Teacher Is Mistaken Ch. 07


"You went out of the classroom this afternoon. I assume you went to the restroom. What did you do there?" he asked.

"I had to relieve myself master," she answered.

"You know what I mean, tell me," he fiercely asked.

"I err, played with my pussy master," she reluctantly admitted.

"Your pussy? Don't you mean my cunt?" he asked.

"Yes, master, your slave girl is sorry master. I played with your cunt, master," she whimpered in disgrace.

"Did you cum?" he demanded to know.

"Yes master," she demurely answered. He looked at her demanding more.

"I'm sorry master. I couldn't stand it any more. Your slave girl just had to play with her master's cunt. Your teacher is such a slut she had to play with her master's cunt until she had an orgasm. Only a small one, sorry master," she whined, in one long outpouring.

"You are such a horny little slut of a teacher. You need your master to control you. From now on you will not cum unless given permission. Do you understand slave girl. Tell me," he demanded.

"Yes master! Your teacher is such a dirty little slut she has to have permission to cum. Thank you master," she whined.

Roger looked at her cunt, seeing how wet and sexed up she had become. She loved this degrading treatment. Instead of just answering him with the minimum of words she was embellishing her answers, revealing how much she needed to be treated badly.

Waves of sensations were arousing her as she undressed in their room. She hoped it was from her master's touch, rather than the butt plug and the Egg, which was still inside her. Examining it in the mirror she hoped not to be coming too used to it, for what then, was this stimulation of her bottom changing her sexual drive?

She suspected her whole outlook to sex had been changed permanently, but what could she do? It was already too late to go back to being an innocent young woman, as the flood gates had been opened to submission and domination.

Used to parading before him naked she hadn't considered dressing to prepare the evening meal. Hollie became excited when he idly stroked her body, while she served him dinner. She snatched something to eat in the kitchen, while fetching and carrying for her master.

Becoming frustrated from his desultory attention she was prepared to beg him to take her. In the kitchen she removed the frilly little apron, primped her hair, and quickly returned to him for the promised reward.

"Master, please!" she implored him. Standing before him naked she struck a seductive pose, and looked at him with a pleading pout.

"I know what you want you naughty slut. First let's see to this plug, then a well deserved reward for my little pet," he said.

Eagerly slipping on to his lap, like a love sick puppy, she pushed her bottom up at him, not caring about the indignity of it, as she thought of nothing except the promised orgasm.

"Stop wriggling slut," he told her, and slapped her bottom.

It was difficult delving in to get a grip upon the Egg. She was enjoying being fingered, and to keep her quiet he rubbed her bud with a thumb. Eventually he managed to pull it free.

With some effort he pulled the plug from her bottom then massaged her thoroughly between the legs, not missing the slightest crease or crevice. He soon had her purring with pleasure, while fingers of both hands lubricated her with grease sliding between cheeks and lips, teasingly entering both holes. Fingers tenderly circled both holes eliciting shudders from a prone body bent in two, with head and toes nearly touching the floor.

Far away from body and mind all there existed was a cloud of sensations. Brought back to the world of pain she felt the butt plug enter her hole. This time it slipped in easier and she again slumped over his knee as he continued to stroke her, hardly interrupting the rhythm.

She didn't care now what he did to her body, so long as he continued to play the symphony of sensations resonating throughout her body. Eventually she climaxed. Reaching a near state of nirvana he kept her there for some time, until again a gentle pulse emanated from between her legs, out to the limbs, curling toes and fingers.

He couldn't see the bared teeth, but heard the throaty cry as she cum again. Jerking almost off his lap the throws of an orgasm racked her body, until she stiffened straight out with legs and head up.

"Oh! Oh! Oh, my god!" she loudly cried, and then slumped once more, limp over his lap.

Slapping her bottom he told her. "Come on. Off. Kneel before me." Unable to move he helped roll her onto the floor, where she dragged her wrought body into a kneeling position, head slumped forward almost into his lap.

"Thank you master, thank you for letting your slave girl cum," she beamed up at him.

"That's not the end of your reward. There is more to come," he grinned. He pointed to a hard lump in his trousers.

Roger watched his teacher eagerly unzip his jeans. She needed no prompting now. A few weeks ago he would have cum in his pants on see his teacher drooling over the prospect of sucking his cock. She deliciously licked his cock then sucked it into her warm welcoming mouth.

Preferring it between her legs, this would suffice until later. With passion she sucked and slurped on him, caressing her master's cock and balls with both hands with consummate skill, learnt during the past weeks.

When he spurted into her mouth, she only just stopped from swallowing. Leaning back a little, she opened her mouth to proudly display his sperm on her tongue, waiting for his order.

"You have learnt well my little slave girl. You can swallow now," he told her.

Making a show of drinking it down, she then sunk her head into his lap to lick him clean.

"Thank you for your lovely sperm, master," she cooed, not feeling self-conscious at all, from showing her subservience so blatantly.

"I have some gifts for my little slave girl," he smiled. It was pleasing to see her so pathetically delighted. He wondered how she would react on finding out what the rest of the evening held in store.

"In the bedroom you will find a dress. You may wear it this evening as a reward. There are shoes too," he added.

Helping her up from the floor, he held onto her hand. He unexpectedly kissed her tenderly on the lips, to which she opened her mouth, and was disappointed when he didn't penetrate her mouth. Knowing him so well, she realised he was teasing her for something to come.

"Later," he said. "I want you dressed and prepared for more," he ordered.

With a light step she floated to the bedroom, anticipating with pleasure her master's gift.

A few weeks ago she wouldn't have considered it a present for her, rather something for his enjoyment. It was a designer dress and looked impressively expensive. Hollie caught herself thinking about her master looking after her. Being able to afford such expensive clothes and devices meant his allowance was large enough to keep her.

She shivered in delight over the idea of being owned as a slave. It was exciting being so much under his control. All her moral inhibitions and worldly cares would be handed over to a master.

It was a white sheer sheath. It fit the contours of her body as though made for it. There was no underwear in the exclusive stores cardboard box. There was just a pair of white stockings, and a pair of white high heeled shoes. Wobbling a little on the heels, she hesitated before the mirror, preening her hair and adjusting the dress.

She had to lift the dress around her waist to wipe her pussy.

"I can't let him keep doing this to me. He's turned me into such a hot slut I'm going to catch on fire! He's keeping me in such a continual state of arousal I can't think straight or resist him. Just two weeks till the end of term, and then I can escape," she whispered to the mirror.

The thought of leaving him filled her with dread. It would have to be done, or she might never recover.

Nervously she presented herself to the master. Being clothed seemed sexier than standing before him naked, although in that dress she might as well have been.

"You look wonderful, a delicious princess, my sweet princess. I look forward to eating my dessert later on," he laughed.

"Thank you, master," she giggled. She felt so sexy she wanted to dance up and down with joy. Though moving around was difficult enough in the high heels.

Glowing from his approval she set about the household chores fetching and carrying for him, all the time teasing him with her body. Soon he would take her to bed for a session so much craved for. It brought her to a heightened state of arousal just thinking about it.

"Come on slave girl, the chores are all done," he told her.

In consternation she followed him to the door, not to his bed as expected.

Hollie tried to dissuade him, but he gripped her hand, leading the way to his van. She sat nervously, fidgeting from being aware of how rude the dress was without underwear. Recognising the strip mall she groaned in an agony of fear. She didn't want to get out, but he opened the door, and pulled her into his arms.

They walked into the piercing and tattoo parlour, hand in hand.

"Hi Joe," Roger greeted the tattooist.

"Hi Roger, back for more?" he said.

Roger guided his teacher into the chair. He noticed the worried look on her face, so stroked her hair.

"There, there pet, don't worry. Your master isn't going to hurt you. You've already been pierced, so nothing to fear," Roger soothingly spoke.

She closed her eyes when told to pull down the top of the dress. Her breasts were on show, but the ugly guy didn't seem bothered. He had seen plenty of them, and had seen hers before. That didn't make it any less embarrassing.

She closed her eyes tighter, as the guy fiddled with her nipples. "Ouch!" she yelped, with the pain bringing tears to her eyes.

"Sorry, pet. It's nearly over," Roger soothed.

The other one was less painful. In an agony of embarrassment she lifted her bottom off the seat to wriggle the dress up around her waist. She was practically naked, with the dress rolled around her middle.

Hollie looked to the door, discovering they hadn't bothered to change the sign to 'closed'. Anyone could walk in to see her body rudely exposed. It was unlikely to be a fellow teacher, though one of the rougher students might.

She quickly clamped her eyes shut, not daring to look at what they had done to her nipples. She opened her legs wide, giving the foul breathed guy access. She reminded herself it was no longer hers to keep private. It was her master's cunt, to do with as he pleased.

That thought heated her up, despite a stranger pulling on her lips.

Hollie stifled a yelp by biting on her lip. The guy had pinched her lip hard. Damn! It was a small piercing ring. He had pierced her outer fold.

"Ouch!" she yelped again. She didn't need to open her eyes, she could feel him fiddling with the painful lip.

"She's a hot slut you've got here, Roger. Look how wet she is. She's a bitch on heat from what I'm doing to her," Joe laughed.

Hollie wanted to explain to her master why she was wet. It wasn't this nasty man. It was the humiliation and pain, while thinking about her master that made her hot. All this went through her mind, leading her to conclude that as awful as it sounded, she was just that. She was a hot slutty bitch, ready for a good fucking.

"She's a cute young thing, how old?" the guy asked.

"Eighteen," Roger lied.

"Looks a bit older, but then sluts seem to age quicker. It's all the fucking and abuse from an early age that makes them look older," the guy callously commented.

Hollie cringed with shame. She wanted to shout at him that she wasn't a slut, she was a respectable teacher. From the state she was in, he would only laugh, and think she was a nasty sexed up bitch. An urge to lift her hips up, to thrust her sex at him was only just resisted. Instead she squashed her lips into the chair.

"Ohhh!" she moaned, from the pain in her pussy.

"Steady on bitch, you'll get the chair all slimy. I don't want her cumin on my chair Roger," Joe warned.

Hollie wondered how much more shameful it could get, before she broke down and bawled her eyes out, like a silly little airhead girl.

With the pain in her nipples and pussy, she hardly noticed them fiddling with her ears. A collar was fitted around her neck, with a snap that startled her. At least there was no pain involved.

Her master was threading something over her body, but still she kept her eyes shut. She could tell it was him, from the careful, gentle touch. The guy's hands were rough, whereas his were smooth.

"OK! It's all over now, slave girl," Roger stated. "Stand up," he said.

He rolled the dress down to cover the tops of her thighs, just meeting the stocking tops. She pulled the dress up to cover her breasts, with a wince, when it caught a nipple.

"What do you think, slave girl," Roger asked.

She stood before a full length mirror, eyes wide open, startled from shock. It was all too much to take in at one glance. Despite wanting to look away, she slowly scanned each part of her body, taking in what her master had done to her.

Through the dress could be seen thin chains, running down her body, across both nipples to between her legs. Her pussy, no that was wrong, it was her master's cunt. Her master's cunt was puffed up from being pierced. At least they were small rings, so it hadn't hurt so much.

She looked at the silver collar, where the chain was attached.

It was then she noticed the large slutty, 'fuck me' earrings. Or at least that was her opinion of how they looked, on girls that wore large loop earrings.

The new nipple rings were thicker and larger, showing clearly through the thin dress. Slim silver chains ran from the collar, through the nipple rings. Every time she moved the chains rubbed her engorged, sensitive nipples. They were swollen from having the thicker rings fitted, but at least they would heal, and subside.

Taking a deep breath, she looked lower. As expected her pussy had been given a larger ring too. The two chains met there running through it. They were secured to the little rings piercing her lips. That large thick ring could be obviously seen, together with the chains.

Her master had transformed her into a real slave girl, bound in chains. More ornamental than practical, they were a very potent symbol of her servitude. A shiver of fear, and excitement, ran down her spine from the audacious look.

"The bitch is a lot less complaining than last time. You've trained her well, Roger," the guy commented.

'Yes! My master has trained me well. I'm his well trained slave girl,' Hollie thought. A mixture of humiliation and exhilaration kept her staring at the image. The drastic changes to her image were plainly on view, to anyone who saw her. There was no hiding from her lowly position in life now.

"Stand up straight, slave girl, and lift your head up," Roger commanded.

"Ohhh! Hollie exclaimed.

On lifting her head she felt a tingle on her bud and a pull to her lips. The damn chains! They pulled on her sex! She examined properly what he had done to her down there. The chains ran through the ring in her bud making it tingle when she moved. The chains were attached to the rings in her lips so pulled on them.

"Oh! Master!" she whimpered.

Joe laughed, a deep belly wobbling sound.

"Come on, we have to get back home now," Roger cajoled her. Taking a firm grip of her arm, he led her out of the store.

In a daze Hollie let him guide her past stores closing up for the night. People were hurrying for a last minute purchase, or hurrying back to their vehicles. If they noticed the slave girl, they stopped to stare.

Hollie didn't notice, or hear the whistles and rude comments. With every careful step the chains were working her body. Her nipples and bud were being sawn over as the chain moved across them. Her lips were being pulled with every step. She had to walk in a crouch, with head down, or the sensations would be all the more serious.

She was in a world of her own, adjusting to a new image. From smartly dressed school teacher to slave girl was dramatic. The position of slave had been slowly and relentlessly imposed upon her over the past week. Now this dramatic enforcement of the lowly slave girl state had her reeling.

"Please, master, take your slave girl home," Hollie pleaded.

She demurred outside a store, desperate not to be taken in and seen. When he was determined to go in, she tried again.

"Please, master! Take your slave teacher home, and fuck my master's cunt. Your slutty teacher will be an obedient slave girl, please!" she whined.

He dragged her into a Taiwan restaurant for a takeout. The presence of people around her, waiting to be served, closed in upon her. Muttering was heard, but thankfully not the words or she might have died of shame.

After they had ordered, the young Asian girl leaned forward to whisper. "You look wonderful. I'm a slave girl too! I wish I was brave enough to show everyone that I'm a slave," she quietly said.

Her eyes were flashing bright with excitement, when she lifted her long, jet black hair. The girl displayed a large pair of loop earrings, as a sharing of a private intimacy. As quickly she dropped her hair in place, to hide them.

As though merely smoothing down her dress, she held it tight against her body for a moment, showing off large rings in her nipples. When she let the dress hang loose they were again hidden.

Hollie looked closer at the girl to see she too wore a collar, and guessed it wasn't just jewellery, but a slave collar, similar to her own. The name tag read, 'Steph S'. Hollie wondered if the 'S' stood for 'Slut'. They shared an intimate knowing look, for a moment, before the food was handed over.

Roger raced home, having to continuously check his speed. The last thing he wanted was to be stopped for speeding.

"You had better remove the dress, we don't want to spill food on it," Roger suggested.

They were both too excited to eat nevertheless he had her sit at his feet, while he hand fed his slave girl.

She was quiet and subdued, while thinking about what she had become. It was one thing to play at being his slave girl, here in his home, but she had submitted to him in school. Now he had her in chains, declaring her subservient position to the whole world.

She didn't have to wonder what it all meant. Her body was on fire with pure animal lust. She trembled with excitement. It was only the heavily emphasised role of slave that kept her in check otherwise she would have lunged at his cock.

"Please master," she humbly spoke.

"What is it slave girl?" he asked, with a broad grin on his face.

It no longer mattered that she was about to grovel at his feet. She took a deep breath before speaking.

"Please, master, this slutty teacher needs master's hot cunt filled with master's wonderful cock. Please, oh, please fuck your slave girl, master," she pathetically whined.

Roger didn't need a second to contemplate the humble request. He pushed her back onto the floor where she spread her legs wide. She lifted her hips up, giving him easy access to her dripping cunt.

Hollie moaned out loud, on feeling him penetrating her body, with is rock hard dick. He thrust in hard, pounding her body with long slow strokes. He felt every quiver of her vagina, as she clenched him tight.

"Faster, master. Fuck your bad slut teacher. Make me your slave girl. Fuck your slave girl hard, master," she panted.

Roger lost control now so there was no teasing, he just rode her hard. His teacher was his to fuck whenever, and however he liked. He was in pure heaven, fucking her hard.

With every movement the chains ran over her nipples, tormenting them with pain and pleasure. His cock nudged the large piercing ring in her bud on every inward thrust. She burst out with gasps of delight, on feeling the movement of the piercing ring, which sent sensations of pleasure to a primitive part of her brain.

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