tagIncest/TabooSatisfying Mom's Needs

Satisfying Mom's Needs


My name is Mintu. I live with my parents and twin sister Shoma in one of the fashionable suburbs of our big city. My Mom is 38 and has a perfect body. She is fair and tall for a Bengali woman (5' 7"). Her boobs are full and jiggle when she walks giving my cock a strange but pleasurable feeling from the day I started noticing them. Her buttocks are full and shapely - another source of stirring in my cock. My Dad is 39, has an athletic body and apparently a strong sexual drive as I used to hear their bed shaking almost every night.

My sister is as beautiful as my Mom but a little slimmer but everything in perfect shape. I have masturbated regularly imagining how it would feel to fuck them. I never thought any of these fantasies would ever come to pass. But they did.

Dad got quite busy with his business and started to travel a lot which meant that Mom wasn't getting her daily fuck and this was beginning to irritate her. She would complain of headaches and snap at Shoma or me for little things. She is obviously a highly sexed woman and needed her cunt worked out every day, preferable several times a day.

But she did not want to cheat on Dad, so she kept herself satisfied, as best as she could, with her hand and a few dildos.

Dad realized that if Mom doesn't get fucked every day he may lose her sooner or later.So he talked to Mom and said, honey I think I have found a solution to our situation, if you are willing to give it a try. Mom said at this stage I am willing to try anything but what do you have in mind? Dad hesitated a moment then said, what about your Dad? He is widower living alone and I am sure he misses his fucks. Mom looked at him in shock and said, he is my father, how can I ask him to fuck me? Dad replied, I know he is Dad and that's a good thing. This way everybody will be happy and it stays within the family. Mom agreed and said, well I've wondered about my Dad and how his stiff cock would feel in my cunt.

So they asked Grandpa to visit us for a couple of weeks. Gramps was glad to come. Mom greeted him with a long hug and a kiss. After a couple of days Dad had to leave for a few days. He winked at Mom and wished her success and pleasure.

Since Gramp's arrival Mom started wearing revealing clothes, with her boobs half outside her bra and her bellybutton and part of her buttocks would be showing. The day Dad left Mom got more aggressive. She sat with her Dad on the sofa watching TV. She would lean over towards him as she said something.This way her Dad would be able to see almost to her nipples. After a while she noticed a lump in his pajamas and commented, are you getting horny Dad? He replied, well baby the way you are showing me your body what do you expect.

Mom decided to take the next step. She put her hand on the bulge and said, if I caused it I want to see it. Gradpa said, but you are my daughter, how can you touch me there? But his protests got weaker as Mom continued to caress the rapidly rising manhood. And then she took it out through the pajama front opening. It was impressive with a mushroom head and a thick 8' shaft. Granpa closed hi s eyesas Mom bent over and toughed the crown with her tongue.

By now Gramps just gave in, closed his eyes and thrust his stiff cock into Mom's open mouth. She let it glide into her mouth and closed her lips around it. While she started sucking her Dad's cock in earnest she lowered her blouse and bra with one hand and placed Gramp's right hand on one of her full boobs. He grabbled the soft mound of flesh and began squeezing it. They were both too excited by this new development and both started moaning. Granpa put his mouth on the other boob and licked the taut nipple and softness around it. Mom increased the pace of her sucking on the hard cock. He was grunting, Oh baby, I am going to come in your mouth, Oh fuck, it feels so good. Within seconds his throbbing manhood started spewing hot cum in Mom's moth which caused her to squeeze her thighs together as she also came. She kept swallowing the sweet cockjuice as gobs and gobs of it erupted from her Dad's cock deep into her mouth.

As their orgasms subsided Mom put her semen-smeared mouth on her Dad'slips and kissed him - giving him a taste of his own cum.

Mom was now very hot and wanted a cock in her very badly but Granpa was not upto it at this point. So Mom let him catch his breath for a few minutes. In the meantime she removed her clothes including her bran and panties. Granps's eyes bulged out at the sight of his daughter's perfect body, especially her plump cuntlips covered with a thin layer of black bush. Mm slowly placed herself over her Dad facing his cock. She lifted the still semen-covered limp cock and licked the tip with her tongue. Granpa gave a little jump as at the same time Mom placed her thighs on either side of his head and lowered her profusely moist cunt on his mouth.

Grandpa got his tongue out and licked the moist slit which made Mom moan. As he put his mouth around her whole cunt and started sucking her juices Mom began humping her cunt into his face. She continued sucking Gramp's cock and it started showing signs of life and soon it was standing up in full glory. Gramps was now licking and sucking Mom's erect clit which made Mom moan continuously and press her cunt hard on Gramp's mouth. Soon she was coming on her Dad's mouth with her juices pouring into his mouth and he swallowing it all.

As soon as her orgasm subsided Mom removed her mouth from Gamp's cock and said, Dad, my cunt is on fire, now put that thing of your inside me and fuck me. She just got off him, lay down on her back facing him and spread her thighs in total readiness. Gramp got up, his long stiff cock standing ready to enter the moist slit. Mom grabbed his cock and pointed it towards her opening. They were both now beyond the situation that a Dad was going to fuck his daughter.

As Gramp's cockhead touched her wet lips, Mom groaned and thrust her pelvis forward making its head disappear inside her. The touch of hot slippery cunt of his daughter made Gramp's cock twitch and he groaned, Ah, ah, oh baby, such warm and tight cunt! And he thrust forward forcing his throbbing erection to disappear inside Mom upto his balls. At this deep penetration Mom cried, ah, ah,, oh my God, Dad, feels so good, don't move, let me savour the moment.

After a couple of minutes she started thrusting her crotch up gently which gave the signal to Gramp to start fucking in earnest. He began to make deep thrusts into Mom's cunt while kissing Mom in a deep tongue-sucking embrace. Mom grabbled his hands and put them on her large boobs which were jiggling with the force of every thrust. He started to squeeze those soft melons making Mom moan louder and break out in her own language- Oh, Dad, fuck me, aro jore chodo, ah, ah, amar bhitore asho, amar gud bhore dao tomar barar roshe (fuck me harder,come inside me, fill my cunt with your cum).

Now Granpa increased his thrusting even more and Mom's body was shaking violently with every thrust. Then Granpa thrust his cock all the way upto his balls and grunting like a bull blasted his hot semen inside Mom which triggered her cunt to squeeze hard on his swelling cock, thrust her cunt up and started jerking her body, Aaah, aaaah, Dad, give me more, more.

At last both stopped moving. Gramp slowly got off Mom, his now shrivelling cock came out of Mom's cum-filled cunt with a plop. Both lay on their backs covered in perspiration from the vigorous exertion of their long hard fuck.

Mom spoke at last, Oh Dad that was fabulous. If I knew you can fuck like this I would have seduced you long ago. Gramp smiled and replied, oh baby, you don't know how good it felt. Its been such a long time since I fucked last. I didn't know I could come twice in such a short time at my age. Seein gyour perfect naked body did something to me. Mom smiled back and said, I hope we can do this often. She raised herself and taking Gramp's semen-covered cock in her mouth cleaned it up. Then she said, I have to pee and clean-up.Granpa stopped her and said, that's fine but I have a better idea. Why don't we both go to the bathroom and you can pee on me. Mom was speechless for a moment, then she smiled broadly and said, oh, I didn't know you are into that. I've often wondered how it would feel to pee on somebody or to be peed on. Let's go. They went to the bathroom, got into the tub and Gramp lay down. Mom stood over him with her legs spread wide just over his face. Semen was already oozing from her cunt and as she spread her cuntlips with both hands and started to pee, the hot mixture of her pee and their combined juices poured over his face. Granpa was enjoying the warm spray so much that his tired cock was beginning to show life again.

When Mom finished peeing Gramp pulled her by her asscheeks and sucked her cunt clean. Mom got off him and said, now its your turn. They quickly changed positions and Granpa let fly his pee in Mom's mouth. Then he moved the spray to her tits which made her moan. He finished with spurts of pee on her open cunt. They took a shower together, ate supper and went to bed together naked.

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