tagLoving WivesWife's Fun at Husband's Expense

Wife's Fun at Husband's Expense


After a long week of work John had gone to bed early Friday night planning on sleeping in on Saturday and having a nice relaxing weekend. Unbeknownst to John his wife Kelly had other ideas.

"Hey...what's going on?" John asked.

He had just woken up and found himself naked and tied in the center of the bed. He strained against the ropes.

"Kelly? Kelly? What's going on? Where are you sweetheart?" John asked.

He heard footsteps coming down the hall and into the room.

"Oh...so you're awake...well it's about time. I've been getting bored waiting for you to wake up." Kelly said.

"What's going on Kelly?" John asked.

"Well...it is Saturday and we don't have anywhere to be so I decided to have a little fun with you today." Kelly said.

"What kind of fun?" John asked.

Kelly giggled.

"The dirty kind of fun that a girl can only have when her husband is tied to the bed." Kelly said.

"What are you talking about?" John asked.

"Over the next few hours I'm going to tease you, torture you, and then fuck you senseless." Kelly said.

"What exactly to you mean by torture?" John asked.

Kelly sat down on the edge of the bed and ran her hand across John's bare chest.

"Don't worry sweetheart I won't do any permanent damage...at least if everything goes right I won't, but it probably will be pretty painful for you." Kelly said.

"Painful?" John asked.

"I know that scares you a little, but it will be okay. I promise." Kelly said.

"Kelly please untie me. We can spend all day in bed if you want, but please untie me." John said.

"I can't do that sweetheart. I've decided that I want to do this so I'm not going to back out. Now...since you're awake I think it's time to get started." Kelly said.

"Started with what?" John asked.

"Teasing you." Kelly said.

"What kind of teasing?" John asked.

Kelly smiled.

"You'll see." Kelly said.

She leaned down, kissed John, then got up off the bed and walked over to her closet and her dresser which were both to the left side of the bed. John turned his head to watch.

"Now, where should we start?" Kelly asked.

She opened the closet and pulled out the lingerie drawers at the top of her dresser.

"Oh...I know." Kelly said.

She pulled out a sexy white bra and panty set and set them on top of the dresser. She pulled her tank top off...she wasn't wearing a bra. She stepped out of her shorts...no panties either. She looked over at John and smiled.

"I didn't figure there was any need to put underwear on considering what I had in mind. Of course that was before I went to get the paper and Mr. Thompson down the street was walking his dog and stopped to talk for a few minutes." Kelly said.

The thought of another man having seen Kelly in her short shorts and tight tank top with no underwear on was the start of the teasing that Kelly had in store for him.

Kelly stepped into the little white panties and put on the matching bra. She then pulled a little yellow sun dress that John loved to see her in out of the closet and put it on. She twirled around quickly knowing that the short dress would blow up enough to show John a lot of leg and maybe even a little of her panties.

"You know John; there have been a few times when I've forgotten how short this dress is. There have been a few times when I've bent over to pick something up like this." Kelly said.

She turned away from John and bent over. The dress lifted enough to show the bottom of her ass and her panties. Kelly looked back while still bent over.

"I don't know if anyone saw me like this, but it sure would have been embarrassing. I mean they can see my panties and my ass. If a gust of wind came from behind me when I was like this they'd have seen a lot more." Kelly said.

She used her hands to flip the dress up as if a gust of wind had blown it.

"I mean they'd have seen my whole ass bent over like this only covered by these little panties. How embarrassing would that have been? I'd have been bright red for a week." Kelly said.

The view John had was beautiful. Kelly stood back up and turned around.

"Can you imagine how much your friends would have whistled and hooted if they'd seen me like that at a barbecue or something?" Kelly asked.

Kelly went through her closet and her lingerie drawer and put on every sexy outfit that she had...except for one. She looked over at John.

"I guess you know which one is next don't you? I've saved your favorite for last." Kelly said.

Kelly pulled a pair of black lacey panties out of the drawer and stepped into them. She pulled out the matching bra and put it on. She pulled out the matching garter belt and put it on. She pulled out a pair of black stockings and went over to the bed. She slipped her foot into one of the stockings then put her foot on the bed teasingly close to John and slowly pulled the silk stocking up her perfect leg. She clipped it in place with the garter belt, then did the same thing with her other leg.

"I just love the way these stockings feel on my legs. I never used to like them before I met you. Pantyhose are so much easier to deal with, but you asked me to wear stockings for you so I did and I must admit that I do look sexy in them." Kelly said.

She walked over in front of the full length mirror and looked at herself. She then walked over to the closet and pulled out the black dress...the dress that John could never resist her in. She slipped into it and then put on the black heels that she wore with it. She walked around the room a few times with John's eyes following her every move.

"You know, sometimes I'm afraid to wear this dress. When I do you get that look in your eye where I'm afraid that you might just rip this dress off of me and ravage me right then and there. I love it when you look at me that way...just like you're looking at me now." Kelly said.

She walked over and sat on the bed running her hand over John's naked body.

"There's something else that you love about this dress that I know you like. You don't just love to see me in it. You love to watch me take it off too." Kelly said.

She kissed John lightly and stood up. Slowly she unzipped the dress and took it off bringing her teasing of her poor tied husband to a climax. She took off the dress and the lingerie; then walked over by the bed.

"Okay...I think that's enough of the teasing...now it is time for the torture." Kelly said.

"What kind of torture do you mean exactly?" John asked nervously.

Kelly walked over to the dresser and picked up a piece of thin rope...not much bigger than twine.

"I've never done this before John so I'm a little bit nervous, but I'm really excited about trying it. Let's see how it goes." Kelly said.

"How what goes? What are you going to do with that rope?" John asked.

"I'm going to use this rope to bind your cock and your balls." Kelly said.

"WHAT? KELLY NO!" John said.

"I think it is time for that gag." Kelly said.

"Gag? What gag?" John asked.

"I was afraid that you would get a little loud during this part so I bought a gag to help keep you quiet." Kelly said.

Kelly put the rope down on the bed and picked up the gag. She moved into position to put the ball into John's mouth.

"Open." Kelly said.

John clamped his mouth closed tight and shook his head.

"Open your mouth John...you're in no position to argue with me right now...this will keep any screaming that you do from being loud enough to draw the neighbors' attention. They might come over to see if everything is okay...how embarrassing would that be?" Kelly asked.

John looked at Kelly and then opened his mouth.

"That's a good boy." Kelly said.

She put the ball in John's mouth and tightened the strap that held it in place.

"There...that should really keep the noise down. Now...back to the fun part. I watched some videos about this online and I think I got the basic idea, but I've never done it before so this will be a learning experience for both of us. Let's see...I'll start by tying this around your cock and balls." Kelly said.

Kelly looped the rope around John's cock and tied it under his balls. She tied it tight enough that John groaned. Kelly giggled.

"Okay...now that I have the starting point tied in I think the next step was to wrap this tight around your balls 2 or 3 times." Kelly said.

Kelly wrapped the rope around John's balls 3 times pulling it tight each time which stretched his sac. She gave the rope a few tugs to make sure it was really tight and then she tied it off.

"Yes...that looks right. What was next? Oh...I remember...now I start tying your cock and balls together. I'll wrap all the way around your cock and all around your balls each time." Kelly said.

Kelly took the rope and made an entire loop around the base of John's cock. The rope was on the left side of his cock so she pulled it around and under his balls on the right side. She took the rope all the way around his balls then up the left side of his balls and wrapped it around the right side of his cock, made a loop all the way around his cock, and then looped it back down around his balls and tied it off.

"Yes...that's good...it looks to be nice and tight around your cock. This is coming along nicely I think. What's next...oh...I remember...now I split your balls." Kelly said.

John yelled into the gag. Kelly giggled.

"Don't worry sweetie...I don't mean split as in cut. I mean split as run the rope between them." Kelly said.

Kelly tied the rope to center it at the bottom of John's sac. She pulled it up over his sac, looped it under the other ropes between his cock and balls, looped it around his cock, then back down between his balls. She pulled the rope tight and it forced the center of John's sac down and two lumps formed on either side for John's balls. Kelly tied the rope off.

"Oh yes that's very nice." Kelly said.

She ran her hand over John's bound cock and balls. He groaned.

"I've still got some rope here...what was I supposed to do with it? Oh...now I remember...now I'm supposed to make figure eights." Kelly said.

Kelly looped the rope around John's left ball, tucked it under the two ropes between his balls, pulled it out beneath his right ball, wrapped it around, tucked it under the ropes, pulled it out under his left ball and repeated the process pulling the rope tight every time until she'd gone around his balls 3 times each.

"Oh wow...this is absolutely amazing John. I've tied your balls so tight that your sac has stretched to its limits and your balls are using up every bit of space that's left. It's really pretty...your cock and balls are both turning a very nice purple color." Kelly said.

She touched John's balls...he groaned.

"Does it hurt?" Kelly asked.

John nodded and said yes into the gag. Kelly smiled.

"If it hurt to have me touch them then you're really going to hate this next part." Kelly said.

Kelly brought her hand down firmly on John's balls...slapping them. John screamed into the gag and pulled against the ropes holding his arms and legs. Kelly giggled.

"Boy...that must have really hurt. How about this?" Kelly asked.

She slapped John's cock hard...again he screamed and pulled against the ropes. Kelly laughed.

"If you didn't like that then you're really going to hate this." Kelly said.

Kelly put her hands on either side of John's balls and clapped them together forcing his tightly bound balls close together. John screamed out in agony...but it was muffled by the gag.

"Oh boy...this is fun." Kelly said.

Kelly used both hands to repeatedly slap and knock around John's cock and balls for a few minutes. John screamed and pulled against his restraints the whole time.

Kelly laughed and smiled as she abused his tightly bound cock and balls. After a few minutes she looked up to John's face and saw tears in his eyes and she stopped and started untying John's cock and balls.

"Okay John...I'm done with that...I'm untying you. I hope I didn't hurt you too bad and I definitely hope there's no permanent damage. I'd like for us to have kids one day. I'd hate to be sitting in a doctor's office a few years from now only to find out that I broke your balls." Kelly said.

Kelly untied John's cock and balls as quickly as she could. When the rope was finally removed Kelly watched with hope and a bit of fear in her eyes to see if the proper color returned to them. She sighed in relief when it did.

"Okay...it seems as if everything is okay...now I'm going to find out for sure though. I told you that I was going to do 3 things to you. I've already teased you. I just got done torturing you. Now I'm going to fuck you senseless." Kelly said.

Kelly started stroking John's cock to get it hard. She was glad that she'd left the gag in John's mouth because he groaned a lot. She was worried that she might have done something that damaged his cock, but the groans became less and less painful and more pleasurable.

"Okay baby, are you ready for it?" Kelly asked.

John looked at Kelly and nodded.

"Okay." Kelly said.

She moved over John and lowered herself down onto his cock. Kelly bounced up and down on John's cock as hard as she could. His balls were aching so each time Kelly came down on them it sent a jolt up his spine.

Kelly looked in John's eyes and saw that he was about to cum so she slowed down.

"You don't get to cum just yet sweetheart. I'm not just fucking you...I'm fucking your brains out. You don't get to cum until I'm ready for you to cum." Kelly said.

Kelly fucked John close to cumming several times, but stopped just short of letting him cum. Finally Kelly looked down into John's eyes and saw not a desire to cum, not a need to cum, what she saw was a desperation to cum. She smiled.

"Okay baby...cum for me." Kelly said.

She sped up her movements and less than a minute later John grunted and groaned for nearly 30 seconds as all of Kelly's teasing, torturing, and fucking released in one massive tidal wave. His whole body shuddered.

"Jesus...that was incredible." Kelly said.

She looked down and saw that John was passed out.

"I guess I really did fuck you senseless." Kelly said.

She slowly pulled herself off of John. As she did a torrent of his cum came flooding out of her.

"Wow...well I hope that's a sign that they still work." Kelly whispered.

She untied John, took the gag out of his mouth, cleaned all of the cum off of him, and then took a shower and got dressed. She decided to let John sleep so she quietly left the room.

When John woke up several hours later he found that his arms and legs were free. He sat up and looked down at his cock and balls...they were purple and swollen, but still there. He got off the bed, pulled on a pair of boxers, and walked gingerly out of the bedroom.

When she saw John enter the kitchen Kelly got nervous. She now had to face his reaction to what she'd done. John went to the fridge, grabbed two beers, and sat down at the table across from Kelly. John opened one of the beers and took a drink. The other beer he put between his legs to soothe his aching balls.

Kelly had a nervous smile on her face as she looked at John. For several tense moments there was silence.

"Did you have the dirty kind of fun that you were hoping to?" John asked.

Kelly wasn't sure that she should answer, but she knew she had to.

"Yes John...I had a lot of fun." Kelly said.

"Good. I'd hate to think that you put me through that and didn't enjoy it." John said.

"John...I'm..." Kelly started.

"From now on if you want to try some crazy assed thing like that let me know. My balls ache like hell right now, but the only thing I'm mad about is that you did that without even talking to me. So in the future talk to me about shit like this okay?" John asked.

"Okay John. I'm sorry...I should have talked to you about it. I just got so excited by it and I was afraid that you would say no." Kelly said.

"Well 2/3 of it was great. The one part though...I'd have insisted that you tone that one down. God that hurt Kelly." John said.

"I'm sorry John. Nothing like that will ever happen again. The last thing I want to do is hurt you." Kelly said.

"Apparently that's not true...or did you get to the last thing you want to do to me and now have to start over?" John asked.

"I'll definitely start over...I'll start over with all of the good stuff John. I'm sorry...I hope that I didn't damage anything." Kelly said.

"Yeah well, time will tell on that. Before I passed out it sure felt like I was cumming pretty good." John said.

"Oh god...that was intense John. I didn't know that guys could have orgasms that long." Kelly said.

"Neither did I. Maybe we can't. Maybe that was just my body finally reacting to everything else you did. Whatever it was it knocked me out." John said.

"It was incredible." Kelly said.

They stared at each other silently for a minute.

"So do you forgive me?" Kelly asked.

"Yeah...just don't be surprised if you wake up some morning to find yourself at my mercy." John said.

Kelly smiled.

"What goes around cums around huh?" Kelly asked.

"Maybe...you'll just have to wait and see." John said.

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