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Threeway Family


This is a short incest story that was inspired by someone on lit asking about just such a scenario. Some readers may find it a little too 'unbelievable' and I'll go along with that. This is just a quick one I did on a Saturday morning, so take it as you find it and just enjoy it if incest is your thing.

Aaron lapped at Klara's stiff little clitoris and was instantly rewarded by her moans and soft sighs of pleasure. After nearly 20 years of marriage Aaron knew exactly the right moves to make in order to have his beautiful wife squirming and writhing on his face. Klara was a very sensual and sexual woman, her long dark hair, pretty face and lush, still tightly packed body was even now capable of raising Aaron's prick by mere viewing alone.

'That's it baby,' Klara whispered. 'You're such a good face fuck, lick my clit, make me wet for you.'

From his position between Klara's slim thighs, Aaron grinned inwardly. He knew his wife was aroused despite her desperate words. He could tell by the juice that was flowing from the centre of her pouting sex, the darkness of the room failing to disguise her obvious physical arousal. Aaron could both taste and feel Klara's syrupy juice as it trickled from her body; also, the scent of her feminine musk was strong in his nostrils, yet another sensory overload to make his stiff cock even stiffer.

Klara groaned a little louder, holding her husband's head tight against her core at the junction of her thighs. Her body bucked slightly as she came lightly, her first minor orgasm of the evening. Aaron knew from long experience that there was more to come depending upon how things went from this point on. Klara could well be satisfied with her tiny come, but her husband was in the mood for some serious fucking and would be making an all out effort to coax Klara into more sexual adventure. This was an action fraught with risk because once woken, the beast of Klara's sexuality was almost insatiable.

A major flaw in Aaron's plan was that their son, Jamie was home from university, so they would have to curtail their normal, loud lovemaking in an effort not to disturb or embarrass him.

Aaron lifted himself along Klara's slim body and settled down on top of her, careful to keep his full weight from pressing down onto his wife's slender frame. Klara wriggled beneath her husband and widened her legs so that he could lay in relative comfort on top of her, supporting himself upon his elbows as he moved his face down to kiss. Klara opened her mouth and felt Aaron's tongue probe inside, his slick tongue seeking hers. She kissed her husband and tasted the residue of her own sex on his lips and mouth. This was nothing new to Klara, and she quite liked the slightly kinky aspect of tasting her own musk on her husband's wet tongue.

'I want to fuck you my little beauty,' Aaron whispered quietly into Klara's ear when he broke off their kiss.

'You do surprise me you randy bastard,' Klara replied sarcastically, smiling into the blur of her husband's face in the dark gloom of the room. Klara reached down between their closely connected bodies and gripped Aaron's shaft in her hand. 'My my we are a big boy aren't we,' she said quietly when she felt his thick girth pulsing in her fist.

Aaron merely pressed the head of his cock between his wife's slippery, juicy labia as she held him in position. His cock slid easily inside Klara's opening and she gasped involuntarily with the shock of sudden invasion.

'Fuck baby, you're a bit big and a bit stiff tonight, you took me by surprise there,' Klara groaned when she'd recovered from the initial shock. 'Now, fuck me with that big stalk, make me come again.'

Aaron began to slide in and out of Klara's familiar cunt, knowing exactly at what angle to push into her so that his shaft rubbed her ever sensitive clit. 'There you are my love,' he cooed. 'Take me all, take my fat cock. You know you love it.'

Klara began to move her hips below her husband's probing prick, increasing the pressure on her clit and the sensitive walls of her vagina. 'Tell me something baby,' she moaned. 'Tell me something dirty.' Klara wanted her husband to give word to some sordid fantasy; it was something they often did during their lovemaking, adding a little spice to their fun.

'Imagine, one of Jamie's friends coming home with him from uni,' Aaron began. 'A nice, fit, muscular young guy,' he continued, warming to his theme. 'Of course, he'd fancy you,' Aaron began to dress the bones of his fantasy at the same time ploughing deep and hard into his excited wife's quim. 'You know he lusts after you of course,' Aaron went on. 'And you decide to tease the boy…'

Oh, that's so bad,' Klara hissed, fucking up against Aaron, becoming aroused despite her words. 'Tell me more, what does he do?' she urged her husband to greater depravity.

'Well,' Aaron continued. 'You come in one afternoon, wearing your tight jeans, and that skimpy top with the zip front. Your tits are spilling up over the top and you're surprised by Jamie's friend standing in the kitchen. You're alone in the house, just you and him…'

'Keep talking, and keep fucking,' Klara was moving herself with more urgency beneath Aaron now, teasing herself towards a climax.

'…You realise that this is your moment and you kiss the young guy, taking him by surprise. You've just knelt in front of him and you've got his big prick in your mouth when Jamie walks in…' Aaron stopped there, he hadn't realised what he was saying until the words left his mouth. He was getting carried away with his story and was probably taking it to a level he shouldn't be going to.

'Oh God,' Klara moaned, surprising her husband by her ardour. 'Jamie? My own son comes in and sees me…' Klara pulled Aaron's face down for a long kiss, her insistent tongue darting serpentine inside his mouth. 'Does Jamie fuck me? Tell me… does my son fuck me?'

Aaron couldn't believe his ears. His wife was getting off on the thought of her son fucking her. What could he do? Should he continue? 'Does that turn you on?' he asked. 'Your son fucking you, does that turn you on?

'Yes! Yes, it turns me on.' The vehemence of Klara's response sent a surge of lust through Aaron's body.

'Well,' he continued slowly. 'Jamie's in his room…' Aaron left the words unsaid, curious as to where this was going. He continued to fuck his thick cock into Klara's tight cunt, she was still humping her hips up to meet his heavy thrusts, but Aaron wondered how far his wife would go with this. In spite of the sordidness of the idea of incest, Aaron found he was turned on by the image in his mind of his wife fucking their son. He couldn't get the picture of her big tits swinging wildly as she fucked up and down on top of Jamie's youthful prick out of his brain.

'Oh God, I'm nearly coming,' Klara panted into the darkness. 'You're such a dirty bastard…'

Aaron pulled his thick shaft from his wife's greedy pussy. 'Jamie's in his room,' he said very quietly. 'Why don't you go to him?'

Klara lay in the dark, still beneath Aaron's body. Long seconds lengthened into even longer moments, and Aaron thought he'd gone too far when suddenly his wife wriggled from beneath him and stood next to the bed. Aaron looked at her shadowy form, the hourglass of her figure obvious despite the shadows.

'Ok,' she whispered almost inaudibly. 'Ok, I'll go.'

Aaron's stomach flipped with jealousy when he realised his wife was serious. She was leaving their bedroom and going to their son's room. He couldn't believe it. What had happened? What had begun as a fuck fantasy had suddenly escalated with staggering speed, into something beyond his wildest imaginings. Before he knew what was going on, Klara had slipped quietly from the room and he was alone.

Jamie looked up from his computer desk in alarm when he noticed his mother standing behind him. He'd been looking at sordid sites on the web, thinking his parents were in bed asleep, and he was embarrassed by his mother's silent entrance.

'Oh!' he exclaimed when he sensed someone behind him and turned to see Klara unexpectedly standing there. She had slipped her dressing gown on as she'd left her bedroom, so her son wasn't overly shocked by her appearance. She'd had time to see the pornographic picture Jamie was studying when she'd slipped into the room, and this gave her the very excuse she needed. Her pussy was clenching with desire and ached for relief. Lust was fuelling her veins, her husband's lewd and depraved fantasy curbing her logical thoughts as she looked at her 19 year old son with a carnal glint in her eye. She had never before harboured such thoughts, but the burning between her legs was insistent and she was beyond logical thought, caught up in the heat of the moment.

'What's up mum?' Jamie asked; his face reddening as he mouse clicked the image from the screen.

'Nothing,' she replied. 'I was just coming to see what time you were going to call it a night, it's getting pretty late.' Klara looked at her son's handsome face, so like his father's, and she felt a wave of love and affection for the young man swell her heart. 'What was that you were looking at?' Klara asked quietly, her voice almost breaking and betraying her ardour.

'Nothing,' Jamie replied hastily, his face burning crimson.

'You were looking at porn, weren't you?' Klara laughed quietly. 'Show me.'

'No way!' Jamie's tone was strident.

'Come on baby, show mummy what you were looking at.' Klara moved towards the computer desk, her gown gaping as she bent forward. She took control of the mouse from Jamie and clicked onto the history icon and suddenly the screen was filled with the images of nude girls and women that Jamie had downloaded earlier.

Jamie was trapped in his seat by his mother's body, he was mortified at being caught looking at porn, and his confusion was doubled when he noticed his mother's heavy breasts, partially uncovered as her gown gaped open in front of his face.

'You have been a bad boy, haven't you,' Klara grinned. 'But, I must say, some of these girls are very pretty, I don't blame you for looking.' Klara stroked her son's hair and bent to look him in the eyes. 'You've done nothing wrong baby,' she crooned lightly. 'It's perfectly natural for you to look at these things…' Klara paused; she noticed that Jamie was looking down inside her gown, looking directly at her almost completely exposed jugs. She looked down at her big breasts and then back at her son, 'Do you like my breasts too, Jamie?'

The silence in the room was palpable as a shocked Jamie looked up at his mother's face. He was totally confused. What was she saying? Did he like her breasts? He didn't know. His brain was whirling with shock and confusion; sure he knew his mum had big tits, but he'd never thought about them in a lustful way before, now her words just addled his already fogged brain.

Klara ran her hand along her son's firm thigh; all her sensibilities had long flown out of the window. She was in a world of her own and her husband's making. If she'd been thinking normally, and in the cold light of day, she wouldn't even contemplate what she was doing now. The idea would be too ridiculous, too filthy and depraved. But now, in the middle of the night, with her loins awash with desire, she was too far gone to care. She wanted her son's cock, wanted him in her mouth and inside her sex. She wanted him to fuck into her mature body, and to bathe her burning insides with the salve of his semen. Even as her son sat in his seat, shock evident upon his good looking features she brazenly and unashamedly slipped the robe from her shoulders and exposed her nakedness to him.

Jamie gaped at the sight of his mother in her nudity. His eyes roved hungrily over the curves of her breasts, narrow waist and wide hips. He looked at her neat, elegantly proportioned legs, and finally feasted his eyes upon her neatly trimmed vulva. 'Fucking hell,' he whispered. It was the first time he'd used profanity in front of his mother, but as he gazed at her magnificent body, that particular circumstance seemed a little irrelevant.

Klara leant forward and kissed her son's dry lips, wetting them with her tongue. Jamie sat still in his chair until Klara lifted his hands and placed them on her firm, hanging breasts. Jamie seemed to test the weight of his mother's tits for a moment and then growled deep in his throat. He mauled at Klara's jugs and returned her kiss passionately.

'Jesus mum, what's going on?' he gasped when she broke the kiss. 'This isn't right, you're my mother…'

'It's Ok honey,' Klara whispered, stroking his face. 'I want you. I want you inside me, to fuck me.' She kissed him again and rubbed the front of his jeans, right on his stiffening prick. 'See,' she murmured. 'You want me too. You're big and stiff, don't worry, it'll be fine, just this once… Fuck me, please.'

Jamie couldn't stop himself. He knew this wasn't right, but he was past the point of no return. His cock was hard and he was on fire with longing for his mother. Her body was terrific, the firmness of her breasts, the stiffness of her nipples… it was all too much, and he found he desperately wanted her too.

Jamie stood and unbuckled his belt; the action caused his mother's pussy to squirt her arousal down along her slim thighs. The sight of her son slowly revealing his youthful body to her in preparation for sex was sublime. Klara could barely contain her excitement when the forbidden sight of her son's angrily erect cock was eventually unveiled to her hungry stare.

'Baby, you're so beautiful …so big.' Klara walked slowly to Jamie and pressed the length of her naked torso against his firm, lightly muscled chest. Her breasts squashed against him as she kissed him tenderly on the lips, her tongue seeking his. She clasped her son's prick in her slim fingers and felt the life in his shaft as it throbbed thickly in her hand.

Jamie gasped at his mother's touch; he couldn't believe she was holding him, holding his erection tightly in her bejewelled hand. He looked down and saw her wedding ring glinting dully on the same hand that held his manhood. He thought of his father at that moment. What would his dad do if he caught them like this? Jamie could only think that his father would go berserk by the incestuous coupling of his wife and son, but this concern was short lived as Klara began to slowly wank his aching shaft.

'You like mummy doing this?' Klara whispered obscenely in her son's ear.

Jamie could only gulp and nod his head. He was too concerned about his cum spurting prematurely from his prick. The excitement was almost overwhelming in its intensity, and Jamie was very close to loosing off over his computer keyboard as his mother held him close against her body.

Klara could feel the tension in her son as she manipulated his penis, she knew he would be too excited to fuck her at that moment and so let go of his big, quivering cock, squatting down in front of him. She held her son's cock right at the base, her fingers in amongst the curls of his pubic bush and she wrapped her lips around the big, swollen helmet, taking her son's salty, pre cum leaking cock fully into her mouth.

Jamie groaned at the feeling of his mother's wet mouth around his cock. He groaned and moaned louder still when she licked along the length of his shaft, rubbing the big slippery end of him over her cheeks and grinning at him. Jamie looked down at his mother's juice smeared face and watched as she coolly sucked on his end once more.

'Oh God, mum…' he sighed, running his fingers through her long dark hair and holding her head tightly. 'I'm going to explode …sorry mum.'

The jets of spunk burst against Klara's throat with almost explosive force. She swallowed bravely but couldn't contain Jamie's gushing prick inside her mouth. She let him plop from between her lips, and was instantly caught by a hot spray of her son's semen as it splashed wickedly across her pretty face. The shock of his ejaculation spitting onto her face made Klara gasp, and more of the stuff spattered thickly against her cheeks, hanging in long, thick threads from her hair and plopping wetly onto her big breasts.

Jamie convulsed and moaned as he sprayed his mother with his seed until finally, all that remained was an oozing of white cum from the eye of his cock.

His mother stood and tried to wipe herself clean as best she could using her hands. She picked up her robe and dabbed most of the cum from her skin, before she took her son's hand and led him from the room.

'Where are we going?' Jamie asked concerned.

'To my bed,' his mother replied. 'I'm not finished with you my darling,' she continued, still leading a reluctant Jamie down the landing.

'What about Dad?' Jamie's concern was evident in his tone.

'Don't worry baby, it'll be fine.' Klara paused and kissed her son's lips lightly. 'I promise, don't worry.'

Jamie wasn't convinced by any means, but soon found himself in his mother's bedroom. The bedside light flicked on and Jamie could see his father looking at them both, obviously not truly believing what he was seeing.

'Well?' Jamie heard his mother say. 'Our son has just come in my mouth and it was gorgeous, he nearly drowned me.' Klara lifted the bed cover and revealed her husband's nakedness, his cock still semi erect.

'I didn't think you'd do it,' Aaron replied. 'I've been lying here in agony, not knowing what was going on.'

'Oh, I did it alright,' Klara replied. 'And I'm not finished; I want both of you boys now.'

She knelt in front of her son again and took his still hard, goo coated cock into her mouth. She licked and slobbered over his prick, exaggerating her moans which were muffled by her mouthful of cock. This had the desired effect, and very soon Klara was delighted to feel her husband tonguing at her slit from behind as she knelt on the floor.

After only a few moments of this Klara stood and lay on the bed. She spread her long, lithe thighs wide and invited her son to taste her for the first time. 'Come on Jamie, lick mummy between her legs.'

Jamie walked slowly to the bed and did as his mother asked. He stuck the tip of his tongue against her curled labia and tasted her wetness. Soon, with a little instruction, he was tonguing and lapping at his mother's stiff clit, sending her into raptures of delight.

'That's it my baby, right there, lick my clit, lick me good. Yes baby!! Go on; lick your mother's cunt like a good boy.' Klara's words were filthy in the extreme and her husband was taken completely by surprise when he heard how wanton and depraved his wife was being. He didn't stand for long however, his wife's next sentence spurring him into action. 'You, she said pointing to Aaron. 'Stick your big cock in my mouth, let me suck you.'

Aaron offered his prick to his wife for her to suck, which she did with relish. Aaron fucked his prick into his beautiful wife's mouth, and Jamie licked and tongued his mother's leaking cunt. The woman was beside herself now, and any thought of what the next day would bring was far from her mind. The residue of this incestuous three way joining would stay with the family forever. Even if they never referred to it again in their lives, the memories would burn in their minds.

However at that moment all three were lost in the moment, lost in the hot flush of sexual arousal and lust. It didn't matter to Aaron that their son was licking his wife at her centre, or that inevitably she was going to be taking the young man's cock into her body. Klara was lost in the heady sensation of having her opening fingered and her clit licked. She could feel her climax building, and was totally unconcerned that it was her own 19 year old boy that was bringing her to that orgasm. Jamie licked at his mother, his prick solidly erect again, and he was just waiting for the moment when he could slide inside his mother's opening and finally fuck into her.

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