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The Cuckold Husband


My wife Kim met Jim a 23 year old college student when she was in a chat rooms online. They had chatted in the room for a few nights then went to a private room. They exchanged photos and began talking on the phone. They talked till the wee hours of the morning. I would lay in bed and hear her laughing and talking about the kind of sex she wanted to have with him. It probably sounds strange to you that I knew what my wife was planning to do with another man. Stranger still, not only did I know but wanted her too have sex with him. Such is being a cuckold husband.

Jim lived at a college about 25 miles away from us, single and judging from the pictures she showed me very handsome. Kim even talked him into taking a few nude candid shots for her which he eagerly did. She showed me those pictures and let me say, he was very well hung. Thank god for digital cameras! Last night she made up her mind, and handed me the phone to give him directions to get to our place. Kim and I are in our early 40's and usually Kim picked men around our age to party with. After seeing Jim's beautiful cock pictures I could understand why she made the exception in his case.

Kim was completely honest with him about us and what we were into sexually. When I talked to him on the phone I continued being honest. I could tell he was a little nervous about the male to male thing and tried to set him at ease. We were going to be his first threesome and he didn't know what to expect.

I told him that Kim and I had a lot of experience with threesomes. We would go as slow as she wanted it to go, that Kim was in control. I knew a young cock like him had only one speed and once he saw my beautiful wife naked it would be fast forward from there on. I told him I was bisexual and loved sucking cock, especially cock that had been in Kim's pussy or was about to go in it. That she liked to watch me please a man in front of her.

That I was a cuckold! Loved watching men enjoy my wife while I just watched or masturbated depending on Kim's mood and what she ordered or let me to do. He was kind of taken back by that. He was right up front with me. He told me he never had done anything with a guy. The idea of me watching him fuck my wife was a turn on for him like being in a porn movie. He was alright with me sucking him as long as he didn't have to reciprocate, and his cock ended up in Kim's pussy. I guaranteed him that it would definitely end up there and her sexy ass if she was in the mood for rear door fun. I didn't mention that it may end up in mine at some point if Kim wanted it too and she ordered me to take it there.

He sounded less nervous so I gave him directions to our house. When I told Kim he was on his way. She flew up the stairs to get ready for him. I was turned on watching her hurrying to get herself ready to be fucked by another man. I watched her till she disappeared up the stairs then went out to the kitchen to make sure the beer was cold. I knew college guys like beer almost as much as they like pussy.

Jim arrived before Kim had gotten ready and I showed him to the family room where we would wait for my wife to come down. He was taller and more muscular then he looked in his pictures, and even more handsome in person. His blonde haired and smooth fair skin made him look like a Viking god. I couldn't help but think that Kim sure knew how to pick them.

He looked a little nervous so I gave him a beer. "I never heard of a cuckold husband before" he said as he took a sip of the beer.

Oh to be so young again so innocent I thought to myself. I tried to tell him what being a cuckold was about. How Kim and I loved one another, that having another man take her in front of me was something we did to enjoy our sex life more. That the ultimate pleasure for me was not just to watch but to be of service to her and her lover. I didn't mention the more degrading and humiliating her request the more it was a turn on for me. I could see that my description of cuckold hadn't made much sense to him. I decided it would be better if he learn it first hand. Jim said he didn't need to be back at school till late the next day. Plenty of time to really educated him into the world of cuckold spouses I thought to myself.

Kim finally came down to join us. She looked fantastic! She had on short black mini skirt and a white camisole that framed her pert tits perfectly. Her nipple were hard and visible thru the sheer camisole. Her black thigh highs accented the milky white skin where they ended and the black skirt began. She was wearing her black "fuck me" 6 inch heels that made her legs look longer and more shapely. She wasn't wearing any panties! Her skirt was so short that her trimmed black pussy hair was showing. Judging from his dropped jaw and bulge in his tight jeans I could tell Jim liked her outfit right away.

Jim stood up to greet her and Kim walked over to him and kissed him full on the mouth. I could tell her tongue was darting in and out of his mouth. His hands cupped her bare ass cheeks as he pulled her closer to him. Even though Jim was young I could see he had enough experience to know what women wanted when they dressed like sluts. After their kiss they sat down on the couch together. Kim sat right next to Jim, so close their thighs were touching. I sat on the love seat directly across from them without saying a word just watching them.

The music was playing softly. They were laughing and talking to each other like I wasn't even in the same room. The only time they even acknowledge my presents was when they wanted another drink. I would fix Kim another martini and then get a beer for Jim. Finally Kim lifted her leg and put it over his leg and leaned back on the couch so Jim could see her wet pussy slit. He reached over and put his hand on her upper thigh. Not far enough up for Kim's liking, she put her hand on top of his and pulled it up to her exposed pussy. Jim took the hint and started rubbing her pussy and kissing her mouth at the same time. The fun had began, just as I knew it would.

Kim had told me she wanted me naked as soon as they started playing. I did what I was ordered to and removed my shoes and socks. Then stood up and undid my pants and let them drop to the floor. I wasn't wearing underwear so my little cock was exposed, not that Jim was looking. He was way too busy kissing Kim and playing with her pussy. I lifted my shirt above my head and dropped it to the floor. I was naked.

Kim saw me undressing out of the corner of her eye. Only was I was totally nude did she break off her kissing with Jim.

"Look at that puny cock will you" she said laughing as she pointed at me. Jim looked at me standing there and I saw his face break out in a smirk as he looked at my cock as she told him to. Seeing my small cock had to make him feel superior to me immediately which was what she wanted. Kim knew how to manipulate a man and Jim wasn't going to be an exception.

"Now you can see why I need you! Show him honey what a real man's cock looks like" she said smiling at Jim

Jim did what he was told and stood up and with one practiced move pulled his shirt over his head exposing his massive chest muscles. He undid his pants and sat down on the couch removed his shoes socks and then stood up letting them fall to his feet. He was beautiful! His cock was 8 inches and thick. His blonde cock hair was sparse and so fair I could easily see his beautiful ball sack hanging down between his legs. My mouth watered at the sight. The sight and thought that his beautiful cock had never been sucked by a man had my little cock hard. Jim did what he was told by Kim and stood in front of the couch facing me so I could see his cock.

Kim had taken the time when Jim was stripping to remove her camisoles. Her firm round tits were exposed for him to enjoy. Kim's tits are perfectly shaped and her areolas a dark brown and her nipples hard and very sensitive.

"Let me see that cock baby "she said getting Jim to turn so he was facing her with his beautiful cock. I could see the lustful look in her eyes as she looked at his young cock.

"Sit down here by me" she patted the couch to show Jim where she wanted him to sit

"I want my sissy husband to get your cock ready for my wet pussy" she said looking at me when she spit out the words.

Once he sat down with her on the couch. She ordered me over to join them. I crawled on my knees over to where they were on the couch like she had me do so many times before with so many other men. Still on my knees in front of him she looked down at me eyes full of contempt. She took his cock in her hand and held it straight up for me. I looked up at my wife face and saw the look of total disgust and loathing in her eyes for me. It added to my pain and humiliation and sent waves of emotion over my body. Anger at myself for being what I am. Jealousy, rage and lust all mixing together at the same time, pounding my being like a sedge hammer.

"Do him" she ordered. I could see his precum already flowing from his cock slit. I put my lips on his cock and tasted the nectar and smelled the musk of his scent between his legs. I felt Kim's hand on the back on my head as soon as my lips savored the nectar. I felt her hand pushing me hard down on him. I took his big head in. He was so thick that my jaws hurt from the effort. I barely took in an inch of his cock shaft when I felt her free hand slap my exposed ass.

"Suck his cock I said" just as I felt another slap on my ass as if to accent her demand to me. I was trying to get use to his thickness but Kim wouldn't wait and pushed my head down even harder. Soon I had as much of him in my mouth and throat I could take. Kim loved to force my head down till I gagged on her lover. I knew she loved to see the look of fear and panic in my eyes as a cock choked off my air. Finally she let up the pressure on my head and let me bob up and down on his cock working my tongue around the helmet of his cock. . I could feel the tension in his body change from one of worrying about a man sucking his cock, to one of wanting to have a man suck his cock.

Kim sensed the change in Jim too and wasn't about to let me take the first load from this young hot stud's cock.

"Get your mouth off of him!" she said as she pulled me by the hair from his engorged cock. With a practiced motion she straddled Jim's legs on the couch facing him. Her tits were right in his face and at the right height for Jim to kiss and suck them while he fucked her. Her blacked haired pussy was just inches above his massive cock. I knew what she wanted. Knew what she was waiting for before she impaled herself on Jim's cock. She wanted me to take another man's cock in my hand and guide it to her pussy. There always was something so forbidden in that act, like a total surrender of all our marriage vows. I did as she wished and took his cock still wet from my mouth and held it against her cuntal opening.

She lowered her body slowly onto it. Taking Jim's thick cock into her pussy an inch at a time until his entire cock was buried deep in her. I moved back to the love seat and sat down to watched them fuck. Kim's rules were very strict about what I can do when she was having her fun. I could not say a word just watch.

Once she had taken it all of his cock in. I watched her begin working her cunt up and down on his cock. Lifting herself off till just the mushroom shaped head was all that was in her, then plunging down till his entire shaft disappeared. Jim grabbed her by the waist with both hands and started controlling her thrust on his cock. Waves of jealousy, hurt, and lust washing over me with every thrust of his beautiful cock into my wife's eager pussy.

Oh yes!! oh yes!!! fuck that cock into me!!" Kim begged as he slammed her down on his fuck staff.

Watching them fuck I couldn't help but wonder when he would give my wife's pussy a good load for me to clean out of her. I didn't have to wait long to find out. She was riding her cunt on his cock like a piston up and down

"I am going to Cum OOOOOHHH yes" he yelled. I saw him arch his back and thrust his whole body upward off the couch, at the same time pulling Kim down on his cock. He wanted to get every inch of his cock into Kim's cunt. He was pulling her so hard I could see his fingers were buried into her flesh . He finally withdrew, leaving her cunt gaping and reddened with their juices seeping from her cunt. I could see by the quantity of cum following from her cunt that I shouldn't have worried about the size of his load.

Kim rolled off him and sat next to him on the couch. Kim never said a word just the look on her face told me it was my turn with her pussy. I crawled over to the couch on my knees till I was right in front of her. She spread her legs open wide and let me see the cum oozing from her freshly fucked cunt. I could see his jism running out and flowing down her ass crack till it dripped on the couch.

"Lick me clean!!" was all she said. I started at her engorged clit then slipped down to reddened pussy lips and working my tongue to capture every drop. Moving further down to her ass crack and finally onto the couch. Savoring every drop of the mix of Jim's cum and my wife's juices on the way. To a cuckold there is nothing in the world that taste like the mixture of a man's cum and my wife's cunt juice. I looked up and saw Jim sitting there his eyes riveted to what I was doing to my wife's pussy. The pussy he had just fucked his cum into. I could see by the look on his face it was turning him on. I knew after I was done with her I would be cleaning that piston rod of a cock.

The night was young and so was Jim. We would be heading up stairs for more fun and games but I didn't want to hurry and besides his cum was still flowing from her and I wanted every drop.

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by Anonymous12/14/17

Part I don't get

I don't understand the humiliation or cleaning up after bit at all. I can understand wanting the mate to enjoy pleasure, and wanting to be at least nearby to keep them safe.
My own wife has a friend over,more...

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