tagLoving WivesA Weekend to Remember

A Weekend to Remember


I wrote this story using the characters Jennifer and Michael from the story "My Dream Girl". This isn't exactly a sequel to it. Only the characters are the same. Please read 'My Dream Girl' in the First Time category for the background of this story. Hope you enjoy this as well. Love.- "Angiesteve69"


Life isn't easy as anyone would think when they are young. It is a combination of all the choices one would make. Good choices make our life good and the bad ones make our life a hell. It's the same with mine and Jennifer's. Most of the choices we made never made us regret. Our marriage, our jobs, our kids, all of them were the best you could have.

We always tried to do our best at every thing. Studies, then the jobs and 2 years into our marriage another responsibility added with the birth of our daughter, Primrose. The parenthood made us feel more responsible and mature. We had to give up the responsibility free life as we became parents. With all the burden at the job, it was a great pleasure to spend the time with my wife and daughter at home. Our bond became much stronger when our son Jonathan was born.

As we were dedicating our time to work and children we didn't have much time to ourselves. At least either of us were tired after work and it made us more difficult to become intimate. But we made love at every chance we got. Still I knew it was very much frustrating for both of us to not to be intimate often. Even during the weekends our children stayed home. So there was no chance for us to make love except nights.

This frustration was creeping up when I had to go to another state for a week to meet some clients. I called my wife every night and we tried having phone sex. But it wasn't as intimate as the physical touch. By the end of my visit I was craving for Jennifer's touch. I thought for a plan and finally I had one. I called my mom to ask if she'd be able to keep Primrose and Jonathan for the weekend. She was so happy to have her grand children with her and she asked me the reason. I explained the whole reason to her and she gladly accepted to spend the weekend with them. Then I booked a table at a restaurant on Saturday night for a romantic dinner.

I arrived home on Friday evening. My wife and children were there at the airport to pick me up. "Welcome home, my love," she said after kissing me. My children were also happy to see their dad again and both of them came and hugged me. Jennifer drove us back to the home and I was tired as hell. Long working week and the flight made me feel more tired. So I had the dinner and headed to the bed calling it a night.

Jennifer did the dishes and other remaining chores. Then I heard her sending the kids to their rooms as I was drifting to a sleep. But I woke up again by the movement of my wife laying beside me. I could see that she was wearing a filmy night gown. "Hey babe," I said.

"Oh honey, did I wake you up? I tried to be silent as possible. I'm really sorry," she said turning to me and rubbing my face.

"Don't be sorry. I'm glad you woke me up. I really missed you baby."

"Same with me honey, I missed you too. I was sleeping alone in this bed hugging your pillow"

"Then we have lots of catching up to do," I said and kissed her passionately.

She too kissed me back. "I really needed this," I said between kisses.

I pushed my tongue in as she readily accepted it by opening her mouth. Our tongues roamed in each others mouths and I tried to undo her night gown. "Baby, you are tired and sleepy. Aren't you?" My wife asked seeing my sleepy eyes. Of course I was very much tired as well as sleepy. But I needed her too. "Yes," I admitted it. "But I haven't even touched you in a week."

"Honey, you need to rest. This won't help it," my wife said in a motherly voice.

"Fuck the rest. I need you so badly," I insisted, not ready to give up.

She thought for a second. "All right, but you have to lie here and let me do all the work."

"Yes ma'am," I said. I removed my shorts as she removed her night gown. My cock was rock hard in no time. She kissed the head of my cock and straddled me. Then she held my cock with her right hand as she impaled herself on it. She was wet and took my cock fully in one motion. "Aaahhh...." both of us moaned in unison as our pubic bones touched.

She started to move up and down on it slowly and gradually picked up the speed. She was milking my cock really tight with her vaginal muscles. That was almost too much for me. She always did that when I was close to my orgasm. I think she needed to make me cum quickly this time. I moved my hands to her tits and squeezed them while pinching the nipples. Her hand moved to her clit and rubbed it frantically. She looked at me and said, "Cum for me darling. Cum in your wife's pussy."

That seductive voice added with her powerful vaginal contractions and a week of no sex paid off. I moaned as my orgasm built up, "Oh babe, I'm going to cum in you. Aaahhhhh....." I had one of the biggest orgasms in my life, shooting loads of my sperm into her belly. Her orgasm triggered as my sperm hit her vaginal walls. She screamed as a long and massive orgasm washed over her. "Michael.........." and she fell over me.

I hugged her tightly as she was riding her long orgasm. Her vagina was squeezing my now deflating cock. Both of us were breathing heavily as we slowly came down from our orgasms. Jennifer was still trembling from her huge orgasm as I kept kissing her shoulder and neck. "Oh my god, that was awesome," my wife said with a trembling voice not bothering to lift her head up.

"It sure was. I missed you for the whole week," I said. "I missed you too baby. I'm glad that you are back," said my wife.

We kissed for some time. Then she slowly rolled away and cuddled to me. "Honey, can you take Prim and Jonathan to mom's home in the morning? I asked her to keep them in the weekend. I think the kids would love it too," I asked Jennifer after some silence.

"But why?" she asked.

"I have some plans for the weekend for us. I mean you and me. We rarely have time for ourselves. Both of us work hard for our future. You take care of the children than I do. I know you have a huge burden in mind than me. But I need you to put them aside for this weekend and enjoy yourself. Forget about children, forget about work and everything. Refresh your mind a bit. Just you and me for the whole weekend."

"Oh honey, you're so sweet. I love you," she said and kissed me. "I love you too," I replied.

The sleep was well within my reach. So I pulled the covers over us and we drifted off to a deep sleep in each other's arms.


"Mike, Mike, put your shorts on. Prim is at the door." I woke to the shaking of my wife. I quickly got up still feeling sleepy and put on my shorts. I heard our 6 year old daughter knocking at the door. "Mommy, daddy."

My wife opened the door. She was wearing a decent night gown. Prim ran to the bed as soon as the door was opened. This had been a habit of hers for sometime. She would come and sleep with us for sometime in the weekend mornings. "Good morning daddy," My 6 years old daughter jumped on to me.

"Good morning little princess," I hugged her. My wife too joined us on the bed. Prim told the stories of her school and friends from the past week. So we didn't get to sleep more. "Prim, would you like to go to your grandma's place with your brother today? You can stay at night and we'll pick you up tomorrow." I said.

"Why won't you come?" she asked.

"Mommy and daddy have lot of work to do honey. We need you to enjoy your time at the grandma's while we work."

"Of course, you can visit grandma Meg too," said my wife. Meg was Jennifer's mother.

"OK then. I'll go," Prim said with a sad voice. "I love you honey," I kissed her forehead.

An hour later my wife drove Prim and Jonathan to my parent's home. It was about a 30 minute drive there. I used that time to prepare a bubble bath for us. She didn't have much time for relaxation these days. I knew she really needed one. Then I prepared the bedroom for a massage. I placed some scented candles in the room and I pulled the curtains together to heighten the effect of the candles. I laid another cloth on the bed so that the bed cloth doesn't get stained. I placed the massage lotion on the night stand too.

I was waiting for my wife in the living room when the door opened. She came in and I quickly covered her eyes with my hands from behind. "Honey, what are you doing?" she asked after startling.

"It's a little surprise. Just walk," I whispered.

We walked to the bathroom slowly. Jennifer stumbling on her way and I held her not letting to fall. I uncovered her eyes as we enterd the bathroom. "Oh my god! Is this for me?" she asked in surprise as she saw the bubble bath. "Well, actually it's for both of us. Now please let me please undress you," I said.

I removed her top as she lifted her hands above her head. "Do you want me to keep my specs on, baby?" Jennifer asked in a seductive voice. "You know I do," I replied. Then her pants came off and joined her top on the floor.

Then I removed my t-shirt and shorts. I proceeded to undress her by removing her bra in slow, delicate motion freeing her beautiful breasts. Then I knelt down before her and slid down her panties to reveal her neatly trimmed pussy. My wife always kept her pubes trimmed as I really loved it rather than shaved.

I stood up and kissed her passionately holding her face between my hands. Her lips felt so soft that I could kiss her like that until the end of the world. I took her hand and led her to the tub. She sat on the tub leaving space behind for me. Then I sat behind her letting her rest her back on me and my hard cock trapping between us. I wrapped my arms around her belly and held her close. Jennifer had closed her eyes relishing this freedom she had gotten in a while. I started to gently rub her belly in circles. Then I moved my hands higher, touching her breasts. Her nipples got harder as I touched them and squeezed them. I kissed her nape and the shoulders while doing so. I spent much time specially on her butterfly tattoo which was on her back just below her right shoulder. Also she had my name tattooed on her wrist. I too had her name tattooed on my fore arm. All those tattoos were done in the previous year for our wedding anniversary.

Low moans were eliciting from her mouth. "How does it feel honey?" I whispered to her ear. "It's so magical. So relaxing," said my wife who looked like she was in a trance.

"Want some more?"

"Of course, yes," whispered my wife.

I moved my hands to her pussy. First I felt the trimmed pubic hair and then I met her love button, the clit after it. She took a deep breath in as my hand made contact with her clit. I teased it with the index finger. I played with it for some time as her moans got louder. "Oh baby," She moaned.

"Just relax my love," I whispered as my fingers probed in her pussy. She started to squeeze her tits as she warmed up to the task. On the other hand I was rubbing her clit with one hand while finger fucking her with the other. It was only one finger in her until she begged for more. "Please honey, another finger please." I obeyed her like a loving husband.

I pushed another finger between her puffy pussy lips and Jennifer shuddered at the same time probably because of a mini orgasm. I pushed them farther and I hit the sweet spot, the G-spot. "Aaahhh..." She moaned. I knew that I had hit the spot. She moaned as I worked more and more on it. "Honey, what are you doing to me?" She asked with a trembling voice.

"I'm making you feel better," I said still working my fingers on her pussy.

Jennifer turned her head towards me and kissed me. I too kissed back. She wrapped her arms around my neck holding me tightly. "Oh god baby, you're going to make me cum." She whispered while holding on to my neck.

"It's OK honey, let it go, let it go."

Her breathing became louder and her body started to shudder as she clutched on to me tightly. Her pussy clamped around my fingers tightly. She lifted her body slightly from the tub as she experienced a violent orgasm. She tried to scream, but the sound wasn't coming out. She kissed me again, but this time more violently. "Aaahhhhh" Finally her voice came back.

I fingered her as fast as I could until her orgasm subsided. Her body dropped as the orgasm passed off. Finally she rested her limp body on me. But her body was shaking even after her orgasm. I withdrew my hands from her pussy and wrapped them around her to hold her close. I kissed her head softly as her breathing became normal.

"How do you feel, love?" I asked.

"Great. Relaxed. I'm out of burdens after a long time," Jennifer said.

I rubbed her body with my hands and she purred like a kitten when I did. "Oh god, I really needed this," she said.

"There's much more to come," I whispered.

We got out of the tub after enjoying the warm water for some more. Then we dried each other off. Both of us were very attentive on the body of the other as we spent a lot of time in doing that. I kissed and caressed each and every part after drying them and she did the same for me.

I dropped the towels and looked at her eyes. Then I swept her feet off the floor and lifted her. "Mike, what..."

"Shh.... I'm going to treat you like you deserve my queen," I said interrupting her protest.

She rested her head on my arm as I carried her to the bed. I gently placed her on the bed and lit the candles. It created a different environment with the curtains pulled together. "This is so romantic," Jennifer said looking around and taking her full framed specs off.

"Guess for whom I did it," I said getting ready for the massage.

"Thank you so much honey," She said.

"Thank me after everything. Now lay on your front, babe. I've got another surprise."

She switched her position and said, "I hope this one's as good as the last one."

"Should be better," I said.

I poured some lotion on her back, ass and legs to start with. I wasn't a trained masseur. But I knew enough to make her feel good. Then I rubbed it all over her back starting from her neck. I massaged her neck and the shoulders kissing the butterfly tattoo occasionally. Jennifer closed her eyes enjoying the touch of mine. I felt her muscles relax as I moved my hands along her shoulders over and over.

I rubbed her sides, arms, buttocks, thighs and up to her feet with lotion. Then I moved to her back, again and started to massage. I started from her back bone area and proceeded to the sides. I could feel the sides of her breasts protruded as they were crushed between her chest and the mattress. I did it gently at first and then gradually I made it harder. "Mmmm... Feels really good," my wife said.

Then I did her arms, fore arms and the hand including her fingers. I felt her relaxing more and more. "Oh baby, you're spoiling me," She cooed.

"You've been spoiling me for a long time honey," I replied.

After the arms, I moved to one of my favorite parts, her ass. The ass which I've been waiting to penetrate since we first made love. Her ass was so fleshy that I would never get enough of it. Of course her whole body was, not only the ass. I kissed her buttocks and squeezed it gently while moving my hands over them. I parted the buttocks and ran my index finger along the crack. It sent shivers along her body when I lingered my finger around her puckered virgin anus. I tried to insert my finger in slowly. But the resistance was too much for me, "Please baby don't. It'll hurt," said my wife afraid that I may fuck her ass. "Don't worry my love. I'd never hurt you. We won't do it if you don't want to," I said to reassure her.

I proceeded to her thighs. I teased her by touching the finger tips on her labia as I massaged her upper thighs. Her breathing became louder in anticipation as I closed in on her pussy. But I carried on the massage leaving her sexually frustrated but making her relax. I did it up to her delicate feet. I kissed them before finishing the back side.

Then I made her lay on her back to massage her front. I poured lotion on her as before and started it once again from her shoulders. Then I moved to the breasts. The breasts which fed my children with milk when they were infants and fed my lust for the most of my life. I held them with my hands and planted kisses on each one. "Have I ever told you that you've got such a gorgeous pair of breasts?" I asked while massaging them with both of my hands. "You say that everyday," my wife laughed.

I slowly massaged each breast very carefully, one at a time converging my full attention to it. I massaged them from the base towards her nipples in circular motion, tweaking her nipple finally. When I massaged the first one a tiny white drop of milk came out of her nipple as I tugged. My wife didn't produce much of milk those days as she was gradually weaning Jonathan. But still she fed Jonathan occasionally even though he was 3 and half years old. That's why she was producing very small amount of breast milk. I was really addicted to her milk as she was feeding at least one of my children for the previous 6 years.

I licked that drop off her nipple and said, "It's been over a week since I last tasted this." Of course, she would feed me each time we were making love.

Drops of milk kept oozing from her nipple for the whole time I massaged her breasts. I also enjoyed licking it from her nipples. After that I slowly moved to her belly. I massaged it while occasionally fingering her belly button. Then I did her thighs and the whole leg until toes.

I moved back to her face and kissed her lips. "How does it feel babe? Feeling better?" I asked. "Oh my god yes, I've never felt this good in.... I don't know, probably in ages. Thank you honey. Please now lay down with me." She said patting the bed.

I climbed to the bed with my very hard, precum oozing cock swaying in front of her face. It had been erect and oozing precum since we were having the bath. Jennifer knelt on the bed as I laid down and grabbed my cock with both hands. "You've done so much for me today. Let me take care of you," said Jennifer and licked the precum from the head.

"Oh babe," I moaned as it felt so good. I was pretty sure that I won't be able to last longer under the circumstances. I was horny since the morning and my cock was erect during the past hour. Jennifer looked at my eyes and wrapped her lips around cock head. She slowly took about half of the length in and pulled back until only the head remained in.

She started one of the most sensual blow jobs ever. Starting it slowly, she fondled my balls while sucking the cock. She also occasionally deep-throated me and sucked my balls displaying the wide repertoire of her skills in giving head. She kept looking at me for most of the time. She was in no hurry and so was I. My wife kept things really slow. I ran my fingers through her hair and said, "So beautiful."

"Oh babe, I'm not going to last long if you keep doing that," I warned her.

"I want you to cum in my mouth, love. I've been craving for it."

I was feeling the boiling in my balls as she deep-throated my cock again and I could feel my cum rising along the tubes. I was trying to hold it as long as I could. "You're going to get your wish," I said.

"Give it to me baby. Give it to me," She said while masturbating my cock and then put it again in her mouth.

I felt my balls tighten and cock getting ready to twitch. "Oh shit, I'm cumming babe," I shouted and the first of many spurts ejected from my cock into her waiting mouth. Jennifer only tightened her lips more around the cock and bobbed her self up and down in the same calm manner. I shot another 4-5 long spurts and she tried to drink them all. But the load was too much for her. Some drops of my cum were dripping around the corners of her mouth.

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