tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTeacher & The Bad Boy

Teacher & The Bad Boy


I've just finished my training and gotten my teaching degree. My dream has always been to teach Journalism and live in the country, far away from "city" life! I've been lucky enough to find a position in a small community college. This is my first day in a class of what seems to be the biggest, rowdiest, most ill-mannered "farmers" I've ever seen.

Earlier, in the over crowded hallway outside my classroom, as I was bending over to pick up a note pad I'd dropped, one of the over grown "student body" had himself a good feel of MY body in the crush of students rushing to class! And apparently several other students saw him as he shoved his big paw up my skirt and groped my crotch while he hunched himself against my backside several times! However, in the position I was in, I must have been the only one who didn't see who did it! Needless to say...I was extremely embarrassed and more then a little upset! Not a good mood to start a new job in!

Shortly after the bell rang and class started, I was introducing myself to my new charges "Good morning class, my name is Jaclyn Miracle."

I heard a deep voice from the back of the room mutter "Was a miracle I didn't shoot a load in my jeans gropin' your ass teach!" The entire classroom erupted in laughter!

I froze, realizing that the "paw" was in my classroom. I'm thinking to myself...how do I handle this? What do I do? I can't let my new career start off in this way. I HAVE to DO something!

I demanded "Who said that? Stand up and show yourself...NOW!"

For a few moments there is total silence, not a sound can be heard inside the classroom. Then, very slowly, all eyes turn to the back of the room and everyone stares at a boy? He looks up, slowly grins at them all and begins to rise from his desk.

Now, I am tall for a woman. 5' 9 inches is NOT short! But this BOY just keeps rising up and up till I'm standing there with my head craned back looking up at him. He has to be over 6' 7 inches tall.

All I can think of is "Oh my God!" And apparently I must have said this out loud because everyone in the room laughs! Including the giant "paw!"

"Ok, Jaclyn...stay calm" I tell myself!

"So it was YOU that behaved so badly in the hallway earlier?" I say.

"Well...yes'm, I reckon it was me! I just couldn't seem to help myself! And I surely did enjoy every moment of it...too!" he mumbles with a not so repentant grin! To which the class again erupted in laughter.

"Silence! Or every last one of you will stay after class!" All I can think is that I have to get this situation back under my control or the rest of the school year is lost!

"What is your name young man?" I demand!

"John-Paul ma'am!" the big lout mutters.

"Well, John-Paul, come up here to the front of the classroom!" I ordered!

Everyone in the class gives a whispered "ohhhhhhhh no!"

Hesitating a moment, he stands watching me. I assume, to evaluate just how sever his punishment is to be! I had learned that this small back country school still believed in "corporal" punishment. Seems the parents, as a group, had requested that "spanking" be used as a disciplinary means. And it was up to the individual teachers discretion as to when and how this punishment was handed out. Each classroom even had it's own paddle, hanging on the wall behind the teachers desk!

"John-Paul, are you sorry for your inappropriate behavior outside and here in class?" I ask him, looking into the biggest, prettiest green eyes I've ever seen.

"Well. No ma'am, I can't rightly say I am. No, not a bit! I'd do it again in a flash if'n Y'all would just bend over!" he grins at me and winks! He actually winks at me!

All I can do is stand there with my mouth hanging open and stare, as the class goes wild with applause for this overgrown Neanderthal! This has got to stop...and NOW!

I go around my desk and take the paddle from the wall. Returning to face John-Paul, I demand. "Turn around and lean over the desk!"

He just stands there, looking into my eyes and does nothing. Says nothing...just looks at me. Now, I've had men look at me before. And I could feel they're thoughts. But what I feel as John-Paul stands there staring into my eyes is beyond anything I've ever even imagined before. And to my shock and embarrassment, I feel myself becoming wet, down there. And he grins even bigger and licks his lips! He KNOWS!

Then as if he is doing me a favor, he turns and leans over the desk, looking back over his shoulder at me. I feel my face flaming! My panties are soaked. And I'm breathing hard. Finally I realize I'm just standing there, with the paddle in hand, staring at this over grown boy like he's a rare steak and I've not eaten in days!

Raising my hand, I bring the paddle down onto his butt with quite a bit of force! When it lands with a sharp "smacking" sound...he laughs! Gritting my teeth and getting a better grip on the paddle...I try again! Whack! Smack!

And again...he laughs, looks at me and says "can't you do no better'n that? Come on teach, punish me...don't tease me!"

With a growl of frustration, the entire classroom full of students forgotten, I start wailing away on his behind with the paddle! 5, 10, 15 blows reign down on his happy ass! And he's still laughing!

Finally I stop, panting for breath, and growl "drop Your jeans...I'll make you regret your actions yet!" At which he gladly stands up, unsnaps his jeans, pulls the zipper down and slides them down below his hips!

Then he leans back over the desk, gives me a dark, brooding look and says "come on baby...give my naked ass all you've got!"

And I do, God forbid...I do! After about 30 slaps of the paddle, to his beautiful, naked ass, too tired to notice, I loose count! All I am aware of is the wonderful bright red of his ass and the wild, sexual joy I feel as my cum runs down my inner thighs! And him moving back into each and every blow as if he's welcoming them!

Suddenly, he stands, grabs the paddle from my hand and turns toward me. I gasp and step back, my eyes growing huge, as I star at his raging erection jutting, hard and powerful, toward my face.

He reaches down, grasps it in his hand, stroking it gently and says "Now, teach! Now it's my turn to show you how we do things here!"

With a simple flick of his hand, another student jumps up and dashes to lock the classroom door, pulling the shade down over the window in the door at the same time.

I find myself surrounded by every student in my class and backed into the corner with no way to escape. He is still standing directly in front of me, still gently stroking his massive cock and still staring at me. But he now looks like a starved wolf turned loose in the hen house at night!

With a gulp of my now dry throat I say "John-Paul, I insist that you go to the principles office at once!" And everyone in the room laughs! Even I know how shaky and feeble I sound...

I finally realize that I am not among a well mannered, respectful group of young people. But a pack of ill-mannered, over grown, sexually active delinquents! As I open my mouth to scream for help John-Paul reaches out, clamps his big paw over my mouth and instructs the others to grab me and hold me tight.

I feel hands grab my arms, legs, head and body. Then I feel myself being lifted up, off my feet and held in a prone position. Someone takes John-Paul's place covering my mouth. As hard as I struggle, I can't break free, even to scream. There are bodies packed all around me. Hands grasping, squeezing, fondling, probing every part of my body.

"Spread her legs." John-Paul orders.

My legs are ripped apart, wide, even though I try my best to squeeze them together. Stepping up between my legs, John-Paul grabs my light-weight, cotton skirt and in one great yank, rips it from my body! Then grabbing a handful of my bikini panties and giving another jerk, he renders me naked from the waist down, except for my shoes.

"Strip her bare! I want to see what I'm getting!" He orders. And hands are pulling and tugging, ripping my shirt and bra from me. Even my shoes are yanked off my feet and tossed aside!

"Now, hold her head up, I want her to see what's happening. I want her to know what's cummin'. And, I want to see her face while I show her what it's like down on the farm!" Suddenly I feel someone grab a handful of my hair and my head is jerked up from where it had been hanging down.

As I look around me I realize I am being held, suspended in mid air, just at waist height. And John-Paul is standing between my widely spread legs, his engorged cock jutting and throbbing toward my gaping pussy. And everyone is staring at his cock as the dripping head of it slowly inches toward my vulnerable cunt.

Again I try to jerk my head loose to scream and try to kick out at him, hopefully to land a blow to his huge cock. But I am held like in a vise. Dozens of hands wrapped around me like chains. I am totally helpless and immobile. All I am able to do is make moaning sounds and weakly shake my head...no! Pleading with my eyes, begging him to stop. But of course...he has no intentions of stopping!

Reaching down between my legs, he shoves his fingers hard and deep into my pussy. Wiggling them around, stroking them in and out. I can hear my own juices squishing and slurping as he rams away inside me. Then when he has plenty of juice all over his fingers, he reaches over to a girl who is holding one of my arms, and holding them to her mouth, she greedily begins to suck them clean. He works his fingers in and out of her mouth like he would his massive cock. She is so incensed by what she is doing she reaches out and grasping my nipple she twists and yanks it till I scream. My sounds of agony muffled behind the hand covering my mouth.

"Enough!" John-Paul orders, and she releases my breast.

Looking at me, stroking his fully erect cock, slowly fingering my clit, John-Paul asks "Think you've been fucked before? Well, you haven't been fucked till you've gotten it barn yard style! I'm gonna ruin You for any other man! Y'all hold on tight now, she looks like a real fighter!"

And guiding his huge cock to my gaping pussy, still staring directly into my eyes, with a mighty grunt, he rams the monster thing fully into me. The pain is so great that I buck, screaming, kicking and fighting as hard as I can. Grabbing my hips and standing still, keeping himself buried to the hilt in my aching pussy, he waits for the first wave of my pain to subside. I feel like I've been ripped it two, the pain a burning, hot, pressure thru my lower body. Never have I even seen a cock as large as his, much less had it thrust into me like a weapon.

Slowly, I come to my senses again. Tears of pain, running down into my hair. The pain is still washing over me in huge waves. I'm panting for breath, feeling as if I'm impaled on a fence post. I almost wish I could pass out, escape this nightmare. Then slowly, he begins to withdraw from me. The pressure is so intense it takes my breath. I feel like he's pulling me apart. Finally he's pulled all but the head of his cock from me.

Now he begins to slowly stroke in and out of my tortured pussy. Rocking his hips, back and forth in long, slow, deep strokes. As he fucks me, he reaches down and gently strokes my clit. Rubbing it between his thumb and forefinger like a small penis. All the while talking to me, telling me what it feels like inside my pussy. How I'm grasping and sucking on his cock, not wanting to let it slide out of me. Telling me that I'm so very hot and slick inside. Almost burning hot. And so wet and slippery. That my clit is throbbing and jumping as he strokes it.

I'm watching his every move, listening to every word. And I realize my clit IS swollen larger then it's ever been before. I also realize something else. I'm moaning in pleasure! And I feel myself getting wetter with each of his deep powerful strokes. I can hear the wet squishy sounds of fucking my pussy and his cock are making. Oh God...I'm enjoying this. I'm moaning and groaning like an animal in heat. I can no longer focus on his face. As my vision blurs and my eyes roll back, I feel myself starting to move with him. Rocking my hips to meet his powerful thrusts. Mumbling and moaning incoherently. Trying to reach out to him, to touch him, to wrap myself around him. I need to feel more of him!

Realizing that I've given myself over to the lust raging in me, he tells the others "Raise her up, I want her to ride me. Set her up on my cock." And they do as he commands. Lifting my upper body, bringing me face to face with him. And as lost as I am, I reach out, wrap my arms around his neck and my legs around his hips and bury my tongue deep inside his mouth. All the while rocking back and forth on his wonderful, massive cock! I feel his giant hands on my ass, lifting me up and down onto his ramming cock. God...I've never felt anything like this before. I'm lost, totally lost in the sensations of my body. Knowing nothing, seeing nothing, hearing nothing but the sounds he and I are making as we fuck like animals.

Not paying any attention to what's going on around me, or to his words to the others, I'm totally lost in my coming orgasm. I feel myself slipping over the edge, feel my hot wet cum gushing from my swollen, battered pussy. I'm not prepared for the stabbing, burning thrust of a cock inside my asshole. But as it penetrates my muscles and buries itself fully inside my ass, driving, hard and fast in counter time to John-Paul's mighty trusts, I throw back my head and scream out the most overwhelming, powerful orgasm I've ever known! Slipping into the oblivion that I had just minutes ago wished for.

How much later I don't know...I slowly wake to such a powerful rush of lust, it makes me gasp. Opening my eyes, I realize I'm laying on my back, upon the desk. John-Paul is bent over me, suckling, fondling and mauling my breasts. Someone is licking, nibbling, sucking and biting on my neck, ears and shoulders. But the most overpowering sensation is coming from whoever is between my legs. I feel them, hear them, lapping, slurping, grunting with their efforts. I feel fingers in my ass, thrusting fast and deep. Someone has their mouth over my pussy, sucking hard, milking all the cum from inside me. I can feel someone licking and stroking my still distended clit, jerking it like a little cock.

I look back at John-Paul who has now raised up and is holding his cock before my mouth. "Come on teach baby. Do it, do it for me. Suck my cum soaked cock for me! Suck it clean!"

And looking at his still wet, glistening cock, my mouth opens and I wrap my lips around the great purple head of it. And I begin to suckle like a baby at it's Mama's tit. Tasting my own sweet, tangy cum and John-Paul's rich, salty, cum as I clean his still engorged cock. The wet, hot, sounds of sex and cum all around me. And my own mouth slurping, smacking and sucking the loudest.

As the sensations begin to over power me and I feel my orgasm starting to build, I reach out, grasp John-Paul's hips and pull him to me, hard! Laying my head back over the edge of the desk, I pull him around so he is standing above my head. As he realizes he now has a clear shot down my extended throat, he grabs handfuls of my hair and begins to pump his cock deep into my throat. Grabbing the head of it in my throat, I start swallowing, over and over, pulling him deeper and deeper inside of me. Finally he is buried in me till his balls are slapping against my forehead and my nose is buried in his scrotum. I wrap my arms around his hips to hold him to me and suckle and gobble his huge cock deep into my throat. Working my throat muscles around the length of his cock, milking his cum from his balls.

I faintly hear a voice say "Damn, look at that. She's got the whole damn thing down her throat. Look at it, You can see how her throat and neck are swollen from having it inside like that. How the fuck can she breath?"

I feel a hand pressed against my throat, feel it rubbing up and down my throat, stroking John-Paul's cock from the outside as I stroke it from the inside with my throat muscles. I feel his cock start to swell and pulse, jerking inside me. I redouble my efforts as I feel my own orgasm about to explode again.

"God damn baby, suck that thing. Suck me hard. Fuck I've never felt anything like this before. Oh God, I'm gonna cum. Jesus, fuckin' suck me baby, Suck it bitch! Damn, you're a born cock sucker! Now, pull on it, pull hard...NOW!" John-Paul shouts.

With that, John-Paul locks his hands into my hair, rams his cock deep into my milking throat and pours his hot, thick cum in huge spurts down my throat. As my orgasm bursts loose, I lock my arms around him, My throat going into spasms as I try to swallow and scream at the same time. I feel my cum gushing out of me, spurt after spurt shooting out, over me, over who ever is trying to lap it up and over the desk.

John-Paul's cum backs up, too much for me to keep up with and comes bubbling out my mouth and nose! As I feel it running down the sides of my face, I also feel someone licking and sucking it off of me and him. And again, overwhelmed by such powerful feelings, more then I can handle...I slide back into darkness.

Slowly I wake. Raising up, I look around. I'm dressed, sitting at my desk, where my head had been laying on my folded arms. I'm all alone in the classroom. The clock on the wall says 4 pm. Was I asleep? Was I dreaming? Am I going crazy?

I think I must have fallen asleep and had a most erotic dream, I slowly stand. I take my purse from my desk drawer and start to leave the room. Turning one last time and looking back, I see something white under the edge of my desk. Walking back across the room and reaching down, I pull whatever it is from under the desk and turn again to the door. As I look down to see what it is, I find myself holding...my ripped panties?

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