Melissa's Capture Ch. 01

byDonald Miller©

"Have I done something wrong?" he asked, his fingertips finding the jutting bulb of her clitoris and running gently over it in circular movements.

Melissa's dilated eyes hooded again at the sensation as Kouzaris worked directly on her clit, her blurred mind wavering. She moaned very softly, for several seconds teetering on the brink of sinking into his arms and surrendering her control to his expert touch... but finally she removed her slim fingers from his arm, and made to lever herself out of the chair.

"Charles has been a long time," she replied. "I should go and find him in case something is wrong."

Kouzaris' other arm was now draped around Melissa's slim shoulders, and he applied just the faintest pressure there to encourage her to stay seated, all the time stroking the glistening pink flower of her engorged vulva. For a second Melissa yielded, her pretty eyes momentarily fluttering shut as the Greek again began to tease her aching clitoris, but even as her smooth hips responded helplessly to his touch with tiny, thrusting movements, she managed to haul herself unsteadily to her feet.

"No... I must see if he is all right," she murmured, her voice quivering with excitement.

As Melissa stood Kouzaris followed, sliding his heavy, muscular arms around her. Melissa raised her small hands as Kouzaris gathered her slim, fit body against him, her forearms resting lightly on his broad, hairy chest.

"Please, Christos. He's been forever."

Kouzaris smiled. "Charles is fine. You don't worry about him." His big hands began to run over Melissa's smooth, naked back and tiny waist. The silk-haired crown of her pretty head was only just above his armpit.

Melissa turned her gaze towards the door, and as she did so Kouzaris lowered his head and Melissa felt his soft, questing lips begin to slide over the muscles of her neck, She could also feel his erection, hard and hot and huge, pressing against her smooth, flat belly.

"Please..." murmured Melissa as she felt her pretty head eased to one side by the Greek's gentle but insistent mouth gliding upwards behind her jewelled ear. His hands found her plump, firm buttocks and - she sensed with mounting unease -began tracing the thin strap of her bikini top like a safecracker feeling out a combination lock. Melissa's soupily tranquillised mind was beginning to realise how completely in Kouzaris' power she was - enveloped in his immense arms, her slim, decorative body pressed against his muscular torso, one of his hairy knees now easing slowly but unstoppably beween her smooth thighs, his mouth gently nibbling at her studded earlobe - he was probably over twice her weight, and twice her strength. Melissa did not even try to lever herself away from the huge Greek, recognising the futility of any attempt, and allowed her slender forearms to simply rest against his broad chest.

In spite of the escalating intimacy of Kouzaris' attentions, Melissa felt a little more comfortable in their position should Charles suddenly happen across them. At least now, she could claim that the huge Greek had forced himself on her, that his attentions had been unwelcome from the start.... had Charles witnessed his beautiful young wife gently squirming in Kouzaris' arms as he worked at her responsive vagina through her wet, slippery panties, that position would have been somewhat unconvincing.

"Christos..." Melissa felt her near-naked buttocks being lightly squeezed in his big hands, as though he were testing the quality of a ripe fruit. "...My husband will be here any second." Though heaven knows what is taking him so long, she thought.

"No, he won't," murmured Kouzaris softly, and his tongue slid into her ear like a blindly burrowing animal.

Melissa's eyelids fluttered involuntarily at the sensation. "Wh-what do you mean?" She could hear the quiver in her voice, and was unsure whether it was due to nervousness or pleasure. His knee was right up between her smooth, tanned thighs now, his stroking hands pulling her onto him so that her engorged vulva pressed against his upper leg. Melissa realised that she was moving her lips in tiny, circular motions against the Greek's thigh, her pouting labia and the shiny wet bulb of her clit gliding deliciously over the oil-soaked crotch of her swimsuit. She tried to hold still, then immediately started sliding against him again, ashamed but unable to stop herself.

After a few seconds, the Greek pulled his tongue lazily from her ear. "Because I have my men tell him there is emergency." His breath was warm and soft as he whispered into Melissa's wet ear. "They tell him a relative of yours on the island is in hospital. That you already go in taxi, and they are to take him there themselves." Kouzaris' hand slid deep into Melissa's silken hair, the other hand pushing the edge of her tight black swimsuit panties aside and cupping one gorgeous, naked buttock.

"When they get to hospital there is mix-up - no relative. You already on way back. They bring him back." Kouzaris brought his head back in front of Melissa's, his gaze fixed on her beautiful green eyes. "Hospital is two hours drive away. Door here is locked."

Melissa's sensuous lips parted. "...Oh-" she murmured, and her long, shapely legs gave way from under her as the import of what he way saying sunk in. Melissa sagged helplessly onto his upper leg, supported only by his thigh and cradling arms. He had lured her here, and now she was his - completely, utterly his - for at least four hours.

Her eyes returned to the locked door in desperation, wanting to see it miraculously spring open and someone - anyone - come in and interrupt them... but knowing in her heart that Kouzaris' plans would be far too carefully constructed for any such setback. Melissa was still staring at the door several seconds later when Kouzaris lowered his head towards her, and his tongue swam into her mouth.

He parted Melissa's waxed lips wide, the hand deep in her hair holding her head millimetre-still, her smooth cheeks suddenly hollowing inwards as the Greek sucked the air from her. Kouzaris ran the tip of his tongue across Melissa's inner lips, sought out every detail of her teeth, then eased further into her and lifted her own tongue with gentle stroking motions of his sensitive tip. Presently Melissa's pretty eyes fluttered shut as she allowed his tongue to play with hers amidst the firm vacuum of their kiss

Kouzaris' breath was hissing onto her smooth cheek in fast, excited pants, he tasted strong but not entirely unpleasant, and Melissa was already aware that she was going to abandon herself to him. What was the point of struggling? He had expertly isolated her, and now he was going to take her... one way or another. With that huge rod pressing eagerly into her bare, flat belly Melissa realised she had no wish to make him treat her any more roughly than he had to.

After several minutes exploring Melissa's pretty mouth, Kouzaris released to vacuum of their kiss and drew his lips from hers, leaving his tongue in her for a few more seconds before pulling it from her wet, open mouth. He was panting hard, his eyes pink with excitement.

"Come on, " he muttered huskily, and Melissa gasped in surprise as his arms slid under her and swept her clean off her feet. His forearms beneath her knees and armpits bore her upwards effortlessly, and he carried her superb body across his office, kicking open a door at the rear of the room.

Melissa let out a tiny whimper, her pretty head sagging against his muscular arm, as Kouzaris carried her into the lavishly appointed bedroom. Her frightened eyes were drawn involuntarily to the huge, scarlet-quilted super-kingsize bed where - she knew- he was about to ravish her magnificent body.

He lowered her gently onto the soft quilt, the arm around her shoulders supporting her in a semi-reclining posture as his other hand slid eagerly over her hips and waist, ran up her naked back, and found the strap of her tiny swimsuit top. Melissa found herself unable to tear her gaze from him as she felt his hands moving between her shoulders. Suddenly the tautness of her swimsuit cups disappeared, and Kouzaris gasped with pleasure as Melissa's bikini brassiere fell uselessly away. Her plump, rounded breasts tumbled free, trembling gently as they settled after their release.

His eyes ran slowly, lustfully down Melissa's gorgeous body, now clad only in her tiny black G-string. Allowing her shoulders to sink down into the soft pillows, Kouzaris placed his huge hands on her flawless hips, his forefingers looping around the elastic strings of her swimsuit panties. Very slowly, he began to draw Melissa's G-string away from her crotch and down over her smooth, tanned thighs.

She lay completely passive as the Greek pulled her panties off of her and discarded them with her tiny brassiere on the floor, leaving her completely naked. Kouzaris knelt above her for some time, ogling every hollow and curve of her fabulous, tanned body... then he stepped off of the bed, and quickly unbuttoned his shorts.

Melissa bit her lip at the sight of his huge manhood springing eagerly forward, the heavy purple truncheon topped with a blunt, shiny glans almost the size of a hen's egg. Her pretty eyes remained fixed on his pulsing erection as the Greek knelt on the bed alongside her, his deft hands sliding up along her inner thighs and parting them effortlessly. Then Melissa closed her eyes, trembling as she felt the rough stubble of his chin slide between her sculpted legs.

Kouzaris panted with excitement as he closed on on Melissa's glistening vulva, savouring the sight and smell of her hot, oily sex. She was almost completely shaven, her pubis billiard-ball smooth except for a short, vertical stripe of tight blonde curls perhaps an inch wide by two deep, mown to within a half-inch of her skin. His nose nuzzled into this tiny, soft nest just before his eager lips spread over her exposed labia.

Melissa whimpered involuntarily as she felt his mouth part her glistening lips and his tongue slide into her soft, pink vulva, touching the entrance of her urethra before gliding deeper into her body. He curled his tongue-tip upwards, stroking the roof of her vagina in an effort to find her G-spot. His big hands stroked Melissa's curvy hips, her smooth thighs now supported in the crooks of his elbows as though she were in stirrups, his tongue sliding and swimming in her tight, wet sex. Then Melissa's lacquered fingernails dug into the scarlet bedsheets alongside her slim waist, and she gasped as Kouzaris' long tongue ran over the sweet flesh of her G-spot.

The Greek smiled inwardly as he felt Melissa stiffen under his hands, and he ran his tongue in circular motions over the upper surface of her sex tract until he felt her G-spot swell into a rough-textured bump. He swirled his tongue over and around her sweet sex-button, her gasps presently becoming audible even though her sculpted thighs were pressed tight against his ears. Her clitoral hood opened and her tiny pink clit slithered unhurriedly forwards, meeting Kouzaris' lips as he French-kissed her vagina, the movements of his lips during his working of her G-spot teasing her clit to full, aching attention.

Ripples of shameful pleasure radiated through Melissa's body as Kouzaris tongued her hot, dripping sex, her pretty head sagging into the deep pillows. In spite of her situation, she could feel her excitement mounting as she was expertly stimulated, her breath coming in quick, rhythmic gasps of arousal. She knew this was all wicked and wrong - yet also knew that, if he continued working at her like this, she would soon begin to spiral upwards uncontrollably, until her long fingernails clawed frantically at his bedsheets and she gushed in unbearable sweetness into Kouzaris' mouth...

Then she felt him move away, and was unsure if she were relieved or disappointed.

Unable to hold back any longer, Kouzaris pulled his tongue from Melissa's wet, open sex. He began to stroke and kiss his way up her slim, curvy body, his hands running over her hips, her waist, her bullet-nippled breasts. His oil-covered lips found the base of her neck and began to slide over the muscles there as his immense, hairy body settled over her.

"Guide me," he murmured, his voice husky with excitement.

Lazy with pleasure and tranquilliser, and knowing she had no choice, Melissa slipped a slim arm between their bodies, a gasp escaping both of them as her fingers slid onto his huge shaft. Melissa's small hand couldn't even go right round him.

"Please be careful..." she whispered imploringly.

She steered him as he eased his hips forward on her, and her sensuous lips parted as she felt his blunt purple tip nose against the flower of her glistening pink vulva.

Then Melissa whimpered helplessly as the huge Greek rocked forwards and parted her, his breath a harsh gasp against her smooth cheek as he sank exquisitely slowly into her hot, tight body. Her pretty head rolled to one side as Kouzaris entered her, filling her completely, his huge purple dome nestling against the neck of her cervix as his heavy balls came to rest against her damp perineum. Oh God, she thought, he was enormous. His hands enfolded her slim shoulders, holding her still as he withdrew until just his glans was still inside her, before he slid smooth and deep into her once more.

Melissa's mouth opened as Kouzaris thrust unhurriedly in and out of her, her fingers twisting handfuls of scarlet bedsheet. She whimpered softly as he fucked her slowly and effortlessly, her tight body barely able to absorb each stroke of his immense purple shaft. Her pretty head rolled helplessly from one side to the other between his hairy forearms, her carefully painted eyes were defocussed, fluttering slits exposing perhaps one-third of her pupils, the top of her pretty head level with Kouzaris' massive, rhythmically working shoulders

Kouzaris was panting heavily above Melissa as he thrust back and forth in the hot silk of her, wanting it to go on for ever but knowing he would not last long, ogling every detail of her beautiful, pouting face which sagged to one side against his arm. Melissa was gasping in rhythm with Kouzaris' thrusts as the Greek fucked her, pinning her slim, decorative body like some exotic insect to the scarlet sheets with his immense purple penis. She had drawn her legs high and wide as he had entered her, trying to open herself as much as possible to his enormous size, and now her small feet quivered on the bed alongside Kouzaris' knees. His hairy buttocks were hissing against the smooth flanks of her inner thighs as he pistoned relentlessly back and forth deep within her.

He slid his hands into her thick, blonde hair and turned her pretty head up to face him, Melissa so small beneath him that he was unable to reach her soft, open lips with his mouth but wanting to gaze directly at her. Ogling every square centrimetre of her immaculate face, he presently bent low and began kissing her forehead, her eyelids, her pert nose.

As Melissa's painted eyelids fluttered at the sensation of him inside her, Kouzaris glimpsed her dilated pupils, blurry and unfocussed with sedative. Her superbly toned, tanned body was slack and unresisting. His mouth began to open as he felt his orgasm approaching, his thrusts accelerating imperceptibly at first but soon forcing Melissa's sensuous, open lips to quiver with the effort of absorbing him. She whimpered with helplessness as Kouzaris' thrusts came faster and faster, her curvy hips squirming beneath his immense torso as his huge, purple glans bumped gently against her cervix each time he plunged into her body. Then, just as Melissa felt she was unable to take his enormous, driving penis for much longer, the huge Greek shuddered to a halt deep inside her, and a soft cry of ecstasy escaped his lips.

A split-second later Melissa dimly felt a sudden heat flower deep in her body as Kouzaris climaxed above her, his gasping breath riffling her silky blonde hair, his weight sagging onto her slim body. He slid his penis gently in and out of her as he came in long, thick squirts, his sperm hosing against her cervix and clogging her snug vaginal tract. Each inward stroke of him filled Melissa completely, forcing his semen out of her dripping vulva with a soft, wet squelch. Melissa's gasps became harsh as the Greek's huge body sank completely onto her in his release, his 280 pound weight pressing her deep into the scarlet coverlet, his glistening penis still gliding gently inside her.

Presently the last of his semen was drawn from his heavy balls, and Kouzaris simply lay across Melissa, panting with relief as his immense penis spasmed emptily inside her. Eventually he stopped moving and a few seconds later allowed himself to slither from Melissa's spermy vagina, levering himself off of her and slumping onto the bed alongside her with a gasp of satisfaction. He turned his head to savour the sight of Melissa's full breasts, presently sliding a huge arm beneath her shoulders and drawing her slim body against him until she nestled in the crook of his elbow. Melissa allowed her head to rest against his shoulder, her silken blonde hair flowing over his chest, her mind spinning as she felt his fingers slide down over one firm, pliant breast.

As Kouzaris began to play with Melissa's supple flesh she remembered back to - one hour ago? - when she had walked confidently into his office and resumed her playful flirting with the huge Greek. One hour later, and she had been raped by him. Her drugged mind whirled lazily, her nipple involuntarily swelling into a stiff nubbin beneath his teasing fingers. She hadn't really struggled though, she thought... so had he really raped her, or simply completed a singularly insistent seduction of her?

Kouzaris turned onto his side, his other hand running slowly over Melissa's smooth, curvy hip. His strong fingers left her breast and tilted her slim shoulders easily toward him.

"Put your arms around me," he commanded softly. His head closed in on her, then he gently parted Melissa's sensuous, waxed lips with his tongue.

Melissa's painted eyelids closed as she felt Kouzaris' long tongue slide into her soft mouth, her shoulders turning back onto the coverlet as the Greek's insistent kiss pressed her pretty head into the soft pillow. It didn't really matter what you called it, Melissa thought blurrily as Kouzaris eagerly explored her with his probing tongue - she was powerless to prevent him doing anything he wanted with her. Melissa slid her slender arms obediently around his immense shoulders, dimly realising that she was consciously abandoning herself to him completely.

Her slim, lacquer-tipped tingers stroked Kouzaris' hairy back as she felt his hand slide up her body from hip to neck, and bury itself wrist-deep in her thick, blonde hair. His breath hissed with renascent excitement against her smooth cheek as he sucked her hard over his long tongue, his leg easing once more between Melissa's tanned thighs. She felt his thick sperm trickle from her soft, pink vulva and roll slowly down over her glistening perineum as his knee parted her legs wider, and she knew he was going to take her again, to feast repeatedly on her fabulous young body until it was time to release her.

Melissa lightly squeezed Kouzaris' buttocks, feeling him shiver at the sensation of her long, sharp fingernails pressing on his skin, hoping he enjoyed what she was doing. She knew that the Greek was quite capable of breaking her in half over his knee, and Melissa had decided that, if she finally left his bedroom in no worse condition than being sore and stretched from the attentions of his huge penis, having experienced the most gruelling sex session of her life, she would consider it a lucky escape...

To be continued...

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