tagGroup SexParadigm Shift Ch. 06

Paradigm Shift Ch. 06


Chapter 6

The next serious party in the neighborhood that we got invited to was three weeks later at Jon and Amber Brower's home. They also fit in the category I called 'Money To Burn,' so it was no surprise to find when we arrived that the party was catered and that sexily dressed waitresses displaying a lot of cleavage and leg were circulating with drinks and hors d'oeuvres. As KC and I circulated, we met many new people. We also observed that this group might be a little wilder than at some of the other parties, since despite the early hour several women in the Jacuzzi and pool areas were already topless and the guys they were with seemed intent on capturing the other parts of their bathing suits before too long.

We mixed and mingled, snacked, and then ate from a huge buffet. Marcie showed up in a see-through top that I really liked. She gave me a deep kiss, and then KC captured her and repeated the same kiss back to her. Marcie looked surprised, but pleased at the sapphic interaction. I heard the two of them whispering. Marcie nodded enthusiastically and then left.

"What was that about?"

"It was the first time I saw her since you were over at her house. I told her that I'd tasted her on your cock, and that I wanted to sample her wares straight from the source and not second-hand. She agreed. I suggested that the next time you go over, that I come too. I emphasized that Doug only gets to watch us; he doesn't get a turn with me or anything like that. She understands, especially since she knows the problem I've kind of dropped in your lap." On that note, KC ran her hand over the bulge in my pants and gave me a lecherous grin.

I nodded in understanding and slapped her hand away.

We'd had a good several weeks. We'd watched her sex video several times, and even talked about doing our own, although I ducked who else might star in it from a male perspective. We seemed to love each other more than ever before. I was getting to a point where I thought suicide would be preferable to leaving her.

Darlene breezed by. I hadn't seen her for a week. She may as well of been topless in her swimming attire. I learned the suit was called a Wicked Weasel. It was basically two colorful straps of material running from a small tuft of material covering her vagina opening and clit, up across her breasts where they barely covered the nipples and not quite the areolas, and then down across her back and ass to the gusset.

Darlene planted a kiss on me that started me on a hard-on. "Do you like my suit?" She turned around.

I nodded, "What suit? Oh, this?" I toyed with the two straps that crossed her breasts, tweaking her nipples through the thin material. "Why do I have a feeling that you want to get fucked royally tonight?"

Darlene gave me a huge smile, "Because I'm wearing this suit?"


"I hope you're one of my many lovers." She kissed KC with some tongue, and then joined some other people her age near the pool's edge, two of whom were topless. I watched another Wicked Weasel walk by and KC looked interested in the suit and the girl.

I asked her, "Would you wear something like that?"

She countered, "Would you want me to?"


"If I did wear a suit like that you know what might happen, right?" KC sounded uncertain.

"I could guess. I think that's what Darlene's hoping for anyway." I laughed. "Let's go get another drink."

We circulated around the party. Each pass through the house or the outside patio, things seemed to be getting a little more sexual in some way everywhere we looked. A couple of the waitresses were topless, only wearing small black thongs. Inside, there were a dozen couples dancing in a nearly dark media room. Several of the girls were topless, and at least one girl had pulled her guy's cock out and was stroking it as they swayed to the music.

When we got back outside, the men and women in the Jacuzzi and pool were fully naked. Many were making out, and more than one blowjob was taking place. A few women were having their pussies eaten as they sat on the pool's edge or lay back on a chaise.

I saw Darlene with a tall dark-haired guy a little older. They were nude and she obviously had his cock trapped between their bodies as they made out in the shallow end of the pool. I glanced around and saw her bathing suit tossed up on the side of the pool. I retrieved it, and carried it back to KC.

"Here. Go put this on."

"Matt, you can't be serious? I mean ... this is dangerous. I ... I don't want to lose you if something happens ... and wearing this it might. I'll get turned on eight ways from Sunday. Hell, I'm already turned on just from the atmosphere in this place. Really, this is a dangerous thing to do."

I smiled at her and held the suit out. "Free pass, but I'm planning on staying pretty close to you."

KC reluctantly took the suit. She disappeared into the house and came back two minutes later wearing the hot looking bathing suit. I got a better look at what Darlene had been wearing earlier. The suit was a fluorescent yellow, but the material was almost see-through. The straps covering KC's breasts weren't wide enough to cover her areolas, and her nipples were excited and plainly visible in any case. When I looked at her crotch, I could clearly see her labia and the tuft of pubic hair KC liked to manicure as decoration. The suit kind of snugged into her slit. She had a small piercing on her clitoral hood and everyone could also appreciate the gold loop.

KC came up to me and kissed me in a very sexy way. "Lover, is this what you wanted? Me almost naked for any man here to fondle and play with as they want?"

"Yeah. You look like the hottest woman here."

"Are you sure you want me like this? I'm going to get hit on by every male here that doesn't know our situation, and that's a lot of them. Everyone already wants to fuck me. This is like an engraved invitation."

"I want to watch. How good are you at self-control?"

"Lousy, as you already know," she stated flatly. "God, Matt, is this really OK with you? I can put my other clothes on in a minute."

I spoke, "I'll stop this when I'm ready. I need this. I need to see you like this. Don't ask me why; I can't explain it right now. Lead the way to the bar on the other side of the pool. I want to see what happens."

KC picked up her empty wine glass, and sauntered towards the far outside bar. I stopped her before she'd taken a step. I took each of the straps covering her breasts and moved them outside her breasts so they no longer covered her nipples, and instead gently pushed her breasts together. I was almost ready to toss her down on the ground and fuck her; I could only imagine what other men were thinking.

I said, "There; that's better. Most people are nude out here anyway."

KC poked at me, "Then you'd better lose some clothing, Mister. You're now way over-dressed." She tugged at my belt.

I nodded and stripped away my shorts and t-shirt, tossing them onto a chair already covered with other clothing. KC was right; I had been the only male still fully dressed in casual clothes.

I followed KC to the bar lagging twenty feet behind, watching how her naked hips undulated in a highly tempting way as she slinked slowly and seductively across the patio. They were signaling every man in the place that she wanted their cocks in her pussy - that she wanted their cum deep inside her - that she wanted their cocks in her mouth. I tested my own resolve. I wanted to see how far I could go with my experiment. Maybe I'd find the answer to my dilemma about what to do with KC in how we each behaved. I suspected it would be more by what I felt.

At the bar we got refills on our wine glasses, and then walked slowly back towards where we had been standing off to the side of things. I lagged behind again, letting her get about ten or twenty feet in front of me. I was obviously watching her, but not quite next to her. A few people cut between us heading in other directions.

A young turk in his late twenties came out of nowhere, and suddenly he had his arms around KC. She balked at first, but then turned to see who had just captured her. She smiled at him in a welcoming way. Surfer dude looked something like the guy Deke I'd seen her with in her DVD. If anything this guy was more rugged looking. I thought he might be dripping testosterone on the patio. He was naked and hung.

I saw him whispering a bunch of stuff to her, and watched her reply. He'd moved his hands from being around her to where his thumbs could stroke her nipples, bringing them to white-hot hardness. As he did this, he kept up his line of seduction, even leaning in and kissing her neck and tonguing her ear. KC tilted her head to accommodate him. I wished I could hear over the noise of the music. His moves so far were hitting directly on the spots that turned KC on.

Dude led KC off to the side slightly so they were in the shadows between the house and the pool. He set her glass of wine on a table they passed. He leaned in and sucked on her breasts. KC's head fell back as he went after her gorgeous assets.

One of Dude's hands moved down her side, stroking her flat abs and coasting past her mons to her thighs. He'd also shifted so he could kiss her more solidly and those first kisses changed to exciting French kisses in record time. I was excited watching her kiss someone else like this.

KC reached out and took the guy's cock in her hand. He was already excited, but her touch turned him into a shaft of steel. She started to slide her hand up and down his shaft, and then rubbed his glans across her lower abs right above the gusset to her almost nonexistent bathing suit. As she did, he reached down and pulled the crotch of the bathing suit aside, baring her slit. In the flash of an instant, he had two fingers buried in KC's cunt and was pounding her cunt with his hand. She spread her legs and I could hear her moan.

The pair stood like that for five minutes, making out and playing with each other's sex. If he hadn't made her cum yet, he'd come damn close. I wanted her to cum on his fingers. I watched, and as his hand became a blur, KC doubled over as a major climax ripped through her. She hung on his body. Wow, what a scene.

Dude whispered to her, no doubt a proposition. I was sure he suggested that they go off somewhere to find a quiet place to fuck. KC was slow to react, strongly influenced by the action between her legs. At that point, I was certain she wanted his cock deep inside her for hours on end.

In response to his request, KC tossed a nearby towel on the ground and knelt in front of the Dude. She popped his cock into her mouth and started to fellate him. It was his head that then flopped back as his closed eyes faced heavenward. I knew what he was feeling. I could almost feel it myself.

I inched closer until I was only ten feet away. I could hear him moaning, and her gurgling sounds as she drooled all over his big hard cock. She was having a field day with her new toy.

I became aware of my own hand on my own cock, stroking away as I watched the woman I love giving superb head to some stranger.

A voice from beside me whispered, "Let me help you with that."

Edie's hand took hold of my shaft from beside me, and she started to masturbate me. I was getting near the edge. I was somewhat shocked to discover who my rescuer was, but I accepted the aid without question. One way or the other I needed to cum and cum hard.

Edie knelt in front of me just the was KC knelt in front of her man. She ate my cock, taking every millimeter into her mouth and throat. She slobbered all over me, and when I'd look at her, Edie's big brown eyes would be looking up at me. She loved what she was doing.

I watched KC bring Dude closer and closer to completion, and then I heard him warm that he was cumming. It wasn't pretty. I think she took his first shot in her mouth, but then let the subsequent shots of cum cover her face, neck, and breasts - and Dude came a lot. KC has that effect on men.

I exploded nearly simultaneously, probably in sympathetic response to what I'd seen. Edie duplicated the gesture. I moaned into the scene, and left the destination of my cum in Edie's hands. When I looked back, Edie was dripping in my semen - face and breasts were covered, and it was oozing down her body. She saw me looking and rubbed the jizz into her skin with a smile. I helped her stand, and we kissed.

Dude looked over at us and said, "Pretty hot way to start the night, huh?"

I nodded and when I could speak I replied, "Sure is."

Edie pushed me over to a chaise and made me sit down. I looked back and both KC and Dude has disappeared. My gut twisted and turned almost to the point I thought I'd barf, but then I saw the guy going down the steps into the swimming pool. KC was nowhere in sight.

Edie instructed, "Matt, you've got to let go and roll with what's happening. You always fear the worst, when it might be the best." She kissed me, and I weakly kissed back. I was physically exhausted, and that fatigue had little to do with the orgasm I'd just had. I'd been carrying a huge pile of angst all night, and much of it had dissipated when KC hadn't fucked the guy.

Two minutes later, after another round of kisses from Edie, KC sat down beside me. She'd changed back into her shorts and top.

Without saying anything, KC took my head in her hands and kissed me hard, and then thrust her tongue into my mouth, even ensuring that I tasted some of her saliva and other fluids. They were different. The strong and pungent taste of another man's cum permeated my mouth as it had KC's. She was sharing the experience with me. When she broke the kiss, she repeated the gesture with Edie; however, Edie had my taste throughout her mouth and some of my cum continued to drip from her face the same way Dude's cum had on KC. KC even licked up Edie's neck to capture some of my cum.

When KC broke her sapphic kiss, she turned to me and asked in a level voice, "Are we still engaged?" From her tone of voice I thought she either expected the answer I was about to give or had reached a point where she didn't care. I didn't like the second option.

I stroked her face, "Fuck, yes. You are the hottest thing next to the sun. My God that was hot." I turned to Edie who had a Cheshire cat's smile, "And you ... thank you. You took my virginity, you she devil."

KC brought my attention back to her by pulling my head back so I had to look her in the eye. "You know I wanted to fuck him, don't you. I wanted him to take me right here on this chaise. I wanted his cock as deep into me as you get. God, I am so horny now you can probably smell my female scent in the next state."

A minute passed and we looked at each other without a word. I finally said, "Thank you." I hoped she'd understand what had transpired.

KC handed the Wicked Weasel bathing suit to Edie. "Give this to my sister. I won't be needing it the rest of tonight, but don't lose it. There are more parties to come." She turned to me, "Come on, take me home and make love to me. That's not a request; that's an order."

We made another pass through the house to see what was happening before we left. There were many couples fucking at that point. The direction of the party for the rest of the evening had been cast. Darlene was riding the guy she'd been flirting with in the pool on a chaise in plain sight of everyone, while another guy stood next to her as she blew him. Those who weren't fucking were watching those who were with interest.

KC and I barely made it to the house before we were again naked and fucking right in the living room only a few feet from the front door. To say we exploded into each other would be an understatement. Despite having cum with Edie, in the span of the next two hours I made love to KC four times - a personal record, and she claims she'd never had more orgasms in so short a time as that night. To facilitate things, she also put on the DVD of her fuck session with Logan and Deke. This time I paid more attention to KC than the film.

In the middle of the night I became aware that Darlene had crept into bed with us. She kissed me and then I dozed off again.

* * * * *

I awoke before KC and Darlene in the morning. I lay on my side and stared at KC sleeping next to me, her hair askew partly on her pillow and the rest on the bed. She looked so beautiful and serene. I wondered if she dreamed of fucking that guy at the party, but that thought didn't upset me at all.

A glance on my other side revealed a similar beauty, and obviously the sister of KC from facial features and even the shape and curve of breasts and nipples. My heart was so full of love for the two of them. I couldn't stand to lose either one, yet there was one final hurdle I had to face with KC. I knew I had to do it soon too; I couldn't keep stringing us along.

When I could wait no longer to use the bathroom, I slid out from between the two women with care, and tiptoed to the bathroom. I didn't return to bed; however, I did stand and look at the two of them sleeping peacefully. I slid on some shorts and started things going in the kitchen.

KC soon joined me, rubbing the sleep from her eyes. She came and draped her nude body around mine for our morning snuggle and kiss. She whispered, "I love you so much. I hope you realize that we are truly soul mates." Her voice choked up slightly.

"You needn't worry, my Love, I do know," I told her. "Go wash up. Coffee will be ready when you return."

KC was back in five minutes, this time wearing a t-shirt and nothing else. I thought how she would look sexy in a burlap sack. I passed her a cup of coffee, and she sat as I started in on some French toast for the three of us.

I started, "I owe you an apology for last night."

KC looked puzzled, so I continued, "I put you in a highly charged sexual situation, knowing that it could have gotten out of hand."

KC shook her head, "I think it turned out all right, for you I mean. You were aroused, and I didn't do anything that I didn't want to do or that would get me in trouble with you - I think."

"What was the guy's name? I assigned him the name 'Dude' in my head."

KC smiled, "I don't know. He never got my name either. I was very excited and just wanted ... sex. The blowjob was a bit of a compromise. He had a nice cock and tasted good." She paused and said, "Now, you really know what kind of slut I am. I told you, but you've seen it first hand - my giving a blowjob to a total stranger. Just so you know, I've done that before, but not since we started to date."

I smiled, "I was right there. I could have said, 'Stop,' but I didn't. I was using you, and that's my apology. I was testing my own resolve to let what happened happen. I didn't think it'd become oral sex, but in hindsight I'm glad it did. I thought you'd make out a little and do a handjob, but ... well, things moved faster than I expected."

KC said in a neutral tone, "That's how I am; things always move faster than expected with me. Putting on those strips of cloth that pass for a bathing suit made me wetter than sin. I was gushing my sex juice I was so excited. I knew that I'd have some kind of sex. I just hoped you'd be OK with whatever happened. I worried that last night might be our last, but then my hormones and horny side overrode every other thought I had. I wanted to fuck somebody."

"What did Dude say to you?"

KC thought. "I barely recall; something about me being pretty - and that he wanted to fuck me. He had that nice hard-on bobbing around in front of him. I took hold of that, and I was a goner. I would have fucked him right there, but I happened to see you as I was getting ready to spread out for him. If I hadn't seen you I think I might have screwed him all night long. Instead, I stopped and changed to oral. He was disappointed, but tough for him."

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