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Big Bang Theory Season 05 Ep. 09-13


One of my readers requested adding pictures of the new characters, but this is not allowed by Literotica. When a new character is introduced, I will put in parenthesis the character's real name so you can look them up on the internet.


After Penny spend the day shopping for wedding dresses with Bernadette and Amy, she had enough pussy. She was in dire need of some cock. When she woke, she rubbed out an orgasm thinking about Raj and the way he dominated her.

She left for work and had naughty thoughts about several of her customers, both men and women. She left work feeling even hornier. Opening the door to her apartment complex, she was happy to see Leonard in the lobby retrieving his mail. She perked up immediately, "Hey!"

Leonard put his mail in his bag, "Oh hey, you work the lunch shift?"

She was carrying a bag of carry-out containers, "Yeah, got 8 pounds of salmon that's about to go bad. Do you know how to cook it?"

They started up the stairs, "No, not really."

"Damn it, I should've liberated the iffy chicken. So what are you and Professor Fussyface up to tonight?"

He chuckled, "Star Wars on Blu-ray."

"Haven't you seen that movie a thousand times?"

"Not on Blu-ray, only twice on Blu-ray."

"Oh Leonard!"

"I know, it's high-resolution sadness."

"Well, I was gonna take myself out to a movie tonight. You wanna go?"

"Really? Do we do that?"

She stopped at the landing on the third floor, "What do you mean?"

"You know, we haven't spent time along together since we broke up."

She chuckled, "It's not a date, Leonard. It's just a man and a woman hanging out, not having sex at the end of the night."

"Huh, sounds like most of my dates."

"So movies, yes or no?"

"Oh, movies, yes."

"Great, I'll see you later."

Leonard changed clothes three times before settling with a pair of jeans, a Comic-con t-shirt and an army fatigue jacket over it. He met up with Penny and they left for the theatre.

In the lobby they started to discuss what they were going to see. Penny was dressed in a new pair of jeans and a loose fitting burgundy pullover sweater. She had a grey jacket over it, hiding her unencumbered breasts. Her hair was straight and hung down, resting on her breasts. She called out, "Oh, hey, if we hurry we can make the Jennifer Aniston movie."

He wasn't interest in that, "Oh, yeah, sure. Yeah, uh, there's also an amazing documentary about building a dam on a river in South America,"

She scrunched up her nose, "Okay, but Jennifer Aniston movie has Jennifer Aniston. And she's not building a dam."

He nodded, "Can't argue with that. I'll get the tickets."

She smiled; she won again, "Okay."

He stopped after a couple of steps, "Actually, you know what? I think it's about time I pick a movie we see."

"Wha-? You picked plenty of movies."

"No, you always picked and it was always the same. An hour and a half of beach houses in the rain until the woman turns around and realizes love was here all along."

"Oh come on, that is a great movie. And it starts in ten minutes."

He threw up his arms, "But I hate those movies."

"No you don't!"

"Yes, I do! The only reason I went is because you wanted to see them and I wanted to have sex. To this day I can't see a Sandra Bullock movie poster without getting both bored and aroused."

She was dumbfounded, "Okay, so while we were going out, how often would you pretend to like things just to have sex with me?"

He threw his head back and scoffed, "All the time!"

She rolled her eyes in disgust, "You're kidding."

"Okay, does this sound familiar? "I'd love to go shoe shopping with you." "Hiking, it's great." "It's 2a.m., of course, I wanna go to Koreatown and sing karaoke with your friends. Who wouldn't?"

She shook her head, "Okay, we were going out. You were gonna get sex anyway."

He crossed his arms, "Really? You would've slept with me after a three hour documentary on dams?"

She looked over his shoulder at the movie poster, "No, no woman would."

"See, now, that's the great thing. We're out as friends. This is not a date. Sex is off the table. So let's go learn why hydroelectric power might be the environmental bargain you think it is. Sorry, spoiler alert."

She took a deep breath, "Ugh, all right, fine."

He smiled, "Thanks, uh, tickets are 11 bucks." He put out his hand to her, shocking her; she had to pay her way. He smiled, "Not a date."

After the movie they stopped off at the neighborhood watering hole. Penny had a glass of wine and Leonard had a beer. He chuckled, "Come on, you enjoyed the movie. I saw you tearing up when the village flooded and everyone had to relocate."

She took a sip of her wine, "No, I was thinking how come they get to leave and we can't."

He chuckled again, "I'm gonna get some fries. You want anything?"

"Uh, no thanks."

"Are you sure? Because you always say no, and then you eat half my fries."

"I just eat the little crispy ones you don't like."

"No, I love them. I save them for the end, but they're gone because you ate them. And why did I let you eat them?"

She nodded in sarcasm, "To get sex."

"Exactly! But this is not a date. So I ask again, would you like anything?"

"All right, I'd like an order of fries."

"Great, that'll be five dollars." He put out his hand as she reached into her purse to get the money, "I am having the best time. I'm so glad you suggested we do this."

She reached back to put her purse on the back of her chair and elbowed the guy behind her, "Oh, sorry."

He was typing away on a laptop, "No problem."

She looked over his shoulder, "What you writing there?"

"Uh, a screenplay. It's about a guy whose roommate is having sex and tells him to go to a bar and work on his screenplay."

She reads the screen over his shoulder, "I Hope Alex Gets Crabs: The Movie."

He looked back at her, "It's a working title."

She giggled, "I'm Penny."

He leaned over and shook her hand, "I'm Kevin, nice to meet you. I'll let you get back to your date."

"Oh, no, no, this isn't a date, no." She turned to Leonard who was holding the fries, "Right?"

"Uh, right!"

She turned back to Kevin, "So have you written anything I might have seen?"

"That depends. How much time do you spend on Yelp?"

She changes seats and is now sitting with Kevin, "So it is an amazing documentary. They need electricity from the dam, but at the same time, they wanna preserve the environment."

Leonard was sitting along, bored to tears and he heard her; "You're kidding me." He finally stood up and moved over to them, "Uh, can I see you for a sec over here?"

He looks to Kevin, "Oh, sure, just one sec?

He nods, "No problem."

She hops over to Leonard, "What's up?"

"I know what you're doing."

"What am I doing?"

"You're going to talk to that guy because I said we weren't on a date."

She shook her head, "No, I'm talking to him because he's cute."

"Uh, come on. He's not that cute."

"Yes, he is...with his dorky t-shirt and his little hipster glasses." She looked back to Leonard and smiled.

He stared her down and in a low voice replied, "I wear dorky t-shirts and glasses."

"Yes, but when you're tall and have great cheekbones, you're doing it ironically."

"So, what if I start talking to a girl?"

"You should, there's some girls right over there. What are you waiting for?"

"They're in a group. I'm scared." Most of them left and he moved over to talk to a short haired brunette. She was very slender. Her legs seemed to go on forever and she had on a pair of skin-tight red jeans. On top she had a black flowery top; it was low cut showing off her pert breasts. She took a sip of her wine, "So Leonard, what do you do for fun?" She smiled at him; she had a cock hardening pretty smile. Her auburn locks were feathered and it fit her face perfectly.

He looked up, "Uh, let's see, hiking, karaoke in Koreatown and any Jennifer Aniston movie."

Penny hopped over to them, "Hey, sorry I ditched you."

Leonard looked to her, "No, it's fine, ditch away."

"Oh no, we were gonna hang out. Let's hang out."

"It's cool, go back to Kevin."

"Nooooo, he had to leave."

He replied sarcastically, "Interesting. So now that he's gone, you wanna hang out with me."

Laura (Ashley Austin Morris) spoke up, "This must be Penny."

Leonard nodded, "Yep!"

She smiled towards Penny, "I totally get it."

Penny stared at her for a moment, "Uh, I'm sorry, get what?"

Leonard broke in, "Don't worry about it. There's guys over there. Go talk to them."

Penny frowned, "Okay, but I'll be back." She left and went to the bar.

Laura and Leonard were hitting it off and she liked what she saw when he told her about Penny. She leaned over and placed her hand on his, "What do you think about you and Penny coming back to my place. I'd love to have her and I make you the meat in our female sandwich."

He called out, "Hey Penny, wanna hang out?"

She came back over, "So now you wanna hang out, huh? What did you tell her about me?"

"Uh, well. I told her what a great girlfriend you were before we broke up. I also told her how you liked girls, especially in threesomes."

Penny's jaw dropped, "Leonard, how could you?" She turned to Laura, " I'm really sorry..."

Laura came around to the other side of the table, "Don't worry Penny, when he told me about it, I got really, really wet. What do you say we head back to my place; I'm just up the block. I'd love to sample you, and watch the two of you go at it. I really get off watching people fuck. After that, you can watch Leonard and I fuck, what do you think?"

Penny stood there not knowing what to say. She was turned on and after the threesome with Bernie and Amy; she was itching for some cock. She looked to Leonard and back to Laura, "What the fuck, why not? Lead the way Laura." She followed Laura out and watched her tight ass shake in those tight jeans and she felt her pussy getting wetter by the second.

Once in her apartment, Laura lit some candles and offered them both a drink. Laura turned to Leonard, "Please, Leonard, have a seat. I'm gonna take Penny back to my bedroom for a sec, we'll be right back." Laura led Penny to her bedroom, but Leonard could catch a glimpse of them from where he sat. She offered Penny a large, nearly knee-length oversized night shirt. "Here you go Penny, put this on, even though I doubt if we'll be wearing it for long." She didn't wait for Penny to strip. She crossed her arms and slipped out of her blouse. Her tiny A cup breasts stood high, crowned by tiny bullet-type nipples.

Penny was drawn to them, "Wait Laura, I just have to taste one before you cover them up, they are just adorable. She lowered her mouth and enveloped the entire crown and nearly all of her tit. She sucked hard and tasted cherries. Her tongue whipped out and danced across the stiffened nipple.

Laura let out a groan; her fingers combed through Penny's long silky blonde hair and after a moment or two, tugged her away. She giggled, "More of that later, we have a man waiting out there to be double-teamed." She shimmied out of her pants and dropped the nightshirt over her tall, slender body. She stood back, "Okay Penny, what are you waiting for, do you need a hand?" she didn't wait for a reply. Penny had already slipped out of her jacket. Laura reached out and pulled the loose fitting sweater up and over her head. She let out a moan, "Mmmm, lovely breasts, my turn for a sample." She leaned in and closed her lips around one of Penny's large, puckered aeroules. She lips drew the entire tip in and sucked and bit down and she heard Penny groan out on pain and pleasure. She moved to its twin and she felt Penny's hands in her short hair, urging her to bite again. She did and was rewarded by another groan from Penny's lips. She pulled back, "Off with the pants, Penny. We have a man waiting."

Leonard turned back as they came back into the living room. His cock was rock hard as he watched Penny and Laura tease one another.

Laura reached for Leonard's beer and took a sip. She passed it back to Leonard and he remarked, "It's starting to get a little hot in here." She stood and turned to Penny, how about I put on some music, I'd love to dance with you, let's see how hot we can get Leonard."

They danced together, the thin nightshirts moving and twirling, flashing Leonard their tiny panties from time to time. Laura got behind Penny, placing her hands on her hips, she swayed to the music.

Leonard's cock was tenting his jeans and wished he had worn looser pants.

Laura's hands drifted upward and wandered over Penny's large breasts. She leaned in and nibbled at her neck, I wish my tits were as large as yours, they are amazing."

Penny closed her eyes and swayed from side to side, her ass pressing against Laura's hairy pussy. She opened her eyes and wiggled her finger at Leonard; she wanted him to join them.

He got up and they danced around him, their hands wandering all over his body. Suddenly Penny pushed him back on the sofa and straddled him. Laura came up behind Penny and lifted Penny's shirt up and over her head.

Penny continued to sway to the music, dressed in only a tiny thong, she felt his cock grinding against her camel-toe. She lifted her arms; she raised them and wiggled her large breasts in Leonard's face. She leaned in, wrapped her arms around his neck, she licked at his ear and whispered; "I hope you enjoy looking at your breasts friends again, Leonard?"

He groaned and cupped her tits, squeezing and rolling the large aeroules and nipples.

She leaned back and arching her back, she kissed Laura. She smiled as they kissed. She heard Leonard moan as she kissed the auburn hair little tart. Breaking the kiss, Penny slid off of Leonard and stood. She grabbed his hands and once again pulled him to his feet. She released him and stepped onto the sofa and stood behind him. She reached down and yanked his t-shirt up and over his head. She leaned in and began nibbling at his neck and earlobe.

Before him, Laura sank to her knees and opened his pants, drew down his zipper and lowered his pants and boxers. He cock sprung forward, stiff as a board. She leaned in and planted a hot, wet kiss on the head. Her lips parted and she drew his thick shaft into her mouth.

Penny continued nibbling at the sensitive flesh of his neck and shoulders. Her hand came around and fed him her fingers. He sucked them in and looking down, he caught Laura's dark blue eyes looking up at him. She winked at him and moved her head forward, taking him deep into her mouth. He moaned and turning his head, Penny removed her fingers from his mouth and replaced it with her tongue. She kissed him; Frenching him hard as his hands came up and fisted her long silky hair.

She broke the kiss and hopped off the sofa. She came around behind Laura, reaching down; she ripped the nightshirt, up and over her head. She had to release Leonard's cock briefly, but returned to sucking him. She groaned out as Penny pressed her large swaying tits against her bare back. She shivered when Penny began ravishing her neck and her hands cupped Laura's tiny, firm tits. Laura's moans grew louder and the vibration coursed through Leonard's cock.

He clutched at her short hair and guided her mouth, up and down his thick cock. He felt even more vibrations when Laura moaned louder. Penny tugged at her earlobes, "Don't you just love how thick his cock is Laura. Just wait to he shoved it up your ass, it's incredible."

Leonard kept looking down at her full lips, stretched around his cock. He loved looking into her eyes as she watched his eye movement. She slowly closed her eyes; Leonard saw Penny's hands dip into Laura's panties. He knew exactly what she was doing. He felt Laura shiver and when he looked to Penny. She winked and grinned from ear to ear.

Laura felt an orgasm coming on, she tore her mouth from his cock, replaced with one hand and as she stroked him, she used her other hand to urge Penny downward. Their lips met and as they parted, Leonard watched their tongues dart from one's mouth to the other. Their bodies glistened in the flickering light of the candles Laura lit earlier.

Penny cupped Laura's head and guided it towards Leonard's cock. She didn't need to be told what to do; she wrapped her full lips around his stiff cock and let her tongue swirl around the tip. Penny reached around him and gripped his ass cheeks and in doing so, pushed his cock deeper into Laura's mouth. Penny squeezed her way in-between them and started sucking on Laura's bullet shaped tits and at the same time, slid her hand down inside Laura's wet panties. Laura let out a loud grunt and tightened her hold in Leonard's cock. Penny pulled her lips off of Laura's ripe nipple and slid upward and kissed her again. She turned around and they took turns sucking Leonard's cock.

Leonard was beyond excited; he came out for an innocent movie and a drink with Penny and now he was naked with two lovely ladies taking turns sucking his cock.

He strained to hear, but couldn't hear what Laura whispered to Penny. Penny nodded and they got up, beckoning him to follow them. He watched as they put an extra wiggle in their step and they both dropped their panties and kicked them back to him, just as they entered the bedroom.

Laura slid onto the bed and leaned back against the headboard, she spread her slender legs, inviting Penny to taste her full bush pussy. She leaned in and looked up at her, "What is with women around here, you're the second full bush I was invited to lick in same many days." She slid her fingers up and parted her puffy lips and exposed her inner lips. She inhaled her musky, exciting scent. She lowered her head and darted in and out, teasing her pussy and sampling her tantalizing juices.

Laura let out a loud moan and looked up at Leonard. She bit her lower lip and pointed to Penny's luscious ass that was swaying from side to side, tempting Leonard without even knowing it.

His cock was like a heat seeking missile. He knelt on the bed behind Penny and in one swift movement, drove his stiff, saliva coated cock in her pussy. He threw his head back, "Oh fuck me Penny, I've missed this and I'm not going to rush it, it's just too amazing to rush." He felt her pussy pulsating and clutching at his cock as he slowly withdrew and slid back in, just as slow.

Penny let out a groan and sucked harder on Laura's juicy hole. She yanked her head back, and drove her ass hard against Leonard's teasing cock, "Oh God...", she tried to say more, but couldn't

Laura grabbed hold of Penny's long silky blonde hair and pulled her back to her pussy. She chuckled, "You're right Leonard; she is one gorgeous pussy muncher. Just keep licking it Sweetie!" She thrust her hips upward as she felt Penny's tongue attack her clit, she loved the feeling and also watched Leonard's naked body fucking the luscious blonde doggy style. His body was glistening with sweat and she couldn't wait until it was her turn, she loved watching him fucking Penny.

Leonard grabbed Penny by the hips; he pumped his cock deep into her pussy. He moved in and out, taking it slow as possible. Penny moaned with delight and wiggled her ass when he slapped her ass. He did it several times and she was panting wildly. He leaned over, inhaling Laura's intoxicating scent; he whispered into Penny's ear, "Raj told me you like to be dominated. I just wanted to pick my spot and show you I can do it, just like you like it."

Penny let out a squeal as she felt his fingers enter her ass and shoving them in deep, she wiggled her ass and rose up slightly, "I'm going to kick Raj's ass for telling you and kiss him for the same reason." She returned to lapping away at Laura's juicy cunt. She had her bush saturated in her creamy juices, but wanted more. She licked her even faster as she felt Leonard's cock and fingers fucking her two holes faster.

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