tagErotic CouplingsShe Gets a Little Wicked

She Gets a Little Wicked


He pulled out his cock, wet and shiny with her pussy juices, and moved quickly up her body. She moaned, cupping her big tits with their hard brown nipples, pushing them together. His hand reached down beneath the swollen purple head of his glans, pumping his slippery, twitching cock in short, quick strokes.

"That's it, baby," she moaned, her own fingers sliding deep inside her throbbing cunt, "Come on me. Come on my tits. I want it all over me."

He grunted, and thrust his cock forward. Instinctively, she arched her back, lifting her hot, wet pussy in the air as she fingered it furiously.

Hot, white come spurted from his cock, splattering on her tits and neck. She moaned, shoving out her tongue, trying to catch his come as several spurts splashed hot and wet on her face. With a final moan he fell to the bed next to her.

"Mmmn," she said, looking down at all the white come on her tits, "That was a lot of come."

He smiled, "You drive me crazy." He watched her slide her fingers back down to her wet little pussy. She started fingering herself.

"But I didn't come," she pouted, jiggling her clit, "And look a this mess you've made, you dirty little boy."

She looked down at her tits, and a wicked gleam entered her eyes.

"Come here and clean it up," she commanded.

He lifted his head from the pillow and gave her a quizzical look. "What?"

She shimmied closer to him, moving her tits toward his face. "You heard me, you naughty little boy. Clean up your mess." She reached out and pulled his head forward.

"I'm not asking you a question," she ordered with an edge to her voice, "Stick out your tongue. That's it, now lick it up. Lick up all that come."

Hesitant, his tongue ran up the side of her breast, pausing before her hand in his hair forced his mouth upward and the sudden taste of his semen.

"Oh, baby," she cooed, slipping a finger right up inside her hot, wet little pussy, "That's a good boy. Lick it up. Keep licking. Look at all that come. It tastes good, doesn't it? Licking up all that yummy come?" She pulled his head back and smiled as his tongue flicked to try and keep licking at her breast. "Mmmnn. You're doing a good job, but look at that come on my nipple. I want you to suck on it, suck on my nipple."

He grabbed her big round breast, squeezing it as he ducked his head down to suck her nipple glazed with white semen. She watched him take her whole aureole in his mouth and uttered a small moan as he sucked on it greedily.

"You naughty little boy," she teased, "Do you like sucking that come off my hard nipple? You look so sexy sucking my tits with come on your face. Come up here, kiss me."

Their tongues intertwined, mingling with come. She pulled back and smiled. "You like the taste of come, don't you?"

"Maybe," he mumbled, avoiding looking at her.

"Maybe?" she taunted, smiling and arching an eyebrow. She reached down and covered a finger with the come between her tits. She lifted the finger up in front of his face. "Open your mouth," she said.

"Baby, I don't know about this. . ."

"Be quiet and open your mouth."

He looked at her and opened his mouth, slightly. She pushed her finger into his mouth, delighting at the sight of some of his come smearing on his lips. She shoved her finger in deeper. His eyelids fluttered shut.

"Now, lick," she ordered.

She felt his tongue circling on her finger. "That's it," she encouraged him, "That's a good boy, lick it up, lick up all that come." Her mouth dropped open in surprise. "Oh, my God. Just what do you think you're doing?"

He opened his eyes, cheeks flushed, her finger still in his mouth. "Just what, do you think, you are doing?" she asked again, shaking her head, her lips curving into a wicked smile.

She pulled her finger from his mouth. He watched as she lazily twiddled two fingers through the come on her tits, covering both of them with semen. She ran her tongue along her upper lip, closing her eyes briefly as she slipped another finger into her hot and juicy pussy.

"I asked you a question," she said. She raised her fingers, slippery with come, towards his face. "Not going to answer?" She lifted the fingers near his mouth. "You sure?" she teased. She shoved her fingers into his mouth, and she heard him take a short breath with a little grunt.

She moved closer to his ear. "I could feel you, baby," her voice deepening, "I could feel you sucking on my finger, you dirty little boy. That's why I'm giving you another finger. Lick that come and suck on my fingers. It's okay, baby, suck on them. Suck!"

He closed his eyes and she saw his cheeks move as he started sucking on her fingers. "That's it, suck on them. Harder!" She pulled her fingers from her pussy and reached over for his cock.

"Oh, my God," she breathed in his ear, "Your cock is getting hard, you naughty boy. What is it that you are imagining? Hmmmn? What do you think? You know what I think, baby? Hmmmn?" She wrapped her fingers around the shaft of his cock. "I think you are fantasizing about a big, hard cock. Is that it, baby? Are you pretending to suck a cock for me?"

His cheeks flushed, his moan muffled by her fingers, she felt his cock twitch in her hand. "Oh, baby, that would look so sexy," she breathed in his ear, "you on your knees sucking a big cock for me." She felt him suck even harder on her fingers and she started moving her hand up and down his cock, jerking him off. "But a big cock like that, it isn't going to stay still while you're sucking on it, is it?"

She started thrusting her fingers in and out of his mouth, and he uttered another muffled moan, his cock fully hard in her hand, throbbing. "That's what you want, isn't it?" she asked, her breath hot in his ear, "A big, hard cock fucking your mouth? You're just like me, aren't you honey? I can't believe how wet you're getting my pussy." She pulled her fingers from his mouth, a string of his saliva catching on her fingers, his cock swelling in her hand.

She let go of his cock and rolled over on the bed, rummaging in the drawers of the bed stand. She stood up on her knees in the bed, pushing the hair from his face. He looked over. She held her dildo low in front of her pubis. He stared at it, unable to look away.

"Tanya, I don't think. . ."

"Shhh. It's okay baby, I know you want it. Don't you remember that time you let me be with Keri? The way she held me down and rubbed her hot, wet little cunt on my mouth while I licked her pussy, rubbed it all over my face? How you came up behind me and shoved your cock deep inside my cunt, how my juices were everywhere, how turned on I was?"

"This is different."

"No, it's not, baby," she said, holding the base of the big, black dildo against her pussy with her left hand, her right hand slowly stroking up and down the shaft of the cock, jerking it off for him, "I like to lick pussy and now we know that you like to suck cock. I know when I am down on my hands and knees licking a pussy how hard your cock gets. You should feel how wet and slippery my pussy is getting watching you suck cock."

She moved toward him on the bed, the big black cock bobbing obscenely beneath her jiggling brown breasts. "Look how hard my cock is," she cooed, her right hand pumping up and down the black cock, the fingers of her left curling into the wet heat of her pussy. She shoved the glans close to his face. "Open your mouth," she breathed.

Her right hand went down to his hair, pulling his face closer to her cock. "Open your mouth," she ordered again, louder. His lips parted. She pushed her hips forward, the head of the cock rubbing his lips. "That's it," she murmured, "That's a good boy, suck it, suck my cock."

She shoved her hips further forward and watched several inches of cock slide into her boyfriend's mouth. She felt a spasm in her cunt. Her eyes widened as she pulled his head forward to take more cock and heard a muffled moan. His head bobbed up and down on her cock without assistance, wet noises and moans filling the room.

"You dirty boy, your cock is stiff and hard. Stiff and hard while you suck a cock. Jerking off your own cock while you suck a big, black cock," she taunted, "Would you do that for me? Would you suck a big, black cock and get him nice and hard for my wet little pussy? Hmmmn?"

She pulled the dildo from his mouth, saliva spilling out on his chin, and fell back on the bed, legs splayed. "Oh, God, you are drooling all over that big cock. Baby, I need it now," she said, voice ragged. Her wet cunt open and exposed, she shoved the dildo inside her hot, throbbing pussy, moaning, eyes clenched shut. She shoved the dildo deeper, her hips snapping up off the bed, her breath coming in gasps. She slid the big black cock in and out of her cunt, her fingers rubbing her clit, her breath ragged, she opened her eyes slightly to see him jerking off furiously.

"Would you suck his big, black cock, baby?" He nodded slightly, his hand a blur on the shaft of his cock. "Would you let him fuck me? Would you watch while his big black cock pounded my hot, wet little pussy?" He nodded again. She closed her eyes, she could feel it starting, she rubbed her clit harder, pressed her hips off the bed. "And if I let him come in my mouth, all over my tits, would you lick it up, would you clean up his come like a good little boy?"

He nodded again, grunting, the come shooting in thick white ribbons from the swollen purple head of his cock. She uttered a low cry, shutting her eyes tight, her own orgasm sweeping over her like an uncontrollable wave crashing into the shore, her cunt filled with uncontrollable spasms on the thick black cock deep inside.

For a few moments there was silence. She opened her eyes and saw him utterly spent, covered with his own come, and a wicked thought came to mind.

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