tagRomancePrisoner in his Harem Ch. 07

Prisoner in his Harem Ch. 07


The story so far: Lisbeth Somerset is a 36-year old English workaholic who teaches human rights at a university in an Arab country. She is caught handing a bomb to the assassin who had plans to kill the children of the local ruler and of other dignitaries. That ruler, Sheikh Fouad, consumed with rage, considers the death penalty even too lenient for her and makes her an offer: she will be his prisoner for life having to serve him in his harem as a slave. From that moment on she is Rosebud. Having no way to prove herself innocent of the crime she realises her only chance will be forgiveness and to be granted that the best she can do is to try and be very good at what he wants her to be and warm his heart towards her.

However it is the Sheikh himself who does proves her innocent as he has each stone upturned because he cannot believe this woman he has gotten to know very well will ever be capable of murder. When he realises he has imprisoned an innocent woman he moreover forced to share his bed he immediately sets her free and puts her on a plane home to England. By this time she however is already pregnant.

Her homecoming is less joyful then one would imagine. People start to question her story as she is looking well and is obviously carrying someone's baby while people had expected her either dead or in a prisoncell. Her "married to a member of parliament"-sister is pissed off with her thinking she is damaging her husband's career by having whored while he was petitioning for her release. Wherever she goes tongues are wagging or eyes are following her around.

She realises that although she is happy to see her parents again she is missing the Sheikh at the same time. The only solution she sees is to go back to his country and beg him to take her back during one of his public audiences.

In the meantime the Sheikh is missing the woman he loves dearly but sees no solution as he thinks she does not want him and in his position he cannot even beg her to come back with him.

So when Lisbeth approaches him as a petitioner he tells her to do something Western women seem to do: ask the man she loves to marry her. See the edited and extended new version of chapter 6.

(written in UK-English spelling by a near native speaker. First draft edited by LJUS from the USA)


Sheikh Fouad felt as if he was walking in a dream. She had looked up at him her blue eyes flooded with tears, all her defenses gone, and just like all those months ago in a reflex he had reached out to comfort her. To let her pain go away.

The packed audience room was full with people cheering. Her cold hand resting in his. His Rosebud was back! He wanted to hold her but in his culture he could not do that in public. So he raised a hand and the crowd grew silent again.

"My bride is very tired. I will escort her to her room and make sure she is settled in. Please sit down. My servants will bring you all some lunch. After the lunch break we will continue."

The people smiled when he walked Rosebud out of the room. Normally this would be the moment to consummate the marriage with a virgin bride but in their case it was obvious she had been his as she was already carrying a child. Nevertheless he wanted her badly. And the people would wait patiently for him to bed his new wife.

The moment the big gate to the harem closed behind the two of them he dragged her into a bear hug of an embrace. His arms around her back, her face buried in the embroidery on his robes covering the muscles of his chest. She wrapped her arms around his waist and for the both of them it was a moment of sheer happiness to just stand there in each other's arms and hear the other one's heartbeat and breathing. They did not talk but just stood there. The courtyard empty with the sun reflecting on the mosaic tiles, the fountain gurgling.

She drank in his familiar smell of soap, aftershave and male scent. He felt the soft curves of her body, the unfamiliar feeling of her baby belly.

He then lifted up her face and she smiled just before he covered her lips for a deep kiss. His fingers tugging at her long black scarf she had wrapped around her head to cover her hair. He let it fall on the floor and stoked her hair. The copper curls were hidden in a long braid and he started to unravel it drinking in the view of her big blue eyes and pink lips. His Rosebud.

He wanted her out of the black long coat hiding her from view. His fingers started to work on the buttons at her chest but then just tore it off her. Under the coat she however was still covered up all the way in conservative black pants and a pretty Moroccan blouse made from a veil like fabric over a layer of more solid fabric.

"You look so nice habibi." His hands went to cup her breasts. "I want you now!"

A fire seemed to flare in her belly.

"Not right now my Lord. I am sweating and stinking. I first need a bath... and I sure do like this blouse so best just let me undress myself." she added with a wicked smile preventing those garments to be ripped off as well.

"Ok woman. Let us walk then to the baths and you can have yourself made divine by Azziza but I do want to watch you undress and see you get naked. I want to see all of you!"

He took her hand and started to walk her to the baths. She suddenly realized she had refused him her body something she had never been allowed to do when she was his slave. Normally when he would voice the wish to have her the only thing she could do was let him enter her. Was this how things would be different between them?

They crossed the big courtyard passing the tinkling fountain and entered the baths. The area was filled with harem ladies having their morning beauty-ritual. The moment they saw Rosebud enter with their lord and master the young women looked surprised and started to chatter.

"It is Rosebud."

"Rosebud you are back."

The old harem matron Azziza walked up and scooped Rosebud in her arms not paying any attention to their lord.

"My foreign flower!"

The old lady rained kisses on her cheeks.

"Ladies," the Sheikh said: "I want some time alone here with my wife. Please leave the baths for now."

With a lot of surprised glances the girls ran off giggling but Azziza stayed put.

"Wife my Lord?"

"Yes my wife. I just made her queen-consort."

Tears appeared in the old lady's eyes and she hugged the foreign woman and kissed her again. Then in a sudden break with decorum ran her hands up the Sheikh's face to get his head down and kissed him too.

"Well done my lord. This one is someone to treasure."

He kissed the old lady on her hair in return showing off how fond he was of her.

"Please do wash Rosebud for me," he asked her.

The old lady nodded and took Rosebud by the hand walking her into the steam room of the Turkish bath. The Sheikh got rid of his robes and in just a pair of cotton pants he had worn under them as a kind of underwear followed the two women into the hot room. Along the side were stone benches and taps and in the middle of the colourful tiled room a big pedestal to lay down on.

While the Sheikh just sat himself on a bench against the wall Rosebud and Azziza started to undress Rosebud. She lifted her blouse over her head handing the garment to Azziza and having her back turned towards the Sheikh. Her pants followed and so were her very basic cotton panties.

He felt himself harden just by looking at her bending down to remove her panties giving him a brief glimpse of her sex. Small curls still covering it. Then she removed her black bra. From behind her pregnancy was still not visible. Her waist still curving inwards from her hips. She looked hot.

Rosebud felt suddenly awkward undressing in front of a man who had seen her dozens of times naked and had taken her in his bed even more often. She sat herself on the hot stone pedestal. Now her nude body in full view of the Sheikh. She felt his eyes roam over her. His eyes seemed to burn with arousal. She could not look away from him.

"What did you do with your nipple and bellybutton piercings?" he asked her staring at her bare flesh.

"Airport scanners."

The Turkish bath was so hot sweat started to pour from all her pores. Azziza slowly poured cold water over Rosebud to cool her down. All dirt and sweat sluicing away. Her skin turning pinkish.

Azziza rubbed shampoo in her long hair and started to sponge her whole body with some nice smelling soap.

"Lay down my sweet," said Azziza moving Rosebud on her back on the pedestal moving the soapy cloth in between her legs. Rosebud noticed the big bulge in the Sheikh's pants. Azziza started to shave her body all the way down from her eyelashes. Pushing her legs open to shave her mound and labia as well.

It reminded Rosebud of that day more then half a year ago when she had done the same to a frightened English woman and how an angry Sheikh had taken her nipple in his hand. Had she then laid on her back in fear waited for him to claim her now she wished she could get up and wrap her arms around him.

She had her eyes fixed on him. The hands he used to pour cold water over himself were shaking.

Done with the washing and the removing of her body hair Azziza dried Rosebud and turned her around to start massaging her with fragrant oil. At that moment Sheikh Fouad lifted himself off the bench and reached out his hand. "Azziza let me massage Rosebud". The old lady handed him the oil and stepped back.

Rosebud felt his strong hands on her naked back and shivered. His fingers started to dig in all her tensed up muscles, circling and kneading. They moved over her shoulders down to her arms to go back to her shoulders to descent again to her lower back. A deep feeling of relaxation descended on her.

Then he started on her legs and she tried to move away from the sudden pains in her stiff calves. The tickling under her feet. "Hush woman, lay still."

He turned her around. Her breasts now staring him in the face. Her nipples hardened into dark pebbles her pink areolae hardly contrasting with her alabaster skin. He tried to concentrate on massaging her legs, her hips, her belly to end up with both his hands covering her globes circling her nipples.

The old lady handed him a jar. "This my lord has to go between her legs and into her folds. It oils the area so you..."

He grabbed the jar but touching her there was their undoing. They had been longing for each other for over two months. His hand rubbing her clit made her buck up her hips so without warning his massaging turned into sex.

The moment he sank a finger into her channel a moan escaped her.

His fingers playing her and her whole body tensing up in pleasure, convulsing again and again. One wave after the other, wetness pooling from her. Covering his moving fingers with her thick honey. Her whole body writhing, her hips bucking. Climaxing on his hand again and again.

In a moment of respite laying naked spread out for him her breath laboured she whispered like a mantra "Please, please, please."

He looked at her and then in despair said: "Woman I cannot wait. I need to have you now!"

She took his hand and brought it to her lips to kiss it, the old signal for acknowledging that person as the ruler, opening her legs for him.

Azziza softly tiptoed out of the bath to wait at the other side of the doorway, leaving the big door open so the lovers would have cold air helping them breath while he entered her with a loud growl.

"I am sorry but I cannot go slow. I want you too much."

He pressed his big member against her gates and when she felt the big head entering her she arched her back in a jolt of energy. Her muscles gripping on to him. Her body shaking. Sucking him in.

He slit himself in completely and started to pump her with force. His need too urgent to be able to go slow for her sake. She crossed her legs under his buttocks feeling him move inside her. His hands holding her face while he held himself in position on his lower arms.

The friction in her insides made her grasp for air, trying to hold on to his shoulders. Her own body moving in his rhythm. Her legs and hips trying to drag him in deeper. A sudden convulsion made her arch again her insides gripping his member and another moan coming from deep inside her ending in a deep sigh while falling down.

She felt him come inside her with a deep growl.

Both of them breathing rapidly in each other's arms while still connected to each other.

He kissed her brow, her lips and her baby bump and sat up. All she could do was lay there spread eagle completely worn out.

They smiled at each other.

"So this is what the Americans call a "quickie?" she asked him with the smile still on her face,

He laughed out-loud. "I guess so."

He then lifted her up in his arms and walked the both of them to the bathing pool in the adjourning room sitting himself down on the bench holding her in his lap washing between her legs.

His hand caressing her body. The big breasts, the pebbled nipples, her swollen belly, her round hips. His lips kissing her neck.

"Rosebud I have to go to finish the audience. You go to my room and wait for me in my bed. Try to sleep all afternoon while I work. Azziza you old woman, come and make Rosebud ready for my bed! I will be late as after the audience I have to go and open the new hospital here in the capital."

She tried to keep his arms locked around him not wanting to let him go so soon.

"Can I come with you to that opening my lord?"

She felt his surprise.

"When this baby is coming I will have to go to that hospital will I not?"

"Oh no Rosebud, I will help you with the delivery and a doctor will come to the palace," said old Azziza.

"Do you really want to come with me that much habibi?" the Sheikh asked her. "You can go and check out the maternity ward. But first sleep. You look very pale. We will leave late in the afternoon so Azzia put her in my bed where it is quiet and let her sleep and then make her ready for departure at 4. Make sure you cover her up. Yalla."

With a deep kiss he left her in the care of the old woman and donned his own robes again returning to his job as the ruler of the country who had to decide on the lives of his subjects.

Rosebud and Azziza looked how the regal looking giant walked out of his baths and both women left the harem walking through the small garden towards his bedroom. Azziza put her to bed as if she was a child. She inhaled his familiar scent on his sheets and fell asleep.


She felt very self conscious with the hospital personnel looking at her with quick glances. Officially all their attention going to the Sheikh but still trying to discover who that foreign lady was he had brought with him and introduced as his wife.

They were walked around the new building. Then the manager asked the Sheikh if there was a certain department he wanted to see. He explained he was very interested in plastic surgery done to victims of the civil wars that had ravaged the country in the past but that his wife would love to see the maternity wards as she was pregnant.

Stuttering the manager had explained the maternity ward was a women-only area so the mothers did not need to cover themselves apart from during the visiting hours when men could come as see their families.

The Sheikh looked at his woman and then surprised her by suggesting she would go on on her own and have a look with one of the female doctors while he would tour plastic surgery. The young female doctor was beaming with pride. So the two women set off on their own.

Introduced to the sergeant-major type of a dragoon who ruled the ward Rosebud walked along the rows of beds talking to the young mums. Offered a chair and tea she had explained in her best Arabic that she was going to have a baby as well and would love to get some good advice. The women had loved to and soon the room was noisy as a hen-house.

The dragoon had softened up and asked when she was due and if she had already had an ultrasound made. She explained she had but that that was very early in her pregnancy and without her husband. So the women hatched a plan.

When they joined the men again in the main hallway the dragoon had told the Sheikh they had a surprise for him and lead him to a room only he and Rosebud and the young female doctor were allowed to enter. When his security detail wanted to interfere she had whispered "We want to show you our child. It is safe. Please tell them."

Inside the doctor had lubricated her belly and the Sheikh had felt himself suddenly transfixed hearing a fast heartbeat and seeing someone sucking his thumb. His eyes seamed to be clouded over.

"He is sleeping," said Rosebud.

"How can he sleep when you are awake?" he asked.

"My lord they are two independent persons," said the dragoon. "In a few weeks he will keep her awake kicking."

Back in the car he had reached out and grabbed her hand out of view from the driver and the guard sitting in the front. She had moved his hand on her baby belly. Her eyes falling shut.


Rosebud woke up in the bed of her lord and master. The movement of her naked body against the sheets had pebbled her nipples and filled her with arousal. Half asleep she moved her hand down her breast over her naked body towards her slit. The area was wet and hot and ready for an invasion.

As his harem slave Rosebud had been surprised to discover that waking up in the morning would have her wet, hot and pliant while her reserved nature was still fast asleep. She did not like kissing with a mouth dry from sleeping so always had considered herself someone who would made love in the evening. But her other lips were of an opposite nature sleeping naked.

The moment the Sheikh had discovered his woman would wake up moaning, creaming around his cock if he spread her legs and claimed her body while she was still dozing, he had used that knowledge to his full advantage allowing her to sleep the entire night in his bed unlike the other girls, so he could fill her again with first light.

And then leave her in his bed completely sated and worn out while he washed himself while harem etiquette prescribed the woman who had spent the night in his room to wash the lord and master. If he had to go to an appointment early he would just send her to Azziza to get washed and pampered but if there was enough time to spare he would enjoy having breakfast with his favourite and read the papers before he would pick her up and go frolicking with her in the pool.

But she was not woken up by her husband ready to claim her this time. All she could remember was falling asleep in the car and a sensation of him lifting her up and putting her in bed.

When she had her brain working again she realized that the man was sleeping right next to her in his bed. The alarm clock on his bed-table informing her that it was 3 am. He had come to bed and let her sleep.

She mused that this was the first time in many other times she had been in this bed he had not taken her straight away.

Her little hole was invaded in every position possible in this bed: With him on top, from behind, in what 'The Perfumed Garden', the Arabian Kamasutra, called the praying position with her kneeling on the bed with her body down over her knees and just her backside accessible for entering while her whole body was pressed against the mattress, with her legs over his shoulders almost bend double, on her side as a spoon.

Or him in her mouth.

The only hole he had left alone after one try was her anus.


It had happened when he had only summoned her to his bed a handful of times. When they told her he called for her she was still nervous every time even though he had kept his word and never had hurt her again. Still it felt strange. While on the one hand it made her feel desired and be something beautiful on the other hand she realised she was an object he could use as he seemed fit. Although the fact that she could not refuse gave her the mental freedom to at least enjoy what he did to her as there was no way she could evade it.

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