tagCelebrities & Fan FictionBig Bang Theory Season 01 Ep. 08-12

Big Bang Theory Season 01 Ep. 08-12


Author's note: The series resets with this episode. Remember that as this story progresses, many times they resume the storyline as if never having sex before with each other. So is the case in this episode.


Raj's parents set him up on a blind date with Lalita Gupta. She is a dental student at USC. His parents seemingly forgot about him being able to speak to women.

Howard calls Lalita and set up a date for them to meet; unbeknownst to her that it wasn't Raj she was speaking to. Raj was in a panic; not knowing how to deal with the date, especially when he wouldn't be able to talk to her.

Penny knocks on the guy's door and opens it, "Hi guys!"

"Oh hi Penny, what's up?"

"I need a few guinea pigs."

Sheldon took her literally, "Okay, there's a lab animal supply company in Reseda you could try. But if your research is going to have human applications, I suggest white mice. Their brain chemistry is far closer to ours."

Penny stood there with her mouth open. She looked amazing in a hip length tunic. Two tiny straps held it up, but barely; her large tits threaten to pop out of the top. Below that, she was wearing a tight pair of stretch pants, it shows off her slender legs perfectly, "I swear to god, Sheldon, one day, I'm gonna get the hang of talking to you."

Leonard scoffs at her, "His mom's been saying that for years. So what's up?"

"Well, I convinced the restaurant to give me a bartending shift, so I need to practice mixing drinks.

Leonard stands up and comes over to her, "Oh, well great. The key to acquiring proficiency in any task is repetition."

Penny looks back to Leonard, "So, Leonard, how about it?"

"Penny, we'd love to help you, but Raj is going through some stuff right now. And besides, he doesn't drink so..."

Raj jumped up and whispered in Leonard's ear, he couldn't talk in front of Penny. Leonard smiles, "Really?" Raj nods and Leonard turns back to Penny, "Um... Ray is going through some stuff right now and he'd like to take up drinking."

They all head over to Penny's apartment where she starts mixing drinks. "Okay, here you go Leonard; one Tequila Sunrise. Okay, Raj, what will it be?"

He whispers in Leonard's ear and Leonard replies, "Whatever you recommend."

"How about a Grasshopper? I make a mean Grasshopper." He nods and she says, "Okay good, coming right up. What would you like Sheldon?"

"I don't drink; I'm heading back to my place and work on my computer." He got up and left.

She finished making Raj's Grasshopper and handed it to him, "Okay Raj, here you go. All right, who's next?"

Howard in a low voice blurts out, "I'd like to try a Slippery Nipple."

She smiles and shakes her head, "Okay, you're cut off, how about a Manhattan? Anybody need a refill?" She makes him one and all of a sudden Raj begins to talk.

"Where did my life go Penny?"

The guys are shocked and Penny stands there stunned, her jaw drops.

"One day I'm a bachelor and the next I'm married and driving a minivan to peewee cricket matches in suburban New Delhi"

A stunned Penny leans forward; her huge tits strain to pop from her top, "Are you talking to me?"

"Is there another Penny here? I had such plans, I had dreams. I was going to be the Indira Gandhi of particle astrophysics, but with a penis, of course." He takes another sip of his Grasshopper, "Ever since I was a little boy, my father wanted me to be a gynecologist like him. How can I be a gynecologist? I can barely look a woman in the eye. You know what? I'm not going to let my parents control my future any longer. It's time for a showdown. Somebody give me a computer with a Webcam." He stands up and moves over to the sofa.

Penny is still amazed, "Okay Sweetie, I think that's the Grasshopper talking." She moves over beside him after handing Leonard, Howard and Raj another drink.

Raj takes a big gulp; "It's about to tell my parents that I'm not riding an elephant down the aisle with Lalita Gupta."

"Okay, calm down, no one can make you get married Sweetie. Why don't you meet this girl, see what happens?"

"Haven't you been listening? I cannot talk to women."

Penny sits closer to him; "Raj, honey you say you can't talk to women, but you've been talking to me."

He's stunned and takes another gulp of his drink, "You're right, I, I am talking to you! Hello Penny, how are you?" He puts out his hand to shake hers.

She giggles and shakes his hand, "I'm fine!"

Raj is ecstatic, "Okay, now I need to make sure I have a Lalita before I meet the Grasshopper." He downs the drink, "It's a sweet green miracle."

"Okay, if you're gonna drink on this date, just promise me you won't overdo it.

"Overdo what? Happiness? Freedom? This warm glow inside of me that promises everything's going to be all hunky ducky?"

She smiles, "Yeah, that! Why don't you bring her to my restaurant so I can keep an eye on you?"

"Okay, but I think I need to lie down now, this little green miracle is kicking my ass."

"Okay Raj, Leonard, Howard can you help me take him to my bedroom to lie down. I think he needs to sleep it off."

Raj chuckles, "I'm fine Penny, better than fine. I feel like all of my problems are fading away."

She shakes he head, especially when he stands and sways from side to side, "They're not fading away, you're just about to blackout!" She guides him to her bedroom and Howard and Leonard help her.

Raj flops down on the bed and as he's falling, he wraps his arms around Penny's neck and pulls her down onto the bed with him. All of a sudden, he's no longer drunk and he begins to rain kisses all over her face. His mouth captures hers and she, along with the other guys, has had a few too many drinks. She is completely aware of what's about to happen and even since her Halloween party where Kurt tried to fuck her, she's been without. Having a hot session right now with three slightly inebriated nerds all of a sudden seemed very appealing to her. She couldn't remember the last time she was the focal point of more than two guys. She was more than ready for this. She let them have their way with her.

Raj released her mouth and began nuzzling her neck. He felt her shiver and knew he was on the right path. He swept her long, golden blonde hair away from her face and attacked her sexy ear. He tugged at her earlobe and stabbed at her ear making her shiver even more.

Leonard was directly behind her. He turned her head to the side and caught her mouth with his own. He sucked on her tongue and tugged at her lower lip with his teeth. His hands were active too. Wrapping his arms around her lush body, he tugged her tight tunic downward exposing her full, firm tit. He cupped it and as he squeezed it, he caught her fat nipple between his thumb and index finger. He heard her groan into his mouth and she sucked wildly at his invading tongue.

Somehow, Howard managed to strip away all of his clothes and even though he was trapped between Penny and his two friends, he ignored it and wormed his way lower. His hands were all over her slender legs trapped in those tight stretch pants. His hand slid upward and found she was naked under the tight pants. He worked his fingers up and down her fat cuntlips that were outlined prominently in the pants. He loved it when she thrust her pussy up against his hand, as he mauled her pussy. His hand was damp from the moisture she was producing, making the stretch pants wetter by the second. He managed to work his hands around the waistband of her pants and pulling them down roughly, they gave way and he tugged them off her gorgeous ass and down her luscious legs. As soon as it cleared her upper thighs, he stopped and shoved his head between her legs. He was in nirvana. He inhaled her intoxicating scent and followed it up with his tongue. He had never tasted a pussy so sweet before and he was lost in that pool of female juices.

Penny was quickly getting more and more excited. She continued to turn to one side and kiss Leonard. She was surprised he was so adept at kissing. She loved how he made his move to uncover one of her tits and play with it. As for Raj, she loved he was so gentle, as he continued to caress and play with her neck, ears and shoulders. She was completely blown away that Howard was so bold as to remove her pants and attack her pussy. She looked down and also noticed he was already naked. She took in his stiff cock; it wasn't overly large, maybe six inches or so, and not very thick. She imagined it would be the perfect cock to slip into her tight asshole. She groaned when she thought about that, but it turned into a groan when she felt his tongue uncover her hooded clit and she squealed into Leonard's mouth when she felt him suck on it and begin to flick it back and forth with his tongue. She let out a grunt when he slid a couple fingers in and vigorously began to finger fuck her. She pulled away from Leonard's mouth and groaned out, "My god Howard, I had you all wrong. I always thought you were just a nerd trying to get into any woman's pants. That part is still valid, but I'm surprised you are very adept down there."

He rose up and smiled at her, "I aim to please Penny, is there anything special you'd like me to do?"

She giggled, "Oh no Howard; just continued with what you were doing please. Just get back to it!"

He nodded and immediately resumed finger fucking her and licking away at her slit, clit and when he dipped down to her puckered hole, he felt her let out a squeal and urged him to do it even more.

"Oh fuck yeah Howard, I like that, I like that a lot. Mmmm maybe it you get it really wet and get me hot enough, I wouldn't mind you fucking me there."

Howard slipped his fingers from her pussy. They were coated in her juices and he slid those same two fingers slowly into her tight asshole. He felt her raise her ass up and let out a groan. He saw her cunt suddenly become wetter.

Leonard watched as Howard dominated Penny and he wanted in. He reached down and grabbed hold of her tunic and pulled it up. He pulled it over her head and tossed it aside. He stared at her naked body and before he could react, Raj turned her towards him and the two of them kissed like long lost lovers.

Penny stripped off Raj's shirt and breaking the kiss, she began raining kisses along his neck and down to his chest. She sucked at his nipples while she frantically tore at his pants. Getting them open, she shoved them down, along with his shorts. She inverted her hand and immediately began stroking his large, caramel colored cock. She spat on her palm and covered his cock and tugged at his cock even harder. Her mouth was watering, she wanted desperately to suck on a cock, it didn't matter to her right now which one it was, but seeing she had Raj's cock in her hand, she decided on his.

Penny slid lower on the bed and in doing so; she lost contact with Howard's tongue and fingers. She liked what he was doing, but wanted more, she needed more. She grabbed hold of Raj's ass and pulled him down on the bed and she hovered over him. She planted several kisses on his belly and upper thighs. Her ass was sticking straight up and Howard moved back and finding her ass, he slapped it playfully. She flipped her gorgeous straight blonde hair over her shoulder and grinned back at him; "Is that the best you can do Howard? My nephew can slap me harder." She gripped Raj's cock in her fist and stroked it several times. Her tongue whipped around the head, getting it completely covered in spit. She opened her mouth wider and just as she took it into her mouth; Howard reared back and slapped her harder. She moaned louder as she took more of Raj's cock into her mouth. Again another stinging slap connected with her butt cheeks and yet another. She moaned and wiggled her ass, She loved it when Raj gathered up her hair in his fists and held her head still as he thrust his hips upward, sending his cock even deeper in her mouth and into her throat. Her throat muscles clutched at his cock.

Howard caressed her glowing pink ass cheeks and dipping his fingers into her dripping pussy, he slid them out and finding her puckered hole, he began sliding them in and out of her. He went slowly at first, making sure she was prepared. When he felt her ass relax, he shoved them in deeper and began pumping in and out of her ass faster and harder.

Leonard wanted in desperately and worming his way down under Penny, he managed to spread her legs as wide as possible and managed to slip beneath her and latching his mouth upon her juicy cunt, he immediately began tongue fucking her puffy lips. He brought up his hands and spreading her cuntlips wider, he sucked, licked and tongue fucked her luscious pussy.

Penny was close to cumming, yet she wanted more. She had enough of all of these lips, tongues, fingers and mouths. She wanted cocks and she wanted them in her pussy and ass. She loved sucking on Raj, but it wasn't what she so desperately needed. She pulled her mouth off of Raj's cock and looked up at him, "I want you to stand up so I can suck you better."

Raj was so close to cumming, but did as this blonde bombshell instructed. He stood up and rested his ass on the headboard. He grabbed hold of her arms and drew her upward.

Penny turned to Leonard, "Come on Sweetie, you've been dreaming of fucking me for months, here is your chance. Slide up under me so I can ride your cock." She turned to Howard, "Stop fingering my ass Howard, after I start riding Leonard, I want you to put something else in my ass, use your imagination!" She turned back to Raj and opening her mouth, she swallowed his entire cock. In this position, the angle was perfect and she felt his cock stiffen as she began bobbing back and forth.

Leonard was beneath her and he was staring up at those luscious tits of hers. They were swaying from side to side as she worked on Raj's cock. He gripped her hips and guided her down over his stiff, fat cock. He bit down on his lip as he felt her hot, slippery cunt swallow up his cock. He guided her downward and inch by inch his cock disappeared in her pussy. He began running his hands all over her lush body. He started at her ass, to her gorgeous thighs, upward across her tiny waist and higher to her luscious tits. He cupped them and worried her stiff nips and tugging at them, he smiled when he heard her let out a grunt around Raj's cock. He felt her juices bathe his cock as she finally started cumming. He played rougher with her tits and she responded the same, slamming down upon his cock harder and faster.

Penny ripped her mouth off of Raj's cock and let out a scream of pleasure when Howard's slender cock found its mark and parting her anal ring, he slid his entire length into her ass. She was air-tight as she resumed sucking on Raj.

The three nerds worked their stiff cocks in and out of all three of Penny's holes. They were fucking her like a well-oiled machine and they soon had her on the verge of another orgasm. Raj was the first to lose it. He fisted her beautiful silky hair and holding her head steady, he fucked her face and shoving it deep into her mouth, he started shooting his cum. He filled her mouth and her eyes nearly bugged out of her head. She swallowed and sucked even harder. She swallowed his entire load and as he pulled out of her mouth, she planted a kiss on the head and licked the last drop that oozed out.

Howard was the next. He never fucked an ass before, but always dreamed of doing this. To make it even better, it was the ass of a woman he had nightly wet-dreams about. He gripped her hips and he fucked her ass deeper and faster. He slapped her ass several times and hearing her groan out in approval, he lost it and started pumping his Jewish seed in her bowels. He continued to fuck her ass until he was drained dry. He slid out of her ass and falling from her, he slipped off the bed and went into the bathroom to clean up.

Leonard finally had Penny exactly where he wanted her, all to himself. He rolled over and had the luscious blonde beneath him. Raj managed to step over her and gathering up his clothes, he went into the living room to dress.

Penny wrapped her arms and legs around Leonard and kissing his, her tongue painted a trail along his lips. She pulled back and smiled up at him, "Looks like it's just you and I left Leonard. You have me all to yourself, so what are you going to do with me Sweetie?"

He smiled down at her, his fingers combed through her gorgeous blonde hair. He looked into her dark green eyes and kissed her gently on the lips, "My god Penny, do you have any idea just how beautiful you are? I'm going to do something those other two didn't do, I'm going to make love to you!" He kissed her and she felt light-headed. She dug her nails in his hair and pulled him tighter to her sweat covered body.

The two of them began to make love; they caressed, kissed and yes ended up fucking one another. Penny released her legs from around his body and planting her feet flat on the bed, she thrust upward, meeting his thrusts with urgent ones of her own. She clutched at his back and raked her nails down his back and cupping his ass, she clutched at it as she exploded and came harder than any of the other orgasms she had tonight.

Leonard was right behind her, as he felt her explode, coating his cock with her cum, he added to it by filling her womb with his hot load. He gently caressed her body. He played with her breasts, caressing them as he combed his fingers through her tousled hair. He planted yet one last kiss on her lips. It was a gentle, sensitive kiss and she sighed in contentment.

The following day, the three guys didn't know how to act around Penny. She was at the Cheesecake Factory tending bar. At a nearby table Raj was trying to act cool around Lalita Gupta. He was failing miserably seeing he was half in the bag after drinking one too many Grasshoppers. Lalita looks amazing in a full flowing green dress with an exceptionally low neckline. It showed off her large breasts to perfection. She had long shiny, jet black hair. It was curly and made her look even more appealing. Topping it all off, she looked totally bored listening to Raj go on and on about how she used to be so fat.

At the bar Penny was acting cool while Howard and Leonard watched on. Leonard turned to Penny, "So are we going to discuss what happened last night?"

She looked at him and shook her head, "NOPE!"

"Why not?"

"Because it happened, it's over with and we all had a little too much to drink."

"Come on Penny, we all know that isn't true. We had a couple of drinks apiece. None of us were drunk and you know it."

She shook her head again, "Nope and I'm sticking to my story, just drop it Leonard or we're going to have a problem. Concentrate on Raj and what a fool he's making of himself."

Just then Sheldon entered the lounge area and stopped when he spotted Lalita, "Oh my Lord, that's Princess Panchali."

Leonard scoffed as he looked down Penny's blouse. It was unbuttoned past her gorgeous tits, she gets better tips that way, "I'm pretty sure her name's Lalita."

"No, no Princess Panchali from "The Monkey and The Princess"; it's a children's story. When I was a little boy and got sick, which was most of the time, my mother would read it to me. It's about an Indian princess who befriends a monkey who was mocked by all the other monkeys because he was different. For some reason, I related to it quite strongly."

Penny raised her hand, "I know the reason!"

Leonard smiled at her, "We all know the reason. Sheldon, what are you getting at?"

"That woman looks exactly like the pictures of Princess Panchali in the book. How often does one see a beloved fictional character come to life?"

Howard mocks him, "Every year as Comic-Con, every day at Disneyland. You can hire Snow White to come to your house. Of course, they prefer it if you have a kid."

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