tagSci-Fi & FantasyOrc Dominion: Elfin Descent Ch. 10

Orc Dominion: Elfin Descent Ch. 10


Author's Note: I forgot to mention it with Chapter 9, but thank you to all my beta-readers and proofreaders. If you notice a marked improvement in my writing and the absence of silly typos, they're the ones to thank for it.


She couldn't escape the smell of iron. Everywhere she went, she could smell the scent of Sylvia's blood. When she closed her eyes, she saw it dripping down the stairs and seeping beneath her feet. What had happened to her? She didn't know whether to be relieved or terrified that she never saw the body. She might still be alive, she hoped. But then, a dark corner of her mind would whisper that maybe it was better if she wasn't. If she was dead, there was no witness, no co-conspirator to tell the tale. The thought made her feel guilty, which she tried to push away by reminding herself that she barely knew Sylvia, that the woman was only looking out for her own interests. That she knew what she was doing.

But always the smell of blood. Even the fierce storm that exploded last night could not wash away the scent. Heavy droplets of rain had been beating the castle since the night before, and a strong westerly wind cut through the castle like a knife. It was hard to keep the castle lit, and she was constantly enveloped in shadow as she turned down a corridor where the torches had been blown out.

Soleil and Florette flanked her as they led her through the halls to the Prince's suite. Lyriena wanted to smack that smug look right off of Soleil's face the moment they came to escort her to the Prince. Knowing that the servant slut was in an advantageous position over her again was even worse than knowing that the Prince was!

For the hundredth time, Lyriena ran through everything they could know in her mind. Clearly, they knew she was meeting with Sylvia. The Queen's Shadow had seen her there himself. By the Abyss she was so stupid! What was she thinking to go to Sylvia's house? If they knew she had been meeting Sylvia, did they know that she had been to Faerie Lights? They had to. That made her feel even worse. Could they know what she had been doing there? No, they couldn't possibly. She never did anything when Sylvia was there.

Well, she would know soon enough, she supposed. Trogar is a brute who would not hesitate to throw that in my face if he knew. He hasn't said anything yet, and if he doesn't say anything now, he doesn't know. He can't know.

Trogar was waiting for them, looking as smug as she'd ever seen him. Arrogant bastard! Today he was dressed, well, more martially than she'd seen him, at least outside of the arena. Rather than the usual silk and satin, he was dressed in leather and thick cloth, as if he was going on a journey. Could he be going away somewhere? Could I be that lucky?

"Good morning, Lyriena." He greeted the princess with a nasty grin. "How fetching you look this morning. Come in and have a seat. We have much to discuss."

Lyriena entered the room warily and took a seat. Soleil and Florette set out a light breakfast and poured warm wine to help fight away the bitter cold. She wasn't fooled by their seeming subservience though; a thick tension filled the room and the air crackled with energy, like a storm cloud about to burst. She took the goblet and swallowed a healthy mouthful of wine to calm her racing nerves "Thank you, Your Highness," she replied stiffly, "It is time to continue our negotiations."

"Heh, you think so? After scheming with a traitor to depose our Queen you think negotiations can just continue as if nothing had happened?"

The accusation made her flinch. Sure, she had received some intelligence from Sylvia, but she never participated in her scheme. "I had no part in any scheme Sylvia may have been hatching. We struck up a friendship, nothing more."

Her counter seemed to amuse the Prince. "A friendship? Between a Princess and a whore?"

"Why not? They are often one and the same in Zentara" she quipped, immediately regretting her hasty words.

The smile dropped from his face and Trogar opened his mouth to speak, but before he said anything he caught himself. Instead, he looked at her, just looked at her for a long moment as he considered. The moment dragged on, and Lyriena began to squirm in her seat. Does he know? Is he going to throw that remark about princess' and whores back in my face? Why did I have to say that!

"I'm glad you find this so amusing, Lyriena. Will you continue to find it as amusing when negotiations break down? You may have been right in thinking that our people wouldn't support the continued embargo, but that was before your little intrigue. All I have to do is tell the people that a foreign Princess was in league with traitors to dethrone the Queen and they will be lining up to reenlist. We have a large population of landless veterans who would like nothing more than to go to war again. The first ships could sail to the Elfish Isles in a fortnight."

The princess gritted her teeth, fighting down the urge to recoil. "Thank you for giving me your timeline, Your Highness, I shall have my spears ready to meet them." She hoped she sounded braver and more confident than she felt.

To her annoyance, Trogar smiled again. "You can put on a brave front if you wish, but we both know that you don't want to fight a war, that you can't fight a war. Your people are too spread out and too impoverished. By the Abyss, half of them would probably defect to my side once I started offering them food and jobs and a chance to see their loved ones who have already left for Zentara."

He let that sink in a moment, and waited until he saw acknowledgment in her eyes that it was possible, if not true. "But there is an alternative. No one knows about your indiscretions yet. We can continue to negotiate; though of course, it will be on the same terms as before." The Prince's grin turned from nasty to leering. "However before that happens you do need to be punished."

The thought of the Prince punishing her sent a shiver through her body. "And what about the truth? I never conspired with Sylvia to depose your mother."

"No? You didn't meet with her in secret and discuss her plan to use this economic crisis to rally support from the merchants and nobles to restore her to the nobility and force the King and Queen to abdicate?"

"Not in the least. If she had those plans, they were her own. You seem to know an awful lot about it, Your Highness. Who stands to benefit the most if they abdicate? Your older brother Belkor is already King of Heste, so that would make you King of Zentara wouldn't it? It is convenient that you are the beneficiary of your Mistress' scheme. Perhaps Dorian should be looking closer at you."

"That is a fine sally, Lyriena, but in vain. We know the truth; we heard it from Sylvia herself. She fed you information, and you stalled and prolonged the negotiations to destabilize the realm. You can deny and dispute it if you wish, but it won't avail you. The people will believe us, not only because we are their royal family, but because denying it is precisely what you would do if you were guilty." Trogar rose from his chair and approached the princess, who rose as well. "It was a fine attempt, Lyriena, but you failed. Now you need to pay the price." The Prince nodded to Soleil and Florette.

The two elf maids grabbed each of Lyriena's arms and held them tightly and pulled her to her feet. The princess grunted and tried to pull her arms back, but before she could escape Trogar reached to her dress and curled her fingers into the neckline and ripped down the front. Lyriena flushed in shame as her small tits became bare before the orc Prince.

"You are going to respect our customs and traditions."

Another strong tear brought the torn remnants of her dress to her ankles, leaving her clad only in her panties, stockings, and shoes. Lyriena struggled again, weaker this time. She was fast wilting beneath the blazing heat of her humiliation.

"You are going to respect me and my servants."

His thick grey hand gripped Lyriena's pubic mound and squeezed. The orc curled his fingers around the gusset and tore even that off next. Another quiver rocked through the elf princess' body as her most intimate spot was exposed. The soft curve of her mons was still mostly bare, with only the lightest sheen of fuzz covering it to show that she had stopped removing it.

"And you are going to enjoy every moment of it."

A deep, low moan escaped Lyriena's lips as Trogar returned his hand to her now exposed pussy. His thick fingers rolled over her nether lips, pulling them apart to reveal her pink folds. The pads of his fingers glided over her slick inner walls. She could feel how wet she was as the orc rubbed between her legs, and it filled her with shame.

"If you don't, these negotiations will end and it will be war. Is that clear?"

Would they really go to war over this? She wasn't sure, but it also wasn't something she wanted to risk. Humans and orcs especially are dangerous, violent creatures capable of anything. She found herself thrust back into the position of having to go along with his demands until she found a way out of this mess.

What that was wasn't exactly clear to her yet, but she hadn't expected Sylvia to contact her and she did. Surely there are other people in the realm who are discontent enough, and adverse enough to war to render her assistance. Maybe Weylan would have some ideas; war with his biggest trading partner cannot be good for business.

Lyriena's heart was racing faster than her mind. She need to play along to find an escape, find allies. She wanted to show strength yet her eyes showed the weakness of her position as she said "Yes, it is clear, Prince Trogar."

"Good. I've got a fun game planned for us today. I think you're really going to enjoy it." Trogar continued to rub and massage Lyriena's slit. He rolled his fingers over her wet folds until his fingers were glistening with elfish juices. "Prepare her."

"This is going to be such fun, Princess!" Florette chirped cheerily as she pulled off Lyriena's shoes and rolled her stockings down her legs while Soleil removed her veil and all her jewelry, leaving the princess completely naked.

The princess swallowed nervously as Soleil led her across the room. She began to shake as a mixture of apprehension and arousal began to flow through her body. She had never felt so exposed in her life, to be totally bereft of clothing, not even a veil in front of a man, and an orc at that!

"The Prince has something very special planned for you" Soleil gloated, "and even if you don't enjoy it, I know I will."

That didn't fill her with much confidence. Lyriena looked over at Trogar, who was rummaging through a cabinet. He wasn't even looking at her! There she was, naked, her royal body on full display and he wasn't even interested. A moment later she realized how absurd she sounded, but still it irked her.

She didn't have time to dwell on it though as Florette and Soleil began to 'dress' her. They draped fiery red straps over her shoulders that crisscrossed between her small breasts, pushing them further apart. They then framed her tits with two more straps, one below and one beneath that pinched her flesh tightly and made her breasts swell and jut out lewdly.

"Ow! What are you doing? What is this?" Lyriena asked. The twins ignored her however, and continued working. They pulled her arms behind her and fed them into a long red leather sleeve which reached up to her biceps. They then cinched the sleeve tightly, locking the princess' arms behind her back. This made her shoulder blades pinch towards each other, and further accentuated the way her breasts were thrust forward on full display.

A strong sense of helplessness began to creep through the princess as she found herself bound. She couldn't move her arms at all, and her front was naked and exposed to whatever they had planned for her. Would it be another whipping? She supposed she could stand that, she had before. If she could get past the humiliation of it she might even enjoy the strong tactile sensations the kiss of the lash could bring.

"Get ready Your Highness, here comes the best part!" Florette said happily as she fed another red strap through a buckle on the strap beneath the princess' breasts.

"Oh I don't know about that, I think what the Prince has planned is even better!" Soleil said malevolently as Florette passed her the other end of the strap through Lyriena's legs. She pulled it up and fed it through another buckle between the princess' shoulder blades and tightened it sharply.

"Agh!" Lyriena cried out as the red leather bit into her pussy, lewdly spreading her labia around the strap. She stood up on her toes, but Soleil just pulled harder until the leather painfully dug into the delta between her legs pressing firmly against her love button.

"There! That's nice and snug isn't it? But we're not quite done yet Princess." Soleil grinned.

"Let's do the tail next!" Florette said, bouncing excitedly on the balls of her feet.

The tail? That doesn't sound good, she thought.

"Great idea sis!" Soleil said, making Lyriena even more uneasy. Soleil pulled out a long horsetail which hung off a butt plug. After lubing the plug, she pushed Lyriena forward as Florette grabbed the princess' shoulders to hold her stead. "Try to relax, Your Highness!"

Soleil guided the hair of the tail through a small ring on the back of the leather strap, and then started to push the plug between Lyriena's ass cheeks. The princess groaned and clenched her eyes tight as she felt her little anal star open and stretch as the plug sunk inside. She wobbled unsteadily and moaned out a weak protest while trying to use her arms to steady herself, but they were still trapped in the leather sheathe.

Her ass burned as it stretched around the plug's widest point. By the time her bottom began to close around the bulbous end of it she was almost grateful to have it in, as her ass felt much better closed around the narrower neck than it did around its widest point. When it was finally in, she stood up straight again. The feeling of the thick plug shifting inside her made Lyriena shiver while the sensation of the long horsetail tickling her thighs made her flush in embarrassment.

She tried to look behind her at the tail, but Florette caught her chin firmly and made her look forward. Her humiliation grew as she locked eyes with the grinning serving girl, but fortunately Florette quickly broke the contact so she could set up the next part of the costume.

"Now open wide, Your Highness" she said as she brought a leather bit and bridle to Lyriena's face.

"What is that? I will not put it on, I am not some beast of burden!" Lyriena growled through clenched teeth glaring at Florette.

Soleil grabbed the plug with one hand and Lyriena's hair with the other. She thrust the plug deeper inside the princess and began to fuck her with it as she yanked back sharply on her hair. "You'll do it because the Prince wants it. Or did you already forget what will happen if you don't?"

She winced as she felt the toy plunging in and out of her, further abusing her poor, stretched bottom. She tried to wiggle her behind to ease the discomfort as Soleil pulled and pushed. She continued to clench her teeth, resisting the bit even as her hair was pulled and her ass violated. Finally though, she gave in and sagged with defeat. Not from the pain, but because she realized that this was a minor thing to concede for the future of her people. With a groan, she opened her mouth for Florette.

The thick wooden bit was placed between her teeth, and then narrow red leather straps were wrapped around her head, framing her, chin, cheeks and forehead and holding the bit in place between the princess' teeth. She cinched it tight, making the bit was pull deep into her mouth, causing the princess; jaw to ache. Once it was in place, the twin elfs lifted her feet and guided them into thigh high leather boots. The ridiculously high heels forced her to stand on her toes while wearing them, putting her off balance. As she stumbled, she head them clop noisily on the stone floor. Lyriena looked down, and flinched as she saw that the soles of the boots were rounded into horse hooves.

Finally, Soleil attached a set of reins to the bridle and game them a tug. Lyriena flushed crimson in humiliation as the serving girl led her across the room. Each step she took sent a crisp clop resounding through the stone room. It was hard to balance on the heels, and the tight leather straps around her torso and her bound arms only made it worse. She was all too aware of her bouncing breasts as she fought to maintain her balance in the ridiculously high boots. The contrast of the two fully clothed servants and her own erotic costume made her feel like a worm even as the strap rubbing against her slick pussy made her even wetter.

The trio approached Trogar, who had been setting up on a small wooden table. Lyriena's heart began to beat faster as she anticipated him seeing her naked, exposed, and lewdly attired body. The Prince turned from the table and gave the princess a long look which made her wilt. Finally, he gave her a big wide smile, flashing his teeth and tusks. "Much better, much more appropriate, Lyriena. You've been spending so much time on your new stallion I thought you might enjoy playing a little pony game with me. Well? How does it feel? Do you like being a little pony slut, princess?"

Lyriena grunted, glared, and shook her head, unable to tell him what she really wanted to.

This only made the orc Prince chuckle. "You do, huh? You're already shaking that mane like a good pony. Next you'll be stomping your hooves and neighing, won't you?" He grinned and stepped closer, running his fingertips along the strands as the framed her tits. He then suddenly caught both nipples in his fingers and squeezed and pulled until she groaned. "But first I have a gift for you."

A gift? It cannot be anything decent, she thought.

"It occurred to me that I was lax in providing guest gifts to you on your arrival. So I bought you something special. And don't worry, I even bought elf made products, so the money is going back to your people." Trogar released her nipples and plucked two gold rings off the table and held them in his palms.

Something looked off with the rings. They were rounded all the way through, and looped through large ruby stones instead of presenting them on a setting. She was even more confused when he pulled the gold bands apart, revealing a narrow pointed end. She looked at the sharp point warily as Trogar lifted one of the rings up.

"You seem confused. Haven't you seen one of these before? It's a nipple ring." Trogar chuckled again as Lyriena grunted and tried to back away before being caught by Soleil and Florette. "It's going to look fetching on you, Lyriena. After all, you're little titties don't have much going for them on your own. A little decoration will really set them off." The orc prince brought the point to the first nipple and pricked it gently.

Lyriena squealed around the bit and shook her head as she tried to buck away from the elf servants, but they held her firmly. He couldn't pierce her nipples! What would people think? What if people saw the outline through her dress? How could she explain that to Datoran? She didn't think he'd find such decorations becoming of a princess.

"Excited, aren't you? Well brace yourself pet, because here they come!" Trogar grabbed a piercing needle form the table and brought it to Lyriena's nipple. "Better settle down some Princess, you don't want me to miss, do you? I'd hate to do any permanent damage."

Lyriena froze and swallowed as she digested that. Before she even had time to think, Trogar capitalized on her hesitation and pushed the needle through before sliding the ring into place. She howled in pain through the bit as the sharp stabbing sensation lanced through the sensitive nerves of her nipple. Tears welled up in her eyes, but Trogar ignored them and quickly pierce the second nipple as well. Lyriena groaned in pain while tears rolled down her cheeks as she looked at her breasts. The sight of the gold rings and ruby gems adorning her breasts sent a shiver through her. I look like a high class prostitute!

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