tagBDSMEverything Has a Price Ch. 07

Everything Has a Price Ch. 07


Author's note: Many thanks to all the people who have emailed me and left feedback I really appreciate it! Sorry this chapter has been a bit long coming....I finished it and then decided to rewrite it. Believe it or not I do know where the story is going... it's just I'm not entirely sure how it's going to get there!

Also please be aware that this series marks the end of the Malibuman666 username. In future I will be publishing my stories under the name 'Robert_Anthony'. Thank you.

- - - -

I lay awake... the bedside clock told me it was over an hour since my wife had fallen asleep, but I just couldn't after the way this day had turned out. First there was the question and answer session (where I had given some pretty frank answers to some pretty tough questions) and then more recently, after I had licked my wife to a HUGE orgasm (I'd love to take the credit for it, but I fear there was more to it than just my performance!), she had teased me again whilst probing me further on the things we had talked about earlier.

It started out fairly straightforwardly, with her laying next to me, gently stroking my cock and reminding me that I wasn't to move my hips or to cum without permission. Obviously I didn't need reminding of the latter, but I still like to hear her say it, and more significantly I got the impression that she's really starting to enjoy saying it too!

She stroked me gently for a couple of minutes before she spoke, and when she did it caught me completely off guard.

"Close your eyes slave."

My eyes were already almost shut, but I acknowledged her command regardless.

"You did very well today slave, I was very pleased with your... honesty...but, are you sure you weren't just a little 'disappointed'?"

For a few moments I was a little stumped by what she meant but then the penny dropped and I answered her as truthfully as I could... "I don't know... Mistress."

She gave my cock an unexpectedly hard squeeze which caused me to grunt loudly.

"Because, when I was searching the net, I saw quite a few videos like that and some of them really turned me on..."

I opened my eyes to look at her but her head was angled down so I couldn't see her face. Then I remembered that she had told me to close my eyes and quickly shut them again before she noticed.

"...I saw one where this girl... she couldn't have been more than about twenty... she locked her poor boyfriend in a chastity device and then phoned up a couple of black guys to come over and fuck her while he watched from the side of the bed... Not only that but while they were fucking her she kept teasing him about how big their cocks were and how she wouldn't be able to feel his cock after they'd finished with her... and when they'd finished fucking her, she made him lick their cum off her thigh and her tits...."

I listened intently, my cock throbbing in her hand.

"...you like the thought of that don't you?"

"I.... I don't know Mistress," I stammered, feeling quite a way out of my comfort zone. Oh sure it was a hot fantasy, but I thought we'd already discussed this earlier and she'd clearly told me that she had no intention of cuckolding me...

She lifted her thumb to her mouth and ran her tongue over it, tasting my precum and moistening her thumb at the same time, before she replaced it and resumed her gentle teasing.

"I watched quite a few videos like that...but my favourite was one where this dark haired girl was fucking her boyfriend in the ass with a strap-on... after she'd put him in a 'Birdlock'. Can you imagine how that poor guy felt slave? Getting fucked in the ass by his beautiful Mistress while his cock was locked and restrained?"

"Mmm... yes Mistress," I sighed, picturing the scene vividly in my mind.

"Can you slave...really? Maybe I should do that to you... you'd like that wouldn't you?"

"If it pleases you Mistress..." I breathed.

She squeezed my cock again, her nails sharp against my sensitive cock-skin, lifted her head and moved her mouth closer to my ear.

"Maybe it would please me slave, in fact I'm sure it would... but I think it would please you too, wouldn't it?"

"Yes Mistress," I confessed, guiltily.

"I thought so...but do you know what she did once she got tired of fucking his poor ass?"

"No Mistress..."

Her nails dug into my throbbing prick once more.

"Do you want me to tell you?"

"Ugh, yes... please Mistress."

"Don't move your hips," she warned me again as she held my cock perfectly still.

"No Mistress. I won't...please tell me...."

"Well..." she said, still holding me firmly but making no attempt to stroke.

"...she tied him down to a bench on his back and then this other guy appeared and she started sucking his cock right over her boyfriend's face. Then she sat on his face and made him get her nice and wet so that her lover could fuck her..."

Mistress's hand slowly started to move and I had to fight the urge to push against the movement.

"...then, once she was nice and wet, she lay down on top of him so that her head was right next to his caged dick and her pussy was right over his face... and then the other guy slid his cock into her, right over his face, so his balls were practically tickling his nose on every stroke..."

I let out deep groan as she started to pump a little harder and faster, her grip intensifying significantly as she did so.

"...do you like the thought of that slave, watching your Mistress's pussy being pounded by a nice hard cock, just inches from your face?"

I moaned, but pointlessly tried to deny the effect she was having on me.

"No Mistress..."

"Really?" She teased. "And yet your cock is sooo hard?"

There was no answer to that and I could feel the colour rushing to my cheeks.

"I know you don't think you could handle being cuckolded slave... but the thought of seeing my beautiful pussy being stretched by a big, hard cock right over your face and maybe even being allowed to lick my clit as you watched, well... it drives you crazy doesn't it?"

I couldn't answer her, all I could think about was the building sensation in my balls, my desperate need to cum and how I must avoid it at all costs...

"C'mon slave, you can tell me..."

She let go of my cock and gave it a sudden and very unexpected slap. Another followed and then another, harder and harder as she grew impatient for a response.

"Yes Mistress," I gasped, more than a little concerned that the slapping would drive me over the edge if I didn't give her a quick answer.

She gave my aching cock one more very hard slap before curling her fingers around it once again and squeezing it firmly.

"There, that wasn't so difficult was it?"

"No Mistress," I winced.

"Good..." she said, starting a cycle of squeezing and releasing my cock that continued for the next few minutes.

"..... but you know, it gets better.... all the time this other guy was pounding her tight, hot cunt, she was playing with her boyfriend's balls, teasing his cock through the cage and telling him how good it felt being fucked by such a big cock and that she was thinking about never allowing him to put his cock inside her again..."

I exhaled sharply and Mistress chuckled softly at my reaction.

"...and that in future his only purpose would be to prepare her for her lovers, to eat her pussy when she demanded it and to clean her after she'd been fucked..."

I felt a shiver travel down the whole of my body, Mistress felt it too.

"...and then, when she'd had enough, she pulled herself off the other guy's dick, turned around so that she was facing her boyfriend and rubbed her soaking wet cunt against his chastity device. He could probably feel the heat of her well fucked pussy as her juices dripped through the cage onto his aching cock and balls... can you imagine that sort of frustration and torment slave?"

"Yes Mistress..." I answered, perhaps a little glibly.

"Oh, I very much doubt it..." she hissed, squeezing my cock much harder now. "...I don't think you have any comprehension of what that would be like, do you?"

"I said 'do you?' slave!"

"No Mistress," I whimpered as she squeezed harder and harder until I suddenly realised that I really was getting too close for comfort.

"STOP Mistress... please stop!" I begged.

She let go immediately, and I had to use every ounce of willpower to shut down my orgasm before I erupted into the sheets. This was getting harder every day, but I knew if I wanted Mistress to take me seriously I had to control myself, and she had already told me what would happen if I had any 'accidents'.

We lay in silence for a few minutes, my breathing gradually returning to normal as she idly stroked her sodden pussy as she waited for me to regain my composure. I was a little shocked at the way she'd just acted and it was becoming hard for me to reconcile my lovely wife with the glimpses of uber-bitch that were surfacing in my Mistress every now and again, it was confusing but thrilling.. and I just wished I knew how to bring those moments out of her more often. It just proved to me that the potential trapped inside her was massive, if only I could find a way to help her tap into it whenever she wanted to.

Once she was satisfied that I wasn't in any immediate danger of 'losing it', her fingers curled around my cock once more and she gently stroked me again as she continued her story.

"That was close wasn't it slave?"

"Yes Mistress," I moaned as she started a slow gentle stroke once more. I really didn't know how much more of this I could take, even though it was everything I'd ever dreamed of...

"Do you want to know what she did after that slave?"

"Oh... yes, please Mistress..." I moaned, unsure if it was actually a good idea, but desperate for her to continue... anything to help her build her confidence and to reassure her that I loved this new persona she was bringing to the surface...

"Okay, but you better stop me if you get too close...you wouldn't want to have to start over would you?"

"No Mistress..."

She stroked me silently for a moment, and then I heard her take a breath to speak

"Well... I wonder what brought that on.... maybe it was when I said that she was taunting him, telling him that now she had a lover with a huge cock he would never be allowed inside her pussy again?"

I groaned loudly but she was intent on piling on the pressure...

"Or maybe it was when she told him that his only purpose was to provide her with pleasure and to clean her pussy after her stud had fucked her and filled her full of his cum?"

As the days (and now weeks) went by it was becoming more and more difficult to keep control of my cock. Though I was aching to be allowed to cum and to relieve the building pressure in my balls, I drew immense satisfaction and pleasure from knowing that by allowing my Mistress to control me in this way I was proving my absolute devotion to her. As a result, the harder it became to defer my own pleasure, the more bonded I felt to her.

Despite this, the temptation to give in to the inevitable was massive and I groaned even louder than before, her comments threatening to push me over the edge at any second...

She said nothing, but she knew she had hit the nail firmly on the head. She let my cock go again for a few seconds, just enough to ease my back from the point of no return, before continuing once more.

"Anyway slave, as I was saying..... she was rubbing her soaking wet pussy against his chastity device and then she started sucking her juices off the other guy's cock, right over her boyfriend's face..."

Within seconds my breathing became shorter and shorter and Mistress's stroking became slower and slower, lighter and lighter, keeping me just the right side of disaster...

"...and then she started sucking that big cock really hard, right down into her throat until she knew he was about to cum... and then she pulled it out of her mouth, pointed it downwards and ordered her boyfriend to open his mouth and swallow her lovers cum..."

I grunted as I fought to keep still, my balls churning for release as she filled my head with these intense images.

"...and then she made him suck his cock clean and thank him for fucking his Mistress's beautiful pussy so well."

Her hand squeezed a little tighter, my back arched and I almost had to ask her to stop again, I really was hanging by a thread and she knew it. I heard her chuckle once more and she said, "I don't care what you say slave... your cock loves the thought of that...doesn't it?"

"Yes Mistress," I croaked. I could feel my cum trying to force it's way to the tip of my cock, despite all my best efforts.

Again she let go of me and let me calm down for a few seconds, before closing her hand around my balls and squeezing firmly as she kissed me deeply, tasting herself on my lips. We kissed for some time until she finally pulled away and settled down with her head on my shoulder, her fingers still idly playing with my aching balls, my cock steadfastly refusing to soften ..

"Did you enjoy that?" She asked, mischievously.

"You know I did," I murmured, wondering whether all this was just talk or whether there was more to it. And if there was more to it, did I really want to go there? I couldn't argue with the horniness of what she'd just described to me, and I had already admitted the thought of sucking a cock for her and cleaning her pussy of another man's cum turned me on... but really?

The thing that scared me more than anything was that deep down I knew that if that was what she really wanted, I just knew that I would go along with it, especially in my current state. Indeed, even as I thought about it, my cock throbbed desperately... who knows what I would agree to if she kept me like this for much longer?

As those thoughts ricocheted around my head, Mistress threw me another curveball by abruptly changing the subject...

"You know, I'm still not really sure what you meant about being 'mean'...."

'Er... yes you fucking are!' I thought to myself, thinking back just a few moments in time.

This almost schizophrenic quality that my wife was displaying of late was beginning to take it's toll on me, I really didn't know when she was playing straight with me and when she was fucking with my head and it kept me constantly off guard. That along with the pent-up frustration between my legs... well, it was all starting to add up to one hell of a mindfuck!

"...I mean I know you said that it's about not giving in, but there's more to it than that... isn't there?"

I tried to calm myself down a little before I answered, aware that she really was still learning how to play this game and that even with all her own research, my guidance was still necessary to help steer her through the minefield of information offered by the internet.

"Well, yeah, I guess there is.... but that is a big part of it, the not giving in thing. I mean... say you decided to set me some kind of task in order to 'win' an orgasm..."

"What sort of task?" She asked, curiously.

"Umm, well, I don't know... I mean it could be anything, it could be something pointless like throwing buttons into a jar or something stupid like that... or it could be something more... productive, like making me give you so many orgasms before I could cum...but then that wouldn't really apply in this case, because that would just be a matter of time..."

Before I could continue she interrupted me.

"Didn't you once tell me you read about some woman who kept her husband in a chastity belt and he had to complete certain fitness levels to be allowed out, or something like that?"

"Err, yes..." I said, not particularly liking the direction she was going with this! "But really, it's not important... the important thing is that if you set a task, then you should think carefully when you set it as to whether it's realistic and whether or not it's achievable in a reasonable amount of time."


"And following on from that you shouldn't give in if I get close to it... so if you say I've got to throw twenty buttons into a jar and I can only get eighteen in, you shouldn't let me off, or say 'well that's close enough'...do you see?"

"Yes, or if I said you couldn't' cum until you could do a hundred press-ups, then I shouldn't let you cum if you can only do ninety seven?"

"Err, well.....yes, if you like."

I definitely didn't like the way she was turning this around, but at the end of the day, I couldn't really argue with her logic or her choices. I was the one who wanted her to be in control after all...

"But anyway, regardless of what the task is.... Instead of letting me off, the best thing to do would be to stroke me right to the edge and tell me something like 'you're so close to being allowed to cum, you've only got to find that little bit more and you'll be allowed to do it', and then leave me hanging... I can guarantee I'll be up all night until I can get those buttons in that jar!"

"Or until you can do a hundred press-ups..." she said, presumably visualizing me with a six pack or something equally fantastical...

We lay silently for a few moments until she pressed me further...

"Okay I get that... but what else?"

"Well, it's kind of.... learning to....take control and mean it! I mean I'm sure you must have seen stuff on the internet where women start down this road and initially find it quite daunting because they've grown up believing that being a tease is 'bad' or 'dangerous' even...if they do it to the wrong person. But if the guy likes it, that's a different matter. I mean if you did to some, or even 'most' guys what you just did to me... well, I could understand they might get a bit upset. But with me it's okay, I like being frustrated and horny...and I love that you get to decide when I'm allowed to cum.

The thing is, as I understand it, is that it's quite difficult in the beginning for a woman to leave her husband or partner 'hanging', because her natural instinct is to let him cum! That's perfectly understandable, but the thing is... really, deep down he doesn't want her to give in, even if he's begging her to let him cum... even if in that moment he truly means what he's saying, because deep down he wants to be denied and kept waiting... and being told 'NO' is such a rush.

I mean, let's face it, at the end of the day if they guy really couldn't take it, he'd just take matters into his own hands wouldn't he? Even if he did have some sort of device, he'd break it off if he really wanted to, so the whole point is that the guy wants to be denied and he wants to give his Mistress the power to decide... which comes back to what we said before, it's not necessarily the length of time it continues, although that is important, but it's the fact that the decision is not his to make.

I guess the other part of it is.... just intensifying things....just making it more difficult for the guy. It's about confidence I suppose... confidence is always attractive isn't it, and... well a woman who's confident enough to demand pleasure while denying it to her submissive is very attractive... and a woman who goes even further is even more attractive."

"How do you mean 'goes further'?"

"Well, a woman who maybe lets her sub think she's going to let him come, but then stops him at the last minute, even if he's right on the brink, or maybe even if he's about to shoot inside her... a woman who lets him know in no uncertain terms that she controls his cock, and that it's she who gets to decide 'when' and 'if' he gets to cum... that, combined with the ability to say 'no' and to not feel guilty about it... it all just reinforces the fact that it's her who's in control, and that's why it's so hot!"

"So, really, the harder I make it for you the better it is...."

"Well, in a nutshell....yeah."

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