tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Sara Evans Chronicles Ch. 01

The Sara Evans Chronicles Ch. 01


Author's note:

I hope you enjoy this work, if you are offended by, Lesbian or Non-Consensual content then I suggest you not read it. If you do decide to continue reading, well I hope you enjoy what I have put together. I always strive to provide the best product to my readers. With that in mind, I did contact a few editors hoping they could look this story over before I posted it. Unfortunately I never heard back so I have moved ahead without one. I have done my best to proof this story but I am only one man so please be patient. If you do find a typo or two I apologize and hope that they do not disrupt your experience.

The Sara Evens Chronicle


Sara Evens sat in her office fuming. She had spent the better part of year, eight months working on the Peterson deal and Johansson had shot down her proposal without even hearing her out. He gave the deal to Parker and had even had the nerve to make a snide comment about how she was dressed. As if that had anything to do with her ability's, besides his secretary dressed like a slut and if the office rumors were true she was one.

She looked at the clock it was nearly midnight. She had ordered food a few hours ago but barely touched it. She was under orders to turn over all documents to Parker by eight am. It was all together and ready by five but Sara wanted to take a minute to go over it all one last time, hoping to schedule a last minute meeting in the morning, and save her job. Of course, this was all just an attempt to avoid what would be the next obvious question. Where was the money?

It had all started by accident, Tommy had just broken off their engagement – another sacrifice for the company – and Sara was looking for a little comfort. She ordered a flimsy negligee online, for some stupid reason had used the company system, and billed it to a client. It was nearly a week before she realized the mistake, and by then it was too late cancel the order. From there she ordered another item and another, before she knew it her small apartment was filled with stuff she didn't need and hadn't paid for.

She had contacted a lawyer and he told her how long she could go to prison. Best case Sara would do a year for each item, worse case ten. The math on that came out to nine hundred years in prison. Even if Sara was aloud parole, after the mandatory twenty-five percent of the term Sara would if she was lucky get out when she was almost sixty. She rubbed her neck and moved to the window.

Sara had a good view from her corner office and wasn't looking forward to losing it. She moved back to her desk and started going back through the paperwork. Her eyes were getting heavy as she stared at the columns and rows of seemingly endless spreadsheet. Leaning her head back Sara closed her eyes and with realizing it fell asleep

Harassing the early morning cleaning crews was a mistake, if Sara hadn't yelled at them for entering her office when she was in early they would have woken her seeing her head back her white silk blouse wrinkled and her skirt hiked up three or four inches higher then was appropriate. Instead she was startled awake three hours later when her secretary arrived. The young woman was sweat but Sara had always thought she was a bit naive and would never make it beyond dictation and filing.

Tiffany closed the door harder then she meant to and startled Sara; Sara shot up in her chair and nearly fall to the floor. Recovering Sara smoothed her skirt and pushed it back down to just below her knee. Giving Tiffany the once over Sara did everything she could not to roll her eyes. Tiffany was in a black skirt that fit her like a second skin, Sara assumed she was wearing a thong since there were no visible panty lines – the requirement to wear underwear was a policy that Sara herself had gotten instituted. Her blouse was a thin pale blue satin that was just a step above translucent. The black lace bra that held her ample D cup breast hinted at visible.

Sara moved some papers around her desk looking for her car keys. Sara had gotten out of the habit of carrying a purse. Finding her keys she turned her attention back to Tiffany, "I need you to call Rossum and request a meeting for early for a meeting for ten, I am going to run home and change real quick, stall Parker as long as you can with turning over these documents."

Tiffany nodded and scurried out her heels clicking on the hard wood floors just outside Sara's office. As the door closed with a soft click Sara looked over to a small mirror in the corner of her office her silk blouse did not hold up will over night. Wednesday she has a disastrous meeting with the board and Thursday morning she will be seen slinking out of the office in rumpled clothes.

Thinking today couldn't get any worse Sara grabbed the keys and started for the door when Tiffany burst in a look of near panic across her face. "I just got off the phone with Mr. Johansson."

Sara let out a sigh and closed her eyes before speaking "I meant for you to call Rossum."

Tiffany sounding as if she was ready to hyperventilate continued "I did Ma'am no one answered."

"What do you mean no one answered his secretary is top flight she is always there." Sara said as she started for the door.

"I don't know Ma'am, But as soon as I set the phone down Johansson called, personally and told me he wanted to see you right now."

Sara looked at her shirt again and felt a wave of fear, just what she needed show up this morning wearing what she wore yesterday, if he didn't like it yesterday he would like it less today. She set her keys back down and holding her head high started to the elevators. Passing through the office was a test in fortitude; every secretary on the floor had her eyes glued to Sara. Even for a multi-national at JR&H news traveled fast. While her fellow analysts stayed in their offices – doing their best to keep the appearance of being above gossip – every door was open.

Sara had stepped on more than a few colleagues on her way up and walking now felt like hitting each of them on the slide back down. She reached the elevator and pressed the button. A low hum came from the door as the cables and pulleys pulled the elevator to the fifteenth floor. The longer it took the more Sara felt every pair of eyes on the floor boring into her back. There was a slightly off-key ping and the doors slide open. Parker was standing just inside the elevator a big sleazy grin on his face.

He was at that moment the polar opposite of Sara his suit was crisp and perfectly tailored. Standing before her Parker looked like he had just awoken refreshed from a long rest. Stepping out the elevator Parker moved to the side holding the doors for Sara as she stepped in. "I was going to get with Tiffany about transferring that paperwork over to me."

Smiling his sick smile Parker released the door. And as the door slid closed Sara found herself alone with her thoughts set to the synthetic tones of elevator Muzak. Sara smoothed her skirt and made sure her blouse was neatly tucked in. She knew it was but couldn't resist the nervous habit. Running her fingers through her hair she wished she had thought to grab a scrunchie or even a rubber band on her way out. The elevator pinged again and the doors opened onto the executive level. A small desk sat just outside the elevator doors with a stern looking older woman seated behind it.

Sara had only been to the top floor once and for the life of her could not remember the woman's name. She scanned the edge of the desk hoping for a nameplate but none as present. The woman did not introduce herself. The elder woman simple sat looking at Sara, waiting. As the moment drew itself out Sara started to feel her stomach churn, the moment she started to speak the woman cut her off "Mr. Johansson's office is at the far end of the bullpen."

Nodding and moving past Sara got a creepy feeling from the woman. Glancing back she could see the woman's eyes in the mirrored elevator doors following her. The reflections of their eyes met for a moment and Sara saw a look of perverse pleasure flash in the woman. The executive floor was layed out surprising similar to the analyst's floor. The middle of the room as filled with secretaries with large offices ringing the room. Dead center in the room was a large glass walled conference room. Nearing Johansson's office Sara could see that his secretaries desk was empty cleared off all but a phone and a rolodex. That at least explained why he had called personally. The door was cracked slightly and Sara could here muffled voices inside,

One she recognized as Johansson but the other was unfamiliar. A quite knock hushed the voices and pushed the door open a tiny bit more. Johansson's gruff voice called out for Sara to enter and as she pushed the door open, she felt her stomach knot and a cold chill run through it. Sitting across from Johansson was a uniformed Police officer, he was older but still a good twenty years younger than her boss. His face was clean-shaven, but his uniform was wrinkled giving off the impression that he was at the end off his shift.

Sara couldn't tear her eyes from the officer her stomach twisting more with each step, the little bit of food she had the night before threatening to come up. She approached the desk and started to take a seat next to the officer when Johansson signaled for her to stand. Without saying a word, he turned his attention to a stack of papers on his desk. Making a few notes Johansson flipped through the pages before signing the last.

There was an odd air about the room and Sara couldn't help but feel like she was being put on display. She knew that was a ridiculous idea and pushed it out of her mind. Johansson sighed and leaned back in his chair, taking a moment to look Sara over before speaking. "Look I am very busy this morning, so I will be brief. It has come to our attention that in addition to being incompetent, you are also a thief."

Sara tried to speak but a nasty look cut her off, "Now I don't know how you lasted as long as you did with this firm but that is over. I was going to try and work with you on this but after what I saw yesterday and the fact that I just don't think you would be willing to do what is necessary I am going to go ahead and file charges."


Booking had been the worse part, the officer hadn't given Sara anything to wipe her hands clean so she had been forced to use her skirt. It wasn't the most expensive suit she owned but it was one of her favorites, of course the jacket was still at JH&R so it would probably be balled up and mailed to her.

Despite herself Sara found a way to fall asleep only to be startled awake for the second day in a row. Only this time it wasn't by her assistant who genuinely felt sorry for it, no this time it was a person that was a woman by biology only. Sara did not ask her name she wasn't even given a chance too. The woman stood at almost seven feet tall and body of a weight lifter. She didn't waste a moment, as soon as the guard was gone she leapt across the small cell planting herself across Sara's stomach

"And here I thought tonight was going to be a complete loss." She reached down and grabbing Sara's blouse she ripped it open. The fine white silk had been hiding a plain cotton full coverage bra. The woman frowned and with one quick move had her hand inside the cup. Sara had never been well endowed, but she filled out a B cup nicely and with the right top Sara could pull off some cleavage.

As Sara' over came the shock her mind clicked back to reality and she started to struggle for the first time. A stinging slap across the face put a stop to that. The brute pushed aside the soft fabric of the bras cup exposing Sara's tender nipples. It hardened quickly in the cold air of the jail cell, bringing a big smile to her tormentors face. The woman then slipped her hand up Sara's skirt dragging her rough hands along her thighs till she reached the matching thin cotton panties Sara was wearing.

She ran her thumb back and forth across the front of the panties, stopping only to give attention to Sara's clit. It had been a while since anyone had touched Sara and her body responded, quickly soaking the cotton undergarment. The woman stood and gripping Sara's hair pulled her from her from the bench. Holding Sara down with one hand she used her free hand to unclasp her pants. The jailers having taken her belt the woman's pants fell to the floor piling up around her ankles.

Seeing the woman nearly nude from the waist down wouldn't change your view of her. Her legs hadn't been shaved in days and she wore men's briefs. She pulled Sara's face to her crouch pushed Sara's nose between her legs. The smell was musky but sweet, the woman may not shave, but she did at least keep herself clean. She plopped herself down on the bench and spread her legs wide before reaching down and pulling the rough cotton briefs aside. "I think it is time you apologize for wearing such boring panties."

"Please IM not into this, I don't..."Before she could finish her sentence the woman balled her first and struck Sara hard in the Jaw knocking her to the ground. Tears welling in her eyes Sara looked to the bars sealing in this place. A forceful hand wrapped itself around her ankle and started to pull her back. The woman had stepped out of her pants and was dragging Sara to the cells toilet/sink. Sara let loose now screaming at the top of her lungs, clawing the cement floor. It was all to no avail, she was yanked across the floor with force and scraping her knees and bunching her skirt around her waist.

Grabbing Sara's hair again the woman pulled her to her knees and pushed her face into the toilets bowl. She dunked Sara's face into the bowl holding her down just long enough for Sara to start to panic. When Sara started lashing out trying wildly to grab her attacker she was pulled free. Her voice was cold when she spoke "Does it look like I care what your into? You will do whatever the fuck I say, or so help me I will drown you in that... Do you understand me slut?"

With foul toilet water dripped down her face, Sara began to sob which only caused the woman to twist her fingers deeper into Sara's hair. As the moment lengthened, the woman tightened her grip pulling hairs and sending shock waves of pain through Sara's scalp. Finally, in a flash of desperation Sara cried out "Yes I promise I will do anything that you want."

She pushed Sara away from the toilet and strutted back to the bench. She spun around and took her seat once again spreading her legs. She raised her hand and with two fingers motioned for Sara to come. She started to stand but the woman grunted and pointed to the ground, on hands and knees Sara crawled to the woman. She reached up and pulled the briefs aside hesitating a moment only to have the woman shove her face into her. Her greatest desire must have been to humiliate and degrade because she was wetter then Sara had ever imagined a woman could be. "Tongue, woman use your tongue."

Outside of her gym's locker room or the occasional photo on a gossip site Sara had never even seen a woman naked. And now she was half naked in a jail cell licking the woman. Fearing more pain she started to use her tongue. She was subtle at first just the tip. she drew circles around her clit and then licked up and down her lips. Sara wasn't sure if she was doing it right, her main goal was simple not to get hit again tonight.

The woman stopped speaking instead directing Sara with yanks of her hair in whatever direction she desired attention. After almost an hour the woman began to moan quietly and her hips spasm. She squeezed and pulled Sara's hair pushing her face harder into her crotch. Each thrust smeared her juices further across Sara's face. When Sara's tormentor finally stopped bucking she was pushed to the ground and ordered to stay there. The woman then leaned back and closed her eyes. Sara couldn't sleep, she kept looking from the woman to the cell door terrified that a guard would walk past. Her skirt was still bunched around her waist and her shirt ripped open. Sara wanted desperately to cover herself but was fearful of the woman's reaction. The cold concrete and exhaustion eventually over took Sara and she fell into a restless sleep.

A soft kick to the side woke Sara. Her tormentor had put her pants back on and was circling around Sara like a hyena. Stopping behind her, she knelt down and slipped a hand between Sara's legs gently rubbing her pussy. "I would love to get a little souvenir of our time together, what do you say you hand over those panties honey."

Sara started to get up but the woman put a hand on her breast and pushed her back down shaking her head no. While still on the ground Sara slipped the once white, now a filthy gray panties down her legs and handed them over. With a smile the woman slipped them into her pocket before pulling Sara to her feet by her hair. "Now the guard came by a few minutes ago. Seems you have a visitor, probably a boyfriend so let's get you all gussied up."

She pulled both of Sara's breasts free but left he Bra in place. Most of the buttons were missing from her blouse so it was decided that it would be tied off just below her bust line. Once Sara's skirt was pulled down the woman stepped back to admire her work. Cocking her head to the side the woman frowned and shook her head. Stepping back she knelt before Sara and grabbed the hem of her skirt along its left seam with a chuckle and a forceful yank the woman ripped the fabric apart nearly to the waist band. Putting her Hands on Sara's hips she twisted her till the open seam was in front of her and repeated the process. With both sides of what was Sara's favorite skirt ripped it was now better described as a loin cloth then a skirt a business woman would wear.

She stepped back and smiled as the guard came to the door and signaled for Sara to step over to be cuffed. Sara slipped her hands through the bars and the guard clicked the cuffs tight. Just as he was about to open the door the demonic woman Sara had come to fear cried out in surprise running over to her. "One last thing, sweet cheeks."

Sara's cheeks burned with humiliation as the woman, with the jailer looking on ripped open her shirt. She looked Sara in the eye and smiled, waiting a half second before leaning down and in turn taking each nipple into her mouth she flicked her tongue across the Sara's soft flesh. Once they were firm and bright pink she re-tied her shirt and giving her a peck on the cheek before whispering a quick goodbye.


The interview room was painted a pale beige that hadn't been touched up in a few years. Three of the walls were empty and the other had a large two-way mirror. The room was empty other than a steel table with two chairs in the center. The padding on the seats had destroyed from years of junkies picking at it and pissing on it. Technically a janitor cleaned them but the smell never really went away and after sitting in them for a few minutes you always came away smelling of stale urine. The Guard pushed Sara into the room and with a firm grip on her upper arm marched her to the chair facing the mirror.

In one quick motion he pulled the chair out and bent Sara over the table. Holding her down he kicked her feet apart. Tears streamed down Sara's face as he slid his hand under her skirt probing her thighs. Once he was done mauling her flesh he wiggled a finger along the crack of her ass and finding what he was looking for he pushed it in all the way to his third knuckle. Sara yelped in pain and he just laughed. After yanking his finger free and flipping the back of her skirt up her pushed her down into the seat. The way he had pushed her down Sara's legs were spread wide with her skirt doing little to hide her virtue.

Using the same hand that had just violated her, the nameless Guard grabbed Sara's jaw and turned her to face him. Sara tried to turn away but he squeezed the deep purple bruise she had received a few hours earlier before speaking for the first time. "I am tired of you fucking rich bitch lesbians come in here doing what you want. Once your' done with your little visit I am going to take you down for some special lessons in behavior." He paused and before continuing spat in Sara's face "Don't wipe that off and keep those legs spread I'll be watching."

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