small fist. "OH BABY YOU'RE F-FUCKING MOMMY SO GOOD!" Lexi screamed as her legs flailed around and her tits bounced against her chin. Sweat poured down the bodies of both mother and son as they caved into the taboo act and relished in the pleasure of the intense sex. "FUCK MOMMY! FUCK ME WITH YOUR HUGE COCK!"

The bedroom filled with the sounds of the headboard slamming against the wall again and again. A dent was beginning to form against the wall and the hanging light in the bedroom began to sway slightly. Alexis' screams bounced and echoed down the halls and throughout the house. Old Mrs. Templesmith next door was working in her flower garden when she raised her head and looked around when she thought she heard a woman cry out from somewhere.

Lexi's ass jiggled each time her son's huge balls slapped against her cheeks. His thick cock was a blur as he worked his strong slender hips back and forth. Their combined juices ran down between her rosy ass cheeks. The sweat continued to slide down their bodies as mother and son grunted and humped against each other.

"Holy shit, Mom!" Tyler said as he smiled down at her, "This is amazing!" his abs clenched again and again as he pounded into the mushy pink of his mother's pussy.

"Do you like Mommy's tight pussy?" Lexi said as she looked down over her jiggling tits to see the veiny monster slap against her hard and make a slurping noise as it slid almost all the way out, "OH YES! THAT BIG COCK FEELS SO GOOD IN MY PUSSY TYLER!"

"UGH YEAH!" Tyler grunted. He hooked his mother's legs over his arms and folded her in half slightly as he brought his knees up and fucked into her hard from above. "I'M GOING TO WIN EVERY GAME MOM!" He yelled out as he worked his ass high into the air. "AND THEN I'M GOING TO FUCK YOU HARD UNTIL YOU SCREAM!"

Lexi hooked her fingers around her son's neck and hung on for the ride as she felt him go balls deep again and again into her womb. "YES BABY! YOU'RE SO MUCH MORE OF A MAN THAN YOUR FATHER! PLEASE KEEPING FUCKING MOMMY! PLEASE KEEP FUCKING ME WITH THAT HUGE COCK!" Her legs flexed as she humped back up onto her son's strong dick. Her ass cheeks had a rosy glow from the constant onslaught of his huge balls smacking into them.

For several minutes mother and son fucked each other. Their screams and moans shook the windows and made the dogs in the neighborhood bark and howl. The bed creaked and wobbled in its wood and metal frame. The bedsprings squeaked loudly as they were pushed in hard from Tyler's seemingly relentless fucking. Soon enough Alexis felt the fluttering in her lower stomach as the beginnings of an orgasm built inside.

"Oh baby - - UGH! - - I'm g-going to cum!" she panted as she looked up into her son's eyes with a pleading expression. Her tits continued to jiggle on her chest and bounce against her chin. "Ohfuckohfuckohfuckohfuck - - AAAAAAAHHHHH!" Lexi screamed at the top of her lungs as she arched her back, her tits flying up and bouncing in the air, and was overcome with the most intense toe-curling orgasm of her life. Her pussy expelled her juice all over her son's cock and onto their smacking pelvises.

Tyler continued his relentless thrusts after his mother went limp. Her sexy legs hung loosely on his arms as she fell back onto the mattress panting. Her eyes were glazed over as she looked at the wall with her head turned to the side. Looking down and smiling at his mother, Tyler pulled his wet solid prick out of the tight confines of her bald pussy. Moving back slightly he took hold of his mother's hips and turned her around onto her stomach.

Lexi moaned as her son strong hands moved her around and lifted her round ass globes into the air. Her upper body stay pressed against the mattress forcing her huge tits to squash out to either side of her. She was still panting from post orgasmic bliss as she felt Tyler saddle up behind her and line his monster dick back towards her succulent snatch. She shut her eyes and bit her plump lower lip as she felt him push inside her and slowly fill her again.

Sinking his fingers into his mother's firm and full ass cheeks, he watched as his cock was squeezed tightly by her pink folds as he slowly pushed in his entire length. It was a long trip but soon he felt his hairless balls fly up and smack into her sensitive clitoris as he impaled himself fully into his mother's wetness again.

"FFFUUUUCCCKKK!" he exclaimed as he looked down at the amazing sight as he spread her butt cheeks apart. "Your pussy is amazing Mom!"

Alexis didn't have time to respond as she was soon gripping the sheets in her small fists as her body was assaulted by her son's slamming pelvis. Her ass and thighs rippled with each impact. Her toes dug into the sheets as she pushed back onto the satisfying stiffness. "OH G-GOD! FUCK ME BABY! YES!" she screamed out as her son fucked her doggy style.

Sweat poured from Tyler's forehead as his hands encircled his mother's trim waist to hold her in place. He loved the amazing sight of her huge tits pressed out from the mattress. His lean muscles flexed as he fucked into his mother's tight pussy again and again.

"Fuck Mom! I-I'm not going to last much longer!"

Just then a pair of car head lights danced across the window of the bedroom and the garage door started to open. Lexi shot up on her arms, her huge melons jiggling underneath her as she stared with wide eyes at the window.

"Shit! Your father's home!" she said before she started to slide off her son's girth. However her son's hands gripped her tightly and kept her from moving any further. Soon he started pounding into her harder and faster than ever.

"Not yet Mom! I still need to cum!" Tyler said as he lifted one foot onto the mattress and fucked her hard as he held tightly to her trim waist.

"UGH! T-TYLER STOP!" Lexi exclaimed as she looked over her shoulder at her handsome son. "Y-YOUR FATHER COULD COME IN ANY SECOND!" Her tits bounced against her outstretched arms as the bed began to squeak again.

Tyler grunted as he looked at his sexy mother's scared expression. They could both hear the garage door closing over the repetitive wet slapping noises of their fucking. He could feel the tingling in his scrotum. He wanted nothing more than to pump his mother full of his cum and nothing was going to stop him.

Lexi whimpered as she bit her bottom lip again and looked pleadingly at her son. She was powerless to stop him from continuing but she was afraid her husband would come inside the house at any moment. Her voluptuous frame jiggled in all the right places as her son fucked into her hard and fast.

"OH FUCK!" Tyler's eyes widened as he felt his cum start to build forth. "TAKE MY CUM MOM!" he expelled as he felt his dick swell even more. It bucked violently inside his mother's depths as thick ropes of white teenage cum started to fill her womb. Tyler leaned his head back and groaned as he gave little pumps of his hips while he pumped his jizz inside her.

Lexi gasped as she felt the cum shoot inside her from her son's giant cannon. It felt warm and thick and she couldn't help it as another orgasm shook her luscious frame. She pushed her face back down and screamed into her pillow. Her sensitive nipples dragged across the sweaty sheets. Tyler took deep breaths as he remained inside his mom's pussy as he shot his last few squirts into her.

"I'M HOME!" Charles, Alexis' husband and Tyler's father, yelled from downstairs as he came in from the garage and set his briefcase on the kitchen counter.

"Shit!" Tyler said. He gripped the bottom of his shaft and pulled out of his mother's pussy. The suction making a loud pop when he pulled his large head out of her pink lips. He watched in amazement as his cum poured from her gaping pussy and pulled between her legs.

"Go to your room before he comes up the stairs!" Lexi said as she quickly got off the bed and ripped the sheets off. "I'll clean up!"

Tyler smiled at his mother and kissed her on the lips quickly while squeezing her huge tits one last time before running on the door.

Lexi giggled and blushed from her son's enthusiasm before she rushed the soiled bed linens to the hamper in the closet. She next ran into the master bathroom and turned the shower on. The timing was perfect as her husband walked into the bedroom and knocked on the bathroom door.

"Honey? Why is everything off the bed?" he said through the door.

Lexi dunked herself under the warm spray before answering.

"Oh I'm a klutz and spilled a can of coke over everything. I'll make the bed don't worry!" She brought one of her hands down and was amazed to feel how gaping wide her pussy hole still was. She smiled to herself as her mind raced with images of what was waiting for her after her son's next game. "I'll be out in just a few minutes honey." she said to her husband before she pinched her sensitive nipples and replayed the amazing fuck she'd just had with her own son in her head as she relaxed under the water.

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