tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTaken to the Cabin Ch. 02

Taken to the Cabin Ch. 02


This is a work of fiction. I do not condone any violence or rape in real life.

I hope you enjoy this chapter! Any constructive comments are welcomed and appreciated. Thanks for reading!



Violet had a fitful sleep. All night she flitted in and out of consciousness, stuck between the terrors that haunted her dreams and a waking nightmare. On top of that, the unfamiliar discomfort of having her arm cuffed above her head, as well as the ever-present arm of her captor curled around her body, caused her to really only catch a few snatches of rest. Just as she was managing to drift back off, Seth stirred.

"Good morning, my delicious little fuck toy," he greeted with a yawn, running his hand over his victim's bare breasts. In one well-choreographed move, Seth turned Violet onto her back and straddled her nude body with his. He gave her a chaste peck on the lips.

"I trust you are well?" The girl hesitated with her response. It would be easier to just say yes, but she hoped that honesty would appeal to the man's kinder side, which she had seen tiny glimpses of. She shook her head.

"I...hurt. My wrist and...down there," Violet whispered. Seth grinned menacingly in response.

"What do you mean 'down there'?"

"My p-private area," she replied, colour rising into her cheeks. Seth lowered himself so that his face was mere inches from hers.

"Call it your pussy," he sneered.


"Tell me how sore your pussy is. Tell me what made it ache." As the girl continued to keep her mouth closed, Seth closed the small amount of space between them, so that their noses were touching.

"Say it."

"M-m...my pussy hurts because you f-fucked me so hard last night." Violet's face had turned absolutely scarlet in shame and she could feel his cock stirring against her in reaction to her crude words.

"Good girl," Seth praised, pulling away from his intimidating position; she had exceeded his expectations.

"Well, I don't want your pain to be distracting you from the fun morning I have lined up for us, Baby Girl. I think your dirty talk has earned a reward." He unlocked and reached into the drawer on the night stand, producing the key to the handcuffs and a bottle of moisturiser. Violet let out a huge sigh of relief as her wrist was released. Her kidnapper tenderly rubbed the lotion onto the sores on her arm and as tears sprung to her eyes she was unsure if they were due to the stinging sensation the moisturiser caused or the affectionate intimacy of the act.

"Thank you," Violet found herself saying, surprising both herself and her captor.

"You're welcome, my sweet, but it's time we sorted out your manners," Seth told the girl, locking eyes with her as his fingers traced circles over her wrist; he had finished rubbing in the lotion, but he was enjoying touching her without her recoiling or struggling for once.

"As I mentioned yesterday, I would like you to refer to me as Sir. You are to say this every time you speak." Violet's expression was unreadable to Seth; inside, she was mostly reflecting on how arrogant and self-important he was in referring to himself as Sir. As much as she didn't like giving him an extra sense of power over her, she had to pick her battles and this seemed like an easy enough instruction to follow.

"Do you understand, Violet?"

"Yes, Sir." Once again she could feel his cock hardening at her words. Much to Violet's relief, Seth climbed off the bed and headed towards the door.

"I'll come and get you in fifteen minutes for breakfast." Violet heard the lock click and wasted no time in rushing to the en suite and cleaning herself up. One speedy shower later, Violet stood in the middle of the bathroom shivering in her towel, pondering what she could possibly use to clothe herself; she assumed that her skater dress - or what was left of it - was now unwearable and she hadn't seen a wardrobe in the bedroom. The only piece of furniture in that room which appeared to store anything was the 'Torture Drawer' as she was beginning to think of it and, even if it wasn't locked, Violet doubted there was any clothing in there. Resigning herself to covering her decency with just the towel, Violet perched on the end of the bed and watched the door; she couldn't help but think of herself as a death row inmate waiting to be led to their execution. Seth entered the room, looking freshened up and ever-smug.

"Up!" Despite his smirk, Violet's Master spoke sharply and she startled at his order. Instantly anxious, she scrambled up, careful to keep the towel wrapped around her nude form. Captor and captive were face-to-face, close enough that Violet could see the man's pupils dilating as he appraised her. Directly facing him made her feel intensely intimidated; she had always thought of herself as an average height at 5'4", but he stood at least a foot taller than her. In a single motion, Seth reached out and yanked the bottom of the towel, leaving it crumpled on the floor around the girl's ankles. A yelp emerged from her mouth as she tried to cover her modesty with her hands, and another one as Seth slapped her hands away.

"What is the matter with you?! It's nothing I haven't seen before," he sneered. Violet couldn't articulate it, but something about being alone and then reuniting with Seth - with him having the luxury of fresh clothes, while she stood stripped bare - left her feeling more conscious of her nakedness than before. Instead of explaining this, she settled on apologising.

"Sorry, Sir," she murmured, bowing her head.

"I suppose I can forgive you. How can I stay mad when I am to be breakfasting with this view?" The man gestured to Violet's body and she felt her nipples harden. She told herself it was because she was cold.

"I don't think, however, I can trust you yet, so I'm going to have to take a few precautions," Seth told her, pulling a roll of duct tape out from a back pocket.

"Arms out front, wrists together, Baby Girl." She obeyed but averted her gaze, determined not to watch as he secured her. Using her conjoined wrists as a leash, Seth guided Violet through a short hallway into a rustic kitchen/diner. Not bothering to address his captive, Seth pulled out a chair and pushed her down into it.

"Stay." The girl's frown deepened further as Seth commanded her like she was a dog; despite this, she remained still on the dining chair, her wrists resting on her lap and her head down.

Allowing herself a few moments to wallow in self-pity, Violet didn't even look up at the inviting sound of food sizzling; she felt as if watching longingly as Seth cooked for her would make her seem weaker somehow. By the time her Master was plating up the meal, her stomach was audibly rumbling, her mouth was watering and she felt physically sick, as her proximity to a real meal made her realise quite how starving she was; yet still, her head was fixed downwards. The act felt like a small defiance to Violet, depriving her kidnapper the satisfaction of her begging for her breakfast, or even showing that she cared - an act of protest so slight she didn't suppose she could be punished for it. Seth set a large plate of bacon, sausages, scrambled eggs, mushrooms and tomatoes in front of Violet and she finally raised her head, desperate for some nourishment. Her captor used a small kitchen knife to slice through the duct tape on her wrists. Giving in to her hunger, she reached for the fork on the table.

"Ah ah!" Seth scolded. "Not yet, my little fuck toy. First we have the small matter of your punishment." Violet's face was a picture of confusion and fright.

"P-punishment?" she stuttered. Seth grinned predatorily.

"You didn't think I'd forgotten your stunt last night, did you, you little bitey bitch? Did you really think cutting your clothes off and some fucking nipple play was your whole punishment? I admit my timing is a bit late, but better late than never." His captive shook her head in disbelief, eyes wide in terror.

"Please, please Sir, I'm sorry, I was scared, I'm sorry, please don't hurt me, please," Violet pleaded, too fearful to even try to hold back her tears.

"How will you learn if you are not punished, my sweet?" Seth said as if regretful, but the omnipresent smirk betrayed his tone.

"A good Master teaches their slave when they are wrong and the lesson should be memorable. Now jump up, lean over the table with your ass in the air and take your punishment like a good girl." Upon being met by silence and no action, Seth unceremoniously yanked Violet to her feet and shoved her over the table. The girl sobbed harder and tried to buck against him, yet the powerful arm pushing against her shoulder blades and the hand firmly resting on her ass kept her in place.

"Thirty swats for biting, plus ten extra swats for being uncooperative just now. You need to count them out loud and thank me for them, or I'll start again." With that, Violet's Master began her first spanking.




Violet shouted and writhed and cried, but she did not count.

"Baby Girl, I suggest you start counting and thanking me, or this spanking will be a lot longer than it needs to be." The next swat was a hard, sharp one, designed to bring Violet out of her tearful stupor. It worked.

"One! Thank you."

"Do NOT forget your manners, Violet! Not a single spank has counted so far."


"One! Thank you, Sir! Two! Thank you, Sir!" Tears dropped onto the table as Violet tried to make it through the spanking. Seth peppered her backside with stinging swats, varying his positioning to cover her entire ass in red.

"Seven! Thank you, Sir! Eight! Thank you, Sir!" Once the shock wore off, Violet grew to realise it didn't hurt as much as she thought it would.

"Fifteen! Thank you, Sir! Sixteen! Thank you, Sir!" In fact, as time went on, Violet was starting to feel...something else.

"Twenty six! Thank you, Sir! Twenty seven! Thank you, Sir!" Her tears had dried now and, although the sound of the spanking continued to reverberate around the room, and each smack still stung terribly, a small flame of pleasure was sparking away inside the girl.

"Thirty nine! Thank you, Sir! Forty! Thank you, Sir!" As Violet counted the final hit, she allowed her head to slump down into her arms resting on the table, her deep breaths of both exhaustion and arousal the only sound in the newly quiet room. Already weak, the physical and mental toll of the spanking - particularly her mixed emotions surrounding it - had completely drained Violet of all her energy. Somewhat sobered by his captive's obvious fragility, Seth gently helped her back into her chair at the head of the table, causing her to wince as the wooden seat made contact with her sore cheeks, and stroked her hair away from her face.

"You did well, Baby. Breakfast time now." The man seated himself to her left, at a right angle to her, and picked up the knife and fork.

"Hope you don't mind sharing, I made plenty for two," Seth grinned as he began to cut up the food and took a forkful of egg for himself. Violet was beyond protest and, as Seth brought a mouthful of bacon towards her lips, she opened up obediently, allowing herself to be fed by her kidnapper. The meat had cooled after being abandoned for the course of the punishment, but Violet did not notice as she swallowed the food hungrily. The man alternated, feeding himself a forkful, before giving the girl another. Slowly, bite-by-bite, Violet perked up and started feeling herself again. As her energy and strength grew, so did her anger - Seth liked to boast about what a good Master he was, but it seemed to her that a good Master would keep their...slave, or 'fuck toy' (as Seth called her) well-fed and nourished. On top of that, the unpredictable rewards and punishments the kidnapper seemed to dole out when the mood struck him were leaving her confused. Swallowing the last mouthful of tomato, Violet felt more sulky than frightened.

"Did you enjoy that meal then, Baby Girl?" Seth asked with his back to Violet, rinsing the plate in the sink.

"I would've enjoyed eating anything after the amount of time you'd starved me, Sir," she responded, her tone perfectly polite, while the message was anything but. All courage drained from the girl as the man spun around to face her, his expression the epitome of steely disapproval.

"Are you fucking talking back to me?" he asked as he rapidly stalked towards her. "Because a good little fuck toy doesn't talk back to her Master."

"N-no, Sir, I'm sorry, Sir!"

"I think you need a little lesson in how to be a good girl. On your knees." The girl cried as she complied, scooting off the chair and kneeling in front of her captor; she knew what was coming.

"I'm sorry," she tried once more. The pleading fell on deaf ears and Seth unzipped the fly on his grey jeans, before pulling his cock free of his boxers. The thick member was already hard. Violet distantly wondered whether it would be possible for the man to make himself cum just by degrading and overpowering her - it certainly seemed to turn him on a lot.

"Suck me, Violet," he commanded, voice heavy with lust. "And believe me, if I sense that you are even thinking about biting me, the punishment with be a LOT more severe than this morning's." The girl was stuck between really, really not wanting to perform oral sex on her kidnapper and the fear of the consequences if she didn't. At a loss, she opened her mouth, but made no move. Seth reached out impatiently and entwined his fingers into Violet's curls. He tugged, not too roughly, encouraging her forwards. Tentatively, the girl stuck her tongue out and used it to caress the underside of his cock. Seth released a breath he didn't know he'd be holding and it spurred her on, as she trailed the tip of her tongue over and around the shaft.

"Good girl," he praised. Her inexperience was evident, but her innocence was enthralling to Seth. Another tug on his handle of hair and his head slid into the girl's wet mouth, evoking a shudder of desire from him. Violet continued dutifully licking and sucking the head until Seth's impatience got the better of him; he yanked her head towards his crotch and pushed his hips out, ramming himself deep into her throat.

Violet gagged reflexively, causing her throat muscles to contract around the cock. Seth picked up his pace, using the hair interwoven in his fingers as a handle to fuck her in the mouth, thrusting himself in and out. The girl struggled to draw back but was stuck, her jaw aching terribly and involuntary noises coming of her mouth as she was assaulted. As her mouth continued to be violated, Violet tried her best to breathe through her nose, but didn't think she could last much longer without a deep breath. Tears and saliva ran down her face, onto her chest. Seth slightly loosened his grip on her brunette curls. Trying to take advantage of this, Violet retreated as much as possible, until her Master's cock was barely past her lips; little did she know, this was exactly what he wanted.

"Fuck!" he yelled as he orgasmed on his unsuspecting captive's tongue, his seed instantly filling her cheeks. He leered down at Violet as some of his cum spilled lewdly past her lips and his cock-head onto her breasts.

"Unless you want a round two, I'd swallow like a good girl, Violet," Seth warned, finally withdrawing fully and tucking himself back into his boxers. The girl winced at the foreign taste and peculiar texture as she swallowed obediently, eager to have the fluid gone. As soon as it was down, Violet took a great gasping breath and then moved her jaw, attempting to relive some of the aching.

"Well done, Baby Girl," Seth said, stroking an index finger across her cheek. An inexplainable sensation of warmth stirred deep within Violet as she was praised by her Master.

"Maybe think before you backchat your Master next time, my little fuck toy."

"Yes, Sir," Violet agreed, looking down at the tiled floor. A finger snaked under her chin and brought her gaze up to Seth's face.

"Up." The girl suppressed a sigh as she raised herself to her feet. To her surprise, Violet's Master bent and lifted her up under her arms and knees until he was holding her, bridal style. Bewilderment bubbled up inside Violet at this unexpected action, as Seth carried her through the hallway, into a cosy-looking living room.

"W-what are you doing?" the captive inquired. Seth's irritated expression reminded her of her manners.

"Sir! Sorry, S-Sir, why...er, what..."

"Your body is mine to do with what I wish," he explained. "Sometimes I want to fuck you. Sometime I want you to suck my dick. And sometimes I want to hold you. It is not for you to question, it is for you to oblige." With his words, the kidnapper settled down on a comfy armchair, Violet still in his arms and laying across his lap. Her head throbbed with puzzlement at the man's constant, extreme mood swings; one moment he was raping her face, then he was cuddling her.

"For Christ's sake, Violet, relax!" he exclaimed in frustration; the girl was clearly very tense, lying stiffly and an expression of concerned perturbation on her face. He was trying to be a good Master, providing affection after a sexual act, but this kind of thing didn't come easily to him and Violet wasn't making it any easier. Desperate to please her Master, but unable to unwind on command, Violet awkwardly shifted in the embrace. Seth sighed and pulled her closer to himself, before using one hand to stroke the side of her face. He continued to caress her, his fingers tracing along her eyebrow, across the curve of her cheek and down her jaw.

Gradually, Violet began to visibly settle, resting her head against Seth's chest and allowing her eyes to drift shut; after a minimal amount of sleep the previous night, the comfort and warmth of the hold was lulling her into rest. As Violet began to sink deeper into relaxation, Seth's hand began to drift further down her body. It stroked along her shoulder and arm, brushing gently across her breasts, past her abdomen and settling on her upper thigh. The man could scarcely believe that his captive was allowing him to do this without protest - he was beginning to realise that there really was something to be said for nurturing your slave. The hand moved further inwards and Violet's eyes fluttered open. The silence was not yet broken, but she eyed Seth warily as his fingers wandered. One finger ran along her slit and she released a soft gasp.


"Shh. Let me do this for you. Part your legs a little."


"Let me make you feel good, Baby Girl." Ever so gradually Violet moved her thighs apart, allowing her Master easier access.

"That's it, good girl." She didn't want this. She didn't want to give Seth this victory. But she was tired and scared and the thought of being able to get lost in a brief bubble of sexual pleasure was too tempting to refuse. Seth languidly pushed past Violet's lips and found her clit. The girl tensed up and frowned, but as he delicately rubbed it with a single digit she unwound again and allowed the warm sensation to spread through her body. A thumb joined in and suddenly the little nub was being softly squeezed and massaged. Violet let out a quiet moan.

"Does that feel good, Baby?" Seth's question received a nod in response.

"Tell me."

"T-that feels good...Sir," Violet murmured, her lust-filled voice demonstrating her arousal. The man picked up his pace and couldn't help but notice his hand was getting wetter as his slave's lust grew. On and on he rubbed and pressed and caressed, until she couldn't keep still. Violet writhed in pleasure as her clit was played with, arching her back and making delicious little gasping sounds of enjoyment. She was almost there. With a final, determined pinch on the girl's clitoris, Seth said those four words:

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