The Allotment


She gasped – cried out, "Oh God!" Her body convulsed in orgasm her climax swarming over her body.

"That's it lass come on my cock, you love it don't you?" Derick spoke panting in her ear as he continued to back away at her hairy minge.

"You like it up you don't you, Sarah?" Derick gasped in his own lust. He could feel her cunt muscles throb on his cock. The wait was worth it, he thought. This woman's minge is so slick, I'm going to have fun with this one.

As he lunged into her, Sarah felt herself pushing back onto his cock.

"Did you like coming on my cock, Sarah?"

"Huh, huh," she whispered sheepishly. She could feel another orgasm growing, nurturing within her cunt.

"Good girl, now I'm going to spunk you, Sarah," Derick grunted and leaned back slightly forcing the rest of his cock up into her cunt.

The thirty one year old wife cried out, "Ah!" She felt her cervix give and the old man's cock slip right into her womb, "Ah!" His right up me, in my womb, she thought. The very thought of being penetrated so deeply brought on another orgasm. Her body went rigid as the orgasm exploded in her minge; then convulsed in time with the intense pleasure throbbing in her cunt.

Derick made short sharp thrusts into her body, his cock so deep into her womb that Sarah could hardly believe. Then he seemed to heave once pull back a fraction then heaves again. Again she felt her womb stretch to accommodate him – then she felt his cock expand then throb.

A guttural cry exploded from her throat as she felt the old man's cock spurt its first shot of hot sperm into her womb, "Ah, oh yes I can feel you!" Sarah pushed back against him; she felt his hands on her hips pulling her back onto his cock while it was pulsating, gushing spunk into her cervix.

Sarah slumped forward onto the bench, she felt him soften. She was breathing as though she'd run the marathon.

His cock slipped from her cunt and she stood up and turned to face her lover.

Derick picked up her shorts and handed them to her, "You'd better get decent before hubby gets back, we don't want him to suspect anything do we?"

She was in a daze. Nevertheless, managed to smile at him and then pull her panties back into place over her swollen labia. She took her shorts, stepped into them, and made herself look respectable.

Without saying a word she moved to the door unlocked it then opened it, "Can we do it again, girly?" Derick asked as he put his cock away the same cock that had just been in her womb.

Still in a sexual haze, she looked sheepishly over her shoulder. Sarah could still feel her cunt pulsating from the shag she'd just received.

"I'll think about it," She replied, "I'll let you know tomorrow." It was all she could think of to say as she felt her panties fill with the old man's spunk.

"Okay, can y' tell me though, did I . . . did I spunk you good or what?"

Sarah suddenly thought of her husband. Had he heard her crying out in orgasmic bliss while this sixty eight year old man had taken her, fucked her deeper than she'd ever been. Moreover, leaking from her cunt was his sperm where she could still sense the old man's throbbing cock up in side of her. The feeling was exquisite.

Sarah looked at the half open door, "Yes, you spunked me good," she replied and walked out of the shed to see her husband walking along the path towards her.

Sarah looked at her husband from across the table, "That's what happened."

"You sound as though you enjoyed it," Allen said with a genuine smile.

"I never thought it would be like it was," Sarah revealed, "its ironic really."

"How so?"

"The fact that an old man thirty years my senior had taken me and given me so much pleasure."

"You enjoyed it them?" Allen asked again.

With a wry smile Sarah replied, "Yes."

"And are you going to allow him to do you again?"

Sarah hesitated. Her panties felt soaked through from the old man's spunk she could feel it against her sex and thighs. "I don't know, I don't want to hurt you, Allen. Derick did ask me if he could see me again but I said I'd let him know."

"Sarah I'm so turned on, look," Allen pulled his cock out and Sarah saw the small cock with its red engorged knob, "I really do need some release."

"Darling I'm so sorry." She said as she got up and went to him dropping to her knees.

"No, sweetie ride me, put it in," he gasped.

She gave him a strange look, "Are you sure you want to do that, I mean, I haven't washed my self."

"Sarah, please do it."

The thirty-one year old housewife drops her shorts, panties, and stepped out of them. Allen saw the wetness around his wife's thighs. Her pubic hair matted with another man's spunk. Looking down as his wife straddles his lap he sees sperm dangling from her cunt and then his cock was sliding into her body. With a groan he feels his wife's slick cunt glide over his cock as she starts to ride him.

"Do you know what turns me on so much?" he said looking up at her.

"No what?" Sarah asks as she too felt the slickness of her cunt and the way his cock glides in and out of her hole. The fact she'd been royally fucked not an hour ago and now she was fucking her husband with spunk still up her cunt was heightening her pleasure to the point where she was near to orgasm.

"That I'm fucking my wife with another man's spunk up her," Allen gasped his own pending orgasm about to explode.

Sarah couldn't believe it; fucked by an old man who made her come on his cock then to come home and fuck her husband with the old man's spunk still in her cunt. Her body convulsed throwing her head back she cried out, "God, I'm coming!"

With a growl of extreme pleasure Allen shoved his small penis up into his wife and shot a deluge of spunk into her cunt.

Sarah shook and gasped as her climax washed over her body, falling forward and leaning her head on her husband's shoulder. After a few minutes and her breathing had regained some sort of normality she asked tentatively, "You don't mind if I let Derick have me again?"

Allen lifts her upright and looked into her eyes, "No I don't mind but there will be rules."

Sarah kissed him, "I love you, Allen."

"I love you to, Sarah."

To be continued

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Kill yourself

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by Anonymous10/29/17

Great Story! *****

It's great when your wife fucks a much older guy.
It changes things.
You usually don't feel as threatened as you would if he were a hot young stud who you feel would have a better chance of taking hermore...

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5 stars

5 star story -- one of the best loving wife/sloppy seconds for hubby stories I've read ... really good ... I've jacked off to it countless times now

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