tagIncest/TabooMy Sexy Aunt Ch. 01

My Sexy Aunt Ch. 01


When I was 19 I got a job in a convenience store. I know it's not a glamorous job but it paid well and the hours were good. My name is Dave and I'm not a bad looking guy. Not model material but not bad either. I stand about 6 feet tall and have a fairly good build. There are usually two of us working at anytime. I guess the owner doesn't trust just one person with all the money we take in. We get busy at times but mostly it is fairly slow. My buddy Pete works most of the same shifts I do which makes it even better. It's good to have someone you know and like working with you. We have known each other for many years.

I had gotten married to Casey when I was 18 but I should have known it was a mistake. As soon as we got married she changed. If she wasn't spending the last of my paycheck she was bitching about something. Our good years had passed within a few weeks and now I was stuck working at the convenience store with us living at home with mom.

It was hot the afternoon Aunt Cathy came into the store. She had gotten married several years ago and we didn't see her for a long time but she moved back just after her divorce a few months ago. Pete didn't know she was my aunt and I wasn't about to tell him. Aunt Cathy is a hot bitch and there were several rumors going around about her to some of which I know are true. We have always been fairly close but lately it has turned flirty. I guess you might say she had led a wild life. That is it was wilder than my mother, her sister's, life.

It was very hot and she came in wearing a thin white cotton dress and with the sun shinning behind her I could swear she wasn't wearing anything under it. It was cut low in the front and her big tits were staining against the thin material. Cat as the family called her, is not a small woman but not really big either. She is very shapely and looks years younger than her actual age. Coming through that door damn she looked hot! Pete and I were standing behind the counter as usual as there were several other customers in the store. She smiled and waved as she walked over toward the cooler at the far end of the store to pick a six pack of her favorite beer. My cock started to get hard immediately!

About then another customer called me over to ask a question which left Pete behind the counter by himself. I went over to see if I could help. When I returned Aunt Cathy was standing at the counter ready to pay. She looked up at me and said "Hi Davey!" I just smiled and said "Hi". I left off the "aunt" not wanting to get any grief from Pete.

"Aren't you going to give me a hug big boy?" my aunt said.

"Sure!" I reached out as she put her arms around me and pulled me to her. As she pressed her big melons into my chest my cock kept getting harder and harder. She hugged me for a long time as she bent her face to my neck and gave me a hot kiss. This only made my cock poke out of my jeans even more. As she let go she kept her hands on my shoulders and whispered in my ear. "You better take care of that before you hurt someone with it!" As she turned to leave she let her hand brush against my cock. Then she looked back and smiled before she headed for the door.

She had always been friendly with me but since her return she has been more open making sexual comments. Nothing too blatant but enough to let me know what she was thinking. It has become a regular thing between us and she didn't care where we were or who was around. She had even started flirting with me and making sexual innuendos in front of mom. Mom would laugh or just roll her eyes.

Without another word Cat grabbed her beer and walked toward the door swinging her tight little ass as she went. About the time she got to the door she turned and said "Bye boys! See you later!" With that she was gone.

Pete looked at me with a surprised look on his face. I could feel my face turning red and my cock was still poking out of my jeans.

"Damn Dave! Who the fuck is that?"

"Just a friend of my mom's."

"That is one hot bitch! I think she wants you bro!" He whispered to me.

"Naw....she's just friendly."

"In that case I'm going to stand on that side of the counter next time."

I just looked at him and smiled then brushed him off and went back to work. I didn't want to get into it right now besides my cock was still hard and I wanted to think about Cathy without any grief from Pete.

It was 11 pm when I got off from work and headed home. As I pulled into the driveway I noticed Aunt Cathy's car in the drive. I walked in just as mom was saying goodbye to Aunt Cathy.

"I'll see you tomorrow sis." Cat told mom.

"OK. We can have lunch." Mom replied.

"Sounds great!" Cat said.

I was opening the door just as Aunt Cat was turning to leave. The door hit her and nearly knocked her down. I reached out to grab her to keep her from falling and got a handful of one of her big tits.

Cathy grabbed onto my arm as I tried to keep her from hitting the floor. I pulled Cathy to me as she grabbed her forehead where the door had hit her. I didn't realize I still had hold of her massive breast but I guess she did.

She looked up at me and smiled then said. "Easy big boy!"

I realized where my hand was and released her tit grabbing her waist instead. I pulled Cathy to me to steady her.

"I'm sorry Aunt Cathy. I didn't mean to run into you!"

"That's OK Davy" she said. Then she looked up at me and smiled. "It feels good running into a big strong man like you."

Mom reached out to her sister and asked her if she was alright. Cathy said "Yea, just a bump on the head". Mom just looked at me funny as she saw me pull my hand from Cathy's tit. I couldn't tell if she was surprised, mad or worried.

"Cathy are you sure your OK?" mom asked.

"Yea, just a little stunned."

"Davey, maybe you should drive Cathy home." Mom said.

"Sure mom but what about Casey?"

"Don't worry about her. She called earlier and said she is staying with her mom tonight. I think she had a little too much to drink if you ask me."

"Not surprised!" I replied.

I held onto Cathy for another minute until she composed herself. "Are you sure you don't mind Davey driving me home?"

"I insist Cathy." Mom said.

"Alright then I will see you for lunch tomorrow."

Aunt Cathy and I walked out of the house together to my Corvette.

"Are you sure you're alright Cat?" I asked.

"Yea I'm OK Davey. Actually I was hoping you to drive me home. You don't mind do you?"

I looked at Aunt Cathy and I could feel my cock getting hard again. The cool night air had made her nipples hard and I could easily tell she wasn't wearing a bra.

"No....I don't mind. Not at all! And by the way, I'm sorry I grabbed you're uh....you know...when you were falling."

"That's alright. I don't mind. I kinda liked it! Feel free to grab me anytime!"

Then Cathy smiled, leaned over, kissed me on my neck and moaned, then got in the car. I watched as she raised her skirt as she took her seat. She then opened her legs wide before lifting her other foot placing it in the car. I tried to catch a glimpse to see if Cat was wearing panties but couldn't quite make it out in the dark. I didn't know what to say so I just kept my mouth shut and got in the driver's side.

I started the engine and backed out of the driveway. Cathy lived about 45 minutes and it was a nice drive. Cathy and I talked about school, work and then she asked if she could ask me something personal.

"Sure I guess."

"Davey are you still having sex with your wife?"

I almost ran off the road when Aunt Cathy asked me.

"I, uh, I don't understand what you mean."

"Well are you and Casey still fucking?"

I was shocked. I didn't know what to say.

"Come on Davey. I know you're not a virgin and we're both adults."

I looked over at Aunt Cathy with her hard nipples and her skirt pulled up almost to her crotch.

"Your right, I'm not a virgin but Casey and I aren't getting along really good right now. So I guess no....I'm not intimate with anyone at the moment."

"Intimate? How cute! I haven't heard anyone use that expression for a long time."

"Really? How would you put it?

"If it were me then I would probably say that I hadn't gotten laid for a while but I hope things are about to change!"

I looked over at Cat as she rubbed one of her hands across her big chest. She saw me looking so she reached under her dress to "adjust" her big tits. She adjusted one then the other making sure she took her time. I could clearly see she pinch her nipples before allowing her tits to settle back into her dress.

"That's better. I've been waiting to do that all night. Do you like what you see Davey?"


"Would you like to see more?"

I was getting nervous but my cock was harder than ever.

"What about mom?"

I guess it was strange for me to mention mom and not my wife but by this time I didn't care.

"I won't say anything if you won't."

"I promise I won't say anything."

"OK, then we agree. Maybe I will give you a little look when we get to my house if you're a good boy!"

Cat reached over with her left hand and started rubbing my leg. My cock was about to pop out of my jeans. Occasionally she would rub my leg just high enough to touch the tip of my cock and each time she did I felt I was going to shoot my load right then. I just hoped I wouldn't cum before we got to her place. A few minutes later we arrived at Cathy's place and I pulled in her driveway. I got out of the car and ran to Cat's side to open her door.

"Why thank you. I haven't had that done for me in a very long time. Will you walk me in?"

"Glad too!"

Cat leaned over and gave me hug and a long wet kiss on my neck. She let her hand roam down my chest to my crotch and brush my hard prick before she started toward the house. I walked her to her door and Cathy invited me in.

"Wait here. I have to make a phone call."

She reached for the phone on the counter and called my mom. "Hey sis do you mind if Davey stays here tonight? I'm a little dizzy and I don't want to be alone."

"That's OK Cat. Tell Davey he needs to get home to get ready for work tomorrow by 3."

"I will. See you tomorrow." With that Cat hung up.

"OK. All set. Your mine tonight."

Cathy turned and walked away as I stood in the kitchen.

"Aren't you coming?"

"Yea....I'm...I'm coming."

I followed Cat into her bedroom or should I say lair. Once inside she turned to me and kissed me deeply. It was the hottest kiss I had ever had and it was making me melt.

"You sure you want this Davey?"

"Yea I'm sure!"

"Good. I have to let you know that I like to play a little rough!"

Aunt Cat leaned to me and kissed me deeply. That kiss was long and deep and wet. My hands were all over her back and ass. I pulled her close so she would feel my hard cock press against her. By the time our kiss was over my cock was about to pop out of my pants. Cat stepped back and peeled the straps off her shoulders. Her massive tits were the only thing holding her dress in place. "Could you help me Davey?"

I started to reach out and grab the straps but Cat shook her head no!

"No hands big boy!"

I stood there confused for a second until I realize that Cat wanted me to pull her dress down with my teeth. As I leaned forward Cathy gently took hold of the side of my head and directed my mouth to the part of her dress covering her tits. I placed my hands lightly on her hips and grasp the front of her dress with my teeth as she directed.

"That's it baby boy. Nice and easy."

She guided my head down as I saw her dress being peeled away from her massive tits. The top of her dress had now clung to her hard nipples. They were holding on to her dress like little hooks. She forced my head a little lower as her hard nipples gave way and her dress dropped away from her tits. I was literally inches from the biggest, most beautiful breast I had ever seen.

"On your knees baby boy." Cat told me.

I dropped to my knees as instructed as my hands glided gently down her legs. I slowly continued to pull Cat's dress lower and lower. By the time the dress had gotten down to her pussy my teeth were the only thing holding it up.

"You can let go now Davey."

I looked up at Cat. Her huge tits were hovering over me as I knelt beneath them. I let go and her dress hit the floor. I hesitated then looked down. I was right. Cat had not been wearing any panties. Her pussy was neatly trimmed with only a small bit of hair at the top of her pussy. I could smell the heady perfume of her cunt. It was already wet and glistening right before me.

"See anything you like Davey?"

I couldn't speak. I wanted to bury my tongue in her cunt but was afraid to move. Cathy was now dress only in her 4 inch heels. She stepped out of her dress and parted her legs giving me an even better view of her glistening cunt. She still had hold of my head and pulled me slightly forward.

"That's OK. You can have a little taste if you like. Just be gentle for now."

I leaned forward and stuck my tongue out. The tip of my tongue touched Cat's wet cunt and I heard her moan.

"Yea, that's it baby boy. Lick my pussy! It's been such a long fucking time since I had a tongue in my cunt. Mmmmmm.....lick it baby boy. Taste your auntie's hot little cunt!"

I couldn't control my urges so I grabbed her hips and buried my tongue as deep into her wet snatch as I could. I couldn't believe this was happening.

"Oh fuck yea! That's it! Lick my pussy baby! Ahhhh....that feels so fucking good! Stick that hot tongue deep in my cunt!"

Cat held my head and started to grind her pussy into my face. She started to fuck my tongue and moaning.

"Oh yea! That's it! Fuck it baby boy! Fuck my horny little pussy with your fucking tongue. I want you to eat my nasty little cunt! Yea that's it! Lick me right there! Mmmmmm... you like licking my little cunt don't you! Your auntie is a nasty little cunt and I know you like that. Yea, I could tell by the way you pressed your hard cock against me at the store. You wanted to fuck your nasty auntie right there on the counter didn't you? Mmmmm... That feels so fucking good! Lick auntie's nasty little cunt little boy! Lick your auntie's hot little pussy! Oh fuck yea! You like your auntie being a nasty little cunt don't you! Yea you like that! You like having your tongue shoved up my hot little cunt! Mmmmmm... you're a nasty little boy for tongue fucking me aren't you! Oh fuck yea baby boy! Do it! Keep licking my nasty little cunt! You're making my cunt start to cream baby boy! Yea!! That's it! Fuck my cunt with your tongue! You're going to make me cum! Ahhh....oh fuck yea! Mmmmmm...eat my nasty little cunt!"

As I licked Cat's pussy I could feel her cream running down my chin. Her pussy was oozing cream and it tasted wonderful. I must have been licking her cunt for 10 minutes when she started to cum.


Aunt Cat ground her pussy against my face hard as she pulled my face into her cunt. I could feel her tremble as her orgasm overtook her.

A short time later she fell back on the bed breathing hard. She reached for her cunt rubbing it as she continued to moan with pleasure. I couldn't wait any longer. I pulled my shirt off as I got to my feet. I kicked my shoes off and dropped my pants all at once. My cock was hard and oozing cum. I pushed Cat up on the bed and climbed between her legs. Her cum was still running out of her cunt as I pushed her knees up.

"Not yet baby boy. I want to taste that fucking hard cock of yours first."

I hesitated for a moment. I want to shove my cock deep in my aunt's cunt so bad but I resisted. I crawled up over her placing my knees on each side of her massive tits. She grabbed my prick and pulled it to her mouth as I reached down and pinched her nipples.

"Oh yea baby boy. Pinch my nipples. I like that. I like it rough."

Cat opened her mouth and sucked on the head of my cock. I thought I might cum right then. She grabbed my balls as she took more and more of my hard prick deep in her mouth. I had a couple of blowjobs before but nothing like this! I leaned over and grabbed hold of the headboard for balance as Cat sucked my cock deep in her mouth.

"Damn you suck good cock! Mmmmmm....Fuck yea Cat!"

Cat sucked me for several minutes and more than once I thought I was going to lose my load but managed to hold on. Finally she pulled my hard prick from her mouth.

"Fuck me Davey! I need a good hard fuck right now! I want you to shove your fucking big prick deep in my nasty little cunt!"

I didn't need a second invitation. I quickly moved down between Cat's open legs. She lifted up her legs and parted them wide for me. I ran my cock up and down her pussy feeling the wet heat cumming from her cunt.

"Don't tease me! I need your prick Davey! Shove that big fucking cock in my little cunt!"

I pushed the head into Cat's pussy as she demanded. I knew Cat was several years older than me but her pussy was as tight as a virgin. It must have been due to her never having a child but this was the hottest, tightest cunt I had ever fucked! I had never felt such a tight little cunt. It didn't matter what the reason was at this point. I just wanted to fuck my aunt and make her cum! I pushed hard as my cock slide slowly into Cat's tight cunt. The deeper I got the more she moaned and pushed her hot little pussy against me. I pulled out and then forced my cock back into her little pussy. After several attempts her cunt finally loosened to allow me to fuck her cunt with long hard strokes.


I had finally gotten my cock buried deep in Cat's little pussy and started fucking her hard. I could hear the squish and smell her hot pussy as I was stoking my prick in and out of her hot cunt! She pulled her legs back almost to her shoulders as I pumped my cock deep into her horny pussy.



I kept pounding Cat's tight little pussy. I was leaning over her feeling her big fucking tits against my chest. Cat had her hands on my ass pulling me into her cunt. Her legs were up in the air and spread as wide as she could get them. I was slamming my cock deep in her cunt when she started to cum and bite my chest. At first it surprised me but then it felt good and spurred me to fuck her harder.


Her face was buried in my chest as she continued to bite me. I continued to slam my hard prick as deep into her snatch as I could. I could feel her cunt start to get tighter as it convulsed on my prick. I knew I couldn't hold out much longer. My cum was building up in my balls.




My cum started to shoot out as I slammed one last time into my aunt's hot pussy. I shoved my cock as deep into her cunt as I could as I shot my cream deep into her cunt. Cat kept trying to get more and more of my cock buried deeper in her cunt. Her pussy was pulsating as I unloaded my jism deep into her pussy.

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