tagGroup SexCourtesan of Rome Ch. 03

Courtesan of Rome Ch. 03


By the pale moonlight, she...that muse of mine stands looking out across the city. Her frame etched into the balcony, her divine naked form at ease with the way of the world in that moment. She...so lovely to look at, my mind sculpts an image that will last a lifetime. Her long yielding hair falls in cascading waves down her slender back. Her breasts, rising and falling in time to my slow beating heart are beyond measure to any maid that I have seduced into pleasure. The curve of her arse that defines perfection rounds perfectly to my hands, which squeeze the flesh whenever I command. And her mound of Venus, set flawlessly between her firm thighs... if I had but an eternity I would tell you everything I could about that divine inspiration that compels me now to induce my tongue into writhing delightful agony. Yet that intense look she has... in contemplation of something she fears will reduce my view of her...she turns and sees me looking at her...she smiles...

Marcus my friend, what do you stare at? It could not be me when there is such fullness to the mistress moon that takes my breath away. It is me? You flatter me too much you realise and I think that what I am about to tell you may take that flattery away forever. Protest all you want...deny that it will never happen, but what I tell you next is neither pretty nor sweet yet bound to Eros in every way imaginable.

After my private auction, months went by and the patrician who had bought my virginity insisted that I remain with him. This was not uncommon for a courtesan had many suitors and so long as she was supplied with coin and finery would remain with these suitors until the coin ran out. As a gift, the patrician gave me his slave girl Lelia who was now bound to me in life and death. Every night I was invoked into the world of unescapable pleasure and not solely from the patrician.

When he would leave my quarters, Lelia would steal into my room to press her naked form up against mine. I could feel her breasts full and round against my back, her hand would snake between my thighs to feel the moist area in which my cunt that pulsated with heat would expel at her feather like touch. Lelia would move her groin up against my arse, inserting two fingers inside of me, finger-fucking me while her thumb would grind against my clit.

She nibbled on my ear lobe whispering, ' Rufus is watching us my lady.' Her lips sucked at the soft fleshy skin. Her tongue flicking in and out like a serpent's. 'Would you have him join us?' she continued, 'or would you rather his needs go unfulfilled?' A moan escaped my lips. ' I did not hear you my lady? Yes or no?'

So often had I assumed the role of aggressor with the patrician it was refreshing to be the submissive for Lelia, especially since she had been under my authority all day.

'Yes...oh Lelia yes!' My words came spilling out as Lelia increased the pressure of her thumb.

Rufus, the Egyptian slave came out from his viewing platform. Day after inexhaustible day, he had toiled along with countless other slaves to build Pharaoh's burial tomb. This laborious task chiselled definition into Rufus' body, muscles rippling at every angle. His body surely could rival any of the Roman Gods, something that would not have been missed by the patrician who bought him at auction; for the patrician needed to be surrounded by beauty. Rufus stood next to the only burning oil lamp. Those dark soulful eyes of his that caught the flame inside the iris meandered over Lelia's body. Watching that intensity sweep over his face had me believe that he had longed for Lelia for some time now yet she had kept him at bay for her tastes ran the way of tits and honey dripping love boxes.

My eyes widened as I could not help but notice Rufus' engorged erection. By the Gods, this man was impressive! I literally in that moment had been at a loss for words... and Marcus I kid you not I salivated over the size of his cock. Not only was I completely aroused by the idea of having that thick, pulsating phallic beast in between my legs, I was also scared by the thought of it ripping me in two as though Jupiter's bolts of lightning were tearing me apart from the inside out. I was fiercely jealous of the look that Rufus had on his face for Lelia... I wanted that look... I wanted to be desired in that exact way. I know... it seems silly Marcus that I would say such a thing being a courtesan, but I have never seen a man look at me the way Rufus looked at Lelia.

Lelia had barely glanced at it. I almost scolded her for not recognising a piece of sheer beauty however her focus was on the increased swelling of my chest that rose and fell rapidly.

'Come here!' Lelia commanded Rufus. He obeyed without question. 'Take my mistress's ankle. I want you to kiss her along her beautiful skin, along the inner side until you reach here,' she pointed at my cunt, ' when you reach there, I want you to take this, ' she grabbed his cock firmly at the base pulling him closer, ' and I want you to fuck her properly...none of this half arsed fucking that the patrician gives her.'

Rufus barely hesitated before he had my slender ankle in his large hands. His lips were tender and loving as he kissed as he had been instructed to do; I felt butterflies in my belly at the emotion that this simple tenderness that Rufus demonstrated, evoked within me. Oh heavenly stars! I was in the Elysian Fields. I closed my eyes and adhered to the moment ... waiting to be fulfilled.

And with one swift movement...Rufus was inside...the tenderness evaporating as he did exactly as Lelia had commanded. I was fucked! I was fucked properly, ten times better than what the Patrician had ever given me. My legs rested on his shoulders, my pelvis was now suspended in mid air as he thrust in and out of me with a quickened yet sustained speed; he rotated his hips in a circular fashion that touched every part of my insides, increasing the depths his cock could now reach.

' Ohhhhhhh!' I moaned loudly. Lelia smiled wantonly satisfied that Rufus was obeying her. In a crouched position, she took to my breasts like a feline lapping at a bowl of milk, not an easy feat when my breasts were moving back and forth hurriedly in reaction to Rufus pounding away at my dripping box. Over and over Rufus hammered away at my feverish cunt as his sack slapped up against the flesh of my arse. My moans of ecstasy grew louder and louder, the excitement, the passion of the moment was excruciatingly hard not to share. It wasn't long before I was cumming in an extremely vocal fashion.

So loud was I that Lelia had to place a pillow gently over my face to smother my cries of rapture in case the patrician heard. And Marcus... not only did he hear but in fear that I was being kidnapped for my beauty and artistry as a courtesan, the patrician came with armed slaves. Upon seeing Rufus with his cock inside of me, still fucking me for all he was worth, and Lelia with a pillow over my face, the patrician thought the worst in that Lelia was trying to kill me as Rufus raped me. And while my eyes were hidden from the carnage that ensued, both Lelia and Rufus were run through and killed for their supposed crimes.

I cannot tell you that in that moment Marcus, the pleasure I had received, that still pulsated and coursed through me like little lightning bolts echoing across my skin...how guilty I felt that Lelia and Rufus had died because of that pleasure. For a day and night I was inconsolable in my grief.

The following evening...I was enraged! I threw trinkets across the room, kicked over wooden tables, ripped drapery from the ceilings. Lavinia and the Furies had me possessed! The patrician spouted words of love and forgiveness for his act, ' Had you wanted Lelia, you should have told me, I would have allowed her to pleasure you whenever I was not with you. Please, forgive me. You are the light of my world, every morning you bring happiness to my existence, I love you...forgive me so that everything may return to normal.' I hated him in that moment, him and his love. ' Please, ' he continued, his arms open for me to walk into, ' Tomorrow night there is a banquet to be held in the private rooms of the Emperor. We'll go, make merry as though the following day will never come. Just please...for me, have your women if you must, just don't allow another man to touch you while you are mine.'

My eyebrow raised as Lavinia's had, truly I was my mother's daughter. ' Alright, ' I begun, walking into his arms for him to hold me, ' I will do as you wish.' And as he pulled me close, my eyes burned with fiery revenge... a simple smile swept across my face, until tomorrow night...


My memory burns at times when I think back to that next evening Marcus...I cannot look into your warm and loving eyes for I fear the words will fail to come if I do. You drive me to be a better person whilst in your arms yet at my core, I believe Lavinia to be attached by tendrils that forms my inner essence...this night I proved once and for all that Eros was my true divinity.

The evening was warm and raw with a grainy dust that lay heavy on the air. The ability to breathe was arduous yet effortless at the same time; I remember walking around my private rooms naked, the perspiration appearing between the curve of my breasts and concentrating on the task at hand and how I was going to mastermind the evening.

With the help of my new maid Sabine, who I refused to address on a personal nature I clothed myself in a sheer gown of purple, my breasts plainly on view. Subdued by the heat, Sabine squeezed my nipples to accentuate them. Around my waist, a gold cord was tied to gather the material to a point so that it hung in swirling folds from my navel downwards.

' You look magnificent!' The Patrician cried happily. ' Well I should!' I thought to myself since I had spent half the afternoon having my hair done. Swept on top of my head, violet ribbons had been threaded through the layers of ringlets that fell long onto my shoulders. He gathered me to his side, his fingers digging in under my ribs. I was merely one more trinket to him to cling to... a pretty object to be admired.

Now yes...as we both know Marcus that in part is a portion of my duty...my role, yet it is such a small part of what and who I am. The patrician barely saw the greatness that you see in me Marcus...all he saw was his standing increase from having a young, beautiful courtesan by his side. His hand moved down over my right cheek, giving it a squeeze before stating, 'Tonight is going to be an adventure my dear.' 'I can hardly contain myself.' I replied, with a smile upon my lips.


We entered the private rooms of the Emperor...and it was stunning!

The smell of sex was in the air, my nostrils flaring at the sharpness of it. Lavinia had once told me stories of what occurred at parties such as these and just as I could scarcely believe it then, my mind arrested as it tried to take everything in at once.

As Mother Rome had dominated over the entire known world, her bounty now could be seen in the scene that lay before us. Slaves from heathen countries, ambassadors from areas enriched with product the Roman people craved, neighbouring allies and even enemies; they were all represented. Roman, Greek, Persian, Thracian, Spartans, Carthaginians, Egyptians...I could go on Marcus. Yet it didn't matter who they were...tonight was only about one thing, honouring Dionysus and indulging Eros, we were united as a group in these goals.

The rooms were lit with the burning oil that were placed in almost every corner of the room as well as being hung from chains from the ceiling. It gave certain luminosity to the evening that all things were going to be revealed in the shadow of the orange and red lights that otherwise would remain hidden during daylight hours.

To my right a woman sat completely void of clothing upon the lap of a man three times her age. He with his hand upon her left breast as she lent in to whisper into his ear. He laughed and nodded before my attention was turned to a large gathering of people who sat or lay in a circle around two women dancers. Each person of the gathering was being fondled in some manner; a nipple being pinched, a tongue caressing an ear lobe, fingers being threaded through hair, cocks being firmly held and this in itself was still not enough to keep my attention riveted, as Lavinia had long ago made innocent eyes privy to the sexual appetites of men and women. What had me mesmerized was that the two women who appeared to be twins danced together, mimicking the dance of the mating snakes that were in the centre of the circle.

As the two deadly snakes swayed in slow stillness, their slithering skin shimmering against the light, the voluptuous sisters twisted their bodies first to the left ... then the right, perfectly mirroring the serpents movements as they coiled around the other's body, their tongues fluttering out, grazing the tip of the flesh, sharing a stolen kiss as the snakes mated for all to see. The sisters pressed their breasts up against the other, holding their position in an inhuman amount of strength and control in acrobatics, the snakes directly beneath them.

The Patrician pulled me away leading me further into the room and as I was still stunned by the serpent scene I allowed it to happen. My senses already alive and awake at this point were heightened by the sounds of ecstasy that surrounded me from every angle. Women moaning, men grunting, I shivered in anticipation of what my situation would have me in soon.

'Here we are.' The patrician announced. I looked at the assembly of people we were to join and was pleasantly surprised by the participants that were there. Tamarisk my childhood friend, was there feeding delicately carved meat into the mouth of my mother Lavinia and her escort for the night, Azile a merchant from Thrace. He nibbled on the soft firm flesh of my mother's nipple as she herself brushed her fingertips across Tamarisk's collarbone, back and forth in a hypnotic fashion. The poet Lycurgus and his nymph Carmille sat entwined to the left of my mother, their bodies blended together as they partook of each other's mouths, their lips sucking, nibbling, biting, caressing while their tongues met in an enduring kiss of carnality.

As I noticed who was to my mother's right, time in this moment...ceased to exist.

My eyes were awaken by the most beautiful being I had ever seen yet never had I seen this man before. His bold, strong jaw line covered by his virile blond facial hair looked my way where I was met by violet eyes. A strange yet alluring moment, his eyes traced my body, from my slender ankles to the tips of my hair. I closed my eyes yet could still see him seducing me with his eyes, his athletic form sending tiny chills across my skin...he spoke me to without ever saying a word.

'I want to pleasure your senses. I want to take off the garment you wear and watch your face grow hot, and eyes gently close at my dulcet touch. I want you to tremble in my arms, your blood quickening beneath your skin as I embrace your nipple against my tongue allowing it to swell so that I may savour the sweetness that is at your centre. I want to place my hands upon you, lay claim to what has solely always belonged to me, caressing the slight rise of your belly, the way a woman is suppose to be. I want to tear at your flesh, slide my fingers between your silky slit savagely... roughly pulling you further down by grabbing at your thighs.

'Your breath quickening as the flames grow intense. You are madden by my touch, driven to take my erection in your mouth and suck the very flesh as hard as you can, growling deep from within your throat to allow the vibrations to pulsate around my cock...'

'Illaria, may I present Justin, an up and coming star in the Imperial army, in particular a member of the praetorian guard.' The patrician as want of late to do, interrupted the melting moment that had been occurring between Justin and I. Though, while I looked flushed and out of breath, my cheeks reddening as the patrician addressed me, Justin had barely worked up a sweat. Many introductions were made after my meeting with Justin yet I can barely recall a single one; the image of Justin and I embracing had me at a loss. The only thing I do remember is of the desire to have the patrician disappear so that I could indulge in the pleasures of the night without instant reprimand.


As that thought appeared in my mind, a slave of the house appeared at the patrician's side, whispering loudly that the emperor wished to see him. I could not believe it...now I could have my revenge...and my way.

The instant the patrician had left the room, Justin approached from the rear, running his fingertips across my shoulder blade as though butterflies had settled on my skin. He journeyed down my right arm, standing beside me now, taking me gently yet securely by the hand leading me into the middle of our party.

'I know what it is you want...and I am here to grant that request.' He undid the gold cord from around my waist, allowing the material to hang loosely off of my frame. As he stood directly in front of me, he traced the outline of my breasts, circling them once before repeating the same motion to my nipples. I shivered in anticipation. Justin brushed the material from my shoulders, my tunica falling quietly on the ground.

"There is no pleasure without desire...no desire without lust...no lust without me. Open yourself to the experience and remember that this night, you were had by Eros and his consorts." Before I had time to react to the revelation that I was in the presence of the Divine Master of Lust, passion, desire and all forms of carnality, he quickly descending upon my sweetness.

'No my dear... stop prettying up the words.' A voice entered my mind. 'Call it what it is...what it always will be.'

I complied.

Justin / Eros descended upon my cunt. His prolix tongue explored my inner folds with a velocity unmatched by any naval warship. I reeled backwards from the force in which his tongue abused me. He licked up towards my clitoris, lapping at the small mound of delight that protruded outwards; he probed apart my lips, forcing his tongue up inside me, the warmth evolving into a blistering heatwave of melding, musky sensations that did not end resembling the raging river that cannot be stopped once flowing.

I could not stand it any longer, my limbs giving out in a conscious faint; however I did not fall to the ground. Four large, naked men, well over six feet in height...all with raging erections caught my limbs before they could kiss the ground; each supporting an arm or leg lifting my body skywards, Justin rising with them his mouth never leaving my wet, flaming cunt.

I writhed in blissful agony, moans echoing out towards other members of the party who had already made themselves privy to my lustful awakenings. Lavinia like all the other guests who had started to form a large circle around me stared with a wide eye expression upon her face, licking her own lips in jealously. Yet despite her jealous nature she moved towards me in slow motion, as though she was a cat stalking her prey. Her tongue finding my ankle in a small circular fashion. Tamarisk walked underneath my raised form, kissing me at the base of my spine. She left a trail of kisses along my back before sucking on the flesh of my arse, biting as she did so in order to leave a mark.

My eyes rolled back into my head as more people attended to my body, Justin never wavering in his intent to bring me off with nothing but his tongue. I was stroked, caressed, seduced into wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure and still Justin never left my cunt.

I moaned for him to stop, begged, pleaded yet he laughed and said he had only just begun. He motioned for his consorts to lower me to the floor who obeyed without question. Immediately my breasts were in the mouths of Azile and Lycurgus who gave for all they were worth. I looked over at my mother who surprisingly had a look of pride upon her face. She blew me a kiss, grabbed Tamarisk in a passionate embrace before sitting down to stroke each other and watch what would unfold with me.

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