tagBDSMLiz and Les

Liz and Les


The following story is fiction and does not describe any real person or situation in particular. All characters are at least eighteen. The story features playful D/s elements and light bondage.


Elizabeth and Leslie are two close friends I've known for years and fantasized about often. All three of us worked in the same office building so we got to see each other on a regular basis.

Elizabeth was a petite, blonde haired, blue eyed, sweet girl with a lovely melodic voice, full breasts, and a tight little rear. Elizabeth worked part time just down the hall from me and loved to come visit every now and then. It was always a highlight of my day to see her lovely smile as she walked into my office, and watch her amazing ass all the way out the door when she left.

Leslie worked on a different floor from Liz and I. She was taller with luxurious dark hair, deep brown eyes, large breasts that were amazingly firm, and beautifully toned legs. Her voice was very sultry and her smile could be highly flirtatious. We had known each other since high school and I've spent years imagining me holding onto Leslie's breasts while she rode my cock.

Both of them knew I thought they were gorgeous ladies and sometimes noticed me undressing them with my eyes when I thought they weren't looking. Usually they would just roll their eyes and move on, or playfully slap my wrist as if to say "you naughty boy". I assumed we were just flirting in the workplace. What I didn't know is that the two of them had been conspiring to get back at me.

One afternoon, Elizabeth texted me to see if she and Leslie could come by after work. I was always excited to see them so of course I said yes. Most of the building had emptied by the time the girls got there so I was just doing some work in my office when they knocked on my door.

"Hello there," Leslie said as the two girls walked in with a smile.

"Oh hi ladies," I said giving them both a quick once over. Elizabeth was dressed smartly with a lovely long sleeve black top, a knee length charcoal skirt, and black leather boots that came up to her knees. Leslie was little more casual and wore a one-piece knee length floral dress that zipped up the back and black flats.

Elizabeth hopped up to sit on my desk, crossing her legs and laying her handbag down beside her. Leslie placed her bag on the floor and smiled at me as she locked the door.

"I've got to get going soon," I said starting to get up, "what did you want to see me about?"

"You're not going anywhere just yet mister," Leslie said sternly placing her hands on my shoulders and pushing me back on the chair.

I stayed seated as the two girls looked at me with an air of superiority. Leslie had her hands on her hips, her deep brown eyes locking on mine. Elizabeth rested her hand on her chin as she perched on the desk, her blue eyes staring me down. Neither said a word. They just glared at me, and then smiled at each other mischievously. They had planned something, and I had a feeling I was in big trouble. Finally Liz hopped off the desk.

"Okay lets get him ready," she said excitedly.

The girls closed in and held me down in the chair as Leslie took a long scarf from her handbag and wrapped it around my chest, tying me to the chair. I was taken by surprise and swallowed hard as I felt shivers of apprehension travel through my body.

"Um...what are you doing to me?" I asked timidly as Elizabeth took rope from her handbag and tied my ankles to the legs of the chair, checking the knots to make sure they were good and tight. There was no question of me going anywhere.

"We're getting tired of you using us as your personal eye candy," Leslie said sternly. "Liz and I are not objects for your entertainment. We think it would be a good idea to show you how it feels, so now it's our turn to treat YOU like an object, and get what WE want." Leslie turned to Elizabeth. "Let's take his pants off."

Elizabeth got on her knees in front of me and began tugging at my clothes as Leslie tied my arms behind my back. Elizabeth smiled at me as she unsnapped and unzipped my pants, pulling them down my legs.

"Wait a minute girls!" I panicked. "Can't you just look?"

"Oh my, he's cute when he's scared," Elizabeth said with that naughty little smile of hers. I felt her hands slide my underwear down as she leaned close to whisper in my ear. "We're going to do much more than just look."

I jumped out of reflex at having my clothes taken so forcefully. Part of me enjoyed it despite the humiliation, and I think they both knew that, especially when they saw how hard I was.

"Please," my voice cracked, "what are you going to do to me?"

Leslie leaned closer and smiled slyly, almost whispering, "we're going to torture you." She gently wrapped her hand around my already hard shaft and began pumping it slowly. "Since you can't seem to control your own cock when you're around us, we're taking control of it." Leslie gripped my manhood tightly. "From now on THIS belongs to us."

I shuddered at Leslie's words, and her touch as she teased my helpless exposed cock. These girls were serious.

"Now if you'll excuse me, I need to change," Elizabeth smiled over her shoulder as she turned her back to me, crossing her arms at her waist and pulling her top off over her head.

As Liz was changing, Leslie turned my head to face her instead. "Sorry, no peeking mister," she teased, softly kissing me over and over while gently pumping my cock at a frustratingly slow speed, just enough to keep me hard.

"This is going to be sooooo much fun," Leslie said more to herself than to me.

After a few minutes of wonderful teasing from Leslie, I heard Elizabeth's lovely voice.

"Well, what do you think?"

I turned my head towards Elizabeth and noticed she had changed into a really tight soft pink bikini. Elizabeth smiled with her hands on her hips as if she could read all the naughty thoughts going through my mind. The bikini made full use of her figure, and she looked amazing in it. Elizabeth had tied the bikini top very tightly so that her nipples were clearly outlined through the thin fabric. The bottoms were tight on her ass as well, the strings tied snugly on her curvy hips. If she was going to torture me I'd never survive it.

Strutting over to me Elizabeth locked her deep blue eyes on mine.

"Just try not staring at my breasts," she said giving me her best badass look. Of course my eyes went directly to her rack. Her nipples were so erect I wondered just how long it would take for her top to pop off from the tension.

Elizabeth smiled as she straddled me in the chair, whipping her blonde hair back as she rested her hips on top of mine, her pussy up against my exposed cock. Once on top, she reached behind my head and scritched the back of my neck as if I were her pet. She smiled sweetly, thoroughly enjoying the control she had over me.

Once again I was completely helpless. Elizabeth's smile told me everything. I was her toy now, and she was going to really enjoy playing with me.

Elizabeth began by grinding her pussy up against my cock in small circular motions of her hips. It was such a huge tease. The only thing preventing me from being inside her was the thin fabric of her bikini. With one arm holding the chair for balance, Elizabeth caressed my face gently with the other.

"Think you can handle me?" Elizabeth spoke quietly as she began giving me soft tiny kisses on my face.

"Oh..." I whimpered. I tried to speak, to beg.

"Shhhhhhh," Elizabeth whispered continuing her assault on my nerves, "just relax, we've got a long way to go......." Her performance was amazing to watch. She was being so sweet and gentle with me from the waist up while her lower body was humping my cock like a machine. She knew EXACTLY what she was doing to me, and she loved it.

To my astonishment, so did I. Something in me wanted her to torture me more.

Elizabeth broke the barrage of tiny kisses that made my nerves explode and stared directly into my eyes.

"I want you to make love to me." Her words made me shiver.

"Softly," (kiss) she whispered as she stole tiny kisses from me, "gently," (kiss) "sweetly," (kiss). Elizabeth was driving me insane slowly grinding her hips up against my cock.

Then she took this game with my nerves to another level as she blew softly into my ear and began bobbing up and down on my cock. "I want you to tell me how beautiful I am..." she kissed me gently on the lips.

Elizabeth locked her gorgeous blue eyes on mine and placed her hand under my chin, "...and then I want you to come inside me."

Elizabeth pulled the strings on her hips and her bikini bottoms popped off, freeing her most intimate areas. Maintaining intense eye contact, Elizabeth scooted forward to rub my rock hard cock against her beautiful slit. She was teasing me to the edge of insanity.

Entranced by her gorgeous blue eyes, I didn't need to look down to know what was happening. Without breaking eye contact or even blinking, Elizabeth moved her hips forward and pressed her pussy up against my cock, pumping her hips in tiny thrusts. It was such a tease! After a moment, Elizabeth placed her hands on my shoulders and lifted her slim hips to hover poised over the tip of my cock, and she waited there, mercilessly, giving me one last, long tease before slowly lowering herself down.

I moaned in pleasure and relief as my cock spread the walls of her pussy and entered her. Finally, after so much teasing, I felt Elizabeth's body envelop me as the divine heat from her pussy swallowed me completely.

Elizabeth was petite, and her hips were slim, which caused her pussy to feel much tighter as my cock penetrated her. Elizabeth's pussy gripped me with perfect pressure from every side. Her cute little ass rested in my lap.

"Handcuff his wrists around my waist." Elizabeth kept her eyes on me.

Leslie took my wrists one at a time and placed them around Elizabeth's waist, locking them into the restraints.

"Now handcuff mine behind his neck." Leslie looped the handcuffs through the back of my chair as Elizabeth put her arms around my neck, making love to me with her eyes as she felt her wrists being locked into the restraints.

"Ready?" Leslie asked Elizabeth.

Elizabeth smiled at me and gave her hips a little wiggle, sending tiny jolts of pleasure through both of us. "I'll go for it."

Immediately Elizabeth started pumping me with short, firm thrusts of her hips.

"Oh Liz," I sighed as her hips pumped into me, milking my cock as each stroke of her pussy gripped me perfectly from all sides.

"Shhhhhh," Elizabeth put her finger over my lips. "Don't talk, just make love to me."

I nodded, responding almost instinctively as I thrust upward to meet her.

She scritched the back of my head with her restrained hands and gave me tiny kisses of encouragement. "Yes, that's it (kiss) mmmmm that's really nice (kiss)."

Each time Elizabeth rode up and down my cock, she went long and deep, her tight pussy milking my cock on her way up and pulling it deep into her womb on her way down. Each time she lowered herself on me she rested her cute little ass on my lap, occasionally giving her hips a little wiggle to give another little twinge of pleasure to both of us.

"Mmmmmm," she cooed giving me a long sensual kiss.

With my hands restrained around Elizabeth's waist, I felt for her discarded bikini bottoms. Unaware of my intentions, she continued to bounce up and down on my shaft, her adorable little yelps revealing just how good it felt to her. Finding her bikini bottoms, I grabbed Elizabeth's cute little ass with both hands.

When Elizabeth felt me placing her bikini bottoms up against the entrance to her ass she froze in mid bounce.

"No," she said worriedly, her eyes going wide.

This time, I stole a kiss from her. "Oh yes."

Elizabeth tugged on her restraints but she quickly realized she had made a big mistake.

Elizabeth yelped and gripped me tightly as I began pushing the bikini up her tight little ass. "Don't...you...dareahhhhhh!!!"

Her gorgeous eyes widened as I pushed further. "Don't you dare do this to meeeeeeee...OH!!!"

To Elizabeth, it was humiliating to be treated this way and at the same time amazing that it felt sooooo good.

"Ohgod!" Elizabeth cried out as she felt the double penetration of my cock deep inside her pussy and my hands pushing her bikini up her ass. It felt so amazing, and her body wanted more. Elizabeth began to give in to her perverted thoughts.

"Ohgodyes! Yes!" Elizabeth started fucking me with her hips again as her ass was violated by my invasion. She was being so bad. She felt every inch of her bikini being pushed deep, deep into her tiny little ass, and she loved it.

The only way Elizabeth could take out her frustration was to kiss me long and hard, her screams muffled by our embrace. Finally, as Elizabeth felt her bikini disappear inside her firm little ass she forced me back against the chair.

"You jerk," she whispered softly into my ear, continuing to hump me, "I can't believe you just did that to me." She gave me a deep passionate kiss as I gripped her ass firmly with both hands.

Elizabeth pulled back from our kiss and stared at me with her gorgeous blue eyes. "Now tell me I'm beautiful."

"Mygod, Liz," I said softly and lovingly to her, "you are so captivatingly beautiful."

Elizabeth smiled sweetly and kissed me again. "Now come inside me."

With that, Elizabeth's hips went into overdrive as she began riding me up and down like a pogo stick.

"Ohgod!" I threw my head back, the pleasure coming in huge jolts as the sensitive tip of my cock was milked over and over with each bounce.

The impossibly strong squeezing sensation of Elizabeth's pussy caused my hips to buck suddenly up from the chair, catching her in mid-bounce and driving me deeper inside her womb than ever before.

"UNNHHH!!" Elizabeth froze and gasped loudly, her gorgeous blue eyes went wide as the intense bolt of pleasure took her by surprise.

"Ohgod that's deep!" Elizabeth said more to herself than me. Slowly she let her body adjust to this new level of penetration from my cock, the sensation of fullness magnified with her bikini still stuffed inside her ass.

Elizabeth started humping me again, slowly building up speed as she worked her amazing hips on my sensitive cock, determined to milk it dry.

"Ohgod, Liz!" I moaned in complete pleasure, laying my head back. "What are you doing to me?"

Elizabeth smiled as she leaned close to whisper in my ear. "I've got something to tell you."

"Ohgod, what?" I asked only half listening as her pussy milked my cock to the brink of the most massive orgasm.

Elizabeth gave me a long deep sensual kiss as she prepared to send me over the edge.

"I'm unprotected...and fertile."

My heart skipped a beat and began pounding furiously. Ohmygod! Was she serious, or was she playing some kind of head game with me?

Before I could answer, Elizabeth kissed me hard and fucked me as if her life depended on it.

I screamed into her mouth while Elizabeth pounded me relentlessly, my sounds muffled by our kiss. Screams of shock, and of unbelievable pleasure. Did she want me to impregnate her? How could I possibly fight this? Did I even want to?

In defiance of my conscience, my hips started moving again, meeting Elizabeth, thrust for thrust, drilling my cock deep inside her as she gave tiny muffled yelps though our kiss with each stroke.

Somehow Elizabeth managed to reach the string to her bikini top tied around her neck and untie it. I sensed what she was doing and untied the strings around her back. As Elizabeth broke our kiss and leaned up once again her bikini top popped off and her gorgeous full breasts were in full view.

Still humping me like a machine, Elizabeth cocked her head to the side and smiled sweetly, "How do you like them?"

Her newly freed breasts bounced beautifully with each thrust of her hips. "Just imagine how amazing they will be filled with milk."

Fuck. I couldn't hold out much longer. Elizabeth leaned towards me, allowing my mouth access to her breasts. I quickly began licking and sucking on her nipples as she humped me violently.

"OHGOD!!!" Elizabeth gasped. The new angle allowed my cock to stroke across Elizabeth's g-spot. The added sensations of having her breasts suckled and her bikini stuffed inside her ass sent her over the edge.

"OH...GOD...WHAT...IS...HAPPENING...TO...ME!?!?!" Elizabeth screamed as her pussy contracted and began to squirt, each word punctuated with a deep firm thrust of her hips. "PLEASE...OH...GOD PLEASE...COME...IN...SIDE...MEEEEEEE!!!"

I couldn't hold back and longer. I gripped her ass tightly and held her in place as I unloaded deep inside Elizabeth's pussy.

Still squirting, Elizabeth's entire body convulsed as orgasm took her. I felt so deep inside her that I was probably splashing Elizabeth's cervix directly. Her pussy clamped hard and began contracting rhythmically, milking my cock for everything it had.

"OHYES!!! OHGODYES!!!!!" Elizabeth cried out as her fertile pussy was filled completely. Savagely, Elizabeth attacked my mouth with hers as she thoroughly enjoyed the sensation of feeling her pussy defiled.

"MMMMM! MMMMM!!" She sighed and moaned through our kiss as she pumped her hips on my cock in short thrusts, making sure I had nothing else to give. Exhausted and breathing extremely hard, Liz and I rested our heads on each other's shoulders until we got our breathing under control.

"Mmmmmm," Liz finally sighed in complete satisfaction. "That was amazing."

I laid my head back in exhaustion.

"We're not finished yet, mister," came Leslie's voice. It was then that I realized Leslie had been out of my sight while Elizabeth was torturing me. What had she been doing?

I lifted my head, opened my eyes, and nearly passed out. Leslie had taken off all of her clothes and was standing directly in front of me. Her hands rested on her shapely hips and her majestic breasts were in full view.

I swallowed hard, unable to stop staring at her large firm breasts. I was so transfixed I barely noticed her uncuffing Liz and I from each other and tying my wrists behind my back.

"Leslie..." I tried to speak.

"Shhh, don't talk," Leslie said enjoying watching me struggle. "Seeing you helpless like this is making me so incredibly horny!"

Leslie flashed a coy smile as she strutted over to me, her firm breasts leading the way. Reaching down, Leslie gently wrapped her hand around my cock.

"Now then," she said jacking it up and down in quick motions, "let's get you hard again."

"Please Leslie!" I threw my head back and begged shamelessly. "Oh please stop!" I was so sensitive that this was just as much torture as pleasure.

Leslie wouldn't let up though, jerking me off faster. My erection happened in spite of everything I had just gone through.

"There," Leslie said with satisfaction, "thank you for getting hard for me." She placed her hands on my shoulders for balance and spread her legs to straddle me, smiling as she rested her hips on my lap.

"Leslie," I begged one last time, "please, I can't take any more torture."

"This isn't about you, mister," Leslie replied placing my cock at the entrance to her pussy, her huge breasts inches from me as she began stroking my face gently, "this is about what we want."

I closed my eyes and gasped as Leslie began lowering herself onto my cock. The walls of her pussy expanded, pulling me in slowly.

The warm sensation enveloped my cock as it slid deep inside her womb.

"Oh my goodness you're big," Leslie gasped, shifting her hips slightly to get used to my huge shaft being inside her.

"Oooooo!" Leslie shivered as she felt her warm moist pussy contracting beautifully around my tortured cock. "Umm, that feels good." She gave her hips a little wiggle, smiling as the sudden jolt of pleasure made me jump. She was playing with me, just to show me who was in charge.

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