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This story is somewhat of a sequel to the GRUDGE FUCK.

Katie got off the phone after a long conversation. I didn't really pay attention to what she was saying, so I didn't know who it was. Turns out it was her sister Krissy. Krissy and her husband have been having some marital issues and she needed to get away for a while. Just so happens that Katie invited her to stay with us for a couple weeks, so the plans were made.

It was a hot week in early July when Krissy showed up. We actually get along better now that I grudge fucked the snot out of her. Overall, her personality is still shit, but at least she's not a bitch to ME any more. I see her in a whole new light and she is even very touchy feely with me now. I'm sure she would go another round with me, as she seems awful flirty all the time. No doubt, Katie would let us and enjoy every minute of watching.

On her first day here, we really didn't do much other than sit in the house and hang out. Krissy told Katie all the details surrounding her failing marriage. I didn't really listen in at all, as I didn't really give a shit. However, I WAS busy watching Krissy in her short shorts and tight tank top with no bra. Her little boobs didn't need one, and the cold air from our A/C had her nipples just sticking out for the pickin. I'm sure she knew it and didn't seem to mind flaunting it.

The girls were busy making plans for the week. Katie actually seemed to enjoy Krissy's presence for some reason, and the two of them got along great. On the second day, they decided to do some shopping. They asked if I wanted to come along, but shopping isn't exactly my love, so I said no. Krissy made a face and said that they were going to the bikini shop to try on some new suits, and they wanted me to come help with the decision making. Instantly my cock told me it was time to go bikini shopping and I tagged along very willingly.

Of course the first place we hit was the bikini shop. This place must have had a thousand bathing suits. The girls each grabbed 5 or 6 and headed off to the secluded fitting room. Nobody else was in the store except for the lone female employee who was glued to the phone. There was a door that went to one large room which was 8x8 and then 2 small rooms with saloon style half doors. The big room had one of those 3 sided mirrors so you can see every angle of your body even your ass, depending on how you rotated in front of it. It also had a couple chairs and a plush couch for the viewers to relax in while they waited. This room was obviously built for several people to be in at one time. Some to try on suits and room for others to watch. I reached around and locked the main door, so now it was just the 3 of us.

Katie is 44 with Krissy being 2 years younger. By looking at their faces, they could almost pass for twins, but their bodies are quite the contrast. Katie is 5'-1" tall and about 125 lbs, with plenty of curves and full 34C boobs. Krissy goes about 5'-5" and maybe 115, with very small B cup boob and very slight curves. However, both women are very sexy even after giving birth to kids. After a few minutes of them fumbling around in the small rooms, the both emerged for me to see the first round of suits.

Katie fills her suits out to the hilt. She is a nice full figured size 6 and her suits are usually a little on the snug side. My eyes widened as she her tastes have changed over the years. As she has gotten older, she has become more accepting of her curvy MOM body, and less modest in her choice of suits. She had on a shimmering black true string bikini with the strings tied up way high on her perfectly curved spread hips. The material covering her pussy was stretched tight and mashed her meaty pussy down to a smooth bulge. My cock was very appreciative and hardened instantly.

Krissy's suit was way more conservative and didn't flatter her at all. It did nothing but amplify her flat chest and lack of curves. Even though it was a 2 piece, it was the ultimate suite for a mom looking to cover up as much as possible.

"Oh my god Krissy, you can't be serious. That suit looks like something that our mother would wear."

We all laughed and they both went in for another round. The emerged again, and Katie had another tight string bikini with a tie dye pattern. The material was so thin; I could make out the outline of her pierced nipples. That really made my cock jump and I wanted to fuck her right there. Krissy had a much better suit that used a halter type top. The bottoms revealed a lot more and it made her look much sexier. They both did a pirouette and then back to change again.

This time Katie came out in a very tiny thong bikini and even smaller top. The material barely covered her areolas and the bottoms were so tight, her meaty pussy was squishing out the sides. She strutted her stuff around and jiggled and wiggled her hips and ass. Her boobs jiggled so much; they almost popped out from under the tiny patches of material. She loved looking at herself in the mirror and really was taken in by checking out her own voluptuous full ass.

Krissy hopped out in a tiny string bikini that was the smallest one so far for her. It had the rio cut to the bottoms which made her look very curvy and sexy. The top had no padding at all, but looked insanely sexy on her little titties. She had the sides tied way up on her hips and the crotch material produced showed off a nice slutty camel toe. She noticed me looking directly at her pussy and she hopped up on the wooden box and hit some modeling poses. She did her best to look a little slutty, and she pulled it off well.

It was obvious that my cock was straining in my shorts as I sat on the couch. Krissy noticed and motioned for Katie to look for herself.

"Seems as though your husband likes what he sees. His junk has gotten bigger each time we come out with a new one."

Both of them spent the next 2 days shopping and running all over town. It was almost as if they had some kind of plans. Little did I know at the time, they DID have plans, really BIG plans. As Friday rolled around, Katie told me that the 2 of them were going to the male strip club for a special appearance. I didn't really think anything of it, other than a typical trip where Katie sucks a cock or gets felt up and then she comes home and we fuck like mad.

The spent some time primping and prepping and finally came got ready to leave. Neither of them was dressed overly revealing. They had on their typical snug fitting tops with a little cleavage and some tight jeans which really hugged their curves. I kissed Katie and they left for the night. Of course, I was also hightailing it out to the city for my own show. I had planned to take part in the HUSBAND SPECIAL again, and figured it would be worth the trip.

When I arrived at the club, the sign showed 'THE MANDINGO's were performing. They are the all black traveling strip group. These guys are all muscle bound and hung like mules. Somehow I just knew that Katie was planning to do a little more than the normal. I had seen her in action with black cock before and she was loving it more and more each time. Of course, Krissy was no slouch when it came to sluttiness too. I proceeded to the back PURPLE door and made my way in. I was quickly escorted to a room directly in the middle of the row as if they knew I was going to show up. I watched the video camera to see where the girls were located and I watched them look around for a place to sit. They chose a table directly in front of me, only 6 feet away, just separated by the 2 way glass.

No sooner had I shut the door, when I was floored by the sight before me. Both girls were studying their NEW appearances in the mirror and neither of them was wearing the outfits they had on when they left the house. My wife was now dressed in a completely slutty "come fuck me now" outfit. She had on a black spandex micro mini skirt that showed half her ass cheeks hanging out and rode way low on her hips. She sported some black thigh high suede leather boots and tons of very gawdy slutty jewelry. Her dark black hair was pulled up into a pony tail on top of her head that was tied up like a palm tree. She moved closer to the mirror and even lifted up the front of her skirt to admire her pierced clit and smooth pussy which, she knew, was about to get royally fucked. She diddled her clit for just a second and made sure her clit piercing was nice and tight. Her braless and slightly saggy C cup boobs, were squeezed into a super tight long sleeve spandex top that was short enough to show her smooth belly and piercing. Her shirt had writing on it that said "I LET BLACK BOYS FUCK ME". I had to sit down as I suddenly became dizzy with an array of visions attacking my brain.

Her sister was dressed just as slutty with the same spandex micro mini skirt and a black spaghetti strap tank top that said "BLACK COCK LOVER". My cock instantly sprang to attention and then my eyes shifted to my wife's slutty outfit.

I caught my breath and sat back in the recliner and prepared for the show. My 2 girls were at a small table by themselves, just 6 feet from me, on the other side of the 2 way mirror. There was also a waist high padded FUCK PLATFORM and small 2x2 stage right next to them. There was no 2 ways about it, these 2 came here for one reason, and that was to get fucked by big black dicks, plain and simple. And I was just as excited to see it happen.

Suddenly, Katie seemed to be looking for somebody and I also looked around to see if I recognized somebody. Much to my surprise, I spied my step-sister Kacey and her 20 year old daughter Kelsey. My cock hardened even more as they approached and I realized this was no coincidence. They too, were dressed from the same slut store as Katie and Krissy. Must be a black thing, because Kacey was in a skin tight pair of black jeans, cut really low on the waist and garnished with a big chain link saggy belt, one that drapes very sexily over her shapely hips. She had a tight deep v-neck top, which advertised her nice cleavage and nice slutty hair as if she were right out of an 80's music video. Her shirt was print with "Black Cock Approved."

This was the first time I noticed how cute Kelsey really was, as she was all dolled up with makeup and she looked so much more girly than she usually does. She is a tiny little thing, but I am getting the vibe that she is a real sexual dynamo. Her delicious little body was squeezed into a very short black and red plaid school girl skirt and 2 tight ribbed tank tops, a white one over a black one. The nipples on her little A cup boobs were sticking out on display for all to see. I am guessing she is panty less also, but I'm sure I'll find out soon enough. I am also more than sure that none of them will disappoint.

Now my mind was really racing a mile a minute to think that the 4 of them are here to get fucked by these black guys. This was quite obvious, judging by their attire. The crazy thing is, I have fucked 3 out of the 4, and now that I have seen a more feminine side of Kelsey, I would love to sink my cock in her young pussy too. But I sat back to catch my breath and prepare for the show about to unfold before me. The girls were quite giddy and excited and my heart raced in anticipation.

Moments later, the MC came out and introduced all the guys. There were at least 20 of them and maybe 50 or so women. Instantly, all the women went nuts trying to grab a hold of any cock that came their way. My girls just kinda sat there, not really pursuing any of the guys. I kinda felt that they were going to play hard to get. They all made sure that their shirts were on display and sure enough, it caught the attention of one of the guys. He came over and checked them all out with a big grin on his face. Then he motioned for some of his buddies to join him. The girls plan was paying off already big time. All these guys were in their early 20's and full of muscles and obviously packing some heat beneath their insanely small g-strings and shorts.

The one guy, who acted as the leader, waltzed up and pulled out the can of whipped cream and a box of obligatory condoms. Krissy and Katie are not new to the strip club scene and they know the game well. Krissy grabbed the can and threw it aside and Katie tossed the box of condoms away in a very defiant way. The girls obviously were not interested in the preliminary games; they just wanted to get down to fucking some black cock.

The guys all had shit eatin grins as they viewed the writings on the girl's shirts as the girls thrust out their chests as if to advertise their intentions. The girls smiled and it was time for the games to begin.

Krissy kicked off her heals and stood on the small 2x2x2 dance box. She was face to face with one guy and her hand immediately went to his crotch. He wore a tight pair of black satin shorts, but she wasted no time in tugging them down. Out sprang his thick 10" piece of man meat for her pleasure. Her hands devoured his tool as she stroked his length attempting to get him hard. He grabbed her roughly and stuffed his big tongue deep into her mouth and she responded by aggressively kissing him back.

Katie identified that one guy's cock head was hanging out the leg of his loose running shorts. She motioned for him to come her way and she hopped onto the padded fuck platform and lay on her back. As he maneuvered around the table he dropped his shorts and there was no mistaking what he wanted. She let her head hang over the edge and he straddled her face with his crotch. His dark black knob was hanging right above her face and she stuck her tongue out and gave it a lick. His body twitched at the touch of her tongue and he allowed her to explore the smooth skin of his black cock head. He cock was huge and full of very thick veins and every bit of 10" long. His balls were big and heavy and dangled just waiting for their turn in getting some attention.

Another guy saw Katie on her back and made his way onto the other knelt down on the floor. He placed his face in front of her exposed bald pussy, which was on display as her skirt rode up to her hips. As his hands roamed all over her smooth creamy inner thighs, he gently began to caress her smooth tanned legs. Her pale white pussy was actually exposed as the skirt rode up when he lay on her back. Her hands were above her head and stretched out which also uncovered more of her tight tanned belly. Her big boobs were still squeezed tight in the spandex top, but her nipples were beginning to harden and the outline of her nipple piercings were obvious through the material.

One guy stepped directly in front of Kacey who was still sitting in her chair. The guy didn't even wait and dropped his shorts and she immediately began checking out his hardware. He was packing some serious sized meat and was already half hard. The last guy moved in behind Kacey and began to grind his bulging crotch all over hear back. I could see her push back in response and it made him rub her even harder. Her hands were feverishly tugging his dangling but thick fuck stick as her other hand found his balls. Her manicured nails were painted bright red and looked so perfect against the darkness of his skin.

Kacey was busy exploring the rigid black tool in front of her. She parted her lips and inhaled half his length on the first slurp. She cupped his dangling balls and he placed his hand on the back of her head. She exhibited a slow deliberate rhythm of sliding her mouth of and down his thick meat stick. Her lips met his base with each slow inhaled thrust and his face was squinched tight with pure enjoyment. His other hand her subconsciously gently rubbing her big boobs right through the tight material of her shirt.

Kelsey seemed quite in awe at the boldness of the other 3 and didn't quite seem ready to jump in just yet. However, she got up and helped herself to a closer look at the action. She went over to the guy who between Katie's legs and took in the sexy slutty site. She made eye contact with the guy who had an 'I wanna fuck you' look on his face. Her little hands began to help him caress all around my wife's private parts. Her finger tips lightly touched Katie's pouty outer pussy meat which sent a jolt through her body. When she sensed Katie's response, she paid more attention to that sensitive area. She allowed her fingers to lightly touch all over Katie and I could see that Katie was loving it as much as Kelsey was loving to give it to her. The guy tried to kiss Kelsey, but she pulled away quickly.

Krissy was busy stroking the full length of her guy. His shorts were around his ankles and his hand was up between her spread legs. He was playing with her pussy, but teasing her by not sticking his fingers inside her just yet. I could see her hips moving in an attempt to get penetration, but he was not allowing it. The look of frustration on her face was priceless and I knew it was just a matter of time until she took matters into her own hands.

Kacey's guys had her standing and sandwiched between them. They had her shirt and bra off and were busy trying to get her out of her tight black jeans. She jiggled and wiggled trying to help them out until all of her gorgeously tanned lined curves were on display for all to see. He panties came off with the jeans and she was 100% naked accept for the big chain link belt that draped very sexily around her hourglass figure. My cock stirred as I easily remembered my sexual experience with my step-sister at the lake. I now had my cock out of my pants and was slowly stroking myself to all the visions before me.

Katie was doing her best to suck the guy off. His knob was too big for her little mouth and her hands were dwarfed by the thickness of his shaft. The other guy was busy licking her pussy while Kelsey held her legs spread wide apart. My wife's meaty pussy was shiny her own juice as she was being prepped for a fucking. Kelsey pushed the guy aside and decided to eat my wife out which drove her nuts. Her tongue flitted along the outside of her smooth pussy lips as her fingers roamed Katie's inner thighs. The guy moved in behind Kelsey, but she pushed him off as she did not seem interested in him at all. Kelsey was very good at eating pussy, as she must have had previous experience.

Krissy's guy had finally given in and had his fingers moving in and out of her pussy as she skirt was hiked above her hips. The both stood, with her up on the box as he finger fucked her into oblivion. The still sucked on each other's tongues as his fingers pumped her vigorously. She would break the kiss every so often, in order to catch her breath, but then right back to sucking his tongue. Her hips picked up with the rhythm of his pumping and I could see she would be cumming soon. He quickly stopped and lifted her onto a table which was waist high. He got down on his knees and buried his face in her sweet snatch. She squealed in excitement as her body tensed with pleasure.

By now, I had my pants and boxers off and my hard cock in hand. I stroked myself very softly, just to maintain my arousal and not to cum anytime soon. There would be plenty of visual excitement to help me out in a very short time.

Kacey's guys were still pawing at her voluptuous curves. They alternated turns in kissing her while their hands roamed her gorgeous body. One guy appeared to be fingering her pussy from behind as her ass was pushing back onto his hand in an attempt to deepen his thrusts. Her breathing picked up as he stuffed his fingers deep into her moist gash. The other guy gently sucked on her nipples and licked her heaving boobs. In turn, she was yanking both their cocks, but with very little attention as she was so engrossed in what they were doing to her.

Kelsey was still busy going down on Katie. She focused on Katie's little clitty nub and really gave a good tongue lashing as she flicked vigorously with her tongue. Katie had trouble keeping the guy's cock in her mouth as she was not able to keep with the pace of breathing. She was still hanging onto his dangling meat, but not really paying much attention to it. The other guy left and found that Krissy was willing to accept a second mate. Katie was really enjoying getting eaten out by Kelsey and I could see she was on the edge. Her tummy muscles trembled as her breathing was erratic and labored. Her hips came off the table as Kelsey mashed her face in tight and licked my wife's pussy with gusto. She screamed out in ecstasy as her legs quivered, her body belted out a huge orgasm as she came hard. Kelsey continued to lick my wife's sweet pussy as Katie lost all control and her body spasmed violently.

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